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Example Wedding Speeches


Visitors to hitched.co.uk who have found the site useful in planning their wedding speeches have kindly agreed to show their speeches here on the site to help you. All of the speeches are very different in content and style so you should be able to pick one that suits you.

We are always after more speeches that we can publish to help with future wedding speeches, so once the big day is over please send us a copy and encourage the rest of the wedding party to do the same. Thanks and good luck.

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Best man Speeches

Scott Jones
Sep 2015

Chris B.
May 2014

Stuart McMinn
Jul 2013

Martin Shepherd
May 2012

Sep 2014

Peter Burt
May 2007

Neil Harris
May 2007

Andrew Marr
Jun 2007

Lloyd Shepherd
Aug 2007

John Lockett
May 2007

Bride Speeches

Sofia Berry
May 2012

Jenny Vaughan
Aug 2014

Aug 2014

Apr 2011

cerys richards
Apr 2014

Emma House
Aug 2014

Kelly Lewis
Jun 2002

Mrs G
Jun 2012

Fiona MacDonald
Jan 2014

Amelia Woodgrove
Oct 2010

Father of the bride/groom Speeches

Roy Sharpe
Aug 2015

Apr 2001

Rick Pearson
Jul 2014

Gary Huntley
Jun 2015

Leo Mason
Jun 2014

Terry Barker
May 2015

Aug 2013

Tim O
Jun 2015

David priestley
May 2015

frank dartford
Nov 2014

Groom Speeches

Nov 2015

Stuart K.
May 2015

John Martin
Oct 2015

Oct 2015

Rob H
Aug 2013

Andrew Duffin
Jan 2008

Aug 2007

Leigh M
Jun 2015

Simon Kennedy
Feb 2007

Kevin Watt
May 2007

Maid of honour/Best woman Speeches

Catherine H
Oct 2015

Courtney C
Aug 2015

Jamie M
Jun 2015

Jul 2014

Katie C.
Jun 2015

May 2014

Jessica Lowe
Sep 2012

Catherine Roper
Jul 2009

May 2014

Aug 2006

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