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When it comes to men's engagement rings, you're truly spoilt for choice.

A few years ago, this would not have been the case. Because Western engagement ring tradition has long been associated with brides, jewellery brands weren't always quick to pick up on the fact that same-sex couples want engagement rings too and, in heterosexual couples, it's not just brides who want to show off their newly-engaged status. The men's engagement rings you could find tended to be very plain - pretty much indistinguishable from men's wedding rings.

Luckily, that's all changed, and you can get men's engagement rings to cover a range of styles. You may, of course, favour a pared-back band. However, if you'd prefer something with a bit more sparkle, there are men's designs that incorporate diamonds, as well as different metals, from titanium to white gold.

Whether you're planning to pop the question to your partner or are looking for we're-getting-married jewellery for yourself, take a look at our favourite men's engagement rings.

Engagement rings

Are There Engagement Rings for Guys?

Whether in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship, not every man wants to wear one, but engagement rings for men definitely exist. The engagement ring goes back to Ancient Rome, when it was a sign of a man's ownership of his wife. Obviously, the tradition has moved on since then, and wearing a ring these days is a way for anyone to celebrate getting engaged, as well as showcasing your soon-to-be-married status.

Which Hand Does a Guy Wear an Engagement Ring?

It varies between cultures. In the UK, the engagement and wedding rings are most commonly worn on the left hand for men and women.

How Much Should a Man Pay for an Engagement Ring?

You'll hear all kinds of 'rules' about how much an engagement ring should cost, ranging from one to three months' salary. The reality is, there is no rule - these amounts have mainly sprung from jewellery advertising campaigns and have nothing to do with wedding etiquette. According to our National Wedding survey, the average spend on an engagement ring in the UK last year was £2,419, but whether you want to spend more or less than that is between you and your budget. Work out how much you can comfortably afford, or how much you can save towards a ring each month, and that's your ideal amount.

Check out our guide to how much you should spend on an engagement ring for more detail on setting your budget for a men's engagement ring.

Do Couples Look at Engagement Rings Together?

This depends on how much you and/or your other half like surprises. This is a piece of jewellery you or they will be wearing, in theory at least, every day for years to come - it's very important that the wearer likes it! While the idea of proposing with a surprise ring may suit some, other couples prefer to propose with temporary engagement rings and then shop for the 'real' rings together.

Who Buys the Man's Wedding Ring?

Of course, the engagement ring isn't the only piece of wedding jewellery to consider - you also have men's wedding rings to factor in to your spending! We'd suggest sitting down with your partner and discussing how you want to share the cost. You could each buy the other's wedding ring; or you could allocate the cost to your overall wedding budget.

The Best Men's Engagement Rings for 2021

1. 9ct White Gold Diamond Men's Ring – £895, Beaverbrooks

Silver band

This white gold ring has such a clever design, mimicking the traditional solitaire engagement ring but with a distinctly masculine finish.

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2. 9ct Gold Onyx Signet Ring – £249, H. Samuel

Onyx ring

Of course, men's engagement rings don't have to be all about diamonds. This gold onyx ring is pared-back enough for everyday wear but still stands out thanks to that gorgeous black stone.

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3. Black Diamond Engagement Ring – £2,745.06, Etsy

Black ring with diamond

For a more unusual men's engagement ring, we love this Etsy design. It has a black zirconium band with a half-carat GIA diamond at the centre.

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4. Men's Silver Fingerprint Signet Ring – £150, Not On The High Street

Fingerprint ring

If you're looking for a meaningful men’s engagement ring, swap traditional diamonds for something more personal. This silver signet ring can feature either your or your loved one's fingerprint, for a totally unique piece of jewellery.

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5. Custom Men's Star Map Engagement Ring – from £280, Not On The High Street

Men's Engagement Rings

If you want to give your partner something super meaningful without the hefty price tag, then this one was written in the stars. Whether it's the night you met or your first date, you can choose the time, day, and location of a memorable moment and have the star map of that memory engraved onto this custom ring

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6. Classic Copper Cuff Ring – £42.95, Not On The High Street

Cuff ring

A cuff ring is a great choice if you're looking for something non-traditional for your engagement. This copper cuff can be personalised with each of your first initials, to make it even more special.

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7. Geo Signet Diamond and Gold – £185, Miansai

Geo signet ring

Miansai is a brand to know for understated, stylish men's accessories - like this signet ring, which has a single white diamond and a classic circular shape.

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8.  Harald Signet Ring – £123, Maria Black

Men's Engagement Rings

This Maria Black ring may have retro vibes, but it's still the kind of design that will stand the test of time.

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9. Revere Men's 9ct Gold Plated Silver 'Soul Mate' Ring – £44.99, Argos

Argos Soul Mate ring

Looking for a budget men's engagement ring? Argos is a good place to start, and it's where you'll find this gold-plated, sterling silver sparkler studded with cubic zirconia. It has 'soul mate' stamped on the inside - what could be more wedding-perfect than that?

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10. Avalon Eternity Diamond Ring – £3,535, Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth

This sophisticated ring is also available in rose, yellow and white gold, but there's something particularly special about the way the diamonds work against the platinum band.

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11. Native Oval Diamond Wood Ring – £240, Not On The High Street

Wood diamond ring

For an alternative men's engagement ring, move away from metallics - this beautiful ring is available in a variety of different woods, including rosewood and reclaimed oak.

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12. 9ct Men's White Gold 0.25ct Diamond Ring – £799, Ernest Jones

White gold diamond ring

We love the angular lines of this diamond ring, which features 11 icily beautiful gemstones. It feels special and yet subtle.

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13. Titanium and Rose Gold Diamond Men’s Ring – £325, Beaverbrooks 

Rose gold ring

This titanium men’s engagement ring from Beaverbrooks features a thin rose gold band running through the centre, finished with a single sparkling diamond. If you think the man in your life would like something stylish and unique, this mixed metal band could be perfect.

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14. White Gold and Diamond Men’s Engagement Ring – £895, Beaverbrooks


This 9ct white gold men’s engagement ring from from Beaverbrooks has just a hint of sparkle with three tiny solitaire diamonds set into the front. It’s ideal if you want a traditional style but with an added something special.

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15. Personalised Time Ring – £59, Not On The High Street

Engagement rings for men

If you have a special moment in time or a date to remember, you can have it engraved into your engagement ring so you can remember it for eternity. These personalised time rings from Jessica Greenaway would work as a men's engagement ring or wedding band.

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16.  Palladium 500 Hammered Band– £850, Goldsmiths

Hammered effect ring

This palladium men’s ring from Goldsmiths has a contemporary finish and a high-shine band running through the centre of the ring - it's a classic and unfussy choice.

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17. Vera Wang White Gold and Diamond Band – £2,499 Ernest Jones


For a men’s engagement ring that really makes an impact, we love this twinkling beauty from Vera Wang – available at Ernest Jones. Luxurious white gold frames a band of solitaire diamonds, and the inside of the ring holds a secret sapphire for luck.

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18. Cobalt and Diamond Ring – £499, Ernest Jones

Men's diamond ring

Cobalt is strong and durable, making it a great metal choice for your engagement ring. This pared-back band from Ernest Jones is made extra-special with deep-set diamonds.

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19. Black Tungsten Ring – £39.99, Etsy

Black tungsten ring

This contemporary design would be an ultra-slick men's engagement ring, crafted from a brushed-finish tungsten. The flash of rose gold is so chic.

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20. White Gold and Diamond Men’s Ring – £850, Ernest Jones

Pave diamond mens ring

Pave-set diamonds give this men’s ring from Ernest Jones some serious sparkle! This dazzling style is perfect for making a style statement. 

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21. Personalised Men's Script Ring – £69, Etsy

Engraved ring

Personalise your engagement ring with a unique message to make it feel extra-special. This simple design can be hand-stamped with up to 19 characters either inside or outside.

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22. Black Titanium Ring – £199, Ernest Jones

Titanium ring

For a men’s engagement ring with a difference, this matte black titanium ring from Ernest Jones would be perfect. The black band is stylish, contemporary and clean.

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23.  John Hardy Classic Chain Silver Ring – £540, Farfetch

Men's Engagement Rings

John Hardy is known for powerful jewellery designs, with an emphasis on strength and Balinese heritage. This stunning ring is defined by its engraved pattern, polished finish, and sterling silver. 

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24. Cobalt Polished Sparkle Ring – £125, Ernest Jones


This cobalt ring from Ernest Jones is has a textured middle that gives a glittering finish. If you want some subtle sparkle but diamonds aren’t quite your thing, it's an ideal choice.

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25. Faceted Gold Ring – from £966.26, Etsy

Square diamond ring

We love Capucinne's unusual yet timeless jewellery designs, available in the UK on Etsy. This stand-out ring features a hammered gold band with an aquamarine gemstone.

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26. Revere Men's Stainless Steel Ring - £24.99, Argos

Argos silver band

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a men's engagement ring with a sense of style. This Argos design has a cool contrast between matte and polished steel, and features cubic zirconia for a dash of sparkle.

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27. Platinum Men's 2 Groove Fancy Wedding Ring – £1,200, Goldsmiths

Platinum men's ring

This stylish men’s ring from Goldsmiths has a textured finish and can be engraved on the inside with your own special message. We love that this ring has a traditional feel with a unique finish.

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28. Bowie Flash Signet Ring – £140, Not On The High Street

David Bowie ring

An ideal choice for soon-to-be newlyweds who adore the rock legend David Bowie, this eye-catching signet ring has a unique style as timeless as the man himself. 

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29. Revere Diamond Band Ring – £129.99, Argos

Men's Engagement Rings

This elegant, 9 carat diamond band ring is a wonderful option for those who appreciate the combination of classic and contemporary style. 

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30. 9ct Yellow Gold Square Men's Signet Ring – £450, Goldsmiths

Square signet ring

Goldsmiths is renowned for their elegant and timeless designs, and this yellow gold signet ring certainly fits the profile. Its blend of minimalism and refinement is sure to pique your interest. 

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31. Le Vian Men's 14ct Honey Gold Nude Diamond Ring – £1,350, Ernest Jones

Le Vian honey ring

Looking for something truly unique and timeless? This honey gold diamond ring might just be the answer. Topped off with a refined diamond, this piece of jewellery is brimming with style and sophistication. 

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32. Gucci Gatto Silver Ring – £205, Beaverbrooks

Lion ring

Elegant engraved patterns and an eye-catching feline motif combine to give this Gucci sterling silver ring a truly unique look. Your nearest and dearest are bound to be intrigued by its striking design. 

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33. Tungsten Carbide Custom Engraved Man Ring – £42.10, Etsy

Custom engraved

Impress your friends and relatives with this charming black and silver ring. Made using sturdy and scratch-resistant materials, it’s a perfect choice for those seeking a ring that is both stylish and affordable. 

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34. Versace Medusa Signet Ring – £280, Farfetch

Men's Engagement Ring

An elegant design with a mythological twist, this signet ring makes a bold statement that soon-to-be newlyweds will surely appreciate. 

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35. Men's 9ct Gold Diamond-cut Ring – £450, H. Samuel

Silver and gold

In need of a timeless ring that’s stylish and sturdy? Look no further. This 9 carat gold diamond ring features eye-catching engraved patterns and a lustrous finish. 

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