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25 Valentine's Day Date Ideas: From Fun to Creative, We've Got You Covered

Valentine's Day comes just once a year, and there's no better way to celebrate than with these fun, creative and even at-home Valentine's Day date ideas.

A couple dressed in red exchanging a Valentine's day gift with heart-shaped balloons in the background
Pexels / Anna Tarazevich

A couple dressed in red exchanging a Valentine's day gift with heart-shaped balloons in the background
Pexels / Anna Tarazevich

Bottles of Champagne and bouquets of roses at the ready - Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you've got no idea what you’re going to do yet, fear not as we’ve come up with a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas, guaranteed to have something for everyone. 

From creative valentine's day date ideas to quiet at home home dates perfect for exchanging your Valentine's gifts for him or Valentine's gifts for her, you're bound to find something to suit you here. 

25 Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Get You Loved Up

Whether you fully embrace the cheese or want to avoid heart-shaped cringe at all costs, here are 25 unique Valentine’s date ideas that’ll make this year's celebration feel truly special. And don't forget to check out our edit of the best Valentine's day cards as well as a guide to the best Valentine's day messages.

Love is well and truly in the air…

Creative Valentine's Day Date Ideas

1. Have a Card-Crafting Contest

Two Valentine's day cards on a table
Unsplash / Mockaroon

Start stashing newspapers, magazine, cute packaging and old cards now, and challenge your partner to a card-off on February 14th. All you need is a couple of glue sticks, pens and scissors (although supplies like stickers, paints or glitter would also be very welcome at this party).

You can craft together or keep your designs a secret until the big reveal – it’s for you to decide whether the most inventive, hilarious or heart-warming creation wins. We also love this as an at home Valentine's day date - not every V-day needs a fancy restaurant!

2. Making Mixtapes

Sometimes songs can help us express feelings that we can't put into words, and making a mixtape is a great way of telling your partner how much they mean to you. Try and choose songs that hold special memories for both of you and don't worry if you don't have an old cassette tape on hand - a Spotify account will work just as well. 

If you're married, you could take songs from your wedding playlist and reminisce, and if you're engaged, what better way to start brainstorming for your first dance song?

3. Make a Time Capsule

Cardboard box full of mementos such as photographs and dried flowers
Pixabay / freestocks-photos

Freezing time may not be an option, but capturing a slice of it can be if you put together a couple’s time capsule. Use any reasonably-sized container, from a shoe box to a biscuit tin, and fill it with photos, ticket stubs, and other keepsakes, maybe even a letter to your future selves.

Then you just need to set a date for when you’ll open it – save it until next Valentine’s Day, or make the wait even longer.

4. Try Painting or Life Drawing

Go to a class or set up a scene at home (supplies like canvasses aren’t as expensive as you might think at craft stores). You might not be the next Georgia O’Keefe or Andy Warhol, but a little creativity goes a long way, especially if you make your partner your subject. Who knows, you might even end up loving your masterpieces so much you want to hang them on the wall…

There's also the option to attend a class without leaving your own home. Virtual art classes gained popularity over lockdown and show no signs of slowing down, like this Live Virtual Art Experience with Art Sippers. If this isn't a creative Valentine's Day date idea, we're not sure what is...

5. Recreate Your First Date

When it comes to recreating your first date, the budget for this Valentine’s Day date idea will, of course, depend on what you did the first time around. Whether it was a cinema trip followed by Nando’s or a whirlwind trip to Paris, it’ll be super meaningful, because it’s tailored to you two.

Get the details as accurate as you can – go to the same location, wear the same outfit, or resend the same message you sent before you met for the first time. You’ll get instant warm fuzzy feelings all over again as soon as you see them.

Fun Valentine's Day Date Ideas

6. Do a Library Book Swap

Shelves of library books
Pixabay / Pixabay

If you got married in a library wedding venue, or you're just a fellow bookworm, you don’t need to spend a single penny to make each other’s day. Head to your local library and spend an hour or so browsing for a title you think your partner will love, while they do the same.

Check them out, reveal your picks, and then head home to curl up to enjoy that all-important first chapter over a glass of wine or cup of tea. Bliss.

7. Enjoy Tapas at Salvador and Amanda

Fancy adding some Spanish flair to your Valentine's day celebrations? You and your partner can celebrate el día de San Valentín at Salvador and Amanda, a delicious Covent Garden-based tapas restaurant that's offering a £35pp menu.

You and your partner can enjoy a ham and cheese board, olives and bread, multiple tapas and dessert, all accompanied by low lighting and Latin music. ¡Qué romántico!

8. Book a Chocolate Tasting or Making Class

If you normally spend Valentine’s Day exchanging boxes of chocolates, this is an excellent way to elevate that idea even further. We love a foodie date, and chocolate tasting or making has got to be up there as one of the best. 

Check out this Bean to Bar experience with Hotel Chocolat - if this doesn't get your mouth watering, we don't know what will!

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8. Get Your Tarot Cards Read

Manicured hand lifts 'The Sun' card from a collection of tarot cards
Unsplash / Petr Sidorov

Tarot, along with all things astrological, is more popular than ever right now, which means there’s probably an amazing tarot card reader near you. Check the reviews to make sure you’re going to someone reputable and check to make sure they’ll read you as a couple. It can be a little spooky at first, but the predictions can be pretty magical.

If you don't fancy leaving the house, there are plenty of options for online readings, just like this Tarot Reading and Meditation Spiritual Guidance from Airbnb Experiences. 

9. Play Crazy Golf

It’s a classic Valentine's Day date idea for a reason. And golf courses are getting more and more unusual, with chains like Junkyard Golf offering epic indoor options in cities including London, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford. We’ve also spotted quite a few dinosaur mini golf courses appearing in various locations – adorable if your other half is a Jurassic Park fan.

There's no shortage of crazy golf locations and package - check out this food, drink and game package for two by Swingers for a truly memorable night!

10. Take a Spa Day

Spa days are the affordable alternative to a full-blown spa break weekend – you still get access to all of the facilities and there’s often a treatment included in your deal. Block out an afternoon to swim, sauna and scrub your cares away – you could even surprise your partner with a booking for afternoon tea as an extra treat.

This Indulgent Spa Day for Two package is available at multiple spas, meaning that no matter where you are in the country, you can relax and be pampered this Valentine's Day. 

What's more, we've also rounded up the best couples spa break packages for you to browse, with something for absolutely everyone!

11. Dig In at Pizza Express

Do you love pizza? Silly question - of course you do! Pizza Express is offering the ultimate Valentine's Day menu for pizza lovers. We LOVE the sound of this menu - a prosecco and raspberry mimosa with heart-shaped dough balls to start, followed by a hearty main and delicious dessert. 

The best part is that this menu runs every day from 11th - 14th February, meaning you can be flexible with when you plan your Valentine's Day date, and giving you plenty of time to celebrate your love of pizza and your partner. 

12. Go to a Dance Class

Salsa, jazz, ballroom, swing; there’s a dance style for everyone, even if you think you’ve got two left feet. Not only can mastering a dance together be pretty darn sexy, studies suggest that moving in sync with a partner can improve feelings of closeness, and it’s exercise that releases tons of endorphins, so you’ll both leave the studio on a natural happy high.

There are plenty of different styles of dance to suit all tastes and capabilities - with this Red Letter Days deal, you can have your choice of salsa, bachata or kizomba. 

13. Watch a Comedy Show

Studies have shown that laughing together helps people to open up to each other - it really is the best medicine. If you and your partner have been stressed lately or haven't been able to see much of each other due to busy work lives, why not catch a comedy show? It's the ideal way to let off some steam and laugh your worries away. 

14. Experience Love in the Air at Battersea Power Station

A couple take a selfie with a panoramic view of London in the background

This Valentine's Day, you and your partner can take things to the next level. Lift 109 is a thrilling viewpoint in the North-West chimney of the newly renovated Battersea Power Station, offering unparalleled 360 degree views of London. 

Even better news; on Valentine's Day, Lift 109 will be decorated with beautiful floral arrangements to add an extra romantic flair. If you fancy a little privacy, private ascents can be arranged complete with a butler serving champagne and even some live string music.

15. Enjoy a Mini Break

Sometimes there's nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle to spend some quality time with your partner. Valentine's Day is one of the top times of the year to find a good deal on a countryside stay - just like the Valentine's Day overnight stay at Warwick Castle, with a candlelit dinner, prosecco and breakfast, for only £174 per person. Don't miss out!

We also have a range of minimoon hotels in the UK which are perfect for a romantic getaway this Valentine's Day. 

16. Fall in Love All Over Again at Spinningfields

Looking for an extra special way to celebrate your love? Spinningfields Manchester is holding the ultimate Valentine's Day experience 'With Love, Spinningfields x' - we're talking surprise love songs, a string quartet, personalised love stories and the ultimate photo op in front of huge neon song lyrics. 

Whether you want to celebrate with your Val or your pal, With Love, Spinningfields x is packed full of love, music and art - a great way to make memories this Valentine's Day. 

17. A Night At The Museum

Museum dates are always a hit - what could be more romantic than strolling around hand in hand talking about art and history together? For your Valentine's Day date, take this one step further by making it a night time event. Plenty of museums, including the Museum of Natural History, offer late night events for lovers to experience what the museum has to offer after dark. 

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18. Paint and Sip

What's better than making art? Making art while drinking wine obviously! There are plenty of boozy art classes all around the country, which can be known as Paint and Sip, or Drink and Draw - no matter the name, you can be guarantee that you and your partner will have the time of your life. 

Here, you can have a creative Valentine's Day date and still feel super fancy. 

19. Afternoon Tea at the Gherkin

Circular tables with floral centrepieces in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of London
Searcy's The Gherkin

Dainty finger sandwiches, delicious scones, crumbly pastries - who could ever say no to afternoon tea? And we have some excellent news for afternoon tea lovers - Searcy's at the Gherkin is running a special Valentine's day afternoon tea for £80 per guest. 

This London wedding venue offers unmatched views of the London skyline from inside one of it's most iconic buildings. This Valentine's Day, treat yourself and your partner to a one-of-a-kind experience. 

At Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

20. Play Movie Roulette

Suggesting a night in front of the TV is too obvious (if you’re anything like us, you probably do that most nights already!) but if you’re intent on Netflix and chilling, there is a way that you can make it a little more interesting. Open your chosen app, select movies, close your eyes, scroll and hit play, and if Netflix is your service of choice, you can also use their 'Surprise Me' feature!

The ideas is that you have to watch whatever you've selected, no matter what it might be, and you probably won’t be able to tell until after the opening sequence. Maybe you’ll end up with an Oscar winner, maybe you’ll end up with Sharknado.

You may even end up watching an iconic wedding film! It’s all part of the fun.

21. Snuggle up and Try Stargazing

Two silhouetted figures watching the stars
Unsplash / Ryan Jacobson

If it’s not too chilly and the sky is clear, stargazing is a delightful idea for a Valentine's Day date at home. Put on your warmest coats, make up a flask of hot chocolate and Google the major constellations to see if you can spot them (or failing that, make shapes and invent your own).

The beauty of stargazing is you can do it anywhere, even your own back garden, but you have the best chance of seeing the really breathtaking sights as far away as possible from a city. To make a real event of it, head out to a nearby park, hill or beach and enjoy the view - check out this stargazing event at Brecons Beacons observatory for a truly magical experience. 

22. Host a Two-Person Games Night

All you really need for this is a pack of cards and a competitive spirit, but if you want to up the stakes, there are tons of two-player games you can battle it out with; Jenga, Bananagrams, Scrabble, Connect 4 and scaled-down versions of classics like Monopoly Deal, to name just a few. Line up a few, draw up a leader board, and may the best gamer win. As for the prize? That’s for you to decide.

You could even give our Mr & Mrs Quiz a go - it can very easily be adapted to Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs and can get pretty competitive... 

23. Make an Indoor Picnic

If you or your partner’s idea of a dream dinner is sausage rolls and scotch eggs, this is the Valentine’s Day date idea for you. We all love a picnic, but February isn't the best time of year to head down to the local park. Spread out your biggest blanket in the living room or bedroom and light a few candles to set the scene. Of course, when it comes to food, you can go as casual or as chic as you like.

Pinterest has tons of ideas for clever platters and salads that have serious wow-factor but are actually super simple – and cost-effective – to put together. 

24. Do a Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect option for fun-loving and creative partners. Choose one of you to create an exciting scavenger hunt packed full of clues to lead the other around the house and plan a fun surprise at the end - perhaps a nice meal or a present. 

You can take the experience to the next level by basing all the clues on important events or memories from your relationship. How sweet!

25. Mix Your Own Cocktails

Three cocktails in glasses with straws and fruit garnishes
Unsplash / Kobby Mendez

Head online for a cheap shaker, and go for it with the garnishes: we’re talking citrus slices, edible flowers, fresh herbs, the works. To keep costs down, buy one bottle of spirit that you can use to make multiple cocktails: vodka, for example, can be used in anything from a cosmo to an espresso martini.

You don't even have to plan your own menu if you don't want to; there are plenty of cocktail-at-home kits like this luxury cocktail kit for two from Virgin Experience Days. There’s only one golden rule for this date idea: don’t forget the ice.

Need more inspiration? Don’t miss our roundup of the best date night ideas for all budgets as well as these winter date ideas – there’s bound to be something you and your partner will love in there...