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The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in the World

From cruises in Japan to road trips in New Zealand, these are the best multi destination honeymoon locations that'll have you booking flights quicker than you can say 'airport'

Bright blue ocean with an oval series of over-water beach huts at a resort in the Maldives
Unsplash / Rayyu Maldives

Bright blue ocean with an oval series of over-water beach huts at a resort in the Maldives
Unsplash / Rayyu Maldives

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Your honeymoon should be the holiday of a lifetime, so why limit it to just one destination? Multi destination honeymoons are the in-thing right now. Travel-hungry Brits can't wait to get abroad and explore the world, and your honeymoon is the perfect chance to tick off multiple countries and destinations. 

And don't just take our word for it... A staggering 70% of honeymooners who book with industry experts Turquoise visit more than one destination - that's more than two thirds of couples. But where are the best destinations and how do you plan a multi destination honeymoon?

Luckily for you, we're big fans of traveling here at Hitched, and, after copious amounts of research, we've rounded up 19 of the best multi destination honeymoon combinations all over the world. From Maldives honeymoons paired with a hint of Sri Lanka, to beach and safari honeymoons that really do the trick, we have you completely covered no matter what your holiday style is.

Multi Destination Honeymoons: Where to Go & How to Plan One

Remember, multi destination honeymoons don't have to mean dozens of flights here, there and everywhere. Not at all. Our roundup includes multi destination road trips, cruises and plenty of rail options in some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world

What's more, we've got honeymoon combos that take you right the way from our neighbours in Europe, to the other side of the world in New Zealand. Can you really get a honeymoon cruise from Japan to Alaska? Can you really road trip in Australia? Can you get a bus from Montenegro to Croatia? The answer to all of those questions is yes. 

Now, are you ready to find your dream multi destination honeymoon package? Because if so, you've come to the right place. 

The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in Europe

1. Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bregenz

A mountainous view over Innsbruck's mountains and city with colourful houses
Unsplash / Nicole Baster (Innsbruck)

Austria is one of Europe's most serene and scenic destinations, perfect for honeymooners who love embracing the great outdoors. And with so many cities and regions to explore, choosing just one really doesn't do the country justice. Honeymooners who want to see as much of Austria as possible will be pleased to know that the railway infrastructure here makes travelling around super easy!

Couples can enjoy a multi destination honeymoon in Austria starting their holiday in the capital city of Vienna, a town full of museums, opera performances and gorgeous palaces. The city of Salzburg is just two and a half hours away on a train and gives couples that alpine city feel. The birthplace of Mozart is bursting with culture and there are plenty of medieval buildings to gaze at. 

The train from Salzburg to Innsbruck is less than two hours long and takes you to one of Austria's most famous skiing districts. The medieval old town is lined with colourful buildings which sit at the base of the mountains. 

To complete your honeymoon tour of Austria, take a two and a half hour train from Innsbruck to Bregenz, a city which sits on Austria's eastern district at the end of Lake Constance. If music fans time it right, you may even catch a glimpse of the annual Bregenz festival which takes place on the lakeside's floating stage. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia

2. Croatia: Split, Dubrovnik; Montenegro: Kotor

A view over the bright blue bay of Kotor surrounded by hotels, the old town and with mountains in the background
Unsplash / Olga Brajnovic (Kotor Bay)

Croatia is a gorgeous honeymoon destination. With almost half of it's border made up of coastline, it's bursting with romantic spots to spend your first married holiday. Start your multi destination honeymoon in the country's capital Split, a party destination with a buzzing harbour and boutiques galore. 

When you're ready for some fine dining in a medieval town, embark on the three-hour drive down to the stunning coastal town of Dubrovnik. Slightly more expensive than Split, here you will find an array of high-end restaurants and bars, as well as quaint cobbled streets you can get lost in for the day. 

Now, it's time for us to let you into a little-known secret... Croatia borders Montenegro, one of Europe's hidden gems and the home to the stunning Kotor Bay. It takes less than two hours to drive from Dubrovnik to Kotor, but busses are also available (and very cheap!) if you don't have access to a car. 

Montenegro is truly one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. It's hidden old town and breath-taking bay are the perfect backdrop for any romantic holiday. The drive or bus ride between Croatia and Montenegro briefly crosses the countryside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, another gorgeous country you could add to your trip. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Malta, Sicily, Greece, Bulgaria

3. Greece: Athens, Kos; Turkey: Bodrum; Greece: Rhodes

A picture of some ruins and rubble along with architecture in the city of Athens in Greece
Unsplash / Miltiadis Fragkidis (Athens)

Honeymoons in Greece and Turkey are extremely popular due to their fabulous climates, beautiful beaches and all-inclusive hotels - so why not visit a few while you're out there? If you're a couple who love pairing a city break with a relaxing beach getaway, you'll love this multi destination honeymoon plan. 

Start in the capital city of Greece, Athens, where culture lovers can get their history fix. With centuries-old architecture and a plethora of landmarks to visit, you won't find yourself short of things to do here. Once you're ready for a rest, catch an internal flight from Athens to Kos. The flight takes just one hour and can usually be bought for less than £100! 

Kos is full of luxurious all-inclusive and luxury hotels that will have you and your partner fully restored from your busy Athens trip. When you're ready for another bustling city, catch the 40-minute ferry from Kos to Bodrum. Return prices start from around 25 euros per person for the trip (which can be done in one day), but there's plenty to do if you want to stay longer. 

Bodrum bay features twin bays offering views of the historic Bodrum Castle inbound, and the gorgeous Aegean Sea as you look out. From Bodrum, you can travel to pretty much anywhere in Turkey, but we'd recommend returning to nearby Greece and visiting Rhodes for a final leg of rest and relaxation before heading home. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon

4. Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville; Portugal: Lisbon

An aerial view of the city of Seville with white-washed buildings, a cathedral and a park down below
Unsplash / Humphrey Muleba (Seville)

Spain is such a diverse country offering something different in every region, and it's perfect for visiting multiple destinations because travelling within Spain is not only easy, but cheap, too! If you start your honeymoon in the vibrant city of Barcelona, you can then travel to the country's capital, Madrid, for just seven euros! 

The train journey takes just two and a half hours and runs multiple times a day. Similarly Barcelona, Madrid has plenty to offer but will give you much more of a capital city feel with bustling shops, rooftop bars and music venues to explore. 

When you're ready for sun and serenity, another train journey will take you straight to Seville, one of Spain's most beautiful cities. Renowned for its high temperatures, you'll catch a tan in Seville even in low season. The train from Madrid to Seville takes just over two and a half hours and runs every hour on most days. You can drive, but that'll set you back closer to five hours.

If you need a coastal kick to end your multi destination honeymoon, flights from Seville to Lisbon, Portugal, take just one hour and can be bought for as little as £33 with some airlines. What a bargain! And the best bit? Lisbon has the best of both worlds giving you city vibes with nearby beach resorts for that coastal cocktails feel. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Palma, Gibraltar, Morocco, Tenerife

5. France: Paris; Belgium: Bruges; Luxembourg; Germany: Cologne

The dusk sky as the sun sets over the city of Paris. You can see the rooftops of the buildings and the Eiffel tower is standing tall in the centre of the picture
Unsplash / Jad Limcaco (Paris)

Last on our list of multi centre honeymoons in Europe is a trip which can see you visit four countries in as many days due to the close proximity of them all. Our journey begins in Paris, the most romantic city in the world and home to one of the best honeymoon hotels on the planet. Paris offers romance, fine wine, culture and couture with no shortage of pretty boutiques and buzzing bars to get lost in. 

Just a 90 minute train journey away is Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Whilst Brussels is fairly built up, the nearby town of Bruges is a must-visit for romantic couples who want scenery, great beer and plenty of museums.

Our next stop is Luxembourg, one of Europe's smallest countries which is just a two hour flight from Brussels. Home to the Vianden Castle, Cathedrale Notre-Dame and the Palais Grand-Ducal, there's no shortage of sights to see in this miniature land-locked country. 

With so many neighbouring countries, there are a number of places to visit after Luxembourg, but Cologne is top on our list of recommendations. Well known as Germany's cultural hub, the city spans much of the Rhine River and is home to gothic architecture, medieval buildings and many artistic masterpieces. You can travel by train, or do the journey by car. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Austria

The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in Asia

6. Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Khao Lak

A small people-carrying boat travels through two islands at Khao Sok National Park
Unsplash / Robin Noguier (Khao Sok National Park)

Thailand is a popular destination for backpacking and travelling Brits, but it also makes an incredible and budget-friendly honeymoon destination for couples who live to travel and see as much of a country as they can. 

As a country, Thailand is huge, so honeymooning in Thailand and visiting just one place doesn't do it justice. There are so many locations in Thailand worth visiting, but Bangkok, Phuket and Khao Lak should be top of your list. The easiest way to travel between these places is by plane or bus. 

Flights from the UK to Bangkok are available, and you can fly direct from London, landing in Thailand in just 11 and a half hours. Flights from other UK cities are also available, but usually require a stop off mid-way. 

From the bustling city of Bangkok, where we'd highly recommend the street food and nightlife, you can hop on a one hour flight straight to Phuket, a province which the best of both worlds when it comes to city life and beautiful beaches. The Phi Phi Islands are just off the southern coast of Phuket and are a must-see while you're there!

The last leg on this trip (though it doesn't have to end there!) is a two hour bus or car journey up the east coast of Thailand, finishing up in Khao Lak. Ending your trip here is perfect because Khao Lak is one of the most serene and beautiful series of villages in the country.

This area was essentially erased by the awful 2004 tsunami, and the community here have worked tirelessly to rebuild it. What better way to end your trip than putting money back into such a deserving economy, and enjoying breath-taking views while you do so?

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam

7. Singapore, Malaysia, Bali

A couple climbing stairs to the treehouse in  the Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali
Unsplash / Darren Lawrence (Nusa Penida, Bali)

James Chapman, independent honeymoon specialist and travel counsellor knows all explains, "Bali honeymoons are so popular as they offer five-star luxury accommodation at great value. Private villas complete with your own pool are a lot more affordable here than you might think.

"It’s an island which is full of natural beauty, tropical charm, friendly locals and and the culture means you could easily spend your whole honeymoon here. However, the most direct route to Bali from the UK is via Singapore, so why not stop off for a few days and add an extra twist to your honeymoon!

"Michelin star street food, incredible architecture and an airport that has its own rain forest are just a few of the highlights in Singapore.”

If you'd like to add an extra leg to your trip, Malaysia is just one hour and ten minutes via plane from Singapore. You can fly directly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, with flights available from just £45, it'd be criminal not to...

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia

8. Japan, South Korea, Alaska (USA)

A view from the side of a pagoda in Japan overlooking the city with an enormous mountain in the background against the crisp white sky
Unsplash / Manuel Cosentino (Chureito Pagoda, Japan)

Japan is an ideal place to honeymoon if you're keen to dive into the culture of another country. Whether it's the bustling city-scapes in Tokyo, the temples and shrines in Kyoto or the lakes of Hakone, you could spend months discovering new experiences in the streets of Japan. 

The flight to Japan can be direct if you're travelling into Tokyo. Flights to other areas such as Osaka are possible, but often include a stopover in Dubai - which could totally be extended into another leg of the trip.

Visiting at least two cities in Japan is a must, with each offering something completely different and unique. 

Getting from Japan to South Korea is fairly easy and the journey can be mad by flight, train or even ferry, so those not keen on too much flying can opt for another mode of transport. South Korea is another cultural paradise, with historical sights, national parks and museums to explore - and don't forget to try the Korean fried chicken, trust us, you won't regret it! 

If you fancy a cruise honeymoon that's completely unique, you can actually cruise from Japan to Alaska in the United States. The cruise takes around four weeks and most itineraries will take you to a number of Japanese ports before cruising international waters and arriving in Alaska. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Taiwan, The Philippines

9. India, Sri Lanka, Maldives

Bright blue ocean with an oval series of over-water beach huts at a resort in the Maldives
Unsplash / Rayyu Maldives (Maldives)

James recommends honeymooners visit the Maldives and Sri Lanka as a twin-centre honeymoon, "The Maldives for a long time has been the bucket list honeymoon destination and it’s easy to see why. Private islands surrounded by pristine beaches and crystal-clear water, it really is paradise. 

Imagine this, after spending a week exploring Sri Lanka, a country that has an abundance of history, culture, wild elephants, and stunning scenery. Sri Lanka and the Maldives are only an hour apart, so they go hand in hand to keep both beach lovers and activity enthusiasts happy on their honeymoon."

Sri Lanka is located off the southern coast of India and flights from one to the other can be as quick as two and a half hours long. Once you've landed on Indian soil, the honeymoon opportunities are endless. And those who want to continue the journey will be delighted to discover that countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman and more are just a few hours away. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman

The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in Africa

10. Dubai, Kenya, Tanzania: Zanzibar

Bright blue waters and sky with an over-water walkway and observation point made from wood in Zanzibar
Unsplash / Med J (Zanzibar)

James's next recommendation for multi centre honeymoon is the ultimate triple whammy which takes you between Asian and African countries for the holiday of a lifetime. He says, "There really is no limit to multi destination holidays, so I wanted to throw in triple centre honeymoon that has everything.

"A stop in Kenya to see the Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara, a short flight to Zanzibar to stay in the paradise that is Nungwi, (which really does rival Maldives honeymoons for its beaches and ocean!), then finally a stop off in glamorous Dubai, for some sightseeing and shopping on the way home."

How incredible does that sound? You can do this multi destination honeymoon in any order you like, with Dubai, Kenya and Zanzibar all operating direct flights to multiple cities in the UK, making it even easier to coordinate. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: India, Sri Lanka, Egypt

11. South Africa, Mauritius

A green island and coastline surrounded by blue waters in Mauritius
Unsplash / Xavier Coiffic (Paradis Beachcomber Resort, Mauritius)

Highlighting the glorious options that a twin-centre honeymoon in Africa has to offer, James explains, "A honeymoon in South Africa might not seem like an obvious choice, but with some of the best vineyards in the world, breath-taking scenery, luxury accommodation, fine dining, and honeymoon safaris, it has pretty much everything on most people’s honeymoon wish list.

"The one thing South Africa doesn't have in abundance is idyllic honeymoon beaches, which is it’s well worth the four hour flight to another jewel in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, where white sandy beaches and turquoise oceans await."

Honeymoons in Mauritius are so popular because of the serene beaches and natural landscapes which are just ready for you to explore, and the beauty of Madagascar is just a two and a half hour flight away. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania

12. Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana: Kokrobite, Kakum

A person wearing a beige shirt sitting on a wooden boat on the beach at sunset in Boritor
Unsplash / Jeffrey Ofori (Bortianor, Ghana)

Some of the most famous coastlines in West Africa belong to Senegal, Cape Verde and Sierra  Leone, but one of our favourite honeymoon multi destination ideas involves three lesser-known spots. Explore the undiscovered beauty of Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon for an unforgettable honeymoon in Africa. 

You can begin your twin centre honeymoon tour at the Azagny National Park which sits on Côte d'Ivoire's coastline, giving you both nature and beaches galore. You can then head to Abidjan, the country's urban centre where you can catch a one hour flight to Ghana's capital, Accra. 

Accra has its fair share of beach resorts, but the real beauty of Ghana's coast lie in Kokrobite (Bortianor), Takoradi, Lome and Ada Foah. You could spend days relaxing, fishing, heading out to sea and being pampered in any one of these resort towns. 

Once you've had enough time to relax, head up to Kakum National Park, just a three hour drive from capital city Accra, for an experience you'll never forget. Enjoy unspoilt views over the forest when you walk across the famous Kakum Canopy Walkway, and get up close and personal with forest elephants, bongo antelopes and primates while you're there.

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: São Tomé and Príncipe, Nigeria, Guinea

13. Morocco, Canary Islands

A colourful group of houses on a hill in Morocco
Unsplash / Heidi Caden (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

Morocco in one of the most sought-after African honeymoon destinations due to it's hybrid of African and Middle-Eastern culture, cuisine and architecture. From the bustling streets Marrakesh to the coastal capital of Rabat, you won't be short of things to do on your honeymoon in Morocco. 

And that trip to North Africa can easily be turned into a twin centre honeymoon, or one with multiple stops as the Canady Islands are just a short flight or ferry-ride away. If you head south along the coastline of Morocco, towards the Western Sahara, you'll find yourself less than 1,000km from the sunny Canaries.

Honeymooners can fly or travel by boat from Morocco to Gran Canaria, Tenerife or Lanzarote. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Cabo Verde, Spain, Portugal

The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in North & South America

14. USA: Chicago, New York; Canada; Montréal

A view of New York City's skyline with the Empire State Building in the centre and a pink and orange sunset behind
Unsplash / Timo Wagner (New York City)

Post-wedding holidays to the United States are so popular because you can have a multi centre honeymoon and experience so many different types of trips all in one go. One of our favourite combinations is travelling between Chicago, New York and Quebec City. Not only is it super easy to travel between each location, but at each stop you get a super unique experience different to the last. 

Chicago has plenty to offer honeymooners who enjoy a city break. From museums and art institutes, to Cloud Gate and the Magnificent Mile, you'll need to pack your walking shoes as there's plenty to explore.

After hitting a show in Chicago's west end, you can catch a short two hour flight to New York. If you love a road trip, the drive is 12 hours and takes you through Michigan, Indianapolis and Philadelphia. New York is up there with one of the most diverse honeymoon destinations around. You can stick to the main sights and spend your time exploring Manhattan, or, branch out a little further.

We love when couples go rogue and explore what New York really has to offer, and that includes visiting the cool and quirky suburb of Brooklyn, spending some time in Long Island and in the renowned Hamptons neighbourhood, or heading upstate for a quieter trip.

Speaking of upstate, travelling to the northern boroughs of New York take you closer to our third stop, Montréal. Travelling to Montréal takes you across the border and into Canada, seeing you visit two countries in one trip. You can drive from central New York to Montréal in six hours, but we'd highly recommend the eight and a half hour train which takes you through the Hudson Valley and has views to die for.

Montréal speaks for itself, being (arguably!) one of Canada's most beautiful towns in the French district, you can get lost in the old town and spend days on end enjoying the cuisine, friendly atmosphere and French accents!

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Washington, Philadelphia, Boston

15. USA, The Caribbean

Bright blue ocean waters sit below a pastel blue sky with just one boat house sailing off into the ocean
Unsplash / Bogdan Pasca (Marina Bay, Antigua and Barbuda)

James has another twin centre honeymoon suggestion for us. Proposing a combination of the United States and the Caribbean Islands, he says, "There are so many possibilities with this combination. A stop off in New York to see a Broadway show, a Californian road trip or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, are just a few options when in the United States.

"The beauty of visiting America first on your honeymoon is that after exploring there, you’re at the gateway to the Caribbean Islands which are home to some of the best beaches in the world. The biggest decision is deciding which island to go to. St Lucia, Antigua and Barbados remain the most popular with my customers, but there are many more to consider."

And we couldn't agree more with James on this one. What's more, you can catch a flight to the Caribbean from pretty much any state in America - it's super easy and well-connected, meaning you could combine almost any state with a number of the gorgeous islands in the Caribbean. 

Honeymoons in the Caribbean lend themselves so well if you're after a multi destination trip!

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti

16. Peru, Brazil

A valley of river between two green-covered mountains in Peru
Unsplash / Hans (La Merced, Peru)

Multi centre honeymoon work so well if you're looking to explore some of the incredible destinations in South America. Though there are dozens of countries you could add to your trip, we're think combining Peru and Brazil makes for a particularly adventurous, yet beautiful honeymoon.

Starting in Peru, there is so much for you to explore. Couples who love the outdoors will adore hiking up the mountains (Machu Picchu - we're looking at you!), exploring the desert dunes and uncovering ancient ruins - there is literally endless things to do! As well as the lush jungles and extensive wildlife, Peru is also home to some gorgeous beach resort areas such as Lima, Paracas and Mancora. 

Though Peru is large, Brazil is enormous in comparison. It's the fifth largest country in the world, so exploring it to its full extent is almost impossible - but that doesn't mean you can't try! There are a number of routes to fly from Peru to Brazil as both have good airport connections, which is good news for budding travellers who want flexibility during their multi centre honeymoon. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Argentina

The Best Multi Destination Honeymoons in Oceania

17. Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

The beach, ocean and skyline in Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland
Unsplash / City of Gold Coast (Gold Coast)

Australia regularly tops the list of countries that Brits love to emigrate to, and with good reason, too. It's a known fact that almost 1.2million Brits now call Australia home, but you don't have to move there permanently to explore what this Oceania country has to offer. 

Due to the sheer size of the country, flying is the best way to travel around Australia, but the multi destination honeymoon route we've got planned can be done by car if  you fancy a road trip. 

The first stop is the most southern of the three. Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is said to have a European vibe to it and hosts many of the country's sporting and cultural events. It gives honeymooners more of a city feel, which is perfect to get out of your system before heading Sydney's Gold Coast. 

As we mentioned, flying is easier, but the road trip between Melbourne and Sydney is said to be one of the country's best, taking you through Australia's incredible national parks, tracing the breath-taking beaches and, if planned carefully, will see you cross through the capital city of Canberra.

If you're keen on road trips, another we'd highly recommend after your trip to Sydney, is embarking on the nine hour drive up the east coast to Brisbane. You and your partner can cover 900 kilometers of road whilst taking in the unbelievably beautiful scenic sights along the way. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Tasmania, Indonesia, New Zealand

18. French Polynesia

A close up view of a wooden walk way between a number of over water huts on top of the ocean in Bora Bora
Unsplash / Robert Edward Bradley (Bora Bora)

You don't need us to tell you that a honeymoon in French Polynesia is one you'll never forget. A visit here will have you wondering whether French Polynesia was made specifically for honeymoons. Whilst most people choose to visit one of the islands and stay there for the remainder of their trip, we would highly recommend turning this into, at the very least, a twin centre honeymoon.

Though it's technically an overseas collectivity of France, French Polynesia located miles away in the South Pacific and is made up of more than 100 islands, each one as beautiful as the next. The four main islands are Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and Papeete, all of which make incredible honeymoon destinations.

There are a number of honeymoon cruises which take you to multiple destinations in French Polynesia over the course of one to two weeks. Cruises are a brilliant way to see more than one location on one trip and take the hassle out of having to plan transport between islands. Honeymoon in Bora Bora here we come...

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: New Zealand

19. New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown

an aerial view of Queenstown bay with the city at the foot of the mountains and more mountains in the background
Unsplash / Michael Amadeus (Queenstown)

When you're traveling more than 24 hours to a destination, turning it into a multi-destination honeymoon makes the journey all the more worthwhile, and that's something we'd definitely recommend doing if you're honeymooning in New Zealand. One of the planet's most beautiful countries, New Zealand offers couples endless options for romantic honeymoon experiences no matter which part you visit. 

Auckland is one of the easiest places to fly into from the UK and is a great place to start your New Zealand tour. It's the metropolitan hub of the country and gives you a taste of what city life here has to offer. It's vibrant and diverse, but still packed full of beach resorts and coastal views. 

Getting from Auckland to Wellington can be done in a one hour flight, which is super easy. But the most scenic way to travel from one to another, is to do the drive which takes you through central New Zealand, through stunning and unmissable locations such as Lake Taupo and Pureora, Kaimanawa and Tararua Forest Parks. 

Once you're done exploring New Zealand's capital of Wellington and its serene waterfront promenade, we'd recommend doing the long drive down to Queenstown. The most common route takes you down the east coast of New Zealand and through Christchurch (which is well-worth a stopover in).

Queenstown is located in the southern shores of the South Island's Lake Wakatipu which sits at the foot of the incredibly beautiful southern Alps. We couldn't think of a more perfect place to end your multi destination honeymoon, but if you're not ready for it to be over, you could finish up on Stewart Island. It's truly a beauty. 

Other Nearby Countries & Destinations: Stewart Island, Tasmania, New Caledonia

How to Plan a Multi Destination Honeymoon?

It all sounds amazing, doesn't it? But how do you go about planning one? Lizzie Jones, Marketing Director at honeymoon experts Turquoise shares four expert tips on how to plan a multi destination honeymoon. 

1. Consider a Pre-Planned Package

We know we've totally sold the idea planning a multi-destination honeymoon, but we can't lie and say they are simple to organise. If you aren't the best with logistics, and want as little admin as possible, consider a pre-planned multi destination honeymoon package. 

Many honeymoon suppliers offer multi destination honeymoon packages which cover rail, driving, flying and even honeymoon cruises. More on that below...

2. Plan in Rest Time

Even the most energetic, adventurous couples need some rest and relaxation. Lizzie advises, "Think about when you want to relax. Traditionally, multi destination or twin centre honeymoons are a city, followed by a beach or safari, for example. But why not relax first and then head out on an exhilarating experience afterwards when you're rested and caught up on sleep?

"I'd particularly advise this if you're heading out on your honeymoon straight after the wedding.  I'd also encourage you to not try and pack in too much. You want to ensure you have enough rest time between locations. If you try to pack too much in, you won't have enough time to really enjoy the locations. No one wants to feel like they're constantly packing and unpacking on honeymoon."

3. Consider the Season!

Lizzie says, "Not all multi-destination trips take place in nearby locations, so if you're travelling to two different destinations on a twin centre honeymoon, consider the season and time of year in both."

We couldn't agree more. Different countries and locations have different dry and wet seasons, and you should also consider peak tourism times for each of your locations to ensure you're planning it at the right time. 

4. Save the Best Until Last

Though your whole honeymoon will be a dream come true, when island hopping, Lizzie says, "Save the best until last to ensure you end on a high."

It's unlikely you'll plan a honeymoon knowing which location is going to be your favourite, but if you're, for example, island hopping in Tahiti, and you're planning on splashing out on an over-water hut or floating house, you may want that to be how you end the honeymoon, as it'll be hard to beat afterwards. 

Multi Destination Honeymoon Packages

There really is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to multi destination honeymoons, which means honeymoon packages for such holidays are better done bespoke. 

We'd recommend speaking to a travel agent or company, talking them through your dream honeymoon vision, and asking them what they'd recommend. Many agents will be able to put together a package that suits your preferences to a tee. 

However, you can absolutely find multi-destination honeymoon packages that suit your wants and needs with the right travel agents and experts. Turquoise Holidays, for example, offer a range of twin centre honeymoons such as their Sri Lanka and Maldives deal, their island hopping in Tahiti holiday and their Dubai and Oman multi destination honeymoon package. 

If you need more inspo, check out our roundup of the best celebrity honeymoon destinations to help you holiday like an A-lister.