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23 Funny Valentine's Gifts to Make Your Partner Laugh Out Loud

Looking for something to make the special person in your life laugh on the most romantic day of the year? These are our favourite funny Valentine's gifts

I hate everyone except you chocolate medallion with a monster illustration

Sometimes the best way to show someone you care is with humour. That's why we've put together the ultimate guide to funny Valentine's Day gifts for 2023.

We've found the kind of funny Valentine's presents that are more scream-with-laughter than super-sweet sentiment, from individual funny Valentine's gifts for him and her to things you can enjoy as a couple.

That's not to say these Valentine's funny gifts aren't thoughtful. Pick a Valentine's Day present that perfectly suits your partner's sense of humour and you're showing that you really get them. And while we have chosen some novelty items, there are also gifts here that your partner will (almost) definitely use in the future.

If you're the kind of couple that loves to laugh together, these are the funny Valentine's Day gifts to know this year. If you want something more sentimental, check out our edit of the best Valentine's Day gifts for him, or the loveliest Valentine's Day gifts for her!

Funny Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

1. Mini Me Custom Photo Doll – £29.99, Snugzy

Mini me personalised doll with a best girlfriend t-shirt

Nothing says romance quite like a personalised mini doll with your face on that your partner can carry wherever they go. Okay, maybe not 'romance', but it's a seriously funny gift for your boyfriend (or girlfriend/partner!) on Valentine's Day. The dolls come in a variety of costumes, including astronauts, knights, wizards and, confusingly, vegetables. 

Pros & Cons: This gift might be a little too much if this is your first Valentine's Day spent together, but if your other half has a great sense of humour, we're sure it'll go down well and make an excellent addition to take on his next lad's holiday. 

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2. Personalised Valentine's Day Comic Book – £39.99, A&J Comics

Personalised comic book for Valentine's Day

This personalised comic book is the ideal combination of funny and sweet. If your partner is your own personal superhero, or if he is a fan of Marvel and DC, he'll really appreciate the thought that has gone into this gift. It features all your best moments together, cleverly put together into your very own comic book. 

Pros & Cons: A little research will need to be done for this extra special gift, such as compiling your favourite photographs, but it'll be well worth it when you see the amazing results. 

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3. Perpetual Disappointments Diary – £8.87, Amazon

Perpetual disappointments diary

Is your partner the least likely person you know to have a motivational quote on their wall? The perpetual disappointments diary could be right up their street. Rather than cheery mantras, it contains demotivational proverbs, and notes sections including 'Imaginary Enemies'. Is it weird to give them a diary halfway through February? Probably - but that just adds to the disappointment.

Pros & Cons: One review stated that this diary made them snort with laughter! It's ideal for those who have a dry sense of humour. 

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4. Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game – £32.99, Lovehoney

Monogamy board game

Sex and board games don't traditionally go together (ever tried to play Strip Cluedo?), but along came Monogamy to shake things up. Game play is all about trying out new things, and the winner gets to act out a 'breath-taking fantasy'. Intriguing.

Pros & Cons: If you want to make this board game even sexier, consider gifting it alongside a couple's sex toy. You might want to avoid this gift being opened in front of the in-laws! 

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5. 'I Hate Everyone Except You' Chocolate Gift – £6.95, Bagstock & Bumble

I hate everyone except you chocolate

If you prefer your declarations of love on the non-sentimental side, this chocolate gift could be perfect for Valentine's Day. It's made from Belgian chocolate with a sheet of icing, so even if the message isn't sweet, the present itself will be.

Pros & Cons: This gift is only available in a milk chocolate variety, but this is a firm favourite for many! It can also be gift wrapped and a gift tag and card can be included. 

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6. I Bloody Love You Handmade Mug – £24.25, Kate Ceramics

I bloody love you mug

Sticking with that 'funny but tasteful' vibe, this high-quality mug will put a smile on your partner's face every time they finish their drink. Choose from red or blue and for an additional fee add a matching coaster. 

Pros & Cons: This mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. It's a plain design from the outside, so the real fun is when you spot the inside of the mug. Give it to them with a hot drink already inside of it to add to the surprise. 

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7. Salami and Chorizo Bouquet – £48, The Real Cure

Salami and chorizo bouquet

We love this fun take on a bouquet of flowers. It contains five signature sticks of salami and chorizo made in Dorset and you can enjoy the meat bouquet together with some cheese and wine for the perfect Valentine's date night in. 

Pros & Cons: This bouquet contains meat flavours that he might not have tried before, including fennel and white pepper salami and wild venison chorizo. Once opened, ensure this gift is kept in the fridge. 

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8. His & Hers Matching Pyjamas – £50, Etsy

His and hers navy matching pyjamas

The snuggle is real! Pick up this personalised pyjama set for a cosy Valentine's Day hunkered down away from the winter chill. Also available in his and his, and hers and hers. Choose from even more matching couple's pyjamas here. 

Pros & Cons: The pyjama bottoms are made from cotton flannel which is super soft. The long sleeved top and trousers will keep you extra warm but might be best worn for lounging rather than sleeping if you tend to get hot during the night. 

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9. Buckaroo Game – £27.60, Amazon

Buckaroo board game

Nostalgia-core is having a real moment in 2023, so if your other half spent many happy hours playing Buckaroo as a child, why not get them their very own version to play during those long February nights? Other childhood favourites to consider include Operation, Pop Up Pirate and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Pros & Cons: This gift isn't technically Valentine themed but you'll have lots of fun playing it for the whole year. 

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10. Cheesy Anniversary Mug – £13.95, So Close

I camembert brie without you mug

We're always here for a cheese-based pun, and this mug is a fine example of the fromage humour genre (yes, that's a thing!). If you and your partner have a shared love of cheese, it's an ideal funny Valentine's gift. We also think it would be a funny Valentine's gift for your husband if you are celebrating an anniversary. 

Pros & Cons: We recommend hand washing this mug to keep the design looking its best. 

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11. The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper – £6.99, Amazon

The Timewaster Letters book

If you know your partner loves humorous writing, The Timewaster Letters is an absolute classic. Even if they have an e-reader, get them the printed version of the book as a Valentine's keepsake that they can leave out on a coffee table. 

Pros & Cons: This isn't the kind of present that'll make your partner laugh at the moment of unwrapping, but we're predicting that after the first few pages, they won't be able to put it down. 

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12. Emergency Tequila Keyring – £6.49, Etsy

Emergency shot of tequila shot keyring

Is your beloved partial to a dash of tequila? This hilarious yet smart emergency shot of tequila keyring will ensure that at least one of you has the last call nightcap from an evening of fun. It can arrive empty for you to fill with your own alcohol, or with a novelty tequila filling. 

Pros & Cons: This playful gift is so fun that they might not actually want to drink it and instead keep it on their keys! There is also a ground coffee variation should your partner not drink alcohol. It would also make a pretty cool alcohol wedding favour, actually. 

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13. Personalised Face Socks – £19.99, Firebox

Personalised face socks

Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like a pair of socks covered in your face - or perhaps your pet's face, if you think your partner would prefer not to have you all over their feet. There's a choice of six colours and three sizes, so you can choose your partner's favourite.

Sizing: 4-11

Pros & Cons: Made from soft poly-cotton these socks will keep his toes toasty. Be careful when washing to avoid the images fading - turning them inside out on a cold wash is recommended. 

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14. Toilet Bowl Light – £7, Menkind

Light-up toilet bowl

Sometimes the best funny gifts have an air of the surreal. Take this toilet bowl light. Does anyone need to light up their loo in different colours? Assuredly not. Is there something wonderful about turning your look into a sort-of bathroom disco? Assuredly so. 

Pros & Cons: If you live with your partner, remember that this light-up toilet bowl is going to be in your house too! It's an affordable and fun idea if you are sticking to a budget under the £10 mark. 

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15. Knock Knock Passive Aggressive Nifty Note – £5.46, Amazon

Passive aggressive note

Does your other half enjoy giving feedback? Make their life easier with this handy passive aggressive notepad. Of course, buying it for them could be considered a passive-aggressive act in itself, but we'll leave you to figure that out.

Pros & Cons: If you're feeling cheeky, you could fill out the first page of this notepad as a little reminder but you might not want to be too harsh - this is Valentine's Day after all! 

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Funny Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

16. Mobile Phone Jail– £9.99, Amazon 

Mobile phone jail

This mobile phone prison is one to consider if your partner is constantly on their device. This is a funny Valentine's Day for your wife if you're trying to have more quality time together. It comes with a padlock and keys - hilarity and/or arguments will ensue.

Pros & Cons: This cage can hold up to six devices so you can pop in an iPad or games console too. Warning: you might end up having to lock up your own phone as well...

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17. Pet Smashed Avocado on Toast - £6.80, Etsy

Mini pet avocado on toast

Does your other half never miss an opportunity to dig into an avo-on-toast? In honour of their favourite snack, buy them this cute pet smashed avocado on toast. This Etsy shop also offers 'pet' versions of other popular meals, including burnt toast and baked beans, an ideal pairing for your next Valentine's Day gift. 

Pros & Cons: While this Valentine's Day present doesn't necessarily have any practical use, it is very adorable and would look super sweet on a desk to remind them of you. 

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18. My Side Your Side Personalised Pillowcases – £30, Twisted Twee Homewares

My side and your side pillow cases

Are you a bed hog? Shame on you - but the upside is that you can purchase these pillowcases as a Valentine's Day gift. For an extra £10, they can be personalised with your names. This product has over 200 excellent reviews! 

Pros & Cons: How funny your partner finds the idea will depend on how much sleep your mattress incursions have allowed them recently; sub-six hours and we'd say avoid.

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19. Micro Penis Mug – £8, Menkind

Mug decorated with penis drawings

My, what a pretty mug! That delicate pattern is just so lovely, made up of hundreds of tiny...wait...what are those? Yes. Yes, they are. Try to remember not to use it to serve tea to a parent when they come round.  

Pros & Cons: This mug might not be suitable to take into a work meeting, but it sure is funny! If she's an avid mug collector, we bet she won't have this one. 

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20. Personalised Ring For Service Bell – £14.95, The Little Boys Room

Call for cocktails, gold ring for service bell

You could be setting yourself up for trouble with this cocktail bell if your partner decides to use it regularly, but if you've ever fancied life as a butler, or you think they'll only ring it when they really, really don't fancy leaving the sofa, it's a cute novelty Valentine's gift.

Pros & Cons: This bell also comes in a 'time for tea' alternative. Reviews state that it has a significantly loud ding which may or may not be a good thing...

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21. 3D Anatomical Heart Necklace – £12, Etsy

Silver anatomical heart necklace

You've given your partner your metaphorical heart - now, for Valentine's Day, give anatomical heart in necklace form. If you want to give a funny Valentine's Day gift to your girlfriend and don't want to be overly romantic, this could be the one. 

Pros & Cons: This heart necklace is certainly quirky, but is surprisingly wearable. 

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22. Personalised Video Message – Price Varies, Memmo

Couple sitting on the sofa looking at a laptop

Personalised video messages from celebrities are huge right now. Check out Memmo for everyone from sports stars to reality show favourites. The price depends on the celebrity you pick to deliver a message to your beloved. For example, at the time of writing, Tiger King's Carole Baskin is £208, while Cheryl Hole is a snip at £17.

Pros & Cons: You'll have so much fun scrolling through Memmo and seeing which celebrities are available. If you can't find who you are looking for, there are often impersonators instead, such as 'Rud' Stewart. 

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23. Handmade Bum Plant Pot – £35, Four Homeware 

Bum plant pot

You could surprise your partner with this hilarious pot plant. Shapely and comical, it might become the butt of a few jokes when hosting visitors in your home. Available in grey, black, beige or rose, it'll fit into all interiors. 

Pros & Cons: For an even more thoughtful touch, consider popping her favourite flower or plant inside the vase before gifting. 

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