11 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Kanye West

You are a genius. You are basically a god. So embrace that and have the wedding you deserve, in true Kanye West style


Can you remember life before Kanye West? We can’t – and frankly, we don’t want to. So we’ve come up with 11 ways to make your wedding more Kanye. As the man himself says: “Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?”


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Go Golden

We ain’t saying you’re a gold digger…but Mr West is about the finer things in life, and you should be too. Why would you have a pretty vintage wedding or a romantic rustic affair when everything can (and should be) gold. Choose a gold cake, gold bridesmaid dresses and if you want an alternative wedding bouquet, go for a glittering brooch bouquet. If you really want to steal Kimye’s style, why not opt for white bridesmaid dresses?


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Have a Wall of Flowers

Why aren’t you already having a wall of flowers? We are currently petitioning to have one in the Hitched HQ office so you absolutely need one at your wedding. Take many pictures in front of it, and spend days of your honeymoon editing them on Instagram for the perfect snap to release to your fans.


Image credit: instagram.com/kimkardashian

Instagram Your Wedding

Speaking of Instagram, obviously you and your guests have to include your big day online- none of this ‘unplugged’ rubbish. You have fans to please! Regularly update them with Instagram posts and make sure you come up with a good wedding hashtag. You deserve lots of Instagram likes.


Image credit: instagram.com/kimkardashian

Make a Speech

It’s no secret Kanye West has a high opinion of himself. As he said to Zane Lowe in 2013: “When someone comes up and says something like ‘I am a God’,’ everybody says ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A god. I just told you. That’s who I think I am.” So you should think of yourself in a similar style and give a speech to the adoring masses who attend your wedding. Kanye reportedly made a 45 minute toast about himself at his wedding to Kim Kardashian – why not do the same, but for an hour?


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Don’t Wait to Celebrate

You’ve finally found someone worthy of your time and attention to marry. Don’t celebrate that beautiful, wonderful fact for just one day. Be like Kim and Kanye – they knew the whole world was so excited about their wedding, so they celebrated it for as long as possible to give everyone the chance to share in their joy.

Do the same for your friends and family (and fans) and have a pre-wedding celebration. Not at the local pub though. Go extreme and head to a completely different country before travelling to another one for your wedding – and put everything on social media. You’ve got to build the hype!


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Have a Photo Booth

This one might have been more Kim than Kanye – we know she’s a fan of a selfie! So have a photo booth so you and your guests have even more social media selfie opportunities. It saves money on wedding favours too! Kim and Kanye went for classic black and white pictures – seriously stylish. Will Smith’s son rocking a white Batman suit is optional.


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Get Matching Outfits

I know what you’re thinking – ‘matching wedding dresses?!’ But don’t be so silly. We’re talking customised leather biker jackets, preferably with ‘Just Married’ on the back. But if that’s a little done for you now, what about your new married surname? Then have lots of pictures taken in them. Obviously.


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Round Up Your Entourage

You’re nothing without an entourage. Did Kanye choose the Kardashian life, or did the Kardashian life choose him? We’ll never know, regardless of how many hours we lie awake pondering that. But make like Kanye and fondly think of your new family as an entourage – it makes you feel ten times more diva. Same goes for bridesmaids and groomsmen – and don’t let them step out of line! We’ve got a guide to explain how to deal with a bad bridesmaid.


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Give Your Guests Outlandish Names

Kanye doesn’t deal with normal names – his children are called North and Saint West! So don’t let your friend John Smith ruin the table plan with his boring name. Jazz it up – his new name can be ‘Forrester Bloom’. Continue in the same vein until your table plan is suitably unique.

Don’t Over Smile

Your smiles are precious and only for those who truly deserve them. When did you last see Kanye truly smile? Probably in 2005. So don’t go round flashing a grin or people might think you’re so down-to-earth that you might actually be enjoying yourself. Careful now.


Image credit: instagram.com/kimkardashian

Glam up Your Gift List

A toaster? Do you think Yeezy has ever in his life asked for a toaster? Make sure you have a suitably celebrity wedding gift list. Kanye bought Kim a portrait of her wearing just Louboutins and a G-string and called it ‘Perfect B*tch’. So think hard about what you put on your gift list. Salad servers are a no.

Find out more about wedding gift lists


We’ll end this guide with some more Kanye wisdom: “For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and myself.” So steal his style and have a genius wedding! If you want even more celebrity inspiration (and of course you do), be sure to check out our celebrity inspired wedding dresses – which includes Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous gown.