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17 of the Most Romantic Wedding Gifts for Grooms

If you're looking for a unique, romantic gifts gift for your groom, you're in luck! We've handpicked some of the most sentimental gifts for grooms that are perfect for surprising the one you love on the day of your wedding

Model holding a personalised hip flask

The morning of your wedding is a fun, exciting and emotional time. What better way to offer your groom a bit of reassurance than with a thoughtful present? It will remind them that you are thinking of them and if you give them a card you can even write a few words of encouragement to ease their nerves.

As this momentous day is the start of your journey together into married life, you're going to want to find the perfect gift to express how you feel. Take a look at some of our favourite gifts for grooms to surprise your partner with on the morning of the wedding.

We've got inspiration to suit all types of couples and budgets, from fun and playful presents to meaningful gestures and everything in between!

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

1. Handwritten Note - £2.60, Slice Of Pie Designs

A handwritten note will be a romantic way to let your groom know you are thinking of them. We adore this sweet card from Slice Of Pie Designs – it comes blank inside so you can write your own special romantic message.


2. Personalised Wooden Clothes Hanger - £15, Hitched Shop

Hey handsome hanger

Every little detail is important on your wedding day and a personalised wooden clothes hanger is a playful and practical gift that'll put a smile on the groom's face when they go to put their wedding outfit on. 

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3. Reasons Why I Love You - £22, Martha Brook

These 10 gorgeous foil printed cards from Martha Brook can be sent to you blank so you can handwrite your reasons why you love your groom, or you can send the reasons directly for them to print onto the cards.

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4. Personalised Luggage Tag - £25, Hitched Shop

Personalised luggage tag

Get your groom ready for your honeymoon with this stylish personalised luggage tag from the Hitched Shop. Etched with their initials, they won't be losing their bag anytime soon!

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5. The Story of Your Relationship - £30, Letter Fest

This pretty print from Letter Fest can tell the story of how you got to your wedding date. It’s a lovely personalised way to show all your relationship milestones, ending with your happily ever after.

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6. Handkerchief - £16.95, The Hummingbird Card Company

If you think your groom may shed a few tears on the big day then this handkerchief from The Hummingbird Card Company means they can sob in style! You can make it personal by having it monogrammed with both of your initials and even include your wedding date.

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7. Personalised Hip Flask - £25, Hitched Shop

This personalised hip flask is an elegant take on a traditional groom’s gift. The wooden style from the Hitched Shop is super stylish and you can have it monogrammed with the groom’s initials.

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8. Personalised Whiskey Glass - £20, Hitched Shop

If you bought your groom a hip flask then why not team it with an extra special glass. This personalised glass from the Hitched Shop can be personalised with the groom’s name. Alternatively, if they prefer soft drinks, this can-shaped glass is so fun. 

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9. Personalised Collar Stiffeners - £35, Man Gun Bear

We love that these personalised collar stiffeners from Man Gun Bear can include the time of your wedding ceremony. It’s a lovely way to ensure your groom has an extra bit of reassurance as well as making him look extra sharp.

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10. Best Groom Ever Mug - £15, Hitched Shop

Best groom ever mug

Show your partner that they really are the best groom ever by having it stuck onto their soon-to-be favourite mug from the Hitched Shop. Of course, you can even get a matching bride or groom one for yourself, so you can both sip coffee in style.

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11. Forever Together Photo Coasters - from £47.84, Uncommon Goods

Photo album coasters

Pick four of your favourite snapshots together and have them printed on these gorgeous coasters from Uncommon Goods. A fun twist on a photo album they're the perfect complement to a mug or glass. 

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12. Grooming Station - £29.95, Mijmoj Designs

This solid oak grooming station from Mijmoj Designs can be personalised with your own special message. We love that it can be used for the getting ready photos on the morning of the wedding but then can also be used day to day after the wedding as a special reminder of the big day.

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13. Personalised Tie Clip - £15, Hitched Shop

A personalised tie clip from the Hitched Shop will be a lovely gift for the groom on the morning of the wedding. You can engrave it with their initials and choose from gold, silver or copper.

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14. Print of Your Wedding Venue - £57, Letter Fest

Gift your groom with a watercolour sketch of your wedding venue – it’s a beautiful present that you can then hang in your home. Send Letter Fest a photograph of your wedding venue and they will create your very own painting. This would also make a perfect paper anniversary gift for your first wedding anniversary!

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15. Groom Cufflinks - £20, Hitched Shop

These novelty cufflinks from the Hitched Shop will be the perfect unique gift idea for your groom. They won't believe you got them for just £20 and they even come with a luxury gift box to keep them safe.

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16. Engraved Watch and Accessories Box - £34.99, Dust and Things 

This engraved wooden box from Dust and Things is a perfect keepsake box for all the special things from your wedding day. The groom could keep his watch, cufflinks and tie clip in there to keep them all in one place and ready to wear again for any special occasions.

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17. Engraved Pocket Watch - £50, Hitched Shop

Engraved pocket watch

A classic timepiece is a traditional groom gift that will never go out of style. We adore this vintage pocket watch from the Hitched Shop which is made even more sentimental with a personalised engraving of a special message. 

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