Honeymoon Gift Lists: The Ultimate Guide For Couples

Having a honeymoon gift list means one less thing to pay for and one extra amazing holiday that you get to go on - sounds good, right!?


After conducting our 21st Century Bride survey and finding out that the average wedding in the UK costs couples just over £32,000 – it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting for a honeymoon gift list.


There are lots of different styles of wedding gift lists on the market but we have rounded up our favourite brands and all of the features that make their gift list special…prepare to be amazed!


1. The Wedding Shop Honeymoon Gift List

The Wedding Shop offer a remarkable award winning service to couples and have over 25 years of experience in providing people with a second to none standard gift list. If you create your honeymoon gift list with The Wedding Shop you can remotely control it online and your guests can personalise their gifts with notes and pictures to make it extra special.

Your honeymoon can be funded by four different monetary options:

  • Honeymoon Fund Donation
  • Air Fare Fund Donation
  • Flight Upgrade Fund Donation
  • Room Upgrade Fund Donation

We love the idea that as well as taking donations for your honeymoon holiday and flights, for couples who want to pay for their own honeymoon, you can take donations to make it even more luxurious and upgrade your flight and hotel room.

Guests can donate small or large funds from £10 to £500 so it is totally up to them how generous they want to be which is always nice to eliminate the pressure of picking from a list of ever-expensive gifts.

You can also opt for your guests to donate towards a beautiful mini-moon in their ‘Short Breaks’ section. They offer donation choices from £10 to £100 to 19 cities including Barcelona, Istanbul, Vienna, Budapest and plenty more amazing destinations perfect for couples who love city breaks.



2. Mahlatini Honeymoon Gift List

Mahlatini are a luxury travel specialist company who have over 10 years of experience in planning and arranging lavish and luxury honeymoons for couples everywhere – if there’s anyone who knows about luxury holidaying, it’s them!

Couples can book their honeymoons with Mahlatini to a number of plush destinations including African Safari’s, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dubai and other incredible locations, and then create their honeymoon gift list all in the same place.

Once the honeymoon is purchased, the couple will then be granted a link to their own personal honeymoon page where they can write a personalised message to their guests’ explaining exactly where they are jet setting off to and what they hope to do.

Guests can donate amounts for a variety of things other than just a honeymoon contribution.

From upgrading the couple’s flight and hotel to paying for romantic excursions, luxury spa treatments and even hot-air balloon rides, there is almost no limit to the different contributions that can be made.

The service at Mahlatini is second to none and you are guaranteed to feel totally looked after in the safe hands of this company.

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3. Patchwork It Honeymoon Gift List

Patchworkit.com is a website that lets you show guests your dream honeymoon as a patchwork of individual experiences so they can choose which part of your trip to treat you to.

You can personalise a honeymoon patchwork from the templates on the website, which cover a huge range of incredible destinations, or create your own from scratch using the patchwork gallery and your own images.

Once you’ve created your patchwork, you can invite your friends and family to help fund your honeymoon and make the holiday of your dreams a possibility.

Guests can contribute anything from £500 for a special night in a hotel to £2 for a couple of beers on the beach. All cash contributions then go directly to your PayPal account so you can spend your gift money when and where you like in your chosen currency.

Then when you’re on your honeymoon you can take photos of you both enjoying all the different experiences your friends and family have helped to fund. Then upload images to the site to send along with thanks to everyone who helped make your honeymoon happen.


4. Prezola Honeymoon Gift List

Prezola is an award winning gift list service which has an extremely high satisfaction rate amongst its users, both couples who have set up gift lists and guests which have bought from it.

They offer a range of honeymoon purchase options from general honeymoon donations to gifts of canoeing adventures, breakfast in bed, cocktails on the beach, airport transfers and so many more options to make your guests feel that they are giving you something really special and of value to you.

You can mix your honeymoon gift list up and have cash donations, physical gifts and charity donations which is a great for couples who can’t quite decide on one type of gift list – this way they can mix it up.

The married couples pay just £59 to set the gift list up and receive 100% of the cash and gifts that are purchased for them with absolutely no commission charged which is an amazing plus.

The website plays host to over 30,000 gifts from 300 brands which gives you plenty of choice to add some extra accessories that will make your honeymoon even better!



5. Buy Our Honeymoon Honeymoon Gift List

Buy Our Honeymoon does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows your friends and family to buy, or help contribute towards your dream holiday – sounds good to us!

Their facilities enable you to use the website in conjunction with any travel operator and for any destination you like which means the possibilities are endless.

You can mix your gifts up between airport parking at Heathrow to helicopter rides and unlimited use of your hotel minibar and make the list as detailed as you want. It can look pretty too with the site’s gorgeous variety of design themes to make sure you showcase your wedding well.

The list on Buy Our Honeymoon can be divided up into different categories and custom selections that totally suit yours and your partner’s choices and the order of gifts displayed can also be changed by you so you have complete control over what your guests are seeing.

When the fun of the honeymoon is all over, the gift list can be digitally downloaded with a full gift history which will make writing your thank you cards a dream.



6. Trailfinders Honeymoon Gift List

Trailfinders honeymoon gift list let couples create a personalised mini-website where they can post a message to their guests, upload photos and share honeymoon and wedding plans and this is where your guests can make honeymoon contributions.

You can choose from three different guest card designs and your guests can donate any amount from £10 upwards with no maximum amount – how generous can your guests be?

Within two weeks of the wishlist closing, Trailfinders will send you a summary of all guest contributions along with their messages and congratulations.

Having done recent research on the most popular and best honeymoon destinations, Trailfinders have discovered that more and more couples are opting for adventure-filled honeymoons and the top five destinations in order on their site have been:

  1. South Africa
  2. Thailand
  3. Western USA
  4. Mauritius
  5. Bali

They are experts in travel and can advise you on the type, style and destination of your honeymoon before you are even ready to create your wishlist!



7. Kuoni Honeymoon Gift List

As if booking your luxurious honeymoon with Kuoni wasn’t amazing enough, they also offer an amazing gift list where your guests can make contributions towards the up-coming honeymoon.

When you book your honeymoon with Kuoni, they send you a welcome pack with 100 Kuoni Gift List announcement cards which you can send to your guests and let the donating begin.

If you’re lucky enough to have donations to the fund that exceed the cost of your Kuoni honeymoon, the difference will be reimbursed to you via cheque once your gift list has closed unless you request it earlier.

As the fund grows, you can transfer the generous monetary gifts straight over to your Kuoni account where your honeymoon is paid for.

You can keep the gift list open for up to three weeks after the honeymoon happens for the late donations by forgetful guests and let’s face it, there’s always one….or two!

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