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55 Chic Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you’re after wedding hairstyle ideas for long hair, we’ve got all the bridal hair inspo you need, whether your hair is thick, thin, curly, straight or textured. Delve into these before you make a date with your hairstylist…

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

It’s your crowning glory and you’ve put in the hours (and resisted the chop) to help it to grow long and strong before your wedding day, but now you need to make a decision on your wedding hairstyle and you’ve got no idea where to start.

The best thing about wedding hairstyles for long hair is that there are so many options, although that can also mean having too many ideas to choose from. Happily, we’re here to serve up some lust-worthy wedding looks for your lengths to help you. Just a few pointers before you begin Pinning…


How to Care for Long Hair Before Your Wedding Day

Long afro haircare

First thing’s first, don’t force it. Craig Taylor, expert stylist and creative director of HARI’s, explains that there’s a limit to how long our hair can feasibly (or healthily) grow:

“Everybody's hair has an optimum length, at which its condition at its longest point is healthy, strong, shiny and holds the ‘cut line’ neatly. 

“If the condition of the ends begins to deteriorate or the line of the cut becomes wispy or gappy, due to lack of thickness, the hair has most likely surpassed its ‘best’ length. Regular trims, conditioning treatments and general TLC when drying will help you to retain your hair’s longest length without sacrificing its health.”

Stimulate hair growth at the root by way of a once-weekly exfoliating scalp scrub (try Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub, £40) and get a treatment routine going six months before your wedding, discussing options with your stylist to make sure that you’re using the right products for your hair type. Just don’t overdo it in the week before your wedding…

“A conditioning routine is really important but over-conditioning or booking heavy treatments during the week of your wedding may make fine, straight hair limp and greasy, which in turn will make styling difficult and affect how long your style holds on the big day.”

If your hair is very thick or textured, however, you’ll need hair to retain as much moisture as possible, so be sure to restore core strength and softness with nourishing products. The Afro Hair & Skin Co Flourish Hair Butter, £24.50, is chock-full of natural plant oils to deliver both instant and long-term moisture. Combine it with a conditioning treatment at every hair wash (Imbue Curl Restoring Intensive Mask, £12.99 replenishes curls, kinks and coils alike) to get curly or afro hair in tip-top condition before your wedding day. 

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Taylor advises all hair types to take the heat off immediately prior to your wedding too:

“Don't overstyle your hair with hot tools such as hair straighteners or hair tongs as you approach your wedding day. You may make the hair parched, which can lead to a loss of elasticity. This could mean that your hair may not hold movement so well and look tired and dull.”

All the more reason to give your hair (and mind) a rest in the run-up. 

How To Get The Most Out of Your Wedding Hair Consultation

Wedding hair consultation

Taylor’s biggest tip is not to rock up to a wedding hair consultation empty handed:

“The more information provided by the bride, the greater consideration can be made to establishing a time schedule and realistic plan for the hair. If growing, cutting and colouring need to be taken into account, the more notice you give your hairdresser, the more likely it is that your hair will be as you want it when your wedding day arrives.”

Mapping out wedding hair is all in the detail – Taylor recommends showing your stylist and colourist the bigger picture during your bridal hair appointments:

“Stylists and colourists work as a team and we love to discuss all aspects of what would influence the look of the hair. 

“For instance, your dress, veil, hair ornamentation and the general style of the wedding all come into play when designing a bridal hair look.

“I would suggest bringing along any imagery that appeals to you and showing your mood board to your hairstylist. It’s also really helpful to show us pictures of your hair when you’ve loved it the most, whether it was a great cut or your colour was bang on. Lastly, a swatch of dress fabric is surprisingly helpful for envisioning the overall finish.”

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Handily, if you’re seeking inspo, we’ve got bridal hair ideas aplenty to get you started...

The Best Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

1. Beachy Wave

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 1

Starting simple, this glossy waved style is the perfect contrast to a dramatic dress. A high side parting adds a sexy edge. Blow dry hair smooth before tonging and leaving the ends free for a modern feel. 

2. Crown Braid and Twists with Foliage 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 2

A boho wedding look if we ever saw one, combine a crown braid with a beautiful twist and tuck foliage into both layers sparingly, focusing volume at the back and sides of the head.

3. Starry Side Sweep

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 3

Cosmically cool, make a statement with bejewelled pins securing an edgy side sweep.

4. Tumbling Curls with a Long Veil

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 4

Make a cathedral, chapel or floor length veil the focus with shiny, slightly undone curls and subtle backcombing at the crown to secure your veil.

5. Half-Up Half-Down with a Bow

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 5

Who said you can’t wear a scrunchie on your wedding day? This bow adored option proves that you most definitely can – just opt for luxe materials such as silk and satin and pick a muted shade so that it doesn’t steal the show. 

6. Twisted Chignon with Pearl Clip

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 6

Ask your hairstylist to create a relaxed, twisted chignon, using chic pearl clips to secure lengths away from your face. Matching pearl hoops optional (but...incredible).

7. Asymmetric Half-Up Half-Down with Pearl Clip

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 7

Speaking of pearls, this particular clip allows for super easy wedding hair styling that still has elegant impact. Wear the transparent jaw clip slightly off kilter, twisting hair into a half-up half-down style. 

8. Loose Plait with a Hair Vine

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 8

A loose, chunky plait looks all the more ethereal with a hair vine weaved through it. Pull out some tendrils around your face for an even more romantic effect.

9. Chunky Fishtail Braid 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 9

Another beautiful braid option, this chunky fishtail plait will look especially awesome on long hair – drape it over your shoulder to big up the back detail on your dress. 

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10. Slanted Crown Braid

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 10

A pulled out, slanted crown braid is the grown-up way to rock plaits. Either copy this half-up half-down style or incorporate all of your lengths to create a soft updo. 

11. Pearly Ponytail

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 11

A textured high pony with pearls threaded through lengths is both unexpected and unique. If pearls aren’t your thing then experiment with flowers, gems or ribbons to transform a ponytail from gym floor to dancefloor. 

12. Twin Braids 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 12

This double braid style could be ‘the one’ for long, thick hair. You can always add in a few extensions for volume and swish.

13. Hollywood Waves

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 13

You can’t go wrong with a bouncy blow dry. Give waves lasting power by shaping with an extra large barrelled tong. 

14. Braided Band 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 14

Keep hair low key to let your accessories sing. This braided bridal band is a gorgeous choice for offbeat brides. 

15. Foliage Bobby Pins 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 15

Another incredibly easy but visually effective option is to secure foliage fronds or delicate flowers with a neat golden bobby pin. Keep long hair loose, adding some waves or defining your texture for an even more outdoorsy feel. 

16. A Scattering of Petals 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 16

A similar idea with a half-up half-down twist and a few delicate flowers pinned in to create a whimsical vibe.

17. Fishtail Plait with Flowers

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 17

If a few petals simply won't cut it, wear your bouquet up top. Work with your florist and hairstylist to pick flower heads that tie in with your wedding theme and work them into an updo or braid – this French plait to fishtail braid is a beauty. 

18. Cliptastic

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 18

Same maximalist take, just with clips and sides instead of flowers. Keep the focus on one side and juxtapose the accessory party with undone styling – a loose chignon or pony is perfect.

19. Side Comb 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 19

Sometimes a statement comb is all you need and this loose, curly style is a case in point. Whether vintage, bejewelled or in a precious metal, pick a standout accessory and experiment with placement as you see fit.

20. Teased Out Texture

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 20

Go with the flow and let your natural hair do its things on your big day, teasing it out for maximum volume on your wedding morning.

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21. Centre-Parting with a High Veil

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 21

You don’t need to go hell for leather on the backcombing to keep a long veil in place – wearing it higher on the head will make an ornate or appliqué veil the star of the show and allow your long, healthy hair to shine through beneath it.

22. Weaved Ribbon Plait

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 22

Boho brides will love this ribboned plait idea and it’s incredibly easy to recreate if your budget or timing doesn’t allow for a professional hair stylist. Nip down to a haberdashery shop and book in a few run-throughs with a bridesmaid to nail your look before the day.

23. Embellished Low Ponytail

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 23

A slightly messy low ponytail makes for a chic backdrop to a dramatic tassel hair accessory. If you’re skipping a veil, this brings all the drama you need.

24. Loosely Pinned Chignon

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 24

Teasing out the ends from this timeless style makes it look modern and looks especially gorgeous when teamed with an ornamental pin. 

25. Ballet Bun

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 25

A traditional and timelessly elegant wedding hair look for long hair, this neat low ballet bun will look incredible if you’ve chosen a low-backed wedding dress. 

26. Long Ribbon Tails 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 26

You needn’t snip the end of ribbons – let a flowing ribbon become part of your wedding day hairstyle. Consider a midnight blue velvet for a winter wedding or choose an unexpected ‘pop’ of colour to quite literally tie in with your wedding colour palette.

27. Ringlets and a Hair Vine

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 27

Whether natural or tonged, cascading ringlets are a style that needs little accessorising. If you do want to add some glitz, a delicate hair vine won’t detract from your bounce. 

28. A Curly Fringe

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 28

On the topic of curls, if you’ve got a fringe or springy layers, wear your everyday style loud and proud. Directional white tuxedo optional. 

29. Long Fringe

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 29

A Bardot-esque fringe looks elegant when bordered with a crystal hair vine. A headband would work well too.

30. Low Bun with a Barrette 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 30

Bundle lengths into a bun and add a barrette at an angle to make it eye-catching. A loose tendril on one side only looks natural and romantic too.

31. Arty Hair Pin

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 31

You don’t have to go sparkly or floral simply because it’s your wedding day – this hair clasp will please loves of clean lines, cool shapes and metallic details. 

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32. Low Wrapped Ponytail

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 32

Unique and oh so chic, this wrapped ponytail is made all the more distinctive thanks to a teeny plait circling the ponytail loop. Wearing a braid on your wedding day is said to bring good luck, so it’s a hard-working wedding hairstyle if there ever was one.

33. ‘Bubble’ Half-Up Half Down

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 33

Another playful pick, this ‘bubbled’ half-up half-down style will bring fun vibes as soon as you swing down the aisle. Mix up materials down the length of your hair for even more edge.

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34. Slick and Big

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 34

Who says that you have to choose just one finish? A sleek centre-parting looks fresh with volume around your shoulders and an embellished accessory worn just below the crown creates distinction between the two natural hair looks.

35. Finger Waves

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 35

Retro finger waves enhance natural shine and give long hair body and lasting shape. Pair waves with a fingertip veil and a cat-eye flick for even more old-skool appeal. 

36. Low Bow

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 36

An oversized organza bow tied low on long hair prevents this style from veering in Barbie territory. Slip it off to let your hair down on the dancefloor later. 

37. Side Roll

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 37

A loose victory roll secured with embellished pins brings a vintage style bang up to date. 

38. Dutch Braids into a Bun

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 38

Two Dutch braids joining together into a textured bun at the nape of the neck created a beautiful blank canvas for big earrings or a low veil.

39. Braids and Waves

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 39

Two delicate braids lifting hair away from the face adds a cute touch to tumbling waves.

40. Festival Braid

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 40

If you’ve got a festival wedding planned, this wavy double braid by @knotyouraveragebride is just the ticket. 

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41. ‘Behind the Ear’ Clip

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 41

A red carpet worthy bridal hair look that will turn heads, these big waves are all the more covetable thanks to a gem-encrusted clip tucked behind one ear. Add a red lip to amp up the Studio 54 effect. 

42. Plait into a Wavy Ponytail

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 42

A wide plait on one side of the head joins a loose, wavy ponytail with the neck of the style supported by fine braids – talk about a dreamy wedding hair look.

43. Plaited Ponytail

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 43

Less boho, more city slicker, this easygoing plaited ponytail works especially well on thick hair. 

44. Bobby Pin ‘Tuck’

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 44

A minimalist at heart? This simple bobby pin tuck will be right up your street (*aisle). 

45. Simple Knot

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 45

Another ‘less is more’ hairstyle for long hair, this tousled loop adds a ‘high low’ finish to an embellished or dramatic wedding dress. 

46. Silk Scarf

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 46

As handy for the honeymoon as it is luxe for the ceremony, choose a silk scarf to match your wedding styling or make it your ‘something blue’. You’ll be sure to use it again and again too.

47. Ribbon Headband

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 47

Another (less conventional) way to work a scarf or ribbon. Pin your fabric of choice behind your ears to give it legs for the day ahead.

48. Twists and a Headpiece

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 48

This twist and bedazzled headpiece combo is glorious from every angle. Secure the wire behind the half-up half-down ‘join’ at the back of the head to make your headband look like it’s floating.

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49. Tuck Under and a Barrette

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 49

A softly twisted, tucked under half-up half-down style quite literally meets in the middle with a blingy clasp. Keep lengths tousled for contrast.

50. Statement Barrettes

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 50

Clips and curls aren’t your only option - a pair of wide, jewelled barrettes shine alongside a classic blow dry.

51. Tuck Under Braid

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 51

Now this clever – multiple ‘undertucks’ form the heart of a chunky plait, with waves tendrils pulled out to frame the face. If you’re after a braid with a little twist, here’s your inspo. 

52. Braided Half Bun

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 52

Multiple multi-textured braids join in a half-bun in this beautifully complex yet relaxed style. The straight lengths also give it a surfer girl feel. 

53. Half-Up Half-Down Tree Braids 

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 53

Secure fine tree braids away from your face and combine with a lineup of mismatched jewellery à la Zoe Kravitz. The rib tattoo is totally your call.

54. Half Ballet Bun

Best wedding hairstyles for long hair 54

Why choose between an updo and letting your hair down when you can do both? This neat ballet bun style is secured into place with tortoiseshell clips but take your pick.

55. Flower Crown

est wedding hairstyles for long hair 55

A mega long mane can handle an oversized flower crown - go wild in every way.

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