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Bridesmaid Hairstyles: 32 Bridesmaid Hair Ideas Your Besties Will Love

From half up half down braids, to classic looks that will never go out of style, these are the best bridesmaid hairstyle ideas the whole crew will love

a bride in a beaded wedding dress with five bridesmaids in sage green and grey bridesmaid dresses

After you've figured out your own amazing wedding hairstyle, it's time to gather the crew and decide on each of their bridesmaid hairstyles. This should be a fun task for you to do as a group, but with so much inspiration out there, where do you begin? 

The first step should always be looking at inspiration - and for that - you've come to the right place as we've rounded up 31 of the best bridesmaid hairstyles for every hair length, type and style possible. There's genuinely something for everyone here. 

Once you've got an idea of the vibe and style you'd like, it's time to chat to the crew. What styles is everyone keen on? Should all the bridesmaids have the same hairstyle? Can you mix and match? The answers are all up to you - there are no rules or regulations here. The only thing you want to guarantee is that everyone is happy and confident with the bridesmaid hairstyle they're wearing.

The final step is finding the perfect wedding hair stylist to create the looks for you. 

Bridesmaid Hairstyles: 31 Bridesmaid Hair Ideas Everyone Will Love

As well as gorgeous bridesmaid hair ideas, we also have expert advice from the team at Unveiled Glam, explaining how to choose bridesmaid hairstyles and diving into the long-running debate - should bridesmaid hairstyles match? 

Ready to dive into some inspo? Here are our favourite bridesmaid hairstyles, and we've split them into simpler ideas for classic looks, and more unique and alternative bridesmaid hair ideas for quirkier groups. Enjoy!

Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Everyone

1. Half Up Half Down Bridesmaid Waves

four bridesmaids with blue dresses and half up half down curly wedding hair and a bride standing in the middle

If you have bridesmaids with different hair colours and lengths, a half up half down hairstyle is the way to go. That's if you want them somewhat matching. This bridesmaid hairstyle is simple but really versatile and can be styled with straight or curly hair, depending on what the group prefer. Charlotte George has styled all of these bridesmaids beautifully, giving them soft curls that are to-die-for.

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2. Wavy Bridesmaid Updos

six bridesmaids in sage green satin bridesmaid dresses and curly up dos with a bride walking in the middle

How gorgeous do these bridesmaids look with their swanky updos? Styled by The Style Lounge, the group have collectively gone for side partings and a low buns, and leaving their fringes wavy at the front beautifully shapes all of their faces. The curls also go really nicely with the newlywed's hair in the middle. 

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3. Curly Bridesmaid Hair With Flower Crowns

bridesmaids and a bride in autumnal coloured bridesmaid dresses with long curly hair and floral crowns

Continuing the wavy theme is another bridesmaid hairstyle by The Style Lounge. This time, the group have decided to match their hair to the newlywed, all opting for whimsical wavy hair, topped with flower crowns that tie in with their bouquets. Their styles differ from the bride by having more neutral coloured flowers, but we love that all of the hair matches - very cute! 

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4. Half Up Half Down Plaited Bridesmaid Hair

five bridesmaids in baby blue bridesmaid dresses with curly bridesmaid hair and a bride standing in the middle of them

The Wildflower Hair Company have given the half up half down bridesmaid hairstyle a glow up by plaiting the hair instead of pinning it. Although it looks incredibly detailed, this is a simple bridesmaid hairstyle that can be replicated quite easily by a professional doing multiple looks on the morning of the wedding. 

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5. Naturally Curly Clipped Back Bridesmaid Hair

Model with tightly curled hair wearing a pearl barrette on one side

If you're looking for a simple bridesmaid hairstyle that still packs a punch, why not try something like this. We love this small section of braided hair clipped back with a pearl barrette allowing the natural curls to shine while showcasing sparkling ear accessories and glowy makeup done by May Williams

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6. Simple Bridesmaid Ponytail Hairstyle

Bridesmaid with her back to camera with a low curled ponytail and ivory and gold pearls scattered through her hair

Think a ponytail is too lowkey for a wedding? Think again! This loosely curled low ponytail styled by NB Bridal Hair is dressed up with individual pearl pins that add a touch of classic glamour. Imagine a hairstyle like this on each of your bridesmaids, and matching pearl wedding shoes, too.

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7. Updo Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Natural Curls

Bride carrying a bouquet with curly updo and curls around her face

We're obsessed with this bridesmaid hairstyle, styled by Hair by Emma C. We love the way the chic updo embraces the bridesmaid's natural curls, allowing her wavy fringe to frame her face beautifully. This is a particularly nice bridesmaid hair style for people with long hair that can be styled to create a voluminous bun on top of the head.

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8. Half Up Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Fresh Flowers

Bridesmaids watching a ceremony with sprigs of wildflowers in their hair

Does a flower crown feel a little too much? Ask your florist to pluck some sprigs of gypsophila, heather or wax flowers from their off-cuts and use bobby pins to secure them in the hair of your bridesmaids, just like Bridalgroom Hair and Makeup Artist has done here. Whether you add them to an up-do, half-up half-down or simply slide one behind the ear, they'll look gorgeously carefree and bohemian. 

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9. Simple Sleek Bridesmaid Waves

Bridesmaid with loose polished and shiny waves

Turn any bridesmaid look into one that's red-carpet-ready with some sleek, sophisticated waves. This simple bridesmaid hairstyle by Spence and Oliver will suit bridesmaids with long hair, and those with shorter locks, too. The curls add a softness to the look and pair well with natural wedding makeup.

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10. Half Pinned Curly Bridesmaid Hair

a bridesmaid with half of her long brunette hair pinned up and the bottom half curled and at the front

If you have bridesmaids with long hair, curling it adds both volume and style. This bridesmaid, styled by Aura Hair and Beauty has had her hair curled, but also pinned up, to create a really sophisticated and simple hair do that'll suit all of your crew. 

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11. Bridesmaids With Loose Waves and Pinned Plaits

A bride in silver wearing a pink flower crown with three bridesmaids each wearing loose waves and plaits

Loosely curled waves suit all hair lengths and can be dressed up with plaited sections. We love the added daisies and wildflowers on the plaits above which truly match Wildflower Hair Company's aesthetic, proving that similar bridesmaid hairstyles can suit all styles and hair types. 

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12. Mix and Match Curly Bridesmaid Hair

a bride and her five bridesmaids in green bridesmaid dresses all holding bouquets in front of a wedding venue

One of our favourite bridesmaid hairstyle ideas is to mix and match curly hairdos. These guys are showing how incredible mix and match bridesmaid dresses look when paired with different hairstyles, and we're living for it. Styled by Lucille & Co, each bridesmaid has a slightly different wavy wedding hairstyle, varying from half up half down looks to one sided pinning. Beaut!

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13. Bridesmaid Ponytail With Simple Curls

two bridesmaids with low ponytails and curly fringes holding their bouquets and wearing dressinggowns

If your bridesmaids prefer an updo, but want it to still feel quite modern and stylish, consider a sleek ponytail like these ones styled by Aura Hair and Makeup. For bridesmaids who like a ponytail but don't like anything too slicked back will love this style as it still allows the bridesmaids to have their natural parting and soft curls at the front, whilst still wearing their hair in a modern style. 

14. Beachy Bridesmaid Bun Hairstyle

A model with a loose, wavy bun with curled tendrils falling down

A loose, messy bun showcases back detail on a bridesmaid dress beautifully, as well as looking both timeless and elegant at the same time. This bridesmaid hairstyle by Hair by Emma C can be dressed up to feel more formal by tucking in some of the wisps, or made even more boho by letting more curls hang loose.

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15. Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyle Curtain Bangs

Model with dark hair worn up with centre parted curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are everywhere right now and, thanks to their flattering face framing effect, we can totally see why. Keep the back simple with a subtle chignon or low bun and softly curl the ends of the bangs, like this bridesmaid hairstyle by May Williams.

You can dress it up with a hair vine or big wedding-worthy earrings or keep it simple with the gently curled tendrils framing the face. 

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16. Side Bridesmaid Ponytail With a Curtain Fringe 

Model facing the camera with loosely curled hair in a side ponytail with curled layers at the front

Have your bridesmaids wear their ponytails to one side and sweep the softly curled ends over one shoulder for a romantic vibe, like this hairstyle created by Ieva Genovesi Hair and Makeup. Curtain fringes aren't essential – so there's no need to book a pre-wedding haircut – but we think any fringes or shorter layers at the front can be kept hanging forwards and shaped to create loose spirals.

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17. Soft, Shoulder Length Waves

Bride and bridesmaid pictured together with gently waved hair. The bride carries a bouquet and wears a wedding dress, and the bridesmaid wears a green Vampires Wife bridesmaid dress and gold platform shoes
Mark Horton Photos

If your bridesmaid has shorter hair, that doesn't rule them out of a glamorous bridesmaid hairstyle. These soft waves, created by Georgia Claire Bridal, were gently spritzed with a soft hairspray to ensure they'd last all day without dropping. Fun fact - this is Hitched Editor Zoe Burke performing bridesmaid duties!

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Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

If a simple look isn't for you, and you'd rather your bridesmaids have quirky hairdos, you'll love these more complex and unique bridesmaid hairstyles - and remember, not all of them need to match. So if just one of your crew likes something different, you can use these looks as inspiration. 

18. Bridesmaids With Plaited Low Ponytails

two bridesmaids and a bride with twisted wedding hair standing with their backs to the camera outside

If you want a unique wedding hairstyle for you or your bridesmaids, Hair Creations by Colette is the place to go. The stylist here has given the classic low ponytail the ultimate glow-up and turned it into something super romantic and unique. The hair at the front has been twisted around the crown of the head, and there is a twisted plait that leads into the pony.

And it doesn't stop there, the stylist has then used hair to wrap the ponytails and curled them, too. The twists and plaits tie in beautifully with the bride's hair and makes for a really cohesive set of hairstyles. 

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19. Half Up Half Down Beehive Bridesmaid Hair

a bride and four bridesmaids in light pink bridesmaid dresses holding bouquets of gypsophila and white flowers outside a church

When we hear 'beehive' most of us will think of that incredible voluminous do that Amy Winehouse made famous, but adding volume to a half up half down bridesmaid hairstyle can look extremely glamorous and sleek, just as this crew demonstrate. Lyndsey Jewell Wedding Hair Stylist has crafted bridesmaid hair that has the perfect balance of volume and detail. 

We love the braids and plaits in the half up part of the style, and the face-framing curls match the brides, creating a stunning group look. 

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20. Braided Curly Bridesmaid Hair

a photograph of the back of a bride and her bridesmaids wearing dressing gowns with their arms around each other outside

If the bride is going for a stunning braided wedding hairstyle, it's only right that the bridesmaids follow suit, right? And we adore the styles that Lucille & Co have created here for this nearlywed and crew. The bride's complex braided hair has been recreated in a slightly simpler fashion on the bridesmaids, who's hair is equally as stunning to look at.

The exaggerated plait and pearl detail add such gorgeous texture to the bridesmaid's vibrant red hair, and hairstyles like this photograph so well. 

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21. Diagonal Plaited Half Up Bridesmaid Hair

four bridesmaids wearing sequin bridesmaid dresses facing away from the camera showcasing their curly mis matched bridesmaid hair

These bridesmaids have opted for mix and match looks by Victoria Louise Bridal, which work really well together because they're all connected by stylish curls.

We're a fan of all three looks, but the style we're really impressed with is the diagonal plaits and half up half down look that two of the crew have opted for. The asymmetry is so modern and unique, taking a classic bridesmaid hairstyle and giving it a cool flair. 

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22. Bridesmaid Bun With Loosely Pinned Curl 

A blonde model with her back to camera wearing a pinned up curled hairstyle with hair vine

We love how laid-back yet glam these pinned up curls look - they can be styled for a more relaxed celebration by pulling out some extra strands to make it feel more undone, or kept sleek for a glam look. Hair by Emma C has made this hairstyle look perfect, but the amount of detail and skill gone into it hasn't gone unnoticed! 

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23. Cool Rock and Roll Dutch Braid Bridesmaid Hair

Model with bronde hair styled in plaits at the top with loose messy waves and the bottom

Give a half up half down bridesmaid hairstyle a cool glow-up by adding braids into the mix. Bridesmaid hairstyles don't have to be traditional or classic if that's not their style, and we love seeing bridesmaids embrace their personal look at weddings. To enhance this hair by Make Me Bridal, why not add some punchy earrings for a thoroughly rock 'n' roll feel. 

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24. Beachy Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Exaggerated Plaits

Bridesmaid wearing bunches with a hat and carrying a bouquet

While you and your bridesmaids may not have worn bunches or double plaits since your school days, we think they make a fun and whimsical 'do for your big day. Undone and effortless, this look from Hair by Emma C can be kept simple or worn alongside a hat, headband, pearl clips or floral sprigs.  

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25. Knotted Half-Up Half-Down Bridesmaid Hair

Model with blonde hair with back turned to camera wearing a knotted half up half down

A half-up half-down hairstyle is a wedding day classic, not just for brides, but for bridesmaids too. We love this modern knotted take on the style with soft waves and texture giving it a relaxed vibe - you could do this with beachier, more casual waves, or stick to the Hollywood curls like Hair by Emma C has used here.  

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26. Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Braided Bun & Clips

Model with braided hair pulled up into a bun with LOVE clips at the base

We love these braids piled high on the head in a bun in this show-stopping look by Something Blue. We're also obsessed with the pearl LOVE clips – imagine how cool they would look as your bridesmaids walk down the aisle? We found some similar ones here

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27. Twisted Tresses Bridesmaid Updo

Brunette model with back to the camera with a twisted low chignon

Not a fan of braids? Try a twist instead for your bridesmaid updos, just like this style by Something Blue. Twisted sections of hair can be knotted together to create a unique take on a low bun or chignon – just make sure there's plenty of texture in the hair before taking on the twist. Textured hair is a big trend right now, and so good for boho looks.

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28. Romantic Twisted Low Bun Hairstyle 

Brunette with hair tied up with three star shaped hair pins

Speaking of trends, celestial wedding dresses and accessories are having a moment right now and we're loving the shimmering alternative to florals. Add a starry barrette, headband or individual hair pins to nail the trend. We love the three pins sitting against the model's brunette hair like stars in a night sky in the creation above which has been styled by The Bridal Stylists

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29. Intricate Double Fishtail Plait Hairstyle

Model with strawberry blonde hair wearing two fishtail braids plaited into one

Beautifully boho, this fishtail plait looks intricate yet effortless, especially when kept loose and textured, and we adore this double plait take. Having said that, as effortless and bohemian as it looks, we know that Amanda Roberts Hair and Makeup would have spent hours creating this look. For an even more whimsy vibe, pull out some pieces at the front for a face framing effect.

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30. Mix and Match Bridesmaid Hairstyles

A bride holding a colourful bouquet with a bridesmaid either side of her with updos

We've said it before and we'll say it again: embrace the individual texture of each bridesmaid's hair. Introduce a matching element – such as wearing hair up – but work with your bridesmaids and your stylist to decide on how best to style their respective hair types. We love how coordinated yet individual these 'maids look with their updos, and their makeup, done by Jenny Ojo is stunning, too.

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31. Braid Long Bridesmaid Hair

Two bridesmaids facing each other carrying wildflower bouquets. One has a braided hairstyle worn to the side

Can't decide between a fishtail or a regular plait? Combine the two! How beautiful does this face-framing plait look with a fishtail braid at the bottom? We love the way wedding hair stylist Sophie Casey has used the exaggerated plait to frame the bridesmaid's face, it's pure genius. 

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32. Braided Boho Half-Up Bridesmaid Hair

Model with long brown highlighted hair with her back to camera with a fishtail half-up half-down hairstyle with tiny plaits running through the lengths

Calling all boho bridesmaids! Get the whole group in on the look with this gorgeous plaited half-up style by Ionie Hair and Makeup Artist. We love the fishtail braid as the main feature with tiny plaits woven through the rest of the hair. This is a particularly good choice for bridesmaids with highlighted locks as it really brings out the multi-tonal colour. 

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How to Choose Bridesmaid Hairstyles?

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaid hairstyles, your first consideration should be your bridesmaids, their style and hair type. But there are other things to take into consideration too. Nancy Mobhe from Unveiled Glam advises, "Choose a few hairstyles based on your wedding theme, and use this inspiration to see what you like and don’t like.

"I'd always advise showing a selection to your bridesmaids and asking for their opinion. They don't have to wear identical hairdos or have looks that are exactly the same, but deciding on how they are going to wear their hair should be a discussion had by all of you, not a decision you make and inform them of."

Should Bridesmaids Have the Same Hairstyle?

Ultimately, the decision of whether your bridesmaids have the same hairstyle or not lies with you and the group - there are no 'musts', and it's important to take into consideration their preferences, hair types and personal styles, before asking everyone to have the same bridesmaid hairstyle. 

On this topic, Nancy says, "Hairstyles are not a one size fit all kind of thing, and when deciding whether or not your bridesmaids should have the same hairstyle, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the same way you want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day, it's important to remember that your bridesmaids will want the same.

"For example, a bridesmaid who has short hair shouldn't be expected to wear extensions just to match the group, just like someone who hates having their hair up shouldn't be forced to wear a bridesmaid updo.

"Even if you have a particular style in mind, any professional hair stylist will be able to adapt your vision to suit each of your bridesmaid's style, ensuring they are still cohesive, but not necessarily identical.  Leaving space for a bit of individuality and customisation can sometimes look even better than complete matching."

And we couldn't agree more - there's no need for identical hairstyles if that's not what you or your bridesmaids want. There are other ways to bring the look together, like hair accessories, makeup and their bridesmaid dresses. 

Now, as well as finding the perfect hairstyle, there are plenty of other things your crew need to do. Check out our guide to bridesmaid roles and maid of honour jobs to see which tasks can be delegated out.