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20 Must-Ask Questions for Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Don't even book a makeup trial until you've asked these essential questions for your wedding makeup artist.

Wedding makeup artist applying makeup to a bride's face

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast who never misses the latest viral beauty hacks or you’re a relative newbie to the world of cosmetics, you’re going to need to ask your wedding makeup artist a few questions.

Just like all other wedding suppliers, not all makeup artists are the same and each has their own unique style, so it’s important that you make sure the artist you pick is going to deliver your beauty vision for the day. Whether that’s a sultry and smoky look or a natural glow.

It’s also important that they’re within your budget and are able to do the whole wedding party if required. To find out what else we reckon you should be quizzing your wedding makeup artist on, take a look at the below.


20 Questions for Your Wedding Makeup Artist

1. Are You Available on My Wedding Date?

Before asking anything else or falling in love with a makeup artist’s portfolio, ask them if they’re free on your wedding date to avoid major heart ache and disappointment. You know it makes sense.

The earlier you can start enquiring with makeup artists, the better.

"Suppliers are receiving more enquiries than usual for the coming years, so it is more important than ever to start planning your special day as soon as you can," says Amy of Amy Rose Makeup

"Personally, I always have my diary open three years in advance. So, once you have secured your venue and date, it is time to get in touch."

As well as asking these key questions, it's worth having some information of your own to hand.

"I would advise providing as much detail as possible in your initial enquiry as a great way to save yourself so much time in back-and-forth correspondence," says Amy.

"As a make up artist it is helpful to know: wedding date, venue, ceremony time and how many guests would like make up on your special day!"

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2. Can I See Examples of Your Work?

These days most suppliers are on Instagram and Facebook and regularly post photos of their work but if the artist you’re eyeing up doesn’t or you’d like to see more, ask them to send over a portfolio. Not only will it help you to decide whether or not their work is for you, it may also provide you with some inspiration for your own big day look.

3. Which Products Do You Use?

If you’re vegan or have committed yourself to using cruelty-free or organic products, then finding out what your makeup artist uses early on is important as it could be a game-changer. From the brushes they use to the skincare and the makeup itself, make sure you’re totally comfortable with what’s going on your face.

Bride with glamorous wedding makeup

4. Will You Use My Preferred Products?

If you love an artist’s work but would like them to use your go-to foundation, then go ahead and ask them. Some artists prefer to work with certain products as they know they work well for long-wear and flash photography but you can always check if your favourite products would work too.

"Although my kit caters for all, I know that sometimes we have products that we just can’t live without! If you have any particular products that you would like me to use, bring them along to your trial and I can integrate them into your chosen bridal look," says Amy.

"I will also be able to give you professional tips, so you go away knowing how to make the most of your product when applying it at home."

5. Do You Offer Pre-Wedding Skincare Treatments or Advice?

Some – not all – makeup artists are also beauty therapists or aestheticians who can offer facials or other treatments to get your skin in tip top condition before the big day. As beauty bloggers have drummed into us time and time again, the better your canvas (that’s your face FYI) the better your makeup will look, so upping your skincare to professional level is not a bad idea at all.

If your makeup artist doesn’t offer treatments themselves, they may have a treatment recommendation or some ideas of what you can be doing at home to prep your skin. From facial massage to acne products, they’re likely to have some insider knowledge on how to get your skin in the best condition.

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6. When Should I Have a Makeup Trial?

To really get a feel for your makeup artist’s work and whether or not they’re the person you’d feel comfortable helping you get ready on your big day, book a trial. You can often book a trial to initially decide on a makeup artist and then book another closer to the day to finalise your look. Alternatively, you can book your makeup artist based purely on their portfolio and have just one makeup trial. Either way, discuss the best time to trial and book your date in nice and early.

"Generally, once a bride has secured her wedding date with her chosen make-up artist, I would suggest booking a trial 6-9 months prior to the big day," says Amy. "At this point you can discuss the finer details of your wedding such as dress, necklines, hairstyles and any themes or colour choices that will assist your makeup artist in achieving a cohesive, balanced look."

Two brides embracing

7. How Many Looks Can We Try During a Makeup Trial?

Some brides will have a clear vision of how they would like the makeup to look on their big day and some will have no idea and need a little help! If you fall into the latter camp, then being given the time to try out different things will be really handy as it can help you to get a feel for what you do and don't like.

"Creating your bridal make up is a gradual joint process, so rather than a set number of looks we build and evolve the make up until we achieve your final flawless look," says Amy.

"I ask my brides to arrive wearing their normal day to day make up, as this gives me an insight into their personality. I want brides to look like the most refined version of themselves! Often brides will bring along images of inspiration and from this we can identify the key requirements for their make-up."

8. How Much Do You Charge?

You’ll likely be looking at two charges just for yourself: one for the trial and one for the day itself. If you would like your wedding party to have their makeup done too then ask for prices for those. Some makeup artists may offer individual pricing or a package deal for a set number of additional faces. You’ll likely be charged a deposit to secure your date.

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Amy Rose Makeup/The Unbridled Photography

9. Do You Have a Minimum Spend?

Some makeup artists will require you to have at least one or two bridesmaids or a mother or mother-in-law to book in for makeup too to make the job worth their while.

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10. Will You Be Using an Assistant and Can I See Their Work?

Sometimes a makeup artist is tasked with making up a bride, her mum, her gran and five bridesmaids all in one morning. Understandably, some artists can struggle with the workload within the set time and so they employ an assistant to help out.

"For larger bookings I may need one or more assistants, to ensure that the whole party is ready in good time," says Amy. "I have a team of 10 hand-picked and trained assistants across the UK."

Rest assured that your makeup will be done by the makeup artist and the assistant is more likely to do bridal party makeup or touch-ups. Still, it’s good to know that your girls will be in good hands too so check out who your makeup artist is planning to use if they mention an assistant.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist

11. How Long Will You Need on the Day?

Timing is everything on the wedding morning and you’re going to want to get ready at a relaxed and enjoyable pace without feeling rushed or being late. Ask your makeup artist how long making you and your bridal party up will take so that you can factor this into your plans.

"When working out timings for the day keep in mind that you should be ready at least an hour before you are due to leave, to allow time for your bridal party to get changed and to take some fabulous photos!" says Amy. "If you are planning on getting ready at your venue you may also want to clarify what time you are allowed to enter the venue on your wedding morning. If you have a larger bridal party you may want to look into getting some of your bridal party ready prior to this, for example at a local hotel or family home."

12. Do You Do Wedding Hair?

Some makeup artists can also do hair and some brides find it easier to use just one person, so ask your artist about her skills.

13. Can You Recommend a Hairstylist?

If your makeup artist doesn’t do hair, they may be able to recommend someone who does. Often makeup artists will get to know hairstylists while working on weddings and styled shoots at local wedding venues and will have seen their work first-hand.

"I get asked this question so frequently from my brides and I love recommending talented suppliers that I regularly work with," says Amy. "Depending on your chosen style I have a number of outstanding hairdressers that I can put you in contact with."

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14. Will You Communicate with My Hairdresser?

If you’ve chosen a hairdresser that your makeup artist hasn’t worked with before, ask them if they’re prepared to contact your hair stylist ahead of the day to coordinate the wedding morning preparations. You don’t want your hairdresser and your makeup artist fighting to have you in their chair at the same time!

15. Will You Travel to My Venue?

Some makeup artists may be salon-based which may not be convenient for you on the morning of your wedding. Ask them if they’d be prepared to travel to your venue and if they charge an additional cost for petrol.

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16. Can I Buy My Wedding Lipstick from You?

Makeup artists will apply your makeup in the morning but certain elements like your wedding lipstick will need a touch-up during the day. It’s best to touch up with the same shade your makeup artist used, plus they’ll likely get a professional discount that they can pass on to you – bonus.

17. Do You Have Experience Working with My Skin Tone?

You’ll want to be confident in your makeup artist’s skills when it comes to working with your skin tone. If your makeup artist doesn’t have many examples of their work on your skin tone, ask if you can see more or find out more about their level of experience. Not all makeup artists will be experienced in working with all skin tones so it’s essential to ask.

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18. How Long Will You Stay on the Day?

Weddings are emotional and there’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll likely shed a tear or two! Make sure your makeup artist can stick around for touch-ups if you want them to or if they can at least leave you with a touch-up kit.

"On the day of the wedding, I will arrive 15 minutes early to allow me to set up," says Amy. "I often get asked by brides about lighting due to the time of the year or ceremony time meaning we may have reduced lighting in the morning; however, this is not a concern as part of my kit includes a lighting set up on the morning."

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19. Can You Stay and Do an Evening Look?

If you’re switching gears with an evening wedding dress, you may fancy a more glam evening makeup look too. Ask your makeup artist if they can offer an additional look for the evening. Note that if you’re asking your makeup artist to stick around for this long, you’ll need to provide them with something to eat and somewhere to chill out between applications.

20. What Happens if You Can’t Make it on the Day?

Your makeup artist probably has an incredible track record and has made it to 99.9% of weddings booked but it’s always worth asking what their contingency plan is, just in case. Your makeup artist will probably have a contacts book brimming with trusted artists that can take on your wedding look at the last minute. While you’ll probably never have to worry, it’s nice to know all the same

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist

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