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Princess Cut Engagement Rings: 17 Perfect Options for You to Choose From

A princess cut engagement ring is a classic choice, and a really timeless piece. This selection of 17 rings shows all the different variations you can choose from.

Princess cut engagement rings are square by design, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring. This stunning cut adds lots of angles to your diamond or chosen stone, allowing light to refract beautifully through it (giving you added sparkle).

For something simple and elegant you can’t beat one stone, but we love princess cut engagement rings in all their guises. Just like any other style of ring these beauties come in all sorts of arrangements – small, large, three-stone, halo. We could go on. The one thing that unites all these individual designs is their stunning finish, they’re a really gorgeous spread of different styles.

Below is a selection of our favourite kind of princess cut engagement rings to help you get a better idea of whether or not you think it’s the design for you. Happy browsing.

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Baguette Shoulder Art Deco Ring – The Cut London

Baguette Shoulder Art Deco Ring

Despite its vintage appearance this gorgeous ring is actually a modern design. With a princess cut diamond at its heart it is flanked by four baguette cut, slimmer diamonds on either side, giving it a really strong presence. This striking design is made by Rachel Boston, who specialises in bespoke pieces, so you can play with things like diamond size and shape, as well as metal type, depending on what you’re looking for.

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Trio Diamond Ring – Tomfoolery London

Trio Diamond Ring

Made from yellow gold, we think this simplistic modern design has something almost elven about it. We love the unusual bezel set of the stones that help give the design a real point of difference. The neatly-sized diamonds lend themselves perfectly to being inlaid to the band itself and make this the perfect piece for someone who loves understated chic.

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Diamond Band and Halo Ring – Goldsmiths

Diamond Band And Halo Ring

Adding sparkle at every opportunity, this ring is a gorgeously feminine and romantic piece that is sure to stand the test of time in the style stakes. Made in platinum, a precious metal which is even more rare than gold, it really allows the diamonds to sparkle. Because of the sprinkling of diamonds all over this halo ring we think this would be incredible paired with a diamond wedding band, rounding things off with another band of twinkling stones.

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Solitaire Rose Gold Ring – Goldsmiths

Solitaire Rose Gold Ring

If you’re looking for a classic design with a modern twist then a rose gold setting could be the perfect choice. With a simple solitaire setting this stunning ring directs all the attention to that gorgeous princess cut stone. With its warmth and romance rose gold has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why – we certainly love it.

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Tapered Baguette Shoulder Ring – Mr Harold and Sons

Tapered Baguette Shoulder Ring

A trilogy ring gives you three diamonds, and who wouldn’t want that? This timeless design has tapered baguette shoulders which elongate the ring for a sophisticated and slender finish. The platinum setting is minimalist in design which helps to frame the diamonds without distracting any attention from them, a really beautiful piece.

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Classic Princess Solitaire – Debeers

Classic Princess Solitaire

If you want to make sure your princess cut stone really stands out then a solitaire setting is ideal. We love the simple design of this yellow gold ring, with the four claws holding everything beautifully in place. You’re able to choose different levels of clarity and colour of your stone with this ring, to suit your budget or style preference.

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Rene Baguette Deco Ring – Tom Foolery

Rene Baguette Deco Ring

This stunning design is really different, making sure your engagement ring is as unique as you are. We love the vintage Art Deco feel and think it would look gorgeous stacked up with a few other rings, for a modern take on an antique-inspired design. The baguette surround and sides ensure you get a bit more bling for your buck (because who wouldn’t want more diamonds?) and give the princess cut stone even more of an angular edge for a clean cut finish.

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Three Stone Openset Ring – Steven Stone

Three Stone Openset Ring

The clean lines of this design give it a really stunning finish, making sure there are no unnecessary details, just a classic finish. The striking three stone arrangement of the diamonds ensure you get plenty of bling in a timeless style. It’s possible to alter the size of your diamonds with this design, depending on what you’re looking for.

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Reflection Princess Ring – Hirsh London

Reflection Princess Ring

Sometimes, when it comes to an engagement ring, it’s the little details that set it apart from the rest. With this gorgeous design it’s the tapered shoulders and double claw design that make it all the more beautiful. With the shoulder diamonds graduated in size there’s a pretty slender look to the band and the main stone is given plenty of room to shine with the subtle platinum surround.

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Classic Princess Cut Ring – Amazon

Classic Princess Cut Ring

If the main appeal of a princess cut ring for you is the central stone then you might want to consider a pretty solitaire style. This clean, classic design lets the diamond really be the star of the show. We love that the main band is gold but the claws are silver to make sure that there’s nothing taking away from the stone’s sparkle. Because that’s what we’re all here for after all, isn’t it?

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Soleste Halo Ring In Platinum – Tiffany

Soleste Halo Ring In Platinum

If you’re after the ultimate engagement ring you don’t get much more luxurious than a Tiffany number. The Soleste is one of their most renowned designs, coming in all different shapes and sizes. The princess cut version is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds with a sparkly diamond-set band too, for added bling.

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Split Shoulder Halo Engagement Ring – Steven Stone

Split Shoulder Halo Engagement Ring

Steven Stone have doubled the diamonds on this beautiful engagement ring band by splitting the shoulders. We love the architectural lines it gives the overall design, while it frames the main princess-cut stone perfectly too. With the rose gold setting there’s a gorgeous warm glow to this heirloom-style piece.

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White Gold Diamond Band Ring – Tom Foolery

White Gold Diamond Band Ring

This delicate engagement ring is a beautifully simple design, with one princess cut stone in the middle and a little line of diamonds going down the band on either side. Because of the white gold setting the stones really sparkle, for a pretty finish that’s sure to capture attention.

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The Ruberg Ring – The Cut London

The Ruberg Ring

The minimalist, modern design of this princess cut engagement ring has a really unique and simple look. The standard claws have been replaced by two long sides instead, for a striking finish that accentuates the square shape of the central stone. And instead of the usual polished metal the platinum has been left buffed, for a more matte feel, which we love.

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Vintage Pavé Halo Engagement Ring – Steven Stone

Vintage Pavé Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to making an impact you can’t beat a halo setting, and this particular one has a gorgeous antique look for a really classic finish. There are diamonds down the band and surrounding the main stone which gives incredible sparkle, while the clipped corners add a touch of Art Deco design.

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Trilogy Promise Ring In White Gold – Amazon

Trilogy Promise Ring In White Gold

If you love a princess cut stone then this little chap gives you three no less. We love the angular shape of having more than one of these prettily cut stones in a row and the white gold setting allows each diamond to really sparkle. The sentiment behind the name of this gorgeous engagement piece is beautiful too, a promise ring to keep forever.

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The Hayes Engagement Ring – Queensmith

The Hayes Engagement Ring

Sometimes it’s all the details of a ring that add up to make it such a stunning piece, and with this example we think it’s the combination of the diamond, the claws and the band that makes it so striking. The diamond is princess cut, with all those beautiful lines adding a whole heap of sparkle. The claws are simple to allow the stone to take centre stage. And the band is polished and curved for pretty reflection.

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