From This Moment

1. Constantly check your phone

This article is about what not to do, so put down the phone on your honeymoon. Put it on silent at the very least. Forget about your other devices as well: your computer, ipad, tablet, whatever it is you have. This trip is about the two of you, so forget about the outside world for a bit. Let your family and friends know that you'll be disconnected during your honeymoon. Make sure everything is taken care of before you leave and give your loved ones a contact phone number (such as the hotel) for emergencies.

2. Sleep in

No, don't sleep in! Yes, rest. Of course you're going to relax, but wouldn't it be better with a spectacular view and exotic cocktail in your hands rather than hidden under the sheets with the blinds down? Try to wake up early to get the most out of each day of your honeymoon, otherwise you'll miss out.

3. Fry yourself under the sun

Don't do it! You'll only regret it when your partner is patting down your blistering skin with aloe vera. Plus, you'll be taking photos right? We imagine you don't want to look like a lobster in all your honeymoon photos. Protect your skin with the appropriate SPF and you'll get a healthy post-wedding glow to show off when you go back home.

4. Eat the whole menu

Although you'll probably want to try all the new exotic cuisine, and there may even be a buffet, try to control yourselves. The honeymoon goes by in a flash, so you don't want to waste any moment on issues related to poor digestion. You might be in a new country with food that doesn't sit well with you, so try new foods with a bit of caution.

5. Take photos of absolutely everything

It'll be tough to resist taking out your camera to capture every moment, but we ask that you resist the urge. It's like being at a concert in the very front and recording everything on your phone, but you miss out on seeing and experiencing everything that is right in front of you with your own eyes. Our tip is to be present, together in each moment. And remember that you'll have time to instagram your favourite photos when you're back home.

6. Expect everything to be perfect

This is life advice, really. However it applies especially to weddings and honeymoons. You'll never truly enjoy anything if you have unrealistic expectations. Take unexpected inconveniences with stride, you can laugh about them later. Welcome a bit of adventure! Remember how lucky you are to be able to take such a wonderful journey together. 

7. Spend all your money

You might feel the urge to splurge, since it's your one and only honeymoon, but try to be reasonable. Remember that there is life after the honeymoon. How tight do you want your purse strings to be when you get back? Better to have one very special souvenir that represents your honeymoon than a hundred little things that will get lost over time.

8. Fill your schedule with activities

It may be the first holiday of this kind that you ever plan, so it can be hard to know how many activities is too much on your honeymoon. You'll want to take advantage of the honeymoon to sign up for every activity available to you, but you might burn out by the second day and wish you could get your money back. Many establishments don't offer returns on scheduled activities, but they will probably let you sign up for the activity on the spot. So sign up to the must-do activities and leave the rest to be decided once you're there.

9. Pick a fight

Your honeymoon is about the two of you, but even the most perfect couples have disagreements. However, try to let the small things go, pick your battle, as they say. This way when you get home, you'll have the best memories. You'll also learn to have more patience with one another; so letting things slide can be useful for the rest of your lives together.

10. Think about when you get back

Towards the end of your honeymoon you might start dwelling on returning home, or think about the stack of papers waiting on your desk, but you must resist! You'll only waste your last precious moments of relaxation and adventure by thinking like that. Love the current moment, be present