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June Wedding Flowers: Which Flowers Are in Season in June?

We asked the experts which wedding flowers are in season in June - if you're getting married in June you need to read this!

Bride and groom embracing with a focus on the pink, white and green bouquet of roses

June is a fabulous month for a wedding. It’s when British Summer Time officially begins, and the days are at their longest – and you've got a great selection of blooms to choose from for your June wedding flowers.  

When it comes to June wedding flowers, there are plenty of colourful and fragrant blooms to choose from, all ideal for a rustic English country garden wedding. From romantic roses to elegant peonies, it’s a great time of year for beautiful wedding flowers.

With so many seasonal June flowers to choose from, it can feel a little daunting. Luckily we've consulted with some floral experts to find out the best flowers for a June wedding, as well as money-saving advice and tips for choosing your bouquet. 

What Flowers are in Season for June Weddings?

If you’re tying the knot in June, you’re in luck - there are so many beautiful June wedding flowers in the UK! Belinda from Chez Fleur says, “In June there are a huge variety of flowers to choose from – both imported and British, so this is a great time to have lots of texture and colour in your designs.”

Sola, Founder & lead floral designer at OMF Events, agrees: “June is one of the busiest months for weddings, there are some amazing blooms that do come into season during this period.”


Pink and white bouquet featuring roses and greenery held by bride

If you want to live la vie en rose, then tying the knot in June is the perfect time of year for you. Coming into flower from June, and available British grown, until September, roses will be the star of the show in your bouquet or wedding floral decorations.

With so many forms and colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your wedding  – from the nodding multi-headed floribunda types, to the blousy ruffles of David Austin roses, picture perfect hybrid teas and everything in between. Superfans can even opt for an entirely rose bouquet!

Belinda agrees, saying, “Roses and in particular English garden roses will be coming into season in June and are the quintessential wedding flowers – I find it hard to imagine a bridal bouquet without roses!  

“When choosing roses, discuss your colour palette and let your florist pick the most suitable varieties.  As with the peony they need to be fully open and ordered at the right time to achieve the ripeness required on the day.   

“Expect to pay more for the English and garden roses but note that you do not need too many to achieve that lovely soft look and they can be mixed in with other commercial roses to create a lovely bouquet.”


Floral table decoration with pink peonies and greenery

Peonies are the other early summer stars. They're a popular May wedding flower, much sought after by couples for their huge crinoline flowers which are big on the wow factor, either alone or mixed with other flowers. They are available in a range of colours from whites and corals to deep pinks and reds.  A few pale yellow forms can also be found occasionally, but are not generally widely available.

“The most popular flowers in June are peonies as they are such a gorgeous wedding bouquet flower.,” says Belinda. “However, they are very seasonal so they may or may not be at their best in June.”

“It is best to work with your florist to find the most suitable peony as they vary greatly in size and colour and their willingness to be open and perfect on the day.  The stems arrive in tight bud and take 3-4 days to fully open but this will be dependent on warmth, so if it is a lovely sunny week your wedding blooms will open quickly and conversely if it is chilly they may refuse to open on time!”

Kate also recommends peonies as desirable seasonal flowers for June: “A seasonal flower like a peony will be better value for money this time of year, and its size is dramatic and stunning, giving you impact and great value.

“They are perfect for wedding days, with their variety of colours that can suit most palettes, but most of all – they are a true wedding flower with ancient symbolism of happiness, romance, bashfulness, prosperity, but most importantly happy marriage.” Discover more beautiful peony wedding bouquets here.

Other Options for Your June Wedding Flowers

Colourful wedding bouquet held by bride featuring sunflowers, cornflowers, posys and more

When it comes to flowers in bloom for a June wedding, roses and peonies aren’t the only things on offer. 

Pastel colours are ideal for June, adding a romantic hazy feel to your warm pre-summer wedding day. Some popular pastel-coloured flowers that are in season in June include sweet peas, cornflowers and nigella. If you want to break up these pastels, you can add a pop of blue to your bouquet with some gorgeous cornflowers.

Ammi, more commonly known as Queen Anne’s lace, is a unique and dainty addition to any June bouquet. This white plant is reminiscent of lacework and sits above finely cut green foliage.

Some other flowers in season for June are alchemilla mollis, also known as lady’s mantle, astrantia, and alquilegia, or columbine. 

What Are the Most Affordable June Wedding Flowers?

Bride holding bouquet with roses, daisies and cornflowers

If you’re planning a June wedding on a budget, there are plenty of areas of your wedding where you can save a couple of pennies - including your June wedding flowers! If you’re looking for the cheapest wedding flowers in June, there are several ways to reduce the cost of wedding flowers without compromising on style and beauty. 

Belinda emphasises the importance of communicating your budget needs with your florist: “A good florist will know where to source the best value flowers and there are ways to save money by, for example, selecting different stem lengths which will give different head sizes.”

Certain seasonal June flowers will set you back less than others. One of the more affordable options is carnations, frilly flowers available in different colours which are ideal for creating full and lush arrangements. 

If you’re looking for something quirky and different, we love a sunflower wedding bouquet here at Hitched! These popular flowers are the perfect way to add a unique touch to your rustic wedding ceremony. While their peak season lasts from mid-April to the end of May, they are an annual flower, meaning that you can enjoy them all year round.

Don’t forget about daisies, either. As they are a common flower, these simple blooms aren’t going to break the bank, however they have plenty of character and charm ideal for creating a youthful and playful June wedding bouquet. 

Belinda offers some additional advice for those hoping to find affordable flowers in season for June: “Don’t be fooled into thinking a foliage heavy scheme will save you money – if anything it will cost more, especially in the summer months. 

"Foliage is notoriously poor in June as it is at it’s youngest growth stage and the leaves and stems are weak – eucalyptus in particular, whilst widely available, is not good at all in the summer months so it is best to let your florist find suitable alternatives to work in with the designs.

“If you are trying to save money, ribbons in various colours, widths and textures can really tie a scheme together and provide a luxe feel for considerably less.”

How to Design a June Wedding Bouquet

Bride holding a summery bouquet of june wedding flowers

The best part about your wedding flowers is that all decisions are completely up to you. You can create any style of bouquet, centrepieces and floral decoration you desire to complement your personal style or wedding theme

When designing your bouquet, it’s also important to consider your wedding’s colour palette. A pastel colour scheme can be complemented with soft shades of yellow, pink and blue, while more bold choices go well with more vibrant flowers. 

Remember that flowers aren’t the only element of a bouquet - it’s also necessary to think about texture-adding greenery and decorative elements such as ribbons, twine, lace or even burlap for a more rustic wedding

We consulted with the experts to find their top tips for designing your June wedding bouquet. 

Kate says: “We have a contemporary loose, relaxed style that is full of shape and texture, so we like to use lots of delicate varieties, not sticking to a focal flower necessarily. We love mixing beautiful blousy blooms like peonies, with roses, fragrant stocks, sweet peas, lisianthus, astilbe, and astrantia.”

Belinda says  “A large loose bouquet with trailing ribbons is a particular favourite of mine for the summer months – evoking traditional English country wedding style and using soft colours such as blush, pale pink, ivory and greens with perhaps a pop of darker raspberry pink."

If a wedding bouquet isn’t quite your style, Belinda recommends an unique and interesting alternative: “Pretty flower crowns tied to the back of the head with satin ribbons are also delightful and if you are having a lot of bridesmaids (more than seven) it is a lovely idea to mix the designs with some holding bouquets and some wearing flower crowns.

"From a photo opportunity point of view this makes for a lovely contrast and, if you your bridesmaids have about half of each (posies and crowns) you should be able to save some money as crowns are unlikely to be as pricey as bouquets.”

Her final piece of advice calls back to what she said earlier: “The important thing to remember is that an experienced florist will be able to work out what is best for you, so make contact to discuss what you would like and enjoy talking through your ideas.”

Need some more guidance when it comes to wedding flowers? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to choose your wedding flowers.