Guest Books You Wouldn’t Have Considered: 11 Unusual Ideas

Wedding guest books don't always have to be the norm and we have the best ways to intrigue your guests and have them queuing to sign


One of the best parts of having a wedding is being able to spend the happiest day of your life with all of your loved ones. 


You spend so much time creating the perfect experience for your guests on your wedding day – don’t miss out on what they thought of it after all that hard work.

We’ve got some unusual wedding guest book ideas for your guests to record their thoughts and comments in.



Having your wedding guest book in the form of something that you can have on show in your house is an idea that we like very much.

Buy a big canvas or wall hanging in any colour, or plain white and invest in some really stylish and thick marker pens that all of your guests can use to sign the canvas. Some couples opt to have a message printed in the middle, or an image of you as a couple.

This can look super pretty and be the centre of the canvas but with stylish pens and some little details, it can look just as nice without.

We really like this idea – It’s kind of like when you had people sign your school leaver’s shirts – but more refined.

Puzzle Book

The guests’ you have at your wedding are your closest family and friends who are the puzzle pieces that make up yours and your partners lives.

To represent each and every one of them and their presence at your wedding, get a puzzle like this one from Pretty Personalised UK, with enough pieces for each guest to have one.

Take the puzzle apart and put it in a cute vintage box with a sign saying ‘Please Sign Here’. Have each guest write their message to you on one puzzle piece and enjoy putting all the pieces together and reading them with your partner after the big day is over.

This is something that you can keep forever and bring out when you feel like reminiscing.


Tablecloth Tapestry

Now this one will only work if your wedding tablecloths are amazing…

Yours are? Ok great. So when you sort out your seating plan, get each table to sign their tablecloth once the food has been cleared. Because each table are likely to have close relationships with each other, you will end up with some really funny comments grouped into all of your different guest tables.

You can even have one for your top table and sign it yourselves. If you didn’t want to keep all of the extra space on the tablecloths, why not have the quotes cut out and have them made into a tapestry of quotes which you could hang up or keep in a safe place to look back on.


Postcards are all about sending loving and heartfelt messages. That’s why we think it would be really great to have all of your guests write you a post card.

The postcard can represent anything. You could have personalised ones with pictures of you, your pets or your family, or you could have ones to represent your honeymoon destination, or pretty pictures of the venue you are getting married in.

Once all of your guests have each written you a postcard, have a pretty sealable box on hand to keep them safe and take them away with you on honeymoon to read them and weep. It will really feel like each one of your friends and family have sent you a message from home wishing you well in your new married life together.



Sometimes reading your guests kind words isn’t quite the same as hearing them.

Most couples who get married, unfortunately, don’t get the chance to have lengthy conversations with all of their guests. Having a pod at the wedding where each guest can voice record a message is a great way to hear each and every lovely word that they have to say.

You can keep these recordings separate and listen back after the wedding, or even better have them all edited together into a podcast and burned onto a CD.

You can outsource someone to edit the recordings, or do it yourself if you’re up for the challenge. This means that your guests’ quotes will forever be on hand for you to re-listen to whenever you fancy it.


Everyone at your wedding is bound to be taking millions upon millions of pictures to mark the day of celebration; however we all know that images these days are studied, filtered and even deleted if the guest doesn’t like the angle.

Give each person at the wedding one Polaroid. They have to use this to take one picture that sums up their day or their favourite moment and write their message on the back of it.

Once this is done, they put it in the ‘Polaroid Box’. The best thing about Polaroids is that you can’t change the photo and they will give you and your other half the opportunity to see those moments that may not have made the cut for the Facebook album.

These types of photographs keep really well and will fill you with fond memories in years to come.


Fingerprint Tree

Something which we think is very trendy and artistic is having a tree guest book. Fingerprint Tree offer canvases with leaf-less trees and personalised text below.

At your wedding, set up an ink-station where guests can dip their thumbs in ink or paint and leave their thumbprints as a leaf on the tree. To make it personal and obvious whose thumbprint is whose, have each guest write a small signature next to their print. If trees aren’t for you,

Fingerprint Tree offer a bespoke service where you can request a personalised canvas. There are no limits!

Their spokesperson told us: “What makes our fingerprint guest books special, is that each one is totally unique and no two will ever produce the same result. We have over 50 different original designs for guests to leave their mark on.”


Sign the Bunting

If you’re having a vintage themed wedding, there is bound to be bunting. It is such a popular wedding decoration, and we have another purpose for it too.

Have your guests sign the bunting, using pretty pens that match the theme of the décor and take it home after the wedding day to enjoy reading about everyone’s favourite memories and well wishes.

It really will be a meaningful keepsake to take away from the day as well. 

Date Night Tokens

As much as it is lovely to have people writing you guest book messages, another super cute thing for you to take away from your friends and family is date night inspiration. As newlyweds, it is important to keep the spark – although we’re sure you will have no problem doing so.

The tokens can be in the form of anything you like. Painted lollipop sticks, shaped cards, hand-made tokens… Anything that suits your wedding theme and can be written on.

Having all of these will mean you’ll never have a boring weekend again with hundreds (depending on how many guests you have) of fun and interesting date ideas. You can carry these out for years to come and think of the guest who suggested it while you do so.


Video logs

If you are a visual couple, and love interacting with your friends and family, have them record video messages for you both. It’s a really personal thing to be able to look back on after your wedding.

On the day, set up a video booth and make sure the background is exactly what you want, whether it’s the natural background at the venue, or a plain/decorated one.

These videos, much like the voice recorders, can be edited into a heartfelt montage of all of your guests having the best time and leaving you warm and loving messages. You could even hire a videographer to take care of all the technicalities and leave you with nothing to worry about.

Jenga Blocks

Are you a couple who loves the odd game of Scrabble or Monopoly? Why not add Jenga to the list and get a giant set to be signed like this one from Your Wedding Project.

Attract people to the stand with this pretty sign from Lace Burlap Shop and get each of your guests to sign one block with a message to both you and your partner. This will leave you with a big box full of signed blocks to enjoy the game with.

You can be super competitive playing the game, and use the loving messages to calm you down when you, or your partner, are being a sore loser. 


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