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Maid of Honour Speech Examples
"GROOM has been a brother to me for years and years, and honestly I’ve never laughed as much as I do when the three of us are together, and I’m delighted it’s now official. So, let me be the first to say welcome to the family. Although, you’ve never not been part of it."
We Visited Masia Cabellut in Spain - Here's Everything You Need to Know
We were invited to go and review Masia Cabellut, a private vineyard in Spain. Our Marketing Manager, Chloe Lansdowne, visited to discover more about weddings at this secluded Spanish Vineyard...
45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: Our Favourite Sapphire-Inspired Ideas
Planning Essentials
Browse these beautiful sapphire-inspired anniversary ideas that would be perfect to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary
4 Locally-Inspired Wedding Venues You’ll Fall in Love With
Whether you’re planning a small, intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, here are just a few Mercure wedding venues across the UK that will be perfect for you
5 Reasons a Mercure Wedding Is Right for You
Make your dream wedding a reality with Mercure’s stunning venues
Change Your Name with NameSwitch
Planning Essentials
Are you thinking about changing your name after you get Hitched? We've teamed up with NameSwitch to help you with the process.
What is Classed as a Small, Medium and Large Wedding?
Planning Essentials
Knowing what size wedding you want will help you narrow down venues and set yourself a realistic budget
How to Make a Wedding Bouquet: Seven Easy Steps
On a tight budget? Make your own wedding bouquet with our tips from an expert florist
How to Plan a Wedding in Six Months: Everything You Need to Know
Planning Essentials
Our six month wedding planning timeline will help you plan the most special day of your life in a matter of weeks
Wedding Businesses & Coronavirus: Your Legal Questions Answered
Whether you're a wedding venue or a supplier, navigating the Coronavirus pandemic as a wedding business isn't easy. We put all of your burning legal questions to one of the UK's leading law firms so that you can better understand your options and rights when it comes to COVID-19
19 IKEA Wedding Décor Hacks You Have To Try
No one will guess this rustic wedding décor is from IKEA - although thrifty-and-proud couples will struggle to keep these great hacks secret!
10 Steps to Writing the Perfect Wedding Speech
Planning Essentials
Writing the perfect wedding speech is difficult so we spoke to the experts to help you get pen to paper before the big day!
#LoveIsNotCancelled: Win a £100 John Lewis Voucher for Global Love Day
Celebrate Global Love Day on 1st May and you could win a £100 John Lewis voucher!
“I Consider Myself the Luckiest Man” – Groom Speech by David
Groom Speech Examples
"Additionally, sending his apologies today is Amy’s cat, Marvin. Marv is unable to attend such a busy event due to ongoing anxiety issues stemmed from his feuds with the 'Black Cat' but he wishes us a purrrrrfect day”.
“There’s No Man More Worthy of Your Love and Intense Loyalty” – Maid of Honour Speech by Myca
Maid of Honour Speech Examples
"Few people realise how many challenges you two overcame to be together and stay together...Yet Liz and Mike made it work. They grew together and always, always made an effort to intertwine their lives together."
21 Game-Changing Honeymoon Packing Hacks
Packing for your honeymoon? Don't miss these game-changing honeymoon packing hacks - hello, more room for shoes!