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45 of the Most Iconic Hen Party Themes

From colour themes and nostalgic eras, to hilarious fancy dress and festival ideas, these hen party themes really do have something for everyone

Rochelle Humes has her hands up in the air on her hen party theme in paris

If you've been tasked with planning a hen do for your bestie, you'll know that the idea and theme you choose is what sets the scene for an epic hen weekend. Hen party themes are a great way to prove to the VIP that you really know them, as it allows you to personalise what could be a pretty standard weekend with the gang, and turn it into something completely tailored to your friend's interests. 

However, there is such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to choosing hen do themes. What you want to aim for is an overall theme that's versatile and allows you to do plenty with it, or just one themed night or evening which you can really go hard on. 

To help you choose the right one and nail your bestie's celebration, we've put together a list of 45 of the best hen party theme ideas suitable for pretty much any hen. We have everything from overarching colour hen do themes, to super niche and specific reality TV themes that will make your weekend the most memorable hen do ever. 

45 Iconic Hen Party Themes for Every Style of Hen Do

You may be on the hunt for classy hen do ideas, or perhaps you prefer unusual and funny ones. Whatever brief you're looking to fulfil, we have the hen do theme ideas for you. And one tip before you start - think about how the hen do themes sit with everyone attending. One or two of you may find the idea of dressing up as emojis hilarious, but it could be everyone else's nightmare. 

Prioritise the nearlywed you're planning the hen do for. Stick to what they love, listen to what they don't, and you'll nail hen do planning! 

TV & Film Hen Do Themes

a purple quote card with hen party themes about tv and films

Does the nearlywed have a favourite film they've been obsessed with forever, or a TV show they're totally addicted to? Hen party themes based on films and TV shows are a great way to ensure the hen do you plan is completely centred around what the VIP loves most.

1. Barbie Hen Do Theme

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you'll know that Barbiecore is well and truly back, and it makes for a great hen party theme. So good in fact, we wrote an entire article on how to plan a Barbie themed hen do. There's so much you can lean into with these theme outside of just wearing pink, although pink is most definitely recommended! 

How about having one of the nights themed around what Barbie each hen wanted to be most? Ask guests to dress up as the Barbie they aspire to be, whether that be something professional like Prime Minister Barbie (we're so for it!), or something personal to them like Dramatic Barbie or Class Clown Barbie. Of course, the nearlywed gets the title of Bride Barbie.

2. Mean Girls Hen Party

Obsessed with the new musical version of Mean Girls, or are you forever faithful to the Lindsay Lohan original? 

Hosting a Mean Girls hen party is iconic and one of the best ways to include everyone who attends, because if they haven't watched (either) Mean Girls film, they absolutely can't sit with you.

You could pay homage to 'on Wednesdays, we wear pink', or task everyone with coming as one of the characters. Shotgun Regina's mum, just give us five minutes to dig out our velour tracksuit...

Another idea is to do a thousand nights of Cady Heron, dressing up as a version of her. Choose from living in Africa Cady, borrowing Darren's pink shirt Cady, mean girl Cady, Halloween Cady or Mathlete Cady - the possibilities are endless. 

3. 'Night of a Thousand' Hen Do Theme

Fans of Ru Paul's Drag Race will be familiar with the term 'night of a thousand', a phrase regularly used to theme the catwalks on the show.

We've seen night of a thousand Beyoncés, Britneys, Kylies, Chers and even Michelle Visage. Choose the hen's favourite singer or actor and have all the crew dress up as a version of them. It'll be like having their hero right there with them at their hen do. 

4. Ru Paul's Drag Race Hen Party

Speaking of Ru Paul's Drag Race - the show itself is one of those hen party themes that gives you so much to play with. 

Experiment with drag makeup, have your very own catwalk show, do a lip sync battle with voguing and death drops, and even host a game of Snatch Game, asking everyone to dress up as their favourite celebrity for the ultimate game of impressions. 

Take the hen party theme to the next level by getting a real life drag performer to do a cameo or in-person performance for the hen. 

5. Friends Themed Hen Party

What better show to theme a hen do around than Friends? A Friends themed hen party is perfect for groups who are all closer-than-close. 

Hen do themes like this are best hosted in a shared house, so you can really embrace the idea of living together with your friends. Get the matching t-shirts, drink plenty of coffee and of course, lobster for dinner! 

6. Harry Potter Themed Hen Party

Of all the TV and film hen do themes out there, this has to be the one with the most versatility. From wizards cloaks and fancy dress and cocktails that look like potions, to calligraphy lessons and owl petting, there's no end to the list of things you can do on a Harry Potter themed hen party. 

7. Bring it On Cheerleader Theme

Dressing up as cheerleaders is a classic hen party theme, but why not give it a film spin and centre the outfits around the movie Bring it On. The hen party is likely to be made up of the hen's besties and close family, so you are her real-life cheerleaders.

Live up to the name with cheerleader outfits, pom poms and some pre-planned chants (especially a few cheeky ones about the hen's partner). All together now, “Give me a H…”

8. The Name's Bond Hen Party Theme

Give the hen a taste of life as 007 with a James Bond hen party theme. You can create themed nights out (or in!) based on particular films, like Casino Royale for example. 

The dress code should be Bond girls, but that doesn't necessarily mean dresses and heels. What about dapper tuxedos and suits for a sophisticated and sexy take on the 007 spy himself. 

9. Moulin Rouge Hen Party Theme

Bring the City of Love to wherever you are with a little Parisian burlesque flair. Dress up in tassels, corsets, feathers and fishnets for a can-can class or wine tasting. You could even take the Eurostar to the French capital to watch the real show, or watch it in London's West End instead.

And don't forget to karaoke to the hit song too - it's pretty non-negotiable as far as we're concerned. 

10. Grease is the Word Hen Do Theme

Love strutting around like Sandra Dee? Obsessed with leathers and Danny's all-black look? Whether your hen is more of a preppy Sandy or all-in-black sexy pink lady, you’ll all look amazing in some vintage ’50s looks topped with that famous pink jacket.

If you want to take the theme to the next level, why not find a funfair or fete to attend as one of your activities and relive that famous last scene?

11. Reality TV Hen Do Theme

If the hen is obsessed with all things reality TV, there's plenty to work with to create the ultimate reality TV hen party theme. 

Recreate a typical Real Housewives reunion set-up with the nearlywed as your very own Andy Cohen, 'couple up' and do paired challenges in a Love Island themed hen party, rent a boat and party like the staff on Below Deck, or play your own version of The Traitors with the hen as Claudia Winkleman. 

12. Disney Hen Party Themes

We couldn't talk about TV and film hen party themes and not bring up Disney!

Disney princesses are always a winner, but you could go further with this theme and branch out to all Disney characters, as there may be some people on the hen do who are more Aladdin than Jasmine, or prefer animal characters like Simba and Olaf. 

Disney karaoke, makeovers, trivia quizzes and more, perhaps even a trip to Disneyland with the group! There's so much you can do with this theme. 

Retro Hen Do Themes

a purple quote card with hen party themes about retro decades

If the hen loves a particular decade or era from the past, why not consider hen party themes that celebrate that. Focussing on a decade or era gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to outfits and activities. 

13. The Awesome 00s Theme

Many nearlyweds celebrating their hen do nowadays will have grown up surrounded by noughties culture, making it a very fitting hen party theme. 

We'd be so up for a noughties themed hen do, bringing back all the fashion and styling we once loved so much, minus the over-plucked eyebrows though, please. 

One of our favourite activities for a noughties hen party theme is to host a pop quiz about the nostalgic decade. We're talking X-Factor trivia, boyband questions and of course, some quizzing around some of the world's best films created in this decade. Shots for anyone who recreates the Gareth Gates vs Will Young Pop Idol final moment.

14. 90s Baby Hen Party Theme

Quite possibly one of the best hen party themes known to man, celebrate (arguably) the best decade of all, the 90s. 

From 90s music and pop culture, to the epic fashion trends and accessories, just imagine the fun you could have with this theme. 

How about having everyone come in their best 90s outfit, or dressing up as their biggest 90s hero? 

Other acceptable 1990s costumes include Pretty Woman, Baywatch, Mr Blobby, Spice Girls, Bob the Builder and 1990s Goth Madonna. Here’s our guide to the ultimate ’90s themed hen party.

15. 80s Disco Theme Hen Party

There's so much fun to be had with disco hen party themes. Firstly there's the outfits - just imagine the fun you could have with sequins, flares and sparkles! 

You can easily tie this hen do theme into the nearlywed's favourite 80s singers and host a karaoke night or 80s themed quiz testing everyone's knowledge on this spicy era. 

16. 70's Festival Themed Hen Do

Hosting a festival themed hen do can tie in to a 70s theme so easily because the fashion and vibe is so synonymous with this laid-back decade. 

Attend a festival in 70s themed outfits or host your very own henfest for the VIP. 

Ellie Silk, head of events at GoHen adds, “The festival vibe is in the elite tier of hen party themes. Throwing your own mini festival for the hen is such a good alternative to your standard hen weekend.

“Since we launched our Hen-Fest packages a few years ago, we’ve been inundated with enquiries. Get your flower crowns on, crack the glitter out, don your wellies, and get partying.”

17. Rocking 60s Hen Party Theme

With the 60s, you can go down a multitude of routes. 

Celebrate everything peace and love with a groovy 60s hen do theme, or live life on the edge with something a bit more rock'n'roll, or better yet, pay homage to the great 60s supermodels like Naomi Sims, Twiggy, Hiroko Matsumoto, Wilhelmina Cooper and Pattie Boyd by hosting your very own catwalk runway night. 

18. 50s Vintage Themed Hen Party

Is the hen a lover of all things vintage? If so, the 50s is the decade for you. 

A vintage 50s affair is one of those classy hen party themes you can adapt to a range of activities. 

You could even pair it with a film theme and do Grease-style pink ladies jackets and rock a more fun 50s look. 

19. 1920s Gatsby Hen Do Theme

Another vintage hen party theme we totally love is the Gatsby theme from the roaring 20s. 

Take things back to a time where dresses had tassels, red lips were compulsory and the only way to wear your hair was in slick finger waves. 

Classy Hen Do Themes

a purple quote card with hen party themes about classy ideas

Gone are the days where hen party themes have to be tacky and include L-plates and phallic straws - not that we have anything against it if it's what the hen wants - you do you! but if you're after hen do themes that are a bit more subtle classy, these are bound to do the trick. 

20. Pool Party Nautical Hen Party Theme

A destination hen or a spa day requires swimwear, and a pool party theme is ideal. Get matching swimming costumes, a giant diamond ring rubber float and book a cabana at a beach club.

If you're having a UK hen do, choose a spa or house which has an indoor pool or hot tub so you can still embrace the theme in classic British weather. If you want to theme it around something, Below Deck is the best fit here! 

21. The Last Rodeo

Country music is having a real comeback with the likes of TikTok and Instagram going wild for artists like Luke Combs and Morgan Wade, so if the hen is a country music fan and is partial to a pair of cowboy boots and a beer or two, this is the theme for them. 

Put together the best country music playlist you can think of and find a bar that offers line dancing or a bucking bronco. Alternatively, for a more subtle nod to the theme, you could have an evening full of typical Southern dishes and get the cowboy hats out for a yee-haw country-style knees up. 

Speaking to this theme, Ellie adds, "We absolutely love the last rodeo hen party theme. From diamante-encrusted cowboy hats to boots, banners, and a whole lot more, it’s a theme that’s going to be super popular in 2024 and 2025.

“Deck out your hen house, throw on some Shania Twain, and get ready to kick some proverbial doors down.”

22. Breakfast at Tiffany's Hen

How iconic is Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s look? Emulate her chic style with updos, pearls and LBDs. Buy diamond themed confetti, sashes, balloons and have everything in the room or on the table delivered in that classic Tiffany blue - *chef's kiss*.

23. A Comfy Onesies Hen Party

The ultimate in comfy hen party costumes is the onesie. You can get special ones printed with the face of the hen or go online and find a whole host of unicorns, walruses, cats, sloths and more. Just remember that they can be difficult to go to the loo in, so don't break the seal too early... 

24. Pyjama Party Hen Do

Even better than onesies - whether you’re going out-out or having an at-home hen do, matching PJs are such a great fancy dress option – and seriously comfy. If you’ve got the budget, order personalised ones online or you can just head down to Primark.

We’re huge fans of throwing your hen do at home or hiring out an Airbnb for your girls where you can play loads of fun games and have the biggest brunch you ever did see.

You could even link it to one of the greatest films of all time, The Princess Diaries, and recreate the best slumber party of all time, ever. And yes, we do mean mattress surfing down a grand staircase and inviting the Queen of Genovia. 

25. Cabin Crew Hen Party Outfits

All red like Virgin? Orange for easyJet? Cabin crew always look glam and so this theme will have everyone feeling amazing. You could even make up an airline based on the hen's name, or surprise them with a spontaneous trip away.

We think this is the perfect classy hen do theme for destination hen dos. Why not wear it to the airport? Way to fool security! 

26. Parisian Chic Hen Do Theme

The ideal choice for any hen party heading to Paris and embracing the Parisian culture, just like Rochelle Humes did ahead of her 10 year vow renewal last year. We’d avoid the strings of garlic unless you want to annoy our French neighbours, but you just can't beat the fashion in Paris.

When you're planning it, think, what would an Emily in Paris hen do feel like and go with that. Tres chic! 

27. Masquerade Ball Hen Do

There’s something extravagant and mysterious about wearing a mask. Put on your most stylish dresses, long gloves and your best Venice masquerade ball mask and hit the town. No one will be able to recognise you and you can invent a whole new identity for the night.

28. Suited & Booted Night

Who said you need to wear dresses to look classy? We love the idea of a power suit hen party theme, showing everyone who meets you when you're out that you're a group of bosses who know your worth. We're talking wide leg trousers, killer heels, tailored blazers and maybe even a few jumpsuits for good measure. 

If the hen loves her tailoring, this is a brilliant hen do theme to consider. 

29. Old Hollywood Glamour Icons

Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall: hens who love old school movies and Hollywood legends will adore a unique hen dressing up as their favourite characters. Put on their favourite film and shake up some martinis for a really classy hen party theme and night.

Unique Hen Do Themes

a purple quote card with hen party themes about unique ideas

From classy to downright different, these unique and unusual hen do themes are perfect for hens that love thinking outside the box and having a laugh together. 

30. Funeral Themed Hen Party

Now this sounds a little morbid, but think of it as a way of saying goodbye to your former, single self, and hello to a new chapter. It's also an excuse to wear a stunning black outfit. 

“We often see a spike in new trends after celebrity hen weekends,” says Ellie.

“Olivia Attwood and Vanessa Hudgens both had funeral-themed hen celebrations in 2023, so we’re expecting a wave of hen do squads going for that style this year. It’s pretty on-trend to have the hen in white and all the others in black, and Google searches for black hen party outfits have increased by seventy per cent in the last twelve months.”

31. Stars in Their Eyes Hen Party

If you're not familiar with the words, "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be...", you officially can't sit with us. 

What better way to celebrate a hen who loves pop culture than to host your very own episode of Stars in Their Eyes. Let the hen be the host if you're doing it as a surprise, and have each of the hens dress up as someone famous and do a performance.

We're predicting some brilliant Shania Twains, Shakiras, Taylor Swifts and maybe even a Freddie Mercury or two. The options are endless and it's a unique way to spice up your average karaoke night in. 

32. Emojis & Memes

If the VIP loves herself some fancy dress, and is always using emojis and memes to communicate with you guys, why not theme one of the nights around that. 

From Love Island and Gemma Collins memes, to your favourite viral internet pics, transform into your favourite moments for a really unexpected hen party theme idea.

Challenge everyone to dress up as their favourite GIF or emoji, some may even pair up to recreate famous meme moments, and use an emoji hen party game as a way to get the fun started. 

33. 'Guess Who?' Hen Do Theme

You've all played the game Guess Who, where you have to answer questions to figure out who the other player is, so why not do it in real life? If you're a group who know each other really well, have everyone choose a name out of a hat to dress up as. The names could be names of other hens, which could be really fun, or people you all know. 

34. Mr or Mrs Right Hen Party 

We've all heard of hens playing a Mr & Mrs, or Mrs & Mrs on a hen do night out, doing the quiz to see how well the hen knows her partner, but what about bringing that game to life and having everyone dress up as the hen's partner? 

Masks of their face are optional, but encouraged. It’s seriously freeing to be able to wear something so fun on a hen do.

35. ABC: Anything But Clothes

This is a super unusual hen party theme, but one that will be memorable for everyone.

DIY your outfits from ‘Anything But Clothes’ e.g. bin bags, Twister mats, caution tape, an apron, newspaper, curtains, playing cards, cereal boxes. It’s super creative and you could have a DIY session to make some accessories before you leave for your night out (with plenty of wine, of course).

36. Oktoberfest Hen Party Theme

Did the hen want a trip to Germany but it just didn't get organised? Do they have German heritage? Or do they simply just love beer? 

Whatever the reason, we love an Oktoberfest hen party theme. The German beer festival is the perfect excuse to dress up in a dirndl (or lederhosen) and get some Bavarian bier down you.

37. Safari Animal Print Hen Do Theme

Leopard print is our favourite neutral, Kat Slater-meets-Mel B with a hint of Pat Butcher if we're being really specific.

But you don't have to stick to leopard print for this theme, in fact, we recommend decking all your party out in leopard, giraffe, zebra, snake and tiger prints. Every one of these animal prints is totally timeless so your girls probably already have something in their wardrobe, and you can get animal print outfits on any type of budget, from Primark to Rixo!

38. Nostalgic TV Shows

We've talked about noughties and nineties TV and film themes, but this is way more out there than Cher from Clueless. 

Perhaps this could be a UK vs US showdown. We had Rosie and Jim, Chucklevision, The Teletubbies and Tracey Beaker. They had Powerpuff Girls, Arthur, Rugrats and Recess. Whether it’s Kim Possible, Sabrina or Even Stevens, there’s so much choice and so much fun to guess everyone’s character.

Hen Do Colour Themes

a purple quote card with hen party themes about colours

Hen party themes don't have to be wild, out there themed ideas - in fact they can simply follow a colour or combination of colours. 

39. All That Glitters Hen Dos

Sequins, sparkle and everything in between. All that glitters is an ideal hen do theme for a hen who loves anything with a little razzle dazzle. After a pampering spa day, get them a glass of shimmering Prosecco and put them in their best sequinned dress for a cocktail masterclass.

This theme works particularly well for winter hen dos when all the shops are filled with sparkly sequin dresses and accessories.

40. All Black Everything

So many of us have an all-black wardrobe, with LBDs, leather trousers and black blazers making up 90% of what we wear day-to-day, and if the VIP fits that bill, why not theme a night around it? Have everyone rock up in their best black outfit (little black dresses at the ready!), and head out for a chic night on the town. 

41. Chic Monochrome Hen Theme

Black and white films and photographs have such a classic, chic feel to them, so why not adopt that vibe for your hen party themes and go for a monochromatic colour scheme. It's also a super easy dress code to adhere to, as most people own black and white pieces of clothing. 

42. Wedding White Hen Do Theme

If the hen isn't precious about being the only one in white (it isn't a hard and fast compulsory rule, you know!), you could give people an all white dress code. The hen could either go white and aim to have the most fabulous outfit of them all, or opt for a bright or alternative colour to stand out from the rest of the group. 

43. Gorgeous Metallics

Gold is super glamorous, silver is sassy and rose gold is super fun. Get the group all dressed to the nines in their best metallic outfits and own every single bar you walk into. If you’re doing hen party decorations, everything from balloons to sashes, photo booth props, bunting and party cups come in glittering gold, silver or rose gold.

44. Pretty in Pink

Thanks to Barbie, pink is officially back, but you don't have to have a Barbie themed hen do to rock this colour all weekend.

You can have a sophisticated hen if you all wear pastel pinks, or alternatively go for a fun, cheeky neon pink theme. The beauty of pink is the variety of shades, so everyone is likely to already have a pink outfit they love or be able to buy one easily. Pink is always a hen party winner.

45. Raving Neon

Speaking of neon, a neon paint party is the ultimate messy hen party for those who love to rave. If you’re heading to a festival too, neon dresses, leggings, shorts and tops are essential wear. This hen do colour theme is perfect if the hen loves bright colours and loves to dress big and bold on a night out. 

Now you have the theme down, it's time to talk clothes. These hen do outfits are a great place to start, and don't forget to include some brilliant hen party games too.