Summer Groomswear: 25 Grooms Who Nailed the Look

Searching for the perfect summer groomswear look? We've got 25 grooms who nailed the look - you're sure to find something to suit you


Marrying in the summer is alright for the bride – there are so many choices when it comes to wedding dress styles, she can pick something summery, in a lightweight fabric with no sleeves. Spare a thought for the groom – sweltering in a three piece suit with a cravat. When it comes to summer groomswear, the groom doesn’t have to suffer – we’ve rounded up 25 grooms who totally nailed their summer groomswear look.


Something Blue

Blue groomswear is a popular choice for couples who want the groom to have a contemporary look, and it works really well at a summer wedding. It’s a popular choice as it works well with a number of colour palettes and has a fresher, youthful feel.

We love this groom’s style – his pale peach buttonhole works perfectly with the blue suit and the lighter blue accessories. Steal this style if you want a pretty, rustic feel at your wedding.


Image credit: Annie May

If you want a blue suit with a more classic feel, this outfit from Weddington Suit Hire could be the one. We love the grey waistcoat, which pulls the look together with subtle blue stripes, and the soft blue accessories for the groom. Opt for a different shade of tie and pocket square for the rest of the groom’s party so they groom can stand out in style.


This groom makes summer wedding style look effortless – we love the pop of yellow in his buttonhole (browse our round up of alternative buttonholes for more ideas) and the blue floral detail on his tie and matching pocket square. Don’t be afraid of florals for the groom – they look amazing at summer weddings!


Image credit: Benjamin Stuart Photography

If you choose to buy the suits for the groom and groomsmen, blue suits are a great choice as they can be worn at a variety of occasions time and time again. The groom’s party will love them.


Image credit: Ross Hurley Photography

Add Accessories

After admiring the floral details above, it makes sense to talk accessories. What you choose to go with your groomswear can help make it more summery.

We love this groom’s tropical tie – it’s perfect if you’re thinking of eloping to a dreamy destination for a wedding on the beach. Or if that’s not an option, bring that beach feel home by adding tropical inspired accessories to the groomswear – the tie can be worn time and time again and a hibiscus flower buttonhole can make Brighton beach feel like Hawaii.


Image credit: MatthewJamesMckay Photography

Another awesome floral look but these flowery accessories are a little more subtle. They are paired with a black suit, which goes to show if the idea of wearing blue doesn’t appeal to the groom he can still do traditional but with a twist. If you have a statement pocket square, consider switching the buttonhole to the other lapel so you can show both of them off without obscuring any details.


Image credit: RJH Photography

If floral details are a complete no-go for the groom, then what about adding a bright pop of colour in a summery shade? We love the sunny yellow touches and how the bride has matched her groom’s tie with some yellow wellies – it may be a summer wedding but this is Britain so it’s best to prepare for some rain. Style your bridesmaids in yellow bridesmaid dresses for a coordinated look.


Image credit: Thairapy

Lighten Up

On a hot summer’s day, wearing a dark colour can make you feel even hotter as it absorbs heat. Opt for a lighter coloured wedding suit to help reflect some of the sun’s rays and keep yourself looking and feeling cool.

This groom got married on a Caribbean beach, so it makes sense that he opted for a stone coloured suit to ward off some of the heat – he’s jumping for joy with his choice in groomswear.


Image credit: Digital Memories Collection

A light brown suit is another way to add a twist to the traditional dark suit, if the above is too light for you. These looks are great inspiration if you’re searching for rustic groomswear – note that the groom doesn’t have a tie either, but an open necked shirt with a cravat – another way to beat the heat.


Image credit: ELS Design Creative Wedding Photography

This couple actually had a number of wardrobe changes on their big day, but we love their cream dinner jackets and matching bowties. This look is perfect for a formal wedding that is taking place in the midst of summer.


Image credit: Janis Ratnieks Photography

This groom had his wedding in the Philippines, so he decided to do away with the tie completely, but the crisp white shirt and the smart suit in a light shade still keep his look formal enough for a wedding ceremony.


Image credit: Nez Cruz Photography

Even if you love the traditional groomswear, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a lighter shade as this happy couple proves! You can still have the classic tails and a waistcoat, but just opt for them in white with colourful accessories for a summery twist.


Image credit: Nigel Blacker at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and Mansion

Seek Out Some Shades

A decent pair of shades are the ultimate accessories for the groom at a summer wedding. Why not treat the groom and groomsmen to some fancy sunglasses as a pre-wedding gift? It’ll make for an amazing photo opportunity. Or, if you’re looking for an unusual wedding favour idea, treat everyone to some sunglasses – so they’re not blinded by your love!

This groom is loving life in his stylish sunglasses – just look at that smile. Make sure the bride has some too for some great photos together.


Image credit: Adorlee Photography

These groomsmen have clearly been paying attention – they’re ready for the destination wedding in a hot climate with their light coloured suits, colour pop accessories and their sunglasses. Top marks for these guys.


Image credit: Kellianne Photographer

You too would be jumping for joy if you’d remembered your sunglasses on a bright sunny day and looked as cool as this groom’s party. We love their style.


Image credit: Lanwades Hall

We don’t know what it is about sunglasses, but adding them to men in suits suddenly makes them look at least 50% cooler. Maybe it’s the ‘Men in Black’ effect. Just look at the groomsmen below – by adding sunglasses they’ve transformed their wedding style.


Image credit: Redhouse Barn

If you’re super concerned about the groomsmen being shielded from the sun, make sure they all have matching hats to go with their sunglasses. These groomsmen have their straw hats ready – and what an amazing photo opportunity it created.


Image credit: Vallum Farm

Lose the Jacket

If the idea of wearing a full on three piece suit is quite stifling for the groom, well, that’s totally understandable. Why not lose the jacket but pick a waistcoat for a look that’s still smart but a bit cooler?

These groomsmen are thrilled to be able to attend a summer wedding without having to wear a jacket. Consider treating the groomsmen to some cufflinks as a groomsmen thank you gift as their shirt sleeves will be on show.


Image credit: Blackstock Barn

This groom didn’t have the classic suit but he still looks seriously dapper. Swapping the tie for a bowtie is a good way to make the look feel more formal. Consider a pocket watch too.


Image credit: Dominika Miechowska Photography

Just because you don’t have the jacket doesn’t mean you don’t have to be traditional with the rest of the look. This groom’s party still have the timeless cravat ties so they look smart but not sweltering.


Image credit: Elliot Nichol Photography

Again, another traditional look complete with coloured waistcoats to match the wedding scheme – just lose the jacket so no one is overheating. Have one on hand for the groom for a couple of pictures if you want, but make it clear to everyone you’re happy for them to just work the waistcoat and tie look.


Image credit: Oxford-Photography

Consider a Kilt

If either of you have Scottish heritage, why not choose to honour it and go for a kilt? It’s a seriously smart formal look, but the kilt allows for a breeze and some ventilation.

Full traditional Scottish groomswear looks amazing – this groom and his groomsmen are rocking the look and won’t feel too hot.


Image credit: Snappy Hen Photography

The look is so versatile and you can accessorise to match any colour scheme – the smart red accessories sported by these guys look so timeless.


Image credit: Susan Renee Photography

Consider a summery shade like yellow or light green and coordinate the groomsmen so they match your colour scheme. This tartan is the perfect shade for a summer celebration.


Image credit: Greenbank Hotel

You can hire wedding kilts from a number of wedding suit shops, or why not invest in one for the groom for a timeless formal look he can wear to a variety of locations.


Image credit: Melville Castle Hotel


Why not browse our guide to groom’s accessories to find the perfect finishing touches to complete any groom’s look, no matter what style of suit you go for.