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Disney Proposals Guaranteed to Make You Cry

If you love Disney as much as we do then these romantic fairytale-inspired wedding proposals are guaranteed to make you shed a tear!

If you love Disney as much as we do then you are going to love these fairytale proposal stories, just make sure you have some tissues handy because these videos are going to make shed a tear.


The Most Amazing Disney Montage

We love this super cute couple – Mat and Kyle – who had a dreamy woodland proposal that featured a montage of romantic Disney moments in an outdoor cinema setting. From Beauty and the Beast to Aladdin, all the classics are in there. Kylie’s excited and tearful reaction gets us every time, please pass the tissues!

A Cinderella Proposal at Walt Disney World

This couple had the ultimate fairytale proposal dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming – they even leave the proposal in a glass carriage, amazing!

Love is an Open Door

If you love Frozen as much as we do then you will adore this cute couple – tricking your girlfriend into thinking you are up for recording a lip-syncing video of Frozen’s ‘Love is an Open Door’ is achievement enough – turning this into a surprise proposal is even more ridiculous!

A Flash mob Proposal at Downtown Disney

This flash mob proposal at Downtown Disney has the perfect soundtrack of Marry You by Bruno Mars. We love the energetic performance and the fact that the groom joins in halfway through.

A Mickey Mouse Proposal

We love how this cute couple snap with Mickey takes a surprise turn when the groom-to-be gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend. She looks so surprised and so happy, this one had us sobbing.

A Bollywood Flash mob at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

We love this amazing proposal that combines Disney magic with an incredible Bollywood and Bhangra flash mob, what more do you need!?

A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

As this cute scavenger hunt goes on, the bride to be catches on pretty quickly! But it’s still amazing when we then see her boyfriend appear at the end ready to propose.

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