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A Greek Resort for Luxury Honeymoons: Take a Closer Look at Amada Colossos Resort

If watersports, swim-up bars and days spent chartering a yacht are your sort of honeymoon, Amada Colossos is the hotel to do it at

A rectangular swimming pool at Amada Colossos hotel with an olive tree in the middle and mountains in the background

A rectangular swimming pool at Amada Colossos hotel with an olive tree in the middle and mountains in the background

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If you're a couple looking to honeymoon in Greece, boy do we have the perfect hotel for you to consider. Amada Colossos Resort in Rhodes is one of our favourite picks for couples holidaying in Greece, and we're talking from experience. 

We were lucky enough to spend some time at the resort in May this year, checking out their luxurious rooms, fantastic restaurants, delightful spa, local attractions and the swim-up bar we're still dreaming about right now.

Amada Colossos Resort in Rhodes is the perfect honeymoon hotel for almost anyone! From foodie couples who want to try authentic Greek food and drinks and adrenaline junkies who want to spend their days out at sea, to families who want private pools and child-friendly activities, and those who want to embrace adult-only luxury.

It really does have something for everyone. Intrigued? You should be!

Amada Colossos Resort, Rhodes: A Full Review

Amada Colossos hotel rooms and swimming pool lit up at night time

During our stay at Amada Colossos Resort, we were able to experience all that this hotel has to offer, ahd have since rounded up some of our favourite aspects of the hotel, as well as a guide on what to do while you're there.

If all-inclusive stay-by-the-pool holidays are your thing, there's plenty to keep you busy within the Rhodes resort, but if you like to pair relaxation with some explore and discovery, there's also plenty to do both inside and outside the resort. 

Here's everything you need to know about staying at Amada Colossos. 

Accommodation at Amada Colossos Resort

A hotel bedroom with living room and ocean view from the balcony

One of our favourite things about Amada Colossos is the range of room types the hotel offers. In total, there are just shy of 700 rooms (699, to be exact), and within that number, there are 17 different types of rooms, offering everything from doubles with sea views, to swim-up rooms and private villas with their own private pools. 

No matter which room you choose, you'll be met with stunning views of either the Aegean sea and private beach, or the gorgeous hills which the hotel backs on to. We stayed in one of the hotel's executive rooms situated on the top (ninth) floor of the main building.

Our room overlooked the hotel pool and lounge areas, as well as the private beach and watersports hub. The room had its own private balcony where we could sit, relax and enjoy blissful ocean sounds, but once the balcony doors were closed, you genuinely couldn't hear a thing from outside. Utter serenity. 

Inside the room, we had amenities galore - from the fully-stocked mini-bar and coffee machine, to the multiple televisions and walk-in-wardrobe - we were pretty much set.

We didn't stay long enough to try out each room type - unfortunately - but we toured almost all of the room levels and can honestly say each one had plenty to shout about.

Swim-Up Rooms

A beautifully decorated bedroom with wooden bed frame and side tables and a ground floor balcony which leads onto a pool

The family swim-up rooms were one of our favourite room types that Amada Colossos had to offer. They are marketed as family-friendly rooms because of the direct pool access, but I would really recommend these rooms to couples looking for a romantic holiday or honeymoon trip.

The rooms have all the same luxuries of the executive rooms including beautifully-finished bathrooms and wardrobes, but the real showstopper comes as you walk through the room, towards the private patio. 

Each swim-up room has its own covered patio that leads directly to a semi-private swim-up pool. Only ten rooms share the elongated private pool which is completely separate to the main hotel pool. As well as the privacy and exclusivity that comes with these rooms, you also have the luxury of overlooking the main pool and hotel beach. Stunning.

Luxury Villas With Private Pools

The patio outside a garden private villa with its own pool and garden lights at dusk

From one luxury room option to another, and this room type was the showstopper of our Amada Colossos tour. To the left of the hotel, you will find the private villas. There are only five private villas in the hotel altogether, and they are all situated behind a gate that only staff and occupants of the villas can access, giving you the highest level of privacy possible. 

The villas have their own bespoke scents which will instantly relax you the moment you walk in. All of them have two bedrooms, a living area and a bar and kitchen section where the hotel's chef can whip you up some delicious food. 

But the real luxury comes when you step outside your private villa, onto your private patio and lawn area. Your very own secluded garden and *private pool* area on a Rhodes beach. As well as a private pool, the patio comes complete with multiple outdoor seating areas both covered and in the sun, a lawn and direct access to the hotel's private beach.

Food & Drink at Amada Colossos Resort

Although you could easily spend the entire time in your hotel room, the food and drink options at the hotel are more than enough to tempt you out. There are four restaurants within the resort, three are cuisine-specific, and one is a buffet restaurant with a bit of everything.

Worldly Cuisines

A bar and chef's table inside an Asian restaurant

We had the luxury of dining at both the Greek and Asian restaurants, and their dishes did not disappoint. At the Greek restaurant, the chef served up tapas-style sharing places which truly embraced the traditional Greek way of eating.

Everything felt fresh and hearty, and although tradition was at the heart of the menu, we tasted a number of dishes which felt equally modern and unique. The cheese balls were our favourite - rumour had it no one else got to have any because we loved them so much...

Breakfast at the traditional Greek restaurant was just as delicious. The chef cooked up a healthy breakfast which championed fresh, local and traditional ingredients in a variety of ways - we had everything from breakfast bowls and Mediterranean-style eggs to traditional Greek doughnuts and sweet almond-stuffed olives - yes, they're really a thing.

Dinner at the Asian restaurant also lived up to our highest expectations, with the pulled pork bao buns being the absolute star of the show. The flavours of each dish had depth to them, combining traditional elements with new and exciting additions. From vegetarian sushi to beed noodles, we could have spent hours eating here. 

Bars & Snacks

A picture a rectangular swimming pool with a swim-up bar at dusk

As well as the delicious food, there are a number of bar areas and places you can get snacks throughout the day if you don't fancy a main meal. There are pool bars in the adult's only area, the main pool area, at the beach and in the water park, all offering food and snacks for all.

Our favourite spot to pick up a midday tipple and bite was the swim-up bar in the adult's only pool area. Although the hotel prides itself on being family-friendly, as a group of adults, or a honeymooning couple, there were so many spaces which felt quiet and intimate. 

Plus, who doesn't love the luxury of having a cocktail without having to get yourself out of a dreamy pool? Us, that's who.

Watersports & Activities at Amada Colossos Resort

A view of a beach with four on-the-beach shacks covered in white fabric facing the ocean

Okay, enough relaxing and eating, here's something that active couples and families will adore - and that's the local activities and watersports you can enjoy during your stay.

Watersports at the Beach

A photograph of a woman waterboarding in the ocean and being pulled by a jet-ski

Amada Colossos has the luxury of being located right on the coastline, and the hotel has its own private section of the beach to be used only by guests of the hotel. Down at the beach, there is a designated watersports hut with professionals waiting to show you the ropes. 

The sports come at an additional charge to your hotel stay, but were priced really reasonably. The choice was vast too, you could do a huge variety of activities from water skiing and surfing, to paddle boarding and taking a trip on the boat. 

Day Trips and Local Entertainment

A woman in black shorts and shirt smiling next to the wall ruins in Rhodes town

You can be the best hotel in the world, but if the location has nothing around it, explorer couples will struggle to find things to do. Amada Colossos doesn't have this issue, as the local town of Rhodes is so closeby, and it comes with plenty to do.

We were gifted a walking tour of Rhodes Old Town, where we learnt about the history of the town's defensive walls, and the story behind the ruins. And for anyone who isn't into their history, there were plenty of charming shops and cute bars to get lost in.

But the cherry on top of the cake during our stay in Rhodes was chartering a small yacht with Rhodes Yachting Company, who work closely with the hotel and took out to see. The yacht team can organise everything for you from scuba diving lessons and training, to lunch and drinks curated by a private chef.

If you want to feel like you're on a celebrity honeymoon, we couldn't recommend this activity more! Inspired by our trip? Check out our guide to honeymoons in Greece for more advice and reviews. 

*Writer Rima visited Amada Colossos Resort in May 2023 with Grifco PR.