Wedding Table Decorations for your Reception: How to Wow Your Guests

Our guide will help you become a planning pro when it comes to choosing your table decor for the reception


Planning your colour scheme and décor is an exciting part of the pre-wedding prep, especially when it comes to the guest’s tables which they’ll spend a lot of time sat at. Whether you want to personalise your wedding with funny table names or make a dramatic statement with a grand centrepiece, we’ve got loads of ideas to inspire you when choosing your wedding table decorations.


If you’re having your reception at a rustic wedding venue, then this birchwood vase from Not on the High Street would make an amazing table centrepiece. The carved heart design would certainly inject some old school romance into your décor.

You'll definitely want to take these home after the wedding is over - this vase would even make a lovely personalised wedding gift for your other half. 

A rustic birchwood vase wedding table decoration from Not on the High Street

Image Credit: The LetterRoom at Not on the High Street

To set an incredibly romantic tone to your venue, candelabras are perfect for this and make elegant wedding centrepieces. Choose tall ones for a dramatic effect or go small like this silver one which will decorate your wedding reception in style.

Candelabras make elegant wedding centrepieces

Candelabras don’t have to have traditional white candles, take inspiration from this stunning lilac wedding centrepiece which matches the colour scheme.

This lilac candelabra is a great wedding centrepiece to highlight your chosen colour scheme

If flowers and candelabras aren’t your thing, then this fruity wedding centrepiece would make a vibrant statement at your reception. Put together a bowl or vase of fruit yourself if you’re on a tight budget, just make sure you do it the day before the wedding if you use fresh fruit.

A fruit centrepiece is a great alternative to a flower centrepiece

If you’re searching for autumn wedding ideas then crisp autumn leaves and burnt orange colours are a must for your wedding table decorations. We love this orange wreath and fishbowl centrepiece which is contrasted with a black tablecloth. 

This orange wreath is a great table centrepiece for an autumn colour scheme

Once you’ve splashed out on ‘the’ dress and booked the venue, the budget for the reception may be understandably tight. If this is the case, get creative and make your own DIY wedding centrepiece! For cheap centrepieces that still make an impact, flowers placed in a shabby chic bottle or box will do the trick and are easy to assemble. 

Flowers in a shabby chic box are a great DIY wedding centrepiece

For another DIY idea that will highlight a vintage theme, get hold of some mugs with a kitschy design and fill with flowers. If you’re a glamorous bride, then you’ll need a wedding centrepiece with plenty of wow factor – like this tall vase that is topped off with a large pink bouquet (below right).

These wedding centrepieces are perfect for either a vintage or a glamorous reception

Centrepiece Tip: Whether you choose to buy the centrepieces or get thrifty and make them yourself, just make sure that they relate to your theme in some way. If you’re using flower centrepieces make sure that the same bloom is incorporated throughout the décor for consistency.


Flower centrepieces are the easiest way to add elegance and romance to your reception tables.

Flower centrepieces are an elegant addition to your wedding reception decor

To incorporate subtle floral details into your wedding table decoration, leave single roses or small sprigs of flowers and greenery on each place setting.

Sprigs of flowers are ideal wedding table decorations to put as placeholders

Fill small dishes with lots of gorgeous roses and scatter them around the tables. Use fake rose buds if sourcing real roses gets too expensive.

Bowls full of roses make great wedding table decorations

Flower Tip: Tie in your table flowers with your wedding bouquet style

Table Runners

If you’re holding an intimate wedding dinner with one long table instead of lots of round ones, then a table runner is a great way to jazz up a white tablecloth.

Table runners are a great way to decorate long tables at your reception

Table Names and Numbers

Table numbers and names don’t have to be a boring addition to the reception décor – make them part of it and place in interesting table number holders! We love these creative table numbers from Not on the High Street. You could also give your tables funny names or name them after places you’ve visited with your partner.

Table numbers don't have to be boring - they can make great wedding table decorations

Image Credit: Bombus; Julia Eastwood; both from Not on the High Street

These little seaside hut table numbers are a cute way to represent a theme filled with beach wedding ideas.

This seaside inspired table number is a great wedding table decoration for beach themed weddings

Image Credit: Maxeen Kim Photography

Highlight the head table with a cute sign that is personalised with the names of you and your partner. Go for illuminated letters of both your initials if you want something extra fancy.

Signs are a great way to personalise your reception tables - they could also be used as wedding centrepieces

Photo Frames

Putting photo frames of your best memories on the reception tables are a great way to help break the ice for your guests (e.g ‘ooh didn’t they look cute as teenage sweethearts!’). At Meg and Lee's real wedding they had a table filled with family photos in lovely frames.

Photo frames make great wedding table decorations as they are a talking point for guests

Image Credit: Laure DeBourde Photography


If you've planned some amazing wedding favours that you want to display creatively, hide them in these wicker baskets and place on the tables for guests to rummage through. Decorate baskets with ribbon in your chosen colour scheme.

Baskets double up as a wedding table decoration and a way to store the wedding favours


As with the candelabra centrepieces, candles are another great way to set a romantic mood at your reception. We love this modern rose gold candle holder from Made with Love Designs at Not on the High Street.

Candle Tips: For a safer way to contain the open flames, especially if you have younger guests, put candles inside lanterns or holders.

Modern and unique rose gold candle holder from Not on the High Street

These dainty heart shaped candles are so cute and would really accentuate a red colour scheme.

Red candles provide cheap centrepieces that would accentuate a red colour scheme


A gorgeous vintage wedding idea is to use ornate bird cages as wedding table decorations. Fill them with flowers or candles and place around the tables, or use large birdcages as wedding centrepieces. 

Birdcages are a great wedding table decoration if you're planning a vintage wedding

Co-ordinating Table Decorations

If you’ve got a strong colour theme, it’s important to make sure that the reception tables highlight this and are consistent with the rest of the décor. This gorgeously decorated reception table is filled with peach and silver wedding table decorations that complement each other.

It's important to choose your wedding table decorations wisely so that they complement a strong colour scheme


Decorate the head table with bunting for a whimsical touch. We’re inspired by this ‘just married’ bunting from a wedding at Cranberries Luxury Hideaway in Devon.

Bunting is a great wedding table decoration for the head table


Sprinkle confetti over the tables to add an extra something to your reception décor. For something a bit different from your average confetti, we love these glittery red hearts (below left) and rustic star shaped bark pieces from Not on the High Street.

Confetti is ideal for scattering over the tables at your reception

Image Credit: GLB Graphics; The Flower Studio; both from Not on the High Street


No we don’t mean fishbowls of the alcohol variety! Fishbowls filled with flowers, candles, leaves or anything else you can think of make great wedding table decorations. This clear fishbowl is filled with shells, beads and water with pink flowers floating on top for a pretty touch.

Fishbowls can create an elegant and creative wedding centrepiece

Jars of Sweets

Jars of marshmallows, retro sweets and tempting sweet trees make tasty wedding table decorations if you’ve got guests with a sweet tooth. Not only do they make pretty table centrepieces, guests can also nibble on them for dessert.

Jars of sweets are a tasty wedding table decoration that are also pretty to look at


Light up your reception with lots of sparkle and glitter. Go crazy with anything from gold or silver wedding table decorations to sparkly baubles, plates, napkins and centrepieces to dazzle your guests. A great glitter wedding idea is to stick to the same colour palette to avoid everything looking too OTT – unless that’s the look you’re going for! 

Add some wow factor to your reception with sparkly wedding table decorations

Winter Ideas

If you’re saying your vows during the colder months, you could give a nod to the festive season by incorporating Christmas wedding ideas into your table decorations. Candy canes, gingerbread, snowflakes, baubles are all great ways to pull off this theme, plus your guests could take the edible decorations home as favours.

Winter wedding table decorations for a wedding during the festive season

If you want your big day to be quirky, we’ve got loads of fun ideas for your wedding reception which are anything but traditional!


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