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The 28 Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2022

Sales are soaring and sex tech can boost everything from our happy hormones to our relationships (whether you’re physically together or not). Here are the best couples sex toys to consider in 2022…

Woman with blonde hair and man with a bun hugging in bed in the morning

The coronavirus lockdown period isn’t a time that many of us will look back on fondly, particularly if you’re planning a wedding. However, there’s one sexy silver lining in terms of intimacy and experimentation. Ann Summers reports that sales of sex toys tripled during the first lockdown compared to the year previously.

At the same time, a survey of Playful Promises’ 15,000 Instagram followers similarly revealed that a whopping 80% had taken to using sex toys and accessories - and you can see the best places to buy sex toys online here. We've rounded up the best sex toys for couples to help you spice things up under the sheets.

Even being physically separated from our partners isn’t preventing us from exploring our desires in the bedroom. Leading sex tech brand Lelo reports that of the 28% of us who have been enjoying video sex, 50% have used a sex toy at the same time. This doesn’t just equate to sexual satisfaction either, according to Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy:

“Incorporating sex tech can heighten your experience, build self-confidence, and give individuals the tools to communicate, fulfil their sexual desires, and live happier lives.”

It seems that you’d agree if research by high street chemist Boots is to be believed. 80% of us perceive that sexual wellbeing can increase confidence, while 60% maintain that it improves general happiness. Yet, the same study found that 80% don’t feel comfortable talking about sex, and a meagre 7% prioritise sexual wellbeing compared to other well-being-enhancing activities such as sleep, fitness, and nutrition. 

We’re here to turn those last two stats around, as everyone deserves the myriad benefits that a rich and varied sex life can bring. If nothing else, Dr Lee advocated letting the science of a rewarding sexual encounter convince you: “When you have great sex it’s like plugging your body in for a physiology recharge.

“As you relax, your blood pressure falls, your heart rate slows, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol are also reduced. The happy hormones – adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin - are produced in great quantities. Oxytocin - the cuddle hormone – is released, making you feel warm and loved.”

Two black women laughing together in bed during the day

Even better, sex tech is widely available everywhere from Boots as mentioned above to online beauty giants Cult BeautyFeel Unique, and Look Fantastic. With this in mind, you can easily pick up a next-generation vibrator alongside your staple skincare and bathroom bits.

Celebrities are lending star quality to beautifully designed sex tech. Lily Allen has teamed up with female-focused brand Womanizer to launch her own sex toy. Even actress Dakota Johnson invested in US sexual wellness brand MaudeAll in all, there’s a sex toy revolution afoot, and the days of hiding a lurid dildo away lest your partner find it are long gone.

Sex tech has evolved to become more stylish, powerful, and inclusive than ever. There’s a model to suit every couple’s needs and tastes, whether you just fancy trying something new or you’re looking for a specific toy to use in the shower/ in a flat with paper-thin walls/when you’re out and about (we’re not joking). Buckle up for your ultimate guide to sex toys for couples.

The Best Couples Sex Toys 2022

1. Smile Makers The Fireman – £39.90, Boots

Womans hand holding a light pink torch shaped silicone vibrator

Starting with an affordable sex toy that’ll ensure that your sex life is literal flames, The Fireman is made from super soft silicone with a ‘helmet’ that’s designed to stimulate the clitoris and labia all at once. You can use the tip of the flame with a partner, and it’s sleek enough not to get in the way if you know what we mean. 

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2. Dame Fin – £85, Cult Beauty

Woman holding a small handheld mint green vibrator between her fingers with the other hand holding a gold clutch bag

Make foreplay even more electric with this simple, subtle (it’s both small and silent) three-speed vibrator that’s designed to be held between the fingers. 

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3. My Viv Personal Pebble Massager – £10, Feel Unique 

Woman holding mint green softly pointed palm sized vibrator

Another ideal ‘starter’ sex toy, this mint green pebble fits neatly into a palm and the soft tip can be used on the nipples, clitoris, perineum, back of the knees...whatever turns you on. 

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4. Dame Kip – £85, Cult Beauty

Bright yellow lipstick shaped vibrator on a yellow podium next to a vase of yellow flowers

Equally neat, this ‘easy grip’ lipstick vibe may look sculptural and angular but that triangular tip is designed to flutter, providing light stimulation, while the smooth, wide side offers a more intense experience. Basically, it's a pocket rocket. 

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5. So Divine Amour Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator – £30, Feel Unique

Small vibrator that looks like a red lipstick bullet

Taking the lipstick vibrator format literally, this stealth sex toy conceals a mighty 10 vibrating functions within its slim red bullet. It’s waterproof and charges via USB, so you can plug it into your laptop whenever it needs some juice and no one will be any the wiser. 

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6. Double Pleasure Glass Dildo – £170, Coco de Mer 

Curved, translucent double pleasure glass dildo

From the everyday to the firmly on display, this award-winning sparkling glass dildo belongs in a gallery as much as it does a bedside drawer. Smooth and curved in just the right places, you can dip it in warm or cold water to tailor the feels exactly to your liking.

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7. Lelo Lily 2 Plum Vibrator – £115, Feel Unique

Woman holding a deep purple pebble shaped vibrator between her fingers

Speaking of sensual titillation, this palm-held vibrator will fit neatly between you and is scented with a choice of aphrodisiac fragrances to really set the mood. Plum serves up Bordeaux and chocolate and we can’t imagine a more delicious combination to get you going, quite frankly.

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8. Smile Makers The Frenchman – £39.95, Feel Unique 

Light blue vibrator with a fan shaped head against a marble backdrop

It may not serve you up a glass of Bordeaux, but The Frenchman has plenty of other talents. This ‘linguist’ is designed to enhance and mimic oral sex thanks to its silky soft tongue-shaped head. Team with lube for the most realistic effect and don’t be shy about using it on nipples and other sensitive bits too. 

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9. Lelo Ora 3 – £130, Coco de Mer

Royal blue circular sex toy with a gold top on a linen table cloth with loose cherries, an empty wine glass and a coffee cup

Another oral sex simulator, just with a few more bells and whistles. Silky silicone creates a glide effect and a pleasure core that rotates and vibrates to the tune of 12 different patterns ensures that you’ll never, ever get bored of the Ora. Use it on both of you as part of foreplay or run a bubble bath for total immersion – it’s equally powerful underwater. 

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10. Dame Eva II – £135, Cult Beauty

White egg shaped sex toy with two arms resting on a woman's leg against a pale yellow background

Granted, this one's pretty weird looking (getting Christmas turkey vibes), but welcome it into your lovemaking sessions and you’ll have zero regrets. The Eva II's hands-free functionality allows it to nestle into the labia while also hitting your clit and it stays in place in almost any position. 

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11. Fusion Remote Control Cock Ring – £42, Ann Summers

Teal silicone cock ring with a bullet vibrator and remote control against an ice blue background

With a removable bullet and remote control, this teal cock ring promises literal hours of fun for all.

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12. Jive by We-Vibe – £105, We-Vibe

A blue curved vibrator on a wooden table next to a smartphone displaying the We Vibe app on the screen

A shape tailored to tickle your G-stop, ten app-controlled settings that allow you to personalise the vibes to your...vibe. Plus, it features Bluetooth compatibility so that your partner can pleasure you from afar, making this particular sex toy something special. 

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13. Lelo Hula Beads – £149, Lelo

Turquoise silicone curvy sex toy and a round turquoise and gold remote

You’ll never lose the remote to these swirling, vibrating pleasure balls – they can be used internally or externally and they’re as quiet as a mouse. 

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14. Lona Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator – £39, Sh!

Red silicone clitorial stimulator shaped like a rose on a white sheet surrounded by rose petals

From balls to blooms, this particular toy will have your sex life coming up roses in no time. The heart of the rose fits neatly over the clit and features seven suction, pulse, and wave settings for max satisfaction (try it on nipples too). 

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15. Liberty by Lily Allen – £89, Womanizer 

Bright pint and orange spherical clitoral stimulator

Also an air massager, Lily Allen’s bright, bold take on sex tech takes contact-free clit stimulation to the next level. Additional shapes are included to cater to every body type and it comes equipped for all situations, whether you want to take it underwater, jet into the sunset (the travel case keeps things hygienic and discreet) or charge it on the go. 

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16. So Divine Self Love Finger Vibrator – £10, Feel Unique 

Woman wearing a light pink mini vibrator over a finger pointing upwards

A simpler, literal take on a finger vibrator, this single-speed silicone vibrator is seriously versatile – just loop it over a finger and go. You could add two to your online basket for twice the fun.

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17. Lelo Tiani 3 – £131, Current Body

Black and gold curved silicone sex toy next to a black and gold charge port against a starry night sky background

Specifically designed to be used as a couple, this dual-armed remote control massager bends every which way with internal and external vibrations for a heightened simultaneous experience. 

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18. Mystery Vibe Crescendo – £179, Coco de Mer

Woman bending a dark purple long silicone vibrator with both hands

More bendy antics, this time in a more traditional vibrator format. Six motors, endless positioning options, an optional remote control app functionality, wireless charging, and a waterproof body make it worth the triple-figure price tag. 

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19. Dame Pom Pom – £95, Cult Beauty

Rust coloured apple shaped silicone vibrator resting on a pile of books on white sheets with a red apple above it

Don’t let the cute apple shape fool you – this motor is a goer. Begin foreplay on the lowest setting and see how you like it, flexing the silicone to please the both of you. 

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20. Remote Control ‘Strapless’ Strap On – £60, Ann Summers 

Close up of lilac silicone strap on vibrator charging via a white USB port

The sleekest ‘strap on’ you ever did see, without the hassle of belts, harnesses, or ties. Ten vibration options, two different lengths and hands-free control via remote make for a very smooth ride indeed. 

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21. Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 – £50, Coco de Mer

Black and gold double armed silicone sex toy

The Satisfyer may look a little like a silicone salad server but bear with us because it’ll deliver a whole lot more pleasure than a plate of leaves. There’s a motor in the handle and each can be programmed to buzz separately, giving both of you the thrill you’re after. The shaft is insertable, and in total there are 100 different vibration modes, which should keep you going for quite some time.

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22. Lelo Picobong Transformer – £85, Cult Beauty

Man holding a curved black silicone sex toy around his wrist and stretching down two fingers

There’s nowhere that the Transformer can’t go – it bends to your will and can be used as a traditional vibrator, pleasure ring, clit, or prostate stimulator or even as a double-ended dildo. If you’re after a single sex toy to fulfil both of your fantasies, this could well be ‘the one’. 

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23. Vibrating Adjustable Cock Ring – £18, Ann Summers 

Black silicone drawstring cock ring with a detachable bullet vibrator on top

Prolong the pleasure while stimulating the clitoris with a removable seven-speed bullet vibrator. The one-size-fits-all cock ring also feels super silky – no snags here. 

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24. Dame Zee – £30, Cult Beauty

A woman putting a bright blue bullet vibrator into a tie dye blue wash bag

A teeny tiny bullet vibrator with three speeds that you can whip out at a moment’s notice. It’s quick and easy to clean too,

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25. My Viv Slim Vibrator – £18, Feel Unique 

Woman holding a tilted mint green slim vibrator upright with one finger

A slender, tapered vibrator designed to help those who’ve experienced vaginismus, childbirth, menopause, cancer, or any kind of trauma reconnect and feel confident in their bodies again, either with a partner or solo (or both). The un-intimidating size, shape, and affordability are ideal for sex toy newbies too.

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26. Fusion Remote Control Panty Vibe – £42, Ann Summers

Mint green bulb shaped vibrator next to a mint green remote control

Wear this hands-free vibrator as you go about your business, leave your partner in charge of the remote and prepare for surprise shudders. Swap over to play fair.

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27. Lovehoney Wild Weekend Couple’s Kit – £69.99, Boots

Box of couples sex toys with a woman holding up a purple Rabbit vibrator with various black sex toys below on a pink display

Who knew that sexual nirvana lay waiting in a Boots aisle? We were none the wiser either until we stumbled across this really very comprehensive sex toy set. You’ve got 11 accessories to play with here, from cock rings and G-spot vibrators to anal beads and ‘jiggle balls’, with a guide inside to show you ropes. 

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28. Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator – from £70, Sh!

Woman wearing a low necked white tuxedo jacket with a silver vibrator around her neck on a rose gold chain

Meet your new ‘sexeccsory’. The Vesper pendant is available in silver, rose gold, or 24K gold plate and offers up four strong vibration settings in addition to good looks. Perhaps not one to wear to a job interview, but date nights on the other hand…

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