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Speech by James

Check out this short yet wonderful best man speech by James!

Speech Creator: James

Speech Date: June 2019

“Hi! For those of you who don’t know me I’m James, Cameron’s best man. When Cam asked me to be his best man I felt honoured and had to say yes.

I’ve known Cameron for 8 years now, and he’s asked me to talk today about what a great guy he is, so I can honestly say that he is handsome, brilliant, funny and char…. (TURN TO GROOM) … Cam, I can’t read your writing. What’s this last word?

Since we first met, I have seen his transformation from an awkward youth to a slightly less awkward adult and it’s my great pleasure to speak on this important occasion. We met back in 2011 when Cameron came to the SVR for a week on the footplate with Gary. We struck up a good friendship and it’s stayed like that ever since. One of the first things I remember him telling me, and every other person he spoke to whether he knew them or not, was that he’d been firing on the mainline up in Scotland with his good friend Ian.

Since 2011, Cameron’s been more frequent here, especially after he moved here after living with his grandparents in Scotland for many years. Sadly they were unable to join us here today but did manage to watch their grandson getting married thanks to the wonders of technology and video calling. I think it’s safe to say that they’re immensely proud of Cameron sitting here today with Alicia next to him as his wife and his two sons Ryan and Callum.

There is one very important person missing from this top table and that is Cameron’s Dad, who very sadly passed away in March 1997. However, I’m sure that he would be so proud to see his boy finally become a man and marry someone who makes him so very happy and has given him two beautiful boys.

(Toast – To Cameron’s Dad)
So if you would all please raise a glass…………to Cameron’s Dad who sadly cant be with us today. cheers!

Of course, we wouldn’t be here today without Alicia and her ability to do what Cameron failed to do, and that is get down on one knee and put a ring on it. I often think that Alicia makes Cameron look good which is a difficult task I know, but she manages this simply by standing next to him. Alicia I’d like to take this opportunity to say how beautiful you look today. Cam – hmmm you could have scrubbed a little harder behind the ears, but not a bad effort for you.

Whilst doing my research about a best mans speech I came across some important information about marriage and would like to pass it on to you both.
Alicia would you please place your hand on the table please. (She does). Cam I’d like you to place your hand on top of Alicia’s hand. (He does). (Now, turning to Cam and looking directly at him) – I’m told this is the last time you’ll have the upper hand so make the most of it.

On behalf of the bridesmaids and myself I would like to thank Cameron and Alicia for asking us to be part of their special day. I know you’ve both put a lot of hard work and effort into getting everything ready for today and it’s amazing.

I could go on taking the mick out of Cameron all day long but other people need to speak plus my beers run out/getting warm and let’s face it, Cameron can humiliate himself enough without my help.


I wish the 2 of you a long and happy marriage together. Alicia I know Cameron has a soft and loving side for you and the boys. I know that you will both make each other very happy and you are everything that he needs.

Just please try and look after him as he struggles to look after himself.

So everyone, please raise your glasses to the bride and groom, congratulations!”