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25 Engagement Ring Styles You Need to Know About Before You Shop

Knowing how to explain the engagement ring styles you’re looking for will make your trip to the jeweller a whole lot smoother – this visual guide will help.

Shopping for an engagement ring is like no other purchase you’ll ever make. Doing your research beforehand will determine how easy or difficult finding the right one might be. There are so many engagement ring styles on the shelves (and the sites) that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but once you’ve got a clearer vision in mind, you’ll be able to narrow things down.

That vision, however, requires vocabulary. Whether you’re after a vintage-inspired gem or a clean, contemporary design, identifying the engagement ring styles you like best will make all the difference when it comes to communicating your ideas and bringing that dream ring to life. 

To give you a head start before you start making any enquiries, we’ve rounded up some of the most-loved (and lesser known) engagement ring styles so that you can work out exactly what you think your fiancée-to-be will love. Once you know your Art Deco from your Art Nouveau and your geometric from your gemstone, you can turn your attention to other equally important areas (you know, like planning the perfect proposal). Good luck!


1. Solitaire Engagement Ring

Grace Ring – £810, Taylor & Hart 

Probably the most classic and iconic engagement ring style, a solitaire engagement ring consists of one diamond mounted in the centre of the band. The setting and shape may vary, but a solitaire engagement ring is all about showing off that one stone, so the higher quality the diamond, the better. 

2. Halo Engagement Ring

18ct Yellow Gold Brightest Diamond Ring – £2,750, Goldsmiths

Another very popular choice, a halo is a central stone of any shape surrounded by a series of smaller diamonds or gemstones (think a dazzling angel’s halo around the middle focal point, hence the name). If your other half likes sparkle, trust us, they’ll love this engagement ring style. 

3. Double Halo Engagement Ring

18ct White Gold Diamond Double Halo Princess Ring – £3,499, Ernest Jones

Single halo not enough? A double halo engagement ring boasts two borders of smaller stones around the main gem, making it an even more glamorous statement than the single version. 

4. Three Stone Engagement Ring

Talitha Ring – £2,800, Laura Lee Jewellery 

Sometimes referred to as trilogy engagement rings, three stone engagement rings are just what the name would suggest – a band with three stones. In some versions, all three diamonds or gemstones are a similar size, but you’ll also often find three stone engagement rings with a larger central stone nestled between two smaller gems. 

5. Twist Engagement Ring

White Gold 1/3ct Solitaire Twist Diamond Ring – £1,250, Ernest Jones

This contemporary engagement ring style makes for a fresh, modern twist (sorry!) on a more traditional solitaire. From a simple swirled band to an embellished finish, there are plenty of them on offer at most jewellery stores these days. 

6. Cluster Engagement Ring

Large Interstellar Cluster Diamond Ring – £950, Astley Clarke

A cluster engagement ring is a centrepiece of smaller diamonds set very closely together, often to create the illusion of a bigger stone. There might still be a central larger stone, with a similar look to a halo ring, but this will still be surrounded by a ‘cluster’ of stones of varying or equal sizes. 

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7. Bombé Engagement Ring

Bombé Diamond Cluster Ring, Circa 1930 - £6,200, Berganza

Originating from French and literally translating as ‘bomb-shaped’, bombé engagement rings have a dome with rounded edges as their centrepiece which is then studded around with stones. Most of these rings have Art Deco, Edwardian influences, giving them an elegant, vintage-inspired look. 

8. Gemstone Engagement Ring

Vintage Oval Original Garnet 18k Yellow Gold Ring – £2,100, Fenton & Co

Diamonds may be forever, but for fans of coloured stone engagement rings, so are gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnet and amethysts. Even moonstones and opals also becoming increasingly sought-after. If you still want a diamond but love the look of a coloured stone, it’s also possible to get diamonds in shades including pink, yellow, blue, orange and even salt and pepper grey.  

9. Split Shank Engagement Ring

Side Stones Ring – £3,467, Vashi

Split band or split shank engagement rings are an opulent pick that sees the single band divide into two as it circles around to cradle the focal stone. Sometimes each band is dotted with diamonds, other options let the metal speak for itself – either way, it’s a stylish selection for anyone who likes their jewellery to make a statement. 

10. Double Band Engagement Ring

Linnia Halo Diamond Ring – £2,715, Brilliant Earth

The premise of a split shank but continued until almost fully divided, double band engagement rings are twice the ritz in one ring. As two bands need to fit into the space, each one is usually very narrow and delicate.  

11. Pavé Engagement Ring

Pavé Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring in Platinum – POA, Tiffany

Pavé engagement rings get their name from the French word for paving slabs, and refer to a ring that is literally ‘paved’ in small, closely set diamonds either half way or all the way around.  If you want to ensure maximum wow factor from the minute you open the box, a pavé ring is a good place to start. 

12. Bezel Engagement Ring

Cecile 18ct Gold Mother of Pearl Ring – £498, Drajee 

Flawlessly bridging the gap between pretty and practical, bezel is a setting that is particularly secure and sturdy, especially when compared with a typical claw. It’s characterised by a ring of metal that neatly overlaps the edges of the stone to keep it in place. 

13. Tension Setting Engagement Ring

Rosewood Heaven Tension Setting Engagement Ring – £4,625, E.C. One The Jewellers

Tension setting engagement rings hold their stone in place with pressure, not prongs, and are a really unique and underrated choice. Because there’s less metal around the stone, the diamond itself receives plenty of light to maximise its radiance. 

14. Acrostic Engagement Ring

Code Word Always & Forever Ring – £709.07, Lulu Frost

If you’re searching for for engagement ring that will really stand out from the crowd, consider an acrostic. Rather than showcasing one big diamond, these slimmer bands feature a series of stones, each representing a letter – for example, E for emerald or R for ruby – so you can make your own message. Love this idea? Lulu Frost is a pioneer of this meaningful design, and you can order her rings direct from the US. 

15. Art Deco Engagement Ring

Thetis Ring – £4,465, Gee Woods

Art Deco is a term that’s often bandied around in the context of vintage rings, but what exactly does it mean? The ultimate hallmark of an Art Deco ring is that it is centred around geometry, with gems of contrasting colours – they’ve typically very sophisticated, decadent pieces (and perfect if your other half is obsessed with all things Great Gatsby). 

16. Art Nouveau Engagement Ring

Fine Art Nouveau Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring – £965, Vintage Tom

Art Nouveau, on the other hand, is more decorative and floral-inspired than its Deco cousin, with an organic, botanical influence. They often incorporate intricate filigree, with additions like leaves, petals or feathers. If this is the style for you and you’re shopping online, try searching using the term ‘Victorian engagement rings’ to bring up even more results, as this was a major trend at the time. 

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17. Geometric Engagement Ring

White Sapphire Ring – POA, Lily Kamper

Geometric rings may have their roots in Art Deco, but you can certainly find contemporary takes on this style too – in fact, the modern take on this ring is in very high demand among the style set right now.  It’s all about clean lines and sharply cut shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons, although there are less rigid asymmetric incarnations up for grabs too. 

18. Organic Engagement Ring

Contrast Cut Diamond Ring – £3,480, Ruth Tomlinson

The joy of an organic engagement ring is in its little imperfections: the rougher cut of the diamond and the natural textures of the band. They can feature any number of stones or style of band, but the raw, irregular outcome carries the same cool, unpretentious vibe. 

19. Minimalist Engagement Ring

Diamond Baguette 18ct Yellow Gold Ring – £700, Sweet Pea Jewellery

Sleek, discreet and simple, but definitely not boring, minimal engagement rings have thin bands, pared-back settings and smaller stones, but they can still be pretty darn beautiful. If your partner likes things fuss-free and refined, we’d highly recommend heading down this avenue. 

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20. Ballerina Engagement Ring

Iliana 1 Carat Diamond Ballerina Ring – £999.99, TJC

Picture the view of a ballerina from overhead, with their tutu fanned out around their waist, and you’ll understand where ballerina engagement rings get their name. These feminine rings often resemble an extended halo design, with a stone in the middle and longer baguette-cut gems spreading out around it. 

21. Confetti Engagement Rings

Polly Wales Rainbow Sapphire Confetti Ring With Diamonds – £5,850, Tomfoolery London

Confetti engagement rings aren’t super common – in fact, you may never have heard of them before, but that’s part of their charm. Each one includes a random scattering of multi-coloured sapphires and diamonds cast into the band, so you’re guaranteed that your engagement ring will be one of a kind. 

22. Shaped Band Engagement Ring

Diamond Wave Band – £870, Rachel Boston

The initial idea for shaped bands was borne of utility, making it easier to slot a wedding band underneath an engagement ring with a seamless fit. Now they’ve taken off independently, favoured by couples who want something a little less conventional. 

23. Etched Engagement Ring

Tourmaline Claw Ring - £960, Sorrel Bay

Etchings can add a custom personal touch to any piece of jewellery, and an engagement ring is no exception. The design can be as elaborate as you like, but we actually think a straightforward, repetitive pattern can be just as impactful as more elaborate swirls or flowers. 

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24. Infinity Engagement Ring

Infinity Twist Micropave Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold - £1,230, Blue Nile

When it comes to popping the question, the infinity symbol has a sweet, sentimental meaning to incorporate into the ring. Look for interwoven bands that loop together, just like the eternal twist of the sign. 

25. Eternity Band Engagement Ring

18-Karat Gold Diamond Eternity Ring – £1,460, Anita Ko

Convention dictates that eternity bands are usually the third ring given in a relationship, after the engagement and wedding bands, but there’s no reason you can’t mix things up. With a continuous loop of diamonds or gemstones spanning the entire band, they’re a luxe and truly lovely way to begin your journey together.

Got yourself the perfect engagement ring? Now it's time to find a beautiful wedding band to go with it.