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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home: Try Our Ring Sizer Tool!

Find your perfect fit with our free, easy to use ring sizer that lets you measure your ring size from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a ring, a coin and our online tool...

Person holding multiple stunning engagement rings all measured to fit their fingers
Lily Arkwright

Person holding multiple stunning engagement rings all measured to fit their fingers
Lily Arkwright

If you're buying an engagement ring online, planning a proposal or need to get your ring resized, it's important you know how to measure ring size. Though this may seem like a daunting task that requires tools and time, the reality is, this is much easier than people think.

In fact, knowing how to measure ring size in the UK is really easy, thanks to our Hitched ring sizer tool which makes measuring your ring size simpler than ever before. In a recent survey of Hitched Instagram followers*, more than half (51%) of people claimed they needed to resize their engagement or wedding ring, proving that many of us could benefit from understanding ring sizes a little better!

Before we get started on the measuring, we need to dive a little deeper into UK ring sizes, how they are measured and ways to measure your size both with and without a ring to hand. As well as that, we've enlisted expert advice from Laura Suttie, gemologist and ring design expert at Queensmith to answer your UK ring size questions...

How to Measure Ring Size: Everything You Need to Know!

Our guide to measuring ring sizes includes online tools you can use from the comfort of your own home, advice on what the perfect ring fit feels like and ways to measure your ring size even if you don't have a ring to measure.

What's more, we've even got the down-low on UK ring sizes and how the compare to international ones which will come in handy if you're planning on buying an engagement ring or wedding ring from America.

What Are UK Ring Sizes?

A red leather box placed on a wooden table with a diamond engagemenr ring inside it
Unsplash / Katelyn Macmillan

Ring sizes come in different formats, for example, US ring sizes come in numerical form while British and Australian jewellers work with letters. Throw in half sizes and it can be seriously confusing.

Handily, here we have a helpful ring size conversion chart which helps you work out which number or letter your ring needs to be based on the circumference of your finger or diameter of a ring you already own. (FYI, that’s the best way to secretly work out what size ring your partner has – measure one they already own while they’re not looking!)

The circumference of the ring is the length of the whole inner circle of the ring; you’d figure this out by measuring around your finger. The diameter is the length straight across the middle of a ring from one side to the other, and this is useful to know if you’re measuring a ring you or your partner already own.

Circumference (mm)
Diameter (mm)
UK Size 
US Size 
44.14 14.05 F 3
45.5 14.48 G 3.5
46.8 14.88 H 4
48 15.29 I 4.5
48.7 15.49 J 5
50 15.9 K 5.5
51.2 16.31 L 6
52.5 16.71 M 6.5
53.8 17.12 N 7
55.1 17.53 O 7.5
56.3 17.93 P 8
57.6 18.34 Q 8.5
58.9 18.75 R 9
60.2 19.15 S 9.5
61.4 19.56 T 10
62.7 19.96 U 10.5
64 20.37 V 11
65.3 20.78 W 11.5
66.6 21.18 X 12
67.8 21.59 Y 12.5
68.5 21.79 Z 13


How to Measure Your Ring Size: Try Our Online Ring Sizer Tool!

There are a number of ways you can measure your ring size from good old fashioned string, to giving it a good guess - but the easiest way to measure your ring size without buying a ring sizer or going into a jewellers, is by using our brand new and easy to use ring sizer tool. 

Our online ring size measurement tool allows you to accurately measure your ring size, ensuring that any wedding or engagement ring you buy will fit perfectly. It's so easy to use - all you'll need is a British coin and a ring you already own - yes, it really is that simple! 

Make sure you choose a ring that fits you well, on the finger you intend to wear your engagement or wedding ring on. This will help to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Once you have the coin and a ring, you will use the coin to calibrate the screen by adjusting the circle's diameter to the size of the coin.

After that, you will place the ring on the screen and again, ensure that the circle's diameter is the same as that of the ring. And that's it - that's all you have to do. The ring sizer tool will then calculate your correct UK ring size ready for you to shop away. 

How to Measure Your Ring Size Without a Ring

Don't have a ring handy to measure your ring size, or don't have one that fits properly? Fear not, there are other ways to measure your ring size without having a ring on hand. They may not be as easy and simple as our ring sizer tool, but they aren't far off. 

Things to Note Before You Measure Your Ring Size

1. Take a good look at your fingers (you may never have done this before!) and note whether or not your knuckles are roughly the width of your fingers or if they’re a touch wider.

Wide knuckles will need to be taken into account when measuring your ring size with as the band may fit your finger but struggle to squeeze over the joint! Jewellers can provide discreet, see-through add-ons to ensure a snug fit if this is an issue for you.

2. Check your temperature! When measuring your ring size, make sure you measure your finger at different times of the day and in different temperatures. Your fingers expand during the day, and can expand when you’re hot or when you have just finished a workout but shrink down when you’re cold. You want to get the best overall fit for your finger.

3. If you’re lucky enough to be purchasing a sizeable rock, bear in mind that it’s hard to get a fit that’s snug enough to stop the centre stone from weighing the ring down and pulling it to one side without being too tight. If this is a big concern, consider a flatter setting that covers a larger area instead of a high-set stone. Again, a clear, plastic add-on can help with this issue.

Using String to Measure Your Ring Size

Wrap a piece of string (or even dental tape if you have it handy!) around the lower part of your ring finger and mark where the two ends of the string first meet with a pen. You can then untie the string from your finger, line it up with a ruler and measure the distance between the two pen marks. This will give you the circumference of your finger.

Tip: Make sure you don’t pull the string or dental tape too hard as they do stretch, and you may end up with an inaccurate measurement.

Using a Ring Sizer to Measure Your Ring Size

Although the methods above are pretty quick and simple, we get that some of you might prefer to try rings of different sizes on to get a feel for the fit. A ring sizer, featuring a measuring band and rings in sizes A-Z, allows you to get a super accurate measurement and choose a fit that feels just right for you.

How Should My Wedding or Engagement Ring Fit?

single solitaire diamond engagement ring
Pexels / the glorious studio

A ring should neither feel so loose that it slides around your finger with ease or so tight that it squeezes the skin on either side. To help you ensure you get the perfect fit, Laura Suttie, gemologist and ring design expert at Queensmith explains, "Your engagement ring and wedding ring should feel pretty snug on your finger, without feeling too tight.

"If your rings slip off or slides around, it is too big and should be resized to a more secure fit; and if you feel your ring restricts blood flow to your finger or it causes pain, it is definitely too small. When placing your ring on or taking it off, it should take a few twists to get it over your knuckle. That way, you can be confident it won’t slip off.

"If it takes a lot of pushing or pulling, it is probably too small!"

Can Your Ring Size Change?

Yes! Knowing your UK ring size and being able to measure your ring size is important because you may not always be the same size. Laura explains, "Our ring sizes are a direct correlation to our clothes size and height. Your height won’t change as an adult - but many people fluctuate in clothes size, meaning your fingers, and subsequently your ring size can also change. 

"Those who have babies can also find their fingers swell during pregnancy - but as this is only temporary, don't be too hasty to resize your ring. Many people's ring sizes will return to their pre-pregnancy size post birth, however some don't. We'd recommend waiting until at least a few months after giving birth before you consider resizing your ring.

"Our fingers are also susceptible to swelling with heat, and can become more slender in the cold, so you may find your rings feel different throughout the seasons. However, these changes won’t be significant enough to warrant resizing every six months! In fact, you should avoid resizing unless really necessary."

Will Resizing My Ring Ruin It?

Though many diamond rings can look and feel dainty and delicate, metals and the gems that sit within them are actually much more robust than you'd think. Resizing your ring, if done by a professional. shouldn't damage the ring. There are, however, some details that may need to be changed or redone.

Laura from Queensmith explains further, "Most rings can be resized without damage, but be aware that if your ring features an engraving, this will most likely need to be re-engraved.

"To avoid damage, a ring should be resized no more than three times. The first couple of resizes will weaken the ring a little, but not to any extent warrants panic. However, any more than three times and the metal will become too weak to rely on lasting a lifetime. Because of this, it’s important to avoid resizing your ring unless you really need to, and stick to a maximum of three resizes throughout your life." 

Can Any Ring Be Resized?

No, not all rings can be resized. The style and detail will determine if your ring can be resized. It's important to be aware about whether a ring can be resized or not ahead of buying it.

Laura advises, "Rings with 100% diamond coverage around the band, such as full eternity rings, cannot be resized, and so if they aren’t fitting you right, you’ll have to have the ring remade. For this reason, we always recommend you avoid a 100% diamond set band - instead, choose 60% which will look like a full eternity when viewed from above."

Now you know your size, it's time to settle on a style! Check out our engagement ring guide here. 

*Instagram survey of 1,031 Instagram followers in January 2023.