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Hot Rodent Boyfriend: What Is It & Why Is Gen Z Obsessed?

From Barry Keoghan to Josh O’Connor, the hot rodent boyfriend trend is the internet’s latest unusual compliment for “sexy rat” guys

Barry O'Connor and Mike Faist at Challengers premiere

Move over golden retriever boyfriends - yes, we’re talking to you Travis Kelce - and make room for the internet’s latest obsession: hot rodent boyfriends

Sounds like an insult, right? Some of Hollywood’s most adored men are being affectionately nicknamed as “sexy rat” guys, and right now, it’s the internet’s greatest compliment. 

But it begs the question - what the hell are hot rodent boyfriends? Well, picture Barry Keoghan, Josh O’Connor, Timothée Chalamet, Tom Holland and Jeremy Allen White all standing in a line up. 

Aside from all being very talented and undeniably dreamy, they all share a certain rodent-like quality. And it’s kind of… hot? But why is that attractive? Let’s find out.

What is a Hot Rodent Boyfriend? 

Image of Barry Keoghan sticking his tongue out in a TikTok for hot rodent boyfriend trend

The TikTok news account ‘SCREENSHOT’ recently gained over 273k likes on a carousel post providing examples of Hollywood’s top six “hot rodent boyfriends”. 

The account explains: “The dating trend [hot rodent boyfriends] indicates that women are now seeking partners who are loyal but unconventionally attractive, characterised by sharp eyes, angular faces reminiscent of rodent-like features.”

This trend comparing Hollywood men to a type of animal is certainly not new. Last year, we saw the hype for ‘golden retriever boyfriends’ take TikTok by storm, celebrating loyal and good-natured men for their similarities to the lovable dog breed. 

It reached new heights when Taylor Swift started dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, who the internet heralded as the ultimate golden retriever boyfriend. 

But since Barry Keoghan graced our screens with his unforgettable performance in Netflix's Saltburn, and Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist knocked our socks off alongside Zendaya in the newly released film Challengers, people in the dating scene have begun to seek out partners with the same dark, unusual physical qualities as these A-list actors. 

Do Hot Rodent Boyfriends Make Hot Rat Husbands? 

Tom Holland in a brown suit smiling at the camera in front of trees

In our - ahem - professional opinion - hot rodent boyfriends, girlfriends, or individuals can make wonderful spouses. Just look at Tom Holland and Zendaya - they may not be married yet, but Tom is one of the sexiest rat men in Hollywood, and they’re incredibly happy together. So, if they’re good enough for Zendaya, then they’re good enough for us. 

We spoke to Sasha* who recently upgraded their sexy rat boyfriend to a hot rodent husband, and this is what they had to say: 

"Tall, dark and handsome men have always been attractive, but sexy rodent men are a bit edgier. They're not Prince Charming, they're a bit more mysterious.

"And it comes out in their personalities too - they're more thoughtful, intelligent, and they only get better with age! Speaking from a nine year relationship, I fully endorse choosing a sexy rodent as a life partner - totally non-toxic vibes and the complete opposite of a finance bro." 

Sounds good to us! So, if your dating history is filled with conventional Prince Charming good looks, it might be time to shake it up and find yourself a hot rodent boyfriend. From what we can see, they’re totally marriage material. 

Who Are Hot Rodent Couples in Hollywood? 

It's not just the UK dating pool that's swooning over hot rodent men - it's happening in Hollywood too!

While some of these couples are pretty fresh and still in the honeymoon phase, some of them have been together for years, proving that the appeal of a sexy rat man might not be as new as we think it is.

New and old, here are a few celebrity couples that are slaying the hot rodent boyfriend trend. 

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter on red carpet with Barry Keoghan, hiding behind his hat

Let's be honest - Sabrina isn't just working late because she's a singer. She's also working late because she's got the OG sexy rat boyfriend and star of Saltburn, Barry Keoghan, waiting to whisk her off on a date.

Ever since their iconic appearance at Coachella together this year, all eyes have been on this adorable celebrity couple who give the rodent boyfriend trend an A-list upgrade. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya at the premiere for Spiderman: Homecoming

Ah, Tom Holland and Zendaya - our favourite celebrity couple. Since getting together in 2016, these two are proof that a hot rodent boyfriend is boyfriend material.

The two have been loved up for years now, and we can't help but wonder - will Zendaya be upgrading her hot rodent boyfriend to a hot rodent husband anytime soon? Stay tuned!

Tan France and Rob France

Tan France and Rob France at a red carpet event

While he may not be one of the most talked about sexy rodent husbands, we think that Tan France is an example of someone who gives the sexy rat boyfriend vibe a luxurious upgrade.

The British fashion designer married his husband Rob in 2007, and since then the two have welcomed two children. 

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg at a party smiling

And finally, proof that not all hot rodent boyfriends live exclusively in Hollywood!

Pete Buttigieg, the United States Secretary of Transportation, married his husband Chasten in 2018. Chasten is an American teacher, author, and LGBTQ+ activist. He also has very good taste in men, as we think Pete masters the casual, everyday vibe of a hot rodent husband with a nine to five job. Nice one, guys!

So, there you have it - that's everything you need to know about the hot rodent boyfriend trend, and how to find one. Still not sure what type of partner you have? Ask them these questions and find out!

*Name changed so their husband didn't find themselves outed as a hot rat husband on the internet...