Bridal Shower Ideas You Can Host at Home: 15 Super Fun Themes

Planning a bridal shower can be stressful, so why not keep the plans close to home and host an occasion that your girls will absolutely love


Bridal showers are so much fun, especially for the bride. 

You get to open presents, play bridal shower games, spend time with your favourite girls and talk non-stop about your future wedding without anyone telling you to stop. 

We have the best bridal shower ideas that you can plan and enjoy in the comfort of your own home and we just know you and your guests will love them. 


Everyone loves BBQ food and in the summer months, what could be more perfect than celebrating a bridal shower out in the sun? Cook up loads of char-grilled grub and enjoy the glorious weather. This will make for a really chilled out bridal shower for more relaxed brides who prefer a calmer celebration.

Your Essential: A Piece Of’s personalised Prosecco apron. If Prosecco’s involved, then so are we.

prosecco apron

Wine Tasting

Grab a selection of your favourite luxury wines, red, white and rosé and host a wine tasting bridal shower. It truly makes for the best day or evening and who better to do it with than your favourite girls? It's like an extra special girls night in, and it can help you decide what wines to serve at your wedding. 

Your Essential: The Little Kit Company’s wine making kit – that will really impress your girls. 

wine making kit

Couples Shower

If you’re the type of couple who likes breaking the rules, why not have a joint shower with your partner at your home. There are no laws to say that this can’t happen and actually we think it’s a really cute thing to do. This works especially well if you have a close-knit group of friends who will enjoy all hanging out together.

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his and hers wine glasses


Bonfires don’t have to just be for Guy Fawkes Night… You can have one right in the comfort of your own back garden to celebrate your engagement. You can sit around the fire, toast marshmallows and embrace a seriously girly night with some warm Bailey's hot chocolate. Mm we like the sound of this. 

Your Essential: Chocolate melting campfire kit from Choc on Choc for you the girls to enjoy. 

chocolate marshmallows


Tapas is the best food in the world because you get to eat 100 different dishes without having to feel like a piggy. Re-create this for your bridal shower and have each one of your guests bring a dish. You could make it worldly and assign a country to each person and they have to bring a plate of food from that origin. The buffet will truly be a feast and while you’re educating yourselves on food of the world, add in some wacky wedding trivia in a quiz form as entertainment.

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wedding fortune cookies

Fun & Games

All bridal showers have fun games – some generic and some wackier than you could imagine. Why not take games really seriously and devote your whole bridal shower to it. Whether its indoor board games or outdoor sports, you and the ladies in your life can have a fun-filled day of competing… Whilst drinking some cheeky cocktails.

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personalised rounders kit

Spa Day

We know what you’re thinking; most brides don’t live in a spa. That’s why we’re suggesting bringing the spa to you. Stock up on every pampering tool that this earth has. Facemasks, foot spa’s, and some cucumbers for those eyes. You can relax and stay chilled whilst gossiping profusely about all of your wedding plans.

Your Essential: This sign from Letteroom is the perfect accessory for your spa day at home. 

spa sign

Cake Tasting

Who doesn’t love cake? It’s the best invention in the whole world (after designer wedding shoes) and we think your bridal shower should be full of it. Use it as a great opportunity to trial flavours for your actual wedding cake and have each guest bring a different cake. You could even have your own Great British Cake Off and spend a day baking cakes together… and we all know what comes after the baking – the eating!

Your Essential: Let everyone know which cake is yours with this fabulous personalised ‘baked by’ stencil from Sophia Victoria Joy. 

cake stencil

Afternoon Tea

You’re all classy ladies, right? And classy ladies need classy ways to spend their classy time and we think an afternoon tea themed bridal shower is the perfect way to do so. You can enjoy scones, flavoured tea, and decorate your garden with lots of lavish lace and bunting to set the scene.

Your Essential: This Alice in Wonderland inspired bunting and cake stand from Postbox Party is your perfect afternoon tea accessory.  

alice in wonderland theme

Cocktail Making

All you need for this is lots of alcohol, some fancy glasses, and brilliant company. You can get umpteen amounts of cocktail recipes online and in cocktail books – it’s easy. To make the evening even more special, you and all of your bridal shower guests could each make your own signature cocktail, name it, and have them on the menu at your wedding.

Your Essential: No cocktail is complete without a funky glass and they don’t get much more glam than these copper rose glasses from Oh So Cherished. 

rose gold glasses


When the sun is shining, it would be rude not to make the most of it and hosting a bridal shower picnic is a great way to spend time with the ladies you love the most. Get some posh wicker hampers and fill them with all the sweet treats and tasty sandwiches your hearts can desire. Lay some pretty blankets down or hire a couple of vintage benches and don’t forget the strawberries and champagne for dessert.

Your Essential: This gorgeous picnic hamper from Dibor even has the space to strap in four Prosecco glasses – we’re sold. 

picnic hamper

Bridal Awards

Celebrate your bridal status in style by hosting the bridal awards. Have your trusted future maid of honour create a list of awards like ‘the class clown’ and ‘the workaholic’ for all your girls to vote on when they arrive. Keep the drinks flowing and the humour light and give mini favours as the award. You can even use these to allocate jobs – ‘the party animal’ can organise your hen-do and ‘the control freak’ can help you with your table plan.

Your Essential: For each award, the winner can be given their own personalised walk of fame Hollywood star like this one from MixPixie. 

hollywood star

DIY Shower

Having a DIY wedding? Use the bridal shower to your absolute advantage and have a crafty day or evening. If you have loads of wedding invitations to create, or metres of DIY bunting to make, get all of your girls to help and let the creative juices flow. This is also really cute because it means that they are playing a part in the wedding organisation whether it be sealing envelopes or making 500 giant pompoms, they will love it.

Your Essential: These DIY tassel garlands from Hope and Willow are so super pretty – if you don’t get them, we totally will.

tassel garlands


Karaoke is super fun and can be done in the comfort of your own home with some high spirits and a serious amount of Prosecco. It’s also a great chance to practise all of your Disney wedding songs before the big day. You could ask each guest to request one song beforehand and literally re-make Top of the Pops for an evening – and we want front row tickets!

Your Essential: These glitter microphones from Diamonds on my Mic will have you and your girls feeling like super A-Listers. 

glitery mics

Honeymoon Themed

Have a bridal shower in the theme of your honeymoon destination and truly embrace the culture! If you’re off to the romantic city of Paris, make sure there is a lot of a French wine and croissant but no snails. Hawaii honeymooners can have drinks made from pineapples and accessorise with flower chains!

Your Essential: We think you should book your honeymoon to Hawaii now, just so you can wear these funky tropical accessories from Postbox Party. 

hawaiian theme

Now you have your bridal shower plans sorted, it's time to put your ultimate bridal squad together. These women need to be able to move mountains, make pigs fly and plan your wedding without any mistakes - sounds easy to us! 


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