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The Ultimate Curly Wedding Hair Guide: Expert Advice and the Products You Should Use

From curly wedding updos to half-up half-down celebrity styles, this guide to curly wedding hair will have you spoilt for choice!

Curly wedding hair with boho dress and flowers

As someone with a head of unpredictable, unruly curly hair, I'd always imagined I'd wear my hair poker straight on my wedding day. But in recent years the textured hair tide has turned, with more nearly-weds than ever opting to rock natural curly wedding hair.

Take Pixie Lott for example. For her wedding to model Oliver Cheshire in June 2022, she set aside the straighteners, opting instead for a gorgeous curly wedding hair look, styled by hair hero Larry King, who said he wanted to embrace her natural curls. “I wanted to bring her curls to the forefront and show how beautiful and soft curly hair can be," Larry told Harper's Bazaar.

Not content with one wedding hairstyle for curly hair, Pixie switched from a curly chignon to a half-up half down wedding hairstyle, proving that curly wedding hair looks just as gorgeous left loose as it does expertly styled.

The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Not only do we have 17 gorgeous curly wedding hairstyles to inspire your W-day look, we've also gathered expert styling advice from hair professionals, as well as researching the best products to help you care for your curly hair ahead of your wedding day.

Embrace your natural curly hair with professional advice, incredible inspiration and tips from the experts. 

1. Long Curly Wedding Hair

Long curly wedding hair swept to one side

Sweep perfectly defined curls to the side for a mermaid feel, relaxed curly wedding hairstyle.

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2. Relaxed Curly Wedding Hair

curly ringlet wedding hair with white flowers

This look embraces natural texture, with delicate flowers and a subtle twist added.

3. Curly Wedding Hair Ponytail

curly wedding hair updo with celestial clips

Make a simple wedding updo feel ultra-special with moon and star hair accessories. This style by Something Blue Hair & Makeup looks particularly pretty with curly hair with lots of volume, with clips nestled into it. It's the perfect match for a celestial wedding dress.

4. Braided Curly Wedding Hair

braided long curly wedding hair

Forget what you heard about wedding hair needing to look ultra-polished without a tendril out of place. Curly hair looks particularly lovely in a relaxed style with strands left loose. Pair with a boho wedding dress for a lovely, laidback look.

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5. Curly Wedding Hair Top Knot

top knot curly wedding hairstyle

For an ultra-modern city wedding, a high fashion top knot makes for a gorgeous curly wedding hairstyle.

6. Glamorous Curly Wedding Hair

side swept very long curly wedding hair

Add volume at the crown and sweep back the front section of your hair to let your voluminous curls do the talking. This dramatic look works best with strapless, or super simple wedding dresses.

7. Simple Curly Wedding Hair Style

natural curly wedding hairstyle with retro fringe

There's no rule that says your wedding hair has to be ultra-coiffured. Keep it wild and fluffy for a confident, 'all eyes on you' look, as worn by Vick Hope.

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8. Pixie Lott Wedding Updo

Pixie Lott on her wedding day wearing a curly wedding low bun

As well as wearing one of our favourite celebrity wedding dresses, Pixie Lott gave us all a lesson in chic curly wedding hair, with this relaxed updo, which looks polished yet still retains a laidback vibe.

9. Beach Wedding Hair

Zendaya wearing her curly hair in a top knot

Zendaya's effortless curly topknot is the perfect beach wedding hairstyle. Pair with glowing, natural makeup for this flawless look.

10. Pixie Lott Half-Up Half-Down Curly Wedding Hair

Pixie Lott on her wedding day wearing a curly wedding half up half down hairstyle

For her second wedding hairstyle, Pixie went for a half-up half-down look, which looked gorgeously dishevelled.

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11. Brunette Curly Wedding Hair

curly wedding hair with one side clipped back behind the ear

A pretty clasp makes this curly wedding hairstyle a gorgeous choice for anyone rocking ringlets. Clipping a section of tendrils back from the face helps you to show off your makeup too.

12. Coily Wedding Hair

bohemian curly wedding hair

Adding feathers and flowers to this textured wedding hairstyle make it ideal for boho-feel, autumn weddings.

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13. Short Curly Wedding Hair

braided curly wedding hair with bright flowers

Short curly wedding hair looks just as show-stopping as longer styles. Add flowers and statement earrings to your braided updo for a modern look with attitude.

14. Thick Curly Wedding Hair

curly wedding hair half up with a sparkly headband

The thicker your hair, the more texture your stylist will be able to create – and the bounciest curls make for seriously beautiful, intricate wedding styles.

15. Curly Wedding Hair With Ringlets

a braided curly wedding updo with fringe ringlets

Leave ringlets loose around your face for a fairytale-feel look that a princess would be envious of.

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16. Curly Half-Up Half-Down Wedding Hair

Curly halfup half down wedding hair with white flowers

This dainty look shows how perfect half-up half-down wedding hair looks on textured hair. The addition of porcelain flowers and pretty twists gives this a gorgeous, spring wedding hair feel.

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17. Curly Wedding Hair With Veil

curly wedding hair half up with a middle parting

This newlywed proves veils work beautifully with curly hair – if you can bear to cover your curls! 

How To Look After Curly Hair Before Your Wedding

Anyone with curly hair knows it can be drier than straight hair. This is because it takes longer for the natural oils to make their way down the hair shaft to the ends, so they quickly become brittle. There are a few easy ways to safeguard your hair in the lead up to your wedding.

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Use Bond Repair Haircare

A bottle of Living Proof

"Hair routines leading up to your wedding are extremely important, especially if you have curly hair," confirms Errol Douglas MBE, Living Proof's pro hair expert and textured hair specialist. As well as your usual shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, he recommends adding a bond repair hair product into your routine to strengthen damaged hair and rebuild broken bonds.

Bond repair products reduce frizz, add shine, mend split ends, and strengthen, for altogether healthier looking hair. Errol suggests Living Proof's Triple Bond Complex, while I'm a big fan of Redken's Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-in Treatment, £18.50.

Buy A Microfibre Towel

A woman wearing her curly hair in a turban

Treat your tresses to a towel or hair turban designed specifically for hair and you'll likely see a huge reduction in frizz from the first use. "Make sure to use a microfibre towel as they absorb excess water from curls without leaving them frizzy or dull," Errol says.

Buy A Bonnet

A pink satin silk hair bonnet

If you find you wake up with hair like a bird's nest (guilty!) a silky hair turban could work wonders for keeping knots at bay. "When going to bed, hair can become knotty very easily, so I would suggest sleeping in a silk hair turban or sleeping on a silk pillowcase to minimise knotting throughout the night," Errol says.

What Are The Best Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair?

"When you have curly hair, you can pretty much rock any hairstyle," says Errol. That said, there are two wedding hair styles that work particularly well for ringlets, curls and coils.

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Half-Up Half-Down Curly Wedding Hair

As Pixie Lott proved, this is a gorgeous look for curling wedding hair, and one Errol sings the praises of.

"You can make it messier for a boho-chic look," he says. "It keeps the hair off your face but allows your curls to flow freely down your back or in front of your shoulders."

Curly Wedding Updos

Another look that Pixie pulled off. If you've always dreamed of curly updo for your wedding, don't feel you need to blow dry your hair first. "A voluminous updo is a great style for curly hair as it allows you to get creative," Errol says.

Celebrities such as radio presenter Vick Hope and actress Zendaya proved that curly hair looks effortlessly stylish swept into slightly messy updos.

Expert Advice on How to Style Curly Wedding Hair

"More and more people are turning up to their weddings embracing their natural curls, and curly wedding hairstyles can be some of the most beautiful hairstyles out there," says Errol..

"Curly wedding hair can be sophisticated yet chic, big but neat. Letting your curls and coils flow free is a great way to finish your perfect bridal look," he adds.

Errol also points out that curly hair is ideal if you want to wear an accessory such as clips, tiaras or pins, as the texture will help to hold it in place better than a silky straight style.

Plus, a head of springy curls will help you feel like yourself on the big day. "Having curly hair on your wedding day, regardless of the style, is super fun and playful and really makes you feel like yourself. Curly hair most definitely gives you that extra bounce when you’re walking down the aisle" he says.

Michelle Sultan, creative director for curly haircare brand Imbue agrees that wearing your natural curls will help you feel your best self. "It's definitely more appealing to look like yourself on your wedding day," she says. "If you normally wear your hair curly, it's more likely to be comfortable than wearing a blow-out and worrying it could frizz due to humidity."

Now you have the inspiration and expert advice, it's time to book your wedding hair stylist. Here's what you need to know ahead of your wedding hair and makeup trial.