Planning an epic stag do is one of the most important best man duties. Once you have decided on a destination and picked loads of awesome activities, you might want to start thinking about some games to keep everyone entertained.

From short drinking games for the pub, to games you can carry through the whole weekend, we’ve got you covered!

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Toy Soldiers


At the start of the stag do, each stag is given a toy soldier. For the duration of the stag do, whenever the best man shouts ‘assume the position’, all stags have to get into the same position as their toy soldier. The last man to get into position will face a forfeit.

Shark Attack


Nominate a member of the party to be the shark spotter. They randomly shout ‘SHARK ATTACK’ and everyone must drop to the floor. The last one to do it has to have a drink and become the next shark spotter.

Adopt a New Accent


Everyone has to speak in a different accent at each pub or bar you go to. If anyone forgets their accent or is identified as a fake by someone in the bar, then they’re out.

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Find the Bride


Over the course of the weekend, all stags must try and find a woman with the same name as the bride. Anyone who fails to find one, will face a penalty.

Cards Against the Groom


A personal twist on everyone’s favourite card game. Make question cards with different scenarios on them ending with a blank that has to be filled to complete the sentence. Get all the stags of the group to supply answer cards with different phrases, relating to embarrassing stories or situations the groom has been in. The groom picks his favourite and has to share the story with the group.

No Phones


Enforce a rule that no one should be on their phone when the whole group is together. If anyone is found on their phone, the groom has permission to take it off of them and send a text of their choice to the entire phonebook.

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Movie Quotes


Approach a group of girls in a bar and start a conversation, dropping in as many movie quotes as possible without them noticing. Whoever can drop in the most without being caught is the winner and can nominate one of the other stags to do a forfeit.



The best man fills a pint glass with bits of paper, writing an object, animal or the name of a famous person on each one. Each stag picks one at random and every time the best man shouts ‘WHO ARE YA?’ they must adopt the pose of their chosen object, animal or person.

Boat Race


Separate the party into two groups and each person is given a pint of beer. The first person in each team drinks their beer, the second person can’t start until the first has finished. This continues until the whole team has finished their drinks. Whichever team finishes first is the winner!

Pub Golf


If you’re planning a pub crawl, why not turn it into a game of pub golf? You’ve probably played before but if not here’s the basics-

Each pub represents a hole so yeveryone has a drink in every pub and the number of mouthfuls it takes to finish is your par. Everyone keeps a scorecard with their own results and the person at the end with the lowers score is the winner!



Each stag holds a coin and when the best man says ‘knickers’, everyone opens their hand to reveal heads or tails. Count how many heads and tails there are and the players with the highest number of corresponding faces, are safe. Keep going until there is one player left. That person is the loser and has to wear knickers over his trousers until the next bar, where you play the game again.

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Last Man Standing


Another knickers based game. At any point of the evening the groom may sit on the ground and the rest of the stags must do the same. Guess what the last person standing has to do? You’ve got it – put the knickers on. Unless the groom sits down and everyone else remains standing – in that case, the groom has to wear the pants.

Mr President


Whenever the best man raises his finger to his ear (you know… listening to his ‘earpiece’), all the stags must shout ‘get down Mr President’ and jump on the groom to save him from those pesky assassins.

Left Hand Drinking


Enforce a rule that all stags can only hold their drink in their left hand. If they are seen using the right hand, they must down their drink.

Freeze Frames


At any stage a stag can freeze without announcing it. The idea is that as the rest of the party notice they all freeze too. The last person to notice must do a forfeit. This is an especially good game if you’re planning an active stag do.

Now you’ve got the games sorted, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything else, using our article on how to plan a stag do.

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