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Zendaya and Tom Holland Relationship Timeline: What Would Their Wedding Look Like?

Challengers actress Zendaya and Tom Holland, the star of Spider-Man, have reportedly had "talk of marriage", so here is everything you need to know about this celebrity couple.

Tom Holland and Zendeya at a movie premiere, are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged yet?

From celebrity engagement rings to celebrity wedding dresses - here at Hitched, we love to watch how A-listers celebrate their nuptials. And right now, all eyes are on America's sweethearts, Tom Holland and Zendaya.

From starting out as friends and fellow co-stars on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016, their relationship has since taken a romantic turn - and now, the question on everyone lips is "are Tom Holland and Zendaya engaged?"

While the answer to that remains uncertain thus far, recent headlines around the celebrity couple suggests that marriage could be on the cards for them in the near future. The couple likes to keep their relationship pretty private, but we've done some digging to put together the story of their relationship so far.

And, of course, we don't call ourselves the wedding experts for no reason... keep reading for our take on what Zendaya and Tom Holland's wedding would look like!

Zendaya & Tom Holland's Complete Relationship Timeline

Obsessed with this iconic duo? Us too! So we've broken down their entire (adorable) relationship timeline. Use the links below to find the answer to your burning Zendaya & Tom Holland relationship question.

How Did Tom Holland & Zendaya Meet?

Zendaya and Tom Holland smiling together at a premiere for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Cast your minds back to 2016 - it was a big year for news stories, and we're not talking about all the political happenings. No, we're talking about the announcement of Tom Holland and Zendaya being cast as Peter Parker and MJ in Marvel's reboot of the Spider-Man franchise.

Filming began in June of that year, and the pair quickly became fast friends. But it wasn't long before dating rumours began to spread throughout Hollywood, despite the couple's insistence that they were 'just friends'. 

In 2017, news spread that the pair had enjoyed a romantic vacation together. Once again, this rumour was briskly swept under the rug, with Zendaya and Tom Holland tweeting their amusement at this piece of gossip, claiming that the only trip they had taken together was their press tour for the upcoming Marvel movie.

And between 2019 and 2020, it seemed as though the pair really were just friends, as Zendaya reportedly began dating her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi. 

However, this platonic period didn't last long, as in 2021 Zendaya and Tom Holland were photographed sharing a kiss in a car in L.A, after visiting the home of Zendaya's mother.

Since then, they've been spotted attending their friends' weddings together, sharing sweet pictures of each other on Instagram, and have even gushed about each other in public interviews with the press. 

The couple seems to have gone from strength to strength, with Tom even flying over 4,000 miles in 2022 just to hang out with Zendaya in Budapest, where the actress was filming the Dune sequel. Nowadays, when you hear Tom Holland,  Zendaya immediately comes to mind - the two come as a happy pair. 

Are Tom Holland & Zendaya Engaged?

Zendaya and Tom Holland smiling at Spiderman premiere

Not long after this, the pair celebrated Zendaya's 26th birthday with her family and friends in New York City, rumours sparked about a possible upcoming engagement announcement. 

Zendaya's mother was quick to take to social media to dismiss these rumours, however we can't help but get excited at the prospect of an A-list celebrity wedding!

Once upon a time, Tom and Zendaya shared a particularly private relationship, but in 2023 the pair began to make a lot more public appearances, and were even spotted grocery shopping in London together. Romantic! 

And while there might not be a diamond ring just yet, the couple has demonstrated their commitment to each other by wearing each others initials when they're out in public. For Zendaya, she has her boyfriend's initials engraved onto her signet ring, while Tom embellished his jeans with a 'Z' in honour of his actress girlfriend. 

Since then, Tom and Zendaya have taken their relationship worldwide with a recent trip to Mumbai with their friends, and have even rode off into the sunset together on a boat trip in Venice in 2023.

And whilst the pair has continued to keep their relationship relatively private, fans have loved seeing their favourite celebrity couple on date nights and travelling the world over the past twelve months.

And since the beginning of 2024, the Tom and Zendaya have struggled to stay out of the spotlight as the Dune: Part Two premiered, and Zendaya's hit film Challengers hit our screens as a huge success.

The pair looked as in love as ever at the recent Met Gala, and we can't wait to see Hollywood's favourite couple go the distance. 

But before we dive into our wedding predictions for the happy couple, let's take a step back and get to know the couple individually. 

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland at premiere smiling at the camera in a brown suit

Tom Holland is best known for his role as Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man movie franchise.

He was just 19 years old when he got the role, making him the youngest actor ever to star as the hero. And he's not just a one-trick pony - the actor spent his teenage years taking lessons in tap dancing, ballet and gymnastics after landing his first stage role as Billy Elliot The Musical at just 12 years old.

Originally from South West London, Tom Holland was born in Kingston upon Thames in 1996. His mother was a photographer and father was a comedian and an actor. It's widely known that Tom caught the performance bug after taking hip-hop classes as a young boy at a local dance school.

Before securing his role in the Marvel movies, he landed his first acting gig in the film The Impossible alongside Naomi Watts.

But Hollywood snapped this young actor up early, and to this day he has gone on to win a British Academy Film Award as well as three Saturn Awards. Tom Holland's recent role in Romeo and Juliet has also seen rave reviews, and he seems happy to be back on the stage in London's Duke of York Theatre.

Who is Zendaya?

Zendaya in a green summer dress smiling at a papparazi

Zendaya is also no stranger to the world of celebrity, having spent over half of her life in the public eye. The American singer, actor and dance first rose to fame on Disney Channel's hit show Shake It Up, and later secured the more mature role of Rue Bennett in HBO's series Euphoria, winning two Emmy Awards in the process.

Born and raised to two teachers in Oakland, California, Zendaya also fell in love with the art of performing by joining a hip-hop dance troupe as a child. 

In her rise to fame, the actress starred in multiple Shakespearean productions whilst balancing her modelling work as filming commercials. In 2015, Zendaya secured her first serious non-Disney role by guest-starring in the TV Comedy Black-ish, while featuring in smash-hit music videos of artists such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

Finally, Zendaya was cast alongside her future-boyfriend Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming, before landing a lead singing and acting role in the film musical The Greatest Showman where she performed alongside Zac Efron. 

2024 welcomed a gigantic year for Zendaya's success, as saw the success of Dune: Part Two - a science-fiction epic - before gracing our screens in the lead role of Challengers, a romantic drama about the world of competitive tennis. 

Zendaya has developed a reputation for being one to watch on the red carpet thanks to her striking looks and iconic fashion sense that never fails to turn heads.  

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Dating? 

Tom Holland and Zendaya talking at Wimbledon tennis match

The questions often on everyone's lips are "are Zendaya and Tom Holland dating?" and "are Zendaya and Tom Holland still together?".

The answer is a resounding yes! Despite the couple preferring to keep their relationship pretty private, the couple make no secret of their shared love and adoration for each other.

From low-key date nights around New York City to exotic trips across India and Europe, the pair are often side by side and look just as in love as they were when they started dating in 2016. 

Whether they're just dating, however, is another question. Since the couple has often preferred to keep their private life private, we expect that if there were any plans to tie the knot, they would be kept pretty quiet.

We can picture the pair having a very intimate ceremony with no cameras, or perhaps even eloping, before turning up to a red carpet event as man and wife without any grand announcement. Quiet, simple, and effortlessly chic.  

Hitched Predicts: Tom Holland & Zendaya's Wedding

There are plenty of celebrity weddings on our radar this year, and if Zendaya and Tom decide to tie the knot, it would certainly be top of our newsfeed. But even if we are the last to hear about it, we couldn't help but dream about what the wedding between the Spider-Man actor and the star of Challengers would look like. So, we planned their perfect wedding!

Keep reading to reveal our wedding predictions for Zendaya and Tom Holland. 

The Venue: Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge in Richmond, London

Now, we know that Tom Holland loves to return to his hometown of West London whenever he can, often with his girlfriend Zendaya by his side. The Euphoria actress has made no secret of the fact that she also loves London, and we think it would be particularly special if the couple tied the knot near Tom's family home in Surrey.

That's why we've chosen Pembroke Lodge as their ideal wedding location - one of the most popular wedding venues in the UK

Perched on top of the highest point of Richmond Park, Pembroke Lodge is a stunning Grade-II listed building that boasts 11 acres of landscaped grounds, as well as beautiful views of the county that Tom Holland grew up in, and the city that made him a star.

The tranquil space is home to about 650 deer, and as Zendaya makes no secret of the fact that she is an animal-lover (she's also a vegetarian), we're certain that she'd love a walk through the grounds amongst the beautiful wildlife. 

As the couple likes to keep their relationship quite private, we can imagine the couple choosing to plan a more intimate ceremony here of about 70 people.

Fortunately, Pembroke Lodge specialises in larger and more intimate ceremonies, so parties of all sizes can enjoy the period style windows, classic portraits, and the stunning marble fireplace. 

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Entertainment: The Bando 

The Bando wedding entertainment musicians performing at a wedding, trumpets singers and live musicians

Now, we can't ignore the fact that the pair both shared a love of hip-hop during their childhood years. That's why we think The Bando would provide incredible entertainment to the celebrity couple and all their friends and family on their wedding day, as choosing your wedding entertainment can be even more special if you base it on a couple's shared interest.

The band is made up of professional musicians who specialise in Pop, Hip Hop, Afrobeats and Indie tunes, as well as coming complete with a dance floor, lighting, and sound system. 

All the band members come dressed to impress in black tie, and perform with enough energy and sparkle to dazzle this A-list celebrity couple. 

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Wedding Dress: The Couture Gallery

Bride in a strapless, embellished mermaid gown inspired by Zendaya's wedding dress

Now, Zendaya has graced many red carpets in her career so far. And what she chooses to wear down the aisle will be her most exciting look to date! From the Met Gala to movies premieres, Zendaya has styled some incredible dresses in her time.

From strapless dresses to halternecks, Zendaya loves a bolt silhouette and a striking cut - and we're certain her wedding dress would be even more memorable. 

That's why we think she'd be in good hands with The Couture Gallery, a bespoke bridal boutique located in Kensington. We all know how popular Scandi fashion has been this year, so it's no surprise that Danish designer and owner of this business, Britta Kjerkegaard, is in high demand for her unique, one-of-a-kind designs. 

Zendaya has always had a peaceful, free-spirited nature, so we can picture her perfectly in this particular gown, which features the signature mermaid fit and strapless neckline that she wears so well. 

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Wedding Catering: Rupert's Street 

A vegan burger from Rupert's Street, vegetarian food options for a wedding

Zendaya has made no secret of the fact that she isn't much of a cook, but she does love American classics like grilled cheese and fresh green salads. However, she's also a vegetarian, which is why we think Rupert's Street in London would be the perfect vegetarian and vegan catering option for her wedding to Tom Holland. 

Ideal for vegan and non-vegan guests, Rupert's Street specialises in creating seasonal, traceable, organic and fair-trade ingredients into fantastic, fresh menus. From rich salads to hearty burgers, they will leave every guest marvelling at the menu. 

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Wedding Flowers: Appleyard

A cream bouquet of wedding flowers from Appleyard, with gardenias, roses and eucalyptus

In the past, Tom Holland has given his girlfriend a large bouquet of her favourite flowers; gardenias. Gardenias actually symbolise joy, so this is no surprise when you think of Zendaya's happy, friendly personality. Picking your wedding flowers based on your personality can be a nice way to make your bouquet more personal.

So, we think it's only fitting that this cream flower features in her bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. Appleyard is a South West London florist that specialises in elegant and whimsical arrangements for unique brides. Very fitting for Zendaya's bohemian yet classic taste!  

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So there you have it - our wedding predictions for Tom Holland and Zendaya's wedding. For more celebrity wedding insights, check out Olivia Bowen’s favourite wedding vendors in the UK.