Choosing a gift for your parents or your partner’s parents to say thank you for their help and support in the run up to the wedding is a lovely way to acknowledge their support throughout a stressful time. Whether their support has been financial or emotional, it’s a lovely token gesture that they are sure to appreciate.

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Thank You Card – Martha Brook

Say a special thank you with this botanical style card from Martha Brook. If you find it hard to say all the things you want to say or you simply want to give your parents something memorable to keep from the wedding day then a card filled with your gratitude is a great place to start.

Thank You Rose – The Gluttonous Gardener

We love the idea of a thank you gift that will last a lifetime and this gorgeous thank you rose from The Gluttonous Gardener will bloom year after year as a happy reminder of your big day. There is a thank you to the parents of the groom version and a parents of the bride version.

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Parents of the Bride Keepsake Book – Thebridge and Taylor

These gorgeous keepsake books from Thebridge and Taylor are the perfect way to create your own wedding scrapbook with special notes and copies of your wedding stationery. There are versions for the parents of the bride and the groom so if you want to buy them matching gifts then you can.

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Wedding Handkerchief – The Polka Dotted Bee

If you think your parents are likely to shed a few tears on the big day then these personalised wedding handkerchiefs from The Polka Dotted Bee are a perfect sentimental wedding gift for your parents. You can have them personalised with your name and a few words of encouragement and thanks.

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Thank You Mum and Dads Print – From the Heart

This thank you print by From The Heart features a poem to the parents of the groom, thanking them for all their love and support growing up. There is also a bride version that can be gifted to the bride’s parents should you want to give a similar gift.

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Personalised Wedding Bottle Gift Box – Natural Gift Store

This wooden wine gift box from the Natural Gift Store can be personalised with your own special message to make it even more special. Why not fill it with a bottle of wine or champagne from your wedding day to make the gift even more sentimental.

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Thank You Clock for Parents – Story Cabin

If you are looking for a unique wedding thank you gift for your parents then this wooden thank you clock from Story Cabin is a perfect idea. It comes with an extra special message and can be personalised with your names and your wedding date.

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You Anchor Me Print – Double Thumbs Up

If you want to reassure your parents that despite getting married you still value them hugely in your life then this print from Double Thumbs Up that reads “In stormy seas you anchor me” is a lovely way to say thank you for keeping you content and grounded in your life.

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Personalised Candle Holder – Natural Gift Store

Thank you candle for parents

This engraved wooden candle holder from the Natural Gift Store is an ideal way to say thank you to your parents for everything they have done for you, in the run up to your wedding and throughout your life and it comes personalised with your names and your wedding date.

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Thank You Mum and Dad Photograph – My Button Heart

We love the idea of turning a special wedding photograph into a thank you gift. This thank you photo frame from My Button Heart features a message of thanks alongside a picture from your big day. We particularly love the scrabble style letters that spell out mum and dad.

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Thank You Print – Printable Sky

This thank you print from Printable Sky is a special message of thanks that can be framed and hung in the home of your parents as a happy reminder of your special day and your relationship with your parents.

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Afternoon Tea – Virgin Experience Days

If your parents have everything they could need then perhaps a gift experience would be perfect for them? Why not gift them with a voucher for a special afternoon tea from Virgin Experience Days so they can enjoy tea and cake and toast to your happiness.

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