Monica Lorraine

Monica Lorraine

Crafty and creative at heart, one of my biggest passions is writing. Discovering new DIY projects and uncovering the most current trends and ideas in the world of weddings is something that really interests me. I regularly host dinners at my place and enjoy decorating and preparing every detail down to a special playlist just for that night and if it's a big... group I will make place cards you can take home. I am a list maker, always filling paper with ideas. I am half Honduran, half American, and lived over 12 years in Germany and Spain. I have an international point of view that will hopefully inspire you. View more

Articles published by Monica Lorraine

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Humanist wedding ceremonies, with their beautiful vows, are becoming popular with couples seeking a non-religious yet meaningful celebration of their love and commitment.

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Alright, grooms! It’s time to get suited and booted for your big day. If you haven’t chosen your shoes or if you are in doubt, then here are some tips.

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Are you having a Christian wedding? Whether you would like to write your own vows or recite existing, traditional Christian vows, we're here to help you pick the right words for your wedding ceremony.

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After all the tension and emotions of planning the wedding and finally getting married, you reach the final reward, the honeymoon. For everything to go smoothly, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind.

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