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Best Wedding Planning Apps: Everything You Need to Plan Like a Pro

Want to plan your wedding in the best way possible? All of these free wedding planning apps have a place on your phone.

Wedding planning app details including 50% off savings information for wedding deals

Wedding planning app details including 50% off savings information for wedding deals

Gone are the days when couples had to heft around a stuffed wedding planning book (although, don’t get us wrong, we actually still love a paper planner), and now you can plan your whole wedding with a simple wedding planning app!

We’ve rounded up the very best wedding planning apps for couples - from the essential free wedding planning app every couple needs to know about to the best apps you should have on your phone if you want to plan your wedding with minimal stress. Open up your app store and read on!

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Best Free Wedding Planning Apps for Couples

Planning a wedding can be pretty expensive, so it's only natural you'd want a free wedding planning app - every little helps! Here are some of the best free wedding apps to help you plan like a pro. 

The Hitched Wedding Planning App - Free

Graphic detailing the free Hitched wedding planning app reading 'spring savings in our up, up to 50% off for your wedding'

Well, of course we’re going to say Hitched is the best wedding planning app out there for couples planning their big day - but we promise you, it’s not just because it’s our app. 

Our free wedding planning app allows you and your partner to plan your wedding whenever and wherever you happen to have your phone handy. 

There’s a wedding planning checklist feature within the app, an easy-to-use guest list tool, a seating planner tool, a budget tracker, plenty of inspiration and access to over 13,000 wedding vendors. You can also build a free wedding website, chat to other couples in our forums and - most exciting of all, see how close your wedding is right to the nearest second with our wedding countdown feature!

We’ve got over 1,600 reviews on the App Store and a five star rating, so if you’re looking for the best wedding planning app to help you plan like a pro, this is the one for you. 

Our app also gives you access to incredible wedding deals and discounts, many exclusive to Hitched couples! You can even score up to 50% in some cases. So what are you waiting for? Download our free wedding planning app today and start making some serious savings!

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Google Sheets - Free

Whilst you would definitely have everything you need to plan your wedding with the Hitched wedding planning app, those who love a spreadsheet would do well to have Google Sheets downloaded too.

This free planning app allows you to easily share your spreadsheets with multiple others - meaning you can share a version of your guest list with your venue and your wedding planner, or keep note of any dietary restrictions in a visible place for your caterers. 

You could also make a timetable of your wedding day activities to share with your wedding party, if you were so inclined…

Pinterest - Free

Whilst we have all the wedding inspiration you could ever need on Hitched (and no, sorry, we’re not going to be modest about it), Pinterest is a great tool for combining ideas and styles you like in a really visual way - you can then present your curated mood boards to your chosen vendors and help build a style you love for your wedding.

Make sure you’re following Hitched on Pinterest for all the latest inspiration and wedding planning advice. 

The Wedding Shop - Free

Couple outdoors planning their wedding on the go using a free wedding planning app on their mobile phone
Pexels/Keira Burton

Wedding gift list service The Wedding Shop has a free app, which makes it super easy to plan your wedding gift list - and as they are the only UK wedding gift list service to have an app, it makes them the perfect choice for busy couples who need to plan on the go. 

You can easily manage your gift list, choose products and browse lots of inspiration to make sure that your guests can find the perfect present to celebrate your marriage. You can also build a honeymoon, personal or charity fund, if a traditional gift list isn’t right for you. 

Trello - Free

If you love a to-do list more than anything else, you’re going to need Trello. This free planning app lets you build multiple to-do lists and assign tasks - and then move it into your completed column, which, let’s face it, is the MOST satisfying feeling.

You can use it for your own wedding planning tasks, but also if you are delegating to others, to keep on top of what’s being done. It would be especially useful if you’re planning a wedding abroad and want visibility of what your planner is working on, without having to be in constant communication. 

WedShoots - Free

Want to be able to see all the wedding photos taken at your wedding? You need WedShoots!

WedShoots is a free wedding app that allows you to easily collate all the photos your guests take at your wedding in a private album that you can then share with your guests, should you choose to.

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Headspace - Free Trial

Desk set up for mindfulness during wedding planning with a journal and happy photos
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Wedding planning can get a bit stressful from time to time, so to avoid wedding planning burnout, it’s worth downloading an app like Headspace to help you take some time out and practise mindfulness.

You’re offered a free trial initially, then you can subscribe for either £9.99 per month or £49.99 per year. If you're on a tight budget, it's worth using it for the free trial and then taking note of the practises that work for you and keep them going after your trial has finished and you've cancelled your subscription. 

Get ready to plan like a pro with these wedding planning apps - and check out our 17 step guide to planning your wedding for even more information!