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Bridal Lashes: Everything You Need to Know About False Eyelashes for Your Wedding

For the ultimate fluttery lashes for your wedding, here’s everything you need to know about the best wedding false lashes, including the best 3/4 length lashes

Groom kissing a bride on the cheek. the bride has subtle wedding makeup including defined bridal lashes and a white bridal headband
pexels/evgeniy volivach

Groom kissing a bride on the cheek. the bride has subtle wedding makeup including defined bridal lashes and a white bridal headband
pexels/evgeniy volivach

False eyelashes and lash extensions tend to be associated with a super-glam look, but makeup artist Sara Sordillo considers bridal lashes to be a wedding day essential. 

“I always try to encourage people to go for false lashes on their wedding day,” she says. “You’re often being photographed from afar, and mascara isn’t enough to bring out your lashes and give your eyes a beautiful frame.”

Wearing false lashes doesn’t mean you have to go for heavy makeup, though. Gone are the days when falsies meant thick black lashes - nowadays wedding lashes can be as delicate and subtle as you like, emphasising your wedding makeup for a pretty, Bambi-eyed beauty look. 

But if you’re a novice when it comes to false lashes, it can be intimidating trying to choose the best ones for you. 

“If you’re new to wearing lashes, 3/4 length lashes are the best and easiest introduction to false lashes,” says Sara. This style of lash is easier to apply as you don’t need to line them up as precisely along your eyelid. 

“I recommend Eylure Fluttery Light 008, £5.95, for a natural style or Eylure Most Wanted Accent Infatuated, £8, for a more glam look. You don’t usually need to trim them as they will fit almost all eyes and give a great flare to the outer corner of your eyes,” Sara advises. 

If you’ve never rocked a false lash before, remember they might feel strange at first because you’re not used to wearing them. Give it an hour and they’ll feel like you own lashes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Lashes

Bride with a veil flying away from her looking at the camera with well defined false eyelashes
pexels/studio negarin

We tapped Sara for her expert knowledge on wedding lashes - and picked up a few crucial tips.

1. Do a Trial Run With Your Wedding Lashes 

“If you’re doing your own makeup, always practice applying both the makeup and lashes a few times before the big day,” advises Sara. She suggests wearing your wedding makeup for a full day to see how it lasts and how the lashes feel.

Along the same lines, if you’re hiring a professional to do your wedding makeup, make sure they know you want to wear false lashes, and keep them on for the whole day following your wedding makeup trial

This will help you discover if you’re happy with how the lashes feel and look, or if you’d like to dry a different set of false lashes. 

2. Take Photos In Your Wedding Lashes

“Photograph yourself wearing your wedding lashes from further away, as your wedding pictures will be on the day,” advises Sara.

“We often go straight to the mirror, with our noses so close to it, and think the false lashes look unnatural,” she cautions. “If we step back and see the whole look, especially on camera, you can see how your eyes pop and sparkle.”

If you still feel that your lashes are too much when looked at from far away, try a lighter set. 3/4 lashes are the best for a define look that isn’t over the top.

3. Choose The Right Lashes For Your Eyes

There’s a fool proof way to choose the best wedding false lashes and it all depends on the shape of your eyes, according to Sara. See her recommendations below:

False lashes for downturned eyes: “Choose lashes that flick up and out at the ends to help lift the eyes,” says Sara.

Try: Eylure Luxe Cameo, £9.95

False lashes for almond-shaped eyes: If you have almond-shaped eyes, you have the choice of a wide range of lashes as most will complement and flatter you, according to Sara. 

Try: Eylure Most Wanted Lush Crush, £10

False lashes for hooded eyes: If you have hooded eyes, accentuating the centre will open them up for a wider look, Sara says. With this in mind, look for wedding lashes that are fuller and longer in the middle, and tapered towards the end. 

Try: Eylure Most Wanted Gimme Gimme, £12

False lashes for round eyes: Round eyes tend to be big and beautiful, with soft, fluttery almond shaped lashes being an excellent choice.

Try: Eylure Eco Lash & Stash Party Ready, £9.99

False lashes for monolid eyes: People with monolid eyes often have straight lashes, so a false lash with a curl to it will open the eyes in the centre for a wide-eyed look. 

Try: Eylure Fluttery 117, £6

How To Apply False Eyelashes with Bridal Makeup

Woman using a rose gold eyelash curler to curl her eyelashes
pexels/karolina grabowska

There’s an art to applying false lashes, and you should definitely get some practice ahead of your wedding day.

Sara recommends curling your natural lashes first, before applying mascara - this is especially important if your natural lash colour is lighter than your false lashes. 

Sara also suggests applying a thin line of eyeliner as close to the water line  as possible, because this will help the lash band blend seamlessly into your lashes.

“Place the false lashes, without any glue, onto the eye looking down. If the lash strip is longer than your eyelid, trim this off and discard the excess.

“Now trim the lashes into thirds. This will be easier to apply, especially with a pair of tweezers, as you do not need to line up one long lash band,” advises Sara. “It’s easier to place smaller sections along the lash line.”

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If your lashes aren’t pre-glued, apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band, then make sure you wait approximately 20-30 seconds for the lash glue to go tacky before application. It’ll stop them from slipping and sliding as you apply.

Apply your false lashes with a pair of tweezers instead of your fingers. Press the lashes along your lash line, starting at the inside corner of the eye.

Once applied, use your index finger and thumb to gently press the false lash and your natural lashes together to help blend them. 

A pro tip is to look down when applying false lashes. “When you close one eye at a time, often the lash line will pucker up and when you open them the lashes will come off on the corners,” explains Sara.

Another top tip from Sara is that if you have one eye you struggle with, do that one first. “You will have more patience and a steady hand at the start of applying lashes rather than struggling at the end and getting frustrated because the first application was easier,” she notes. 

Finding applying false lashes too tricky? Enter lash extensions…

Should I Get Lash Extensions For My Wedding?

Woman having individual wedding lash extensions applied with a tweezer
pexels/nataliya vaitkevich

Lash extensions have the same benefits of false lashes, accentuating your eyes and making you look wide awake, without the worry of them falling off. “Lash extensions will provide an extra confidence boost for all those moments that will be captured on camera,” adds Debbie Law, international lash trainer at Nouveau Lashes.

Lash extensions must be applied by a professional, and the appointment tends to take a couple of hours to apply a full set. ​​Once they’re in place lash extensions can last up to eight weeks, seeing you through from your wedding day to your honeymoon

“You want your eyelashes to look as perfect as possible on the big day, so make sure to get them applied just a few days before the wedding,” says Debbie. “This will also give you a chance to get used to the feeling of the lashes.”

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Debbie does advise a lash extension trial ahead of your wedding, though. “I would recommend you come in for lash extensions two or three weeks before your wedding to determine the look you’re after, and to check how you get on with extensions. 

“Lash extensions are not a one look fits all treatment, for best results they need to be tailored to the person,” Debbie cautions. Your lash technician will ask the style you’re going for on your wedding day, and determine the extensions she applies. “Lash extensions should complement a look, not dominate it,” she adds. 

As with many bridal beauty treatments, have your lash extensions trial before your makeup trial so you can see if the two work well together. 

The Best 3/4 Lashes for Your Wedding

Here are our top five picks for the best 3/4 lashes for your wedding - ideal if you want more defined bridal lashes but you don’t want anything too over the top. Read on to see the best lashes for your bridal makeup!

1. Eylure Length 009 Lashes - £6, Look Fantastic

Delicate three quarter length false bridal lashes in pink packaging

These delicate lashes are ideal for provided a subtle ‘lifted’ effect, and are a total bargain at just £6. The three-quarter length lashes have a distinctive curl to them so they’ll add a gentle but dramatic flair to your wedding makeup.

They’re ideal if you want a more natural wedding beauty look, with reviewers stating that they create a ‘simple look’ and are’ good for several uses’.

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2. Eyelure Most Wanted 3/4 Length Lashes - £10, ASOS

Packet of thicker looking three quarter length fake eyelashes

If the first lot of lashes listed were a little too low-impact for you, check out these 3/4 bridal lashes from ASOS. The Eyelure Most Wanted lashes definitely provide a little more drama, with a fuller line of lashes. 

ASOS users have rated them 4.8 stars out of five, and include reviews such as ‘by far the best lashes I have ever used’, and ‘Don’t need to trim these, quick and easy to wear.’

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3. Huda Beauty Shortie 16 Camille - £17, Feel Unique

Long, dramatic three quarter length false eyelashes displayed in a pastel pink trimmed box

These lashes include double stacked end-pieces that are subtly crossed over, adding volume and length to your natural lashes. If you’re looking for subtle drama, these are the lashes for you.

Designed by celebrity makeup artist Huda Kattan, the EAZY LASH collection is designed for beginners or for women looking for quick beauty solutions, making these a great choice if you’re considering doing your own wedding makeup

The reviews from users are overwhelmingly positive, with two reviewers stating they are their ‘favourite lashes’ and another writing: ‘amazing quality lashes!’

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4. Sweed Lashes Tête À Tête - £12.50, Cult Beauty

Circular box containing a pair of three quarter length bridal lashes

These elegant 3/4 lashes come in black or brown, so you can choose the shade that makes your eye colour ‘pop’ the most.

Sweed Lashes were created by makeup artist Gabrielle Elio, after she became frustrated with low-quality false lashes during her career. Her creations focus on flexibility and strength, whilst remaining ultra-lightweight. 

The lashes can be used up to 10 times with proper care, and create a natural but full look. Reviews of the product mention that they are ‘comfortable to wear’ and ‘great for almond shaped eyes’.

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5. Tatti Lashes X ASOS Exclusive Natural Accent False Lashes - £8, ASOS

Packet of 3D Faux Mink 3/4 length false eyelashes from the TATTI X ASOS collection

These 3D faux mink lashes are part of the Tatti Lashes and ASOS collaboration - they are thick, fluffy and comfortable to wear, and provide a very natural looking lift to your own lashes. A great pick if you don’t want anything too obvious for your bridal lashes. 

One reviewer describes them as: ‘Super subtle accent lash that gives an overall natural finish’.

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Can You Cry Wearing False Lashes?

Many of us shed a tear on our wedding day, which can be cause for concern for your bridal lashes, but Sara explains it isn’t always a disaster. 

“It really depends on how you wipe your tears away,” she shares. “The lash glue should hold up to a teary eye and some falling tears. If you gently blot the tears away the lashes will stay in place.”

It’s when you rub your eyes you’re likely to see issues. “If you rub your eyes when you cry, most likely you will rub the lashes off.”

If you know you tend to cry a lot at weddings, lash extensions could be a better choice for your wedding lashes. 

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