Looking After Your Skin in the Winter

Whether you are planning a winter wedding or simply want to start your bridal beauty regime early, our winter skincare tips are here to help


Slapping a dab of moisturising cream onto the face is what some people call skincare during the winter.


They get lulled into a false sense of security because the sun is rarely out, or seemingly weak and watery when it is shining.

But the sun’s rays can still do damage and it is even more important to keep up skincare regimes during the winter because cold weather and windy conditions often have a detrimental effect.

A few simple measures will help your skin look fresh and feel supple whatever the weather.

1. Water

Water is one of the most important properties in having healthy skin that looks and feels vibrant and alive.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is important for your general physical health.

But water is also the perfect anti-wrinkle cream because it fills up fine lines, which prevents the skin from looking haggard. About one half of every cosmetic moisturiser is pure water and it is this ingredient, rather than anything else, which makes the skin look younger.

Remember that the sun can be your skin’s worst enemy because it dehydrates and drains your body’s natural moisture, leaving skin wrinkled and looking worn-out. Winter winds and the drying effects of central heating systems can also have a similar effect.

Smoking also de-hydrates the skin so giving up, or at least cutting down, is a good idea.

2. Moisturisers

Moisturisers should be massaged into the face twice a day, but it is important to choose one which suits your skin type.

Highly perfumed, brightly coloured and expensive items are not necessarily the best. Remember that your skin is natural and not artificial so any treatment you apply should enhance you skin’s properties and bring out your beauty.

Moisturisers were made to help conceal and lessen wrinkles, not hide them by smothering face lines with cream.

3. Sun Creams and Sun Block

For those planning winter sun holidays or skiing trips these items are a must – including the lips. Even the most robust skin should use sun cream and such lotions are a must for anyone who burns or simply “goes red” easily.

The strength of the cream is measured by “factor” value, with already-tanned or dark skin needing a low factor such as “4”, while pale skin requires high protection with a high factor such as “15”.

Remember that snow reflects back the rays of the sun so any skincare regime should allow for this effect.

A Word About Cleansing

Before you apply any lotion to your skin you should ensure it does not have any residue on the surface and is make-up-free and clean.

Mary Scott, public relations manager, for Aspects Beauty Company regularly hands out product advice to the public on skincare. She said: &quotYou should remove everything from the surface in order for your skin to be able to absorb things like moisturisers properly.

&quotIt’s a bit like a painter preparing the canvas before they add any oils. Everyone has their own skin type and it’s important to stick to products that compliment our complexion.”

Other Ways to Look After Your Skin:

1. Scrubbing:

Face scrubs remove the dead skin cells on the surface, to give you softer, smoother skin.

2. Sleep:

Cell renewal doubles during sleep, while a good night’s kip also helps your face muscles to relax, which increases moisture levels.


3. Get Some Fresh Air:

Traffic fumes, pollution and air-conditioning can leave skin looking dry and washed out. Try to take some time out in the countryside or by the sea.