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The Best Opal Engagement Rings: 31 Dreamy Designs for Modern Brides

Iridescent, unusual and more than a little magical – an opal engagement ring is a beautiful choice for an offbeat bride. Read on to discover the best opal engagement rings for every style and budget.

Elegant oval opal ring with a vintage vibe

Elegant oval opal ring with a vintage vibe

Diamonds may have the ‘girl’s best friend’ tag, but a glimmering opal engagement ring is a gorgeous eye-catching alternative. You might choose to combine it with classic diamonds in a traditional engagement ring setting or showcase the stone alone in all of its prismatic glory – no matter what ring you choose, opal is a mesmerising gem choice that’ll never look dull. 

Whether you’re in the market for a precious white opal, a coloured opal, or a rare black opal, there’s a style to suit every modern nearly-wed. Like any gemstone, each opal is completely unique but many opals offer even more variety. The most popular form of opal has a semi-transparent white base with a milky appearance and hues of blue, green, or pink running through it, depending on the stone. Coloured opals can range in shade from pastel pink to deep red and orange (known as fire opals), while black opals are the rarest of all, with a black base colour and often vibrant flecks of colour. 

All in all, opal makes for an engagement ring so special that it glows, plus it’ll appear different depending on the light and time of day. For a forever piece of jewellery, it’s a gemstone that’s as versatile as it is valuable. Browse our edit of the best opal engagement rings below to find ‘the one’. 

The Best Opal Engagement Rings for 2022

1. Envero Jewellery 14K Gold Australian Opal Ring – £541.25, Etsy

Gold 1920s style opal engagement ring with diamonds

Some of the world’s best opals hail from Australia, and this 1920s style engagement ring from Envero Jewellery is a glimmering example of a sparkler from the Southern hemisphere. An oval opal is framed by four twinkling stones – we especially love the halo of gold around the centre stone.

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2. Diamond Fine Jewellery Natural Opal Engagement Ring – £1,549.94, Etsy

Pear drop opal engagement ring in rose gold with a double layer of diamonds around the stone

This opal engagement ring by Diamond Fine Jewellery proves that you don’t need a diamond as a centre stone to achieve a dazzling effect – a natural opal is just as brilliant in every sense. This pear-cut opal is given even more gleam thanks to surrounding conflict-free diamonds. It’s made to order in gold, rose gold or white gold too, to make it even more unique. 

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3. Opal Ocean Opening Ring – from £7,500, Theo Fennell

Opal ring with a ring of diamonds and seahorses on the side of the band

If you want a truly unique opal engagement ring, consider this one. The ring features sea animals engraved on the band, as well as a halo of diamonds around that centre opal. You can even lift up the centre stone and discover a starfish underneath - magic!

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4. White Gold Opal & Diamond Pear Halo Ring – £499, Ernest Jones 

Pear cut opal stone on a white gold halo engagement ring

If a simple, striking pear-cut style appeals, this opal engagement ring is just the ticket. The polished nine-carat white gold band showcases a beautifully balanced white opal surrounded by a halo of brilliant-cut diamonds. 

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5. Le Vian 14-carat Strawberry Gold Opal & 0.58-carat Diamond Ring – £1,999, Ernest Jones

strawberry gold engagement ring with band lined with diamonds and pear-cut opal surrounded by nude diamonds

This ring is a stunner, there is no doubt about that. The glitter of the rows of stones contrasts beautifully with the opal stone. And that strawberry gold is simply gorgeous!

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6. Luna Ring – £2,989, Chupi

Elegant ring

This vintage style 14-carat gold opal engagement ring is as opulent as statement opals come. Inspired by the rings that jeweller Chupi’s grandmother once wore, the central oval opal is surrounded by a halo of diamonds intended to represent the interplay between the moon and the stars. We did promise you dreamy rings… 

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7. Blue Topaz and Fire Opal Gypsy Ring in Yellow Gold – £1,500, Kiki 

Wearing the ring

An opal engagement ring that would look right at home in an art gallery, this cool, contemporary ring features a central clear blue topaz flanked by two orange-toned fire opals. Set in 18-carat yellow gold, it’s a bold engagement ring for individuals who love colour. 

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8. Yellow Gold and Opal Diamond Ring – £650, Ernest Jones 

Yellow gold halo diamond ring with a milky white opal central stone

A milky opal in an oval halo setting gives this engagement ring a Victorian vibe. Diamonds set into the 9-carat gold band add extra drama. 

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9. Round Opal Halo Ring with Diamond Accents – From £1,049, Angara 

White gold diamond eternity style engagement ring with a central round opal

A halo engagement ring that’s incredibly chic, the round-cut opal stone at the centre of the 18-carat white gold ring makes this ring look especially modern. The half eternity band is set with round brilliant-cut diamonds for a cohesive finish. 

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10. White Opal and Solid Gold Ring – £132.95, Etsy

square opal

This inexpensive opal engagement ring by Adita Gold will please minimalist brides. The square cut of the opal makes it even more eye-catching and the low-key yellow gold setting allows the opal at its centre to really glow. 

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11. Blooming Palms Twig Opal Engagement Ring Set – £457.60, Etsy 

Opal Ring

This elegant ring by Blooming Palms is perfect for nature lovers. The twisting organic forms perfectly accent the centre opal gem. As a bonus, this ring comes as a set, so you know the wedding band will match.

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12. Round Cut Opal Astrology Engagement Ring – From £335.41, Etsy

opal ring

An engagement ring for any bride who’s planning her wedding in line with her horoscope, this celestial ring by Tiny Light Jewelry is made all the more captivating thanks to the ethereal opal at the centre of the recycled rose gold band. The crescent moon that frames the opal is studded with a diamond for even more twinkle.  

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13. Le Vian 14-Carat Strawberry Gold Opal & Diamond Ring – £2,250, Ernest Jones

Opal ring

If you want your love to feel like royalty, this might be the ring to go for. The rich colour scheme of strawberry gold with tones of chocolate accented by diamonds and an opal just says luxury.

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14. Art Deco Engagement Ring – £44.49, Etsy

Ornate ring with an oval opal at the center and stones along the band in a ring box

Looking for an opal engagement ring that is a bit more budget-friendly? This design by HelenisJewelry is ideal for vintage lovers with its intricate look and is sure to dazzle your partner. It also works well as a stand-in ring if you plan on going into the jewellers together later.

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15. 9ct Yellow Gold Emerald Cluster Ring – £110.95, Etsy

A vintage-style ring with eye-catching emeralds

How stunning is this opal ring with emeralds? The play of colour between the green of the emerald and pearly tones of the opals makes this a visually appealing piece, while the yellow gold band is simply gorgeous.

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16. Kojis Gold Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring – £4,750, Liberty London

Wearing the ring

This regal looking opal engagement ring is ideal if you love antiques – the floral cluster design with a dazzling opal at its centre is truly timeless. Surrounded by 12 brilliant cut white diamonds on a tapered 18-carat gold band, it’s a classic style with a twist. 

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17. Australian Opal Engagement Ring – From £1,107.10, Etsy

Gold diamond cluster ring with a shimmering blue opal at its centre

Another knockout cluster ring, the oval Australian blue opal at the centre of this engagement ring, will garner compliments wherever it goes. The recycled rose gold ring by Doron Merav Weddings brings the art deco setting bang up to date and the halo of white diamonds surrounding the striking opal adds elegance. 

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18. 18-carat Gold 1960s Opal and Diamond Ring – £5,500, Liberty London

Opal ring with diamonds and intricate gold surrounding it for a bold engagement ring choice

This ring is ideal if your partner loves glamour and loves to go all out with their fashion choices. It features an opal at the centre, surrounded by diamonds, with an intricate gold design around that. It is a bold choice that is sure to leave an impression.

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19. Irene Neuwirth Opal & 18-Carat Rose-Gold Ring – £1,485, Matches Fashion

Pink Opals

This ring is ideal for those looking for something unique to propose with. The row of pink opals on a gold band is both simple and striking. Your partner is sure to know just how special they are with this on their ring finger.

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20. Alba Opal & 18-carat Gold-Plated Ring – £125, By Alona 

Simple gold ring with an opal at the centre and an unfussy gold band

Simple can go a very long way and this ring is the proof! The understated pink opal and unfussy gold band is modern and chic, and great if your partner loves minimalist designs.

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21. Opal and Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring – £831.00, Etsy

Rose gold round opal engagement ring with three small round cut diamonds either side of the central stone on a white wooden table

A pretty art deco opal engagement ring by Aardvark Jewellery that’s made to order in a matter of weeks. Choose from a gold, white gold or rose gold setting and let the jeweller know if you’re especially close to the wire – she accepts late commissions. 

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22. Gold Opal Leaf Ring – £195.18, Etsy

Leaf Ring

If your partner loves nature, this ring by Adina Stone might be a great choice! It features a pretty opal surrounded by sprawling leaves that hold it into place against the band. There's something almost magical about it!

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23. Opal Diamond Ring – From £155.00, Etsy

Close up of a hand wearing a dainty opal ring with diamonds on either side

This dainty ring may be small in size, but it makes a big statement! Each ring is made to order and features an opal at the centre with two diamonds on either side. If your partner loves small jewellery, this ring might be just the one!

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24. Wwake Wrapped Triangle & Nestled Stack Ring – £704.17, Couverture and The Garbstore 

Double layer gold ring with a small round opal at the centre and a single round white diamond suspended underneath

This recycled gold duo ring throws some very cool shapes. A round opal is hugged in the arc of the 14-carat central ring with a white diamond suspended below it, while a separate 10-carat recycled gold ring creates extra dimension (or acts as an edgy wedding ring if you prefer). 

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25. Emilie Shapiro Milky Way Ring – £457.50, Couverture and The Garbstore

Gold ring with an unpolished diamond and unpolished opal against a white background

Opals do look beautiful when polished, but they can be equally wonderful not! This ring features an unpolished diamond and opal that looks like it belongs in the starry sky. Your partner is sure to be over the moon about it!

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26. 18-carat Gold Ellipse Peruvian Opal and Emerald Ring – £4,400, Liberty London

Teal opal ring with emeralds in the band against a white background

Looking for something bold? This opal ring has both an eye-catching size and a stand-out colour as well. 

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27. Opal and Diamond Rose-Gold Ring – From £909.78, Etsy

Opal Ring

There is something fairytale-like about this ring by Sunday Island Jewelry, which features a stunning gem in the centre. The soft colours make it dreamy, perfect for a romantic proposal!

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28. Solitaire Opal Infinity Knot Ring – £889, Angara

Opal set in a gold band that loops into an infinity knot against a white background

This opal is set in a gold band that loops into an infinity knot. It is particularly fitting as you promise your unending love to your one and only!

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29. Japanese Opal Gold Plated Twist Ring – £17, Not on the High Street

Rectangular opal rings with twisting gold band on displays

If your partner enjoys unusual designs or likes to get creative with their fashion, this ring might be a perfect choice. The bold opal in an unusual shape is set on a simple twisted-gold band. It's a one-of-a-kind piece sure to stun.

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30. Personalised Sterling Silver Blue Opal Solitaire Organic Ring – from £45.00, Etsy

Wave Ring

This contemporary ring by Songs of Ink and Steel features organic twists and turns with a delicate opal at the centre. It's simple, dainty, and perfect if you're looking for a ring on a budget.

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31. Sparkly Opal Leaf Ring In Gold Or Silver – £42, Not on the High Street

Leafy gold ring with cubic zirconia and a opal at the centre being held between two fingers

Whether your partner loves nature or if they want something bold, this engagement ring is sure to please. The leafy details along the side with the cubic zirconia provide that bit of glitter while the opal in the centre gives it that pop! We thought it made for a perfect final ring for our edit.

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