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22 Hilarious Stag Do Games That Will Get the Party Started

Stag do games are the glue that holds a great stag party together – here are 22 unique suggestions that’ll get everyone in the spirit, even before the spirits start flowing.

stag do games

stag do games

Whether you’re throwing a no-holds-barred night out, a boozy trip abroad, or planning something a little more civilised, there are plenty of fun ways to get everyone bonding in your best mate’s honour. You'll want loads of amazing ice breaker stag do games to get the man himself into the party spirit too.

Drinking games are a key part of most stag dos and we’re definitely not short on suggestions. It’s important to recognise that not every groom-in-waiting or stag guest will be a drinker, so we’ve made sure to include some less pint-and-shot-centric options as well.

Some of these stag party games can go on for hours, while others are quick icebreakers that are perfect for kicking things off. No matter how much time you’ve got to play with, we’ll help you find a stag do game that suits. So, ready to earn your status as legendary stag party planner?


1. Mr and Mrs


You will need: A list of Mr & Mrs questions and a willing spouse-to-be

How to play: It’s a classic for a reason and definitely not just for the girls. Ask the groom’s partner to answer a series of questions about them in advance of the stag party, and keep their answers safe (bonus points if you get them to record their responses on video as this usually makes for an even funnier second half). 

On the stag do, it’s time to put the groom to the test with the same questions, and a penalty for each one he gets wrong. A shot is usually the order of the day, with the rest of the party having to take a shot for every answer he gets right.

2. Beer Pong


You will need: 20 cups, a long table, at least two ping pong balls, beer (or other drink of your choice)

How to play: The group splits into two teams. The cups should be arranged in a pyramid shape at either end of the table, and then filled about halfway up with beer (keep a couple of cans on hand to top up, as spillages are fairly likely). 

Each team then takes it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table – every time they get one in, the other team must remove the cup and drink the beer in it (an honour which will usually be bestowed upon the groom). The winners are the team that still has cups left at the end of the game. 

3. Wizard’s Staff


You will need: Tape, access to cans of beer (from the bar, or your own supply) 

How to play: A wizard’s wisdom comes from - you guessed it - beer! So you need to get drinking. Every time a member of the party finishes their drink, they keep the can and use it to build their staff – with every can you drink, you can add a level to your status, so four cans means you can refer to yourself as a ‘level four wizard’.

The aim of the game is to get the biggest staff, but there are lots of hilarious variations you can add to make it more exciting, such as rules like not being allowed to put the staff down, or having to face a ‘boss’ (think Jack Daniels, or Johnnie Walker) at certain intervals. Oh, and obviously you can’t discard your finished staffs without having a duel. 

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4. Toy Soldiers 


You will need: Toy soldiers (the clue is in the name)

How to play: At the beginning of the party, every stag is given a toy soldier. Then the best man is in charge: any time he shouts ‘assume the position!’, everyone must snap into action freeze in the same shape as their given soldier. 

The slowest member of the group is given a forfeit – you can make it as gentle or as brutal as you wish, but remember, it might end up happening to you...

5. Statues


You will need: Enough space, but no equipment

How to play: A similar concept to toy soldiers, but slightly more subtle: as the stag ensues, the best man randomly stops and holds his position, then waits for the rest of the group to notice what he’s done. 

Everyone else must then freeze frame in the same way, with the last person to notice and join in deemed the loser. Make them by the next round, or get them to complete a dare of your choice. 

6. Send to All  


You will need: A willingness to give up your phone for the duration

How to play: Another simple yet effective game: the rule is that no one can use their phones on the stag do when the whole group is together, and if they do, there’s a pretty steep price to pay. 

Anyone caught using their phones will have to let the groom send a message of their choice to anyone (yes, anyone) in their phone book. And if it’s the groom? The best man steps up to the plate instead. Maybe best to warn the bride in advance, hey? 

7. Heavyweight Champion of the World


You will need: A wrestling championship belt (you can get fairly-priced replicas on Amazon)

How to play: He’s the man of the hour, so it’s only fair that the groom starts with the belt in his possession. However, a champion is only ever as good as his last win, so throughout the stag do, any member of the party can throw down the gauntlet and try to earn it for themselves. 

It could be anything from drinking a few shots in a row to running down the street the fastest – to be honest, the more ridiculous the challenge, the better. The person left with the belt at the end of the night is the ultimate champ. 

8. Boat Race


You will need: Beer (noticing a pattern emerging here?)

How to play: Split the group into two teams and give everyone a pint; this is essentially a relay race with alcohol, so stand in a line in the order you plan to drink. Once the race begins, the first person starts drinking, and the next isn’t allowed to begin until their glass is empty (you can go for turning glasses upside down on heads as proof, if you like). 

This carries on until every member of the team has downed their drink – the boat race victory goes to the group who got through theirs the quickest. If you’re a slow sipper, we do not recommend that you go last, unless you perform well under absolutely red-hot pressure. 

9. Flip Cup 


You will need: Plastic cups and a long table 

How to play: Divide into two teams and lay out cups along each side of the table, half filled with a drink of your choice. This is another relay approach, with two opponents facing off at any one time. 

The first player drinks the beer and then sets about flipping the empty plastic cup over from the edge of the table, upside-down to standing (diagrams available here if you need them). We know what you’re thinking – flipping a cup can’t be that hard, surely? Come back to us when you’ve actually played it, and we’ll talk. 

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10. Drunk Jenga


You will need: A game of Jenga and a marker pen

How to play: It’s the iconic game of childhood, but not as you know it. Before the stag, write a series of dares on the bricks that make up the Jenga tower (get the others to pitch in if you need inspiration, but don’t tell the groom what’s in store). 

When you play at the stag, every time someone pulls a block, they have to complete the task that’s written on it, no matter where you are or how difficult it might be. If you knock over the tower, you have to down your drink, which could actually be a blessing in disguise, depending on how savage you’ve gone with the forfeits on the bricks.   

11. Scavenger Hunt


You will need: A list of desired items

How to play: Come up with a list of things that must be collected throughout the stag: it might be physical items, like someone else’s underwear, or it could be more experience led, like a selfie with someone with the same name as the bride or groom. It’s up to you whether you give the job solely to the bachelor himself, or work in two teams to complete the hunt the fastest.

If the groom’s done all the hard work on his own, source a prize for him if he gets to the end, or if it’s one group vs. another, come up with a good consequence for the losers. 

12. Ring of Fire


You will need: A deck of cards, a glass and a strong stomach

How to play: You probably have hazy memories of this from your uni days and a stag is the perfect time to revive them. Lay out the cards in a circle around an empty glass (your ‘king cup’), then take it in turns to draw. Each card has a meaning attached to it – for instance, if it’s a two, you pick someone else to take a sip of their drink, or if it’s an eight, you get to choose a drinking mate (there’s a comprehensive breakdown of the laws of the ring here). 

Every group of friends plays slightly different variations, so pick one authority and stick to it to avoid arguments (you could even print it out as a master list). Keep playing and drinking until there are no more cards left. If you can still stand at this point, we salute you. 

13. The Human Doodle


You will need: An all-white outfit and marker pens

How to play: Get the groom to ditch the outfit he had planned and replace it with a white one – anything from a reasonably stylish tee and trousers combo to a second-hand white suit or even a onesie, depending on how humiliating you’d like the whole exercise to be.

This outfit then becomes the equivalent of your last day of school polo shirt, with the goal to cover it completely in messages and drawings (the lewder, the better) from the other stags and random passers-by. Whether he keeps it as a souvenir or tosses it at the end of the night, you’ll always have the pictures. 

14. Who Are Ya? 


You will need: A pen, paper and an empty glass

How to play: Rip the paper into strips and on each one write the name of an object, animal or famous person, then add them to the glass and mix them up. 

At random, have each stag member draw a slip and keep it for the rest of the stag. From then onwards, anytime the best man shouts ‘who are ya?!’, they must instantly snap into formation and adopt the pose of their assigned being. For the best results, go as obscure as or cringeworthy as you can. 

15. God Save the Queen  


You will need: A penny 

How to play: Drop a penny (which naturally features the Queen's face on it) into the nearest available glass. The unsuspecting owner of this drink then has to down it as fast as possible – i.e. saving the Queen. 

Once they hit the bottom and retrieve the penny, this person gets to keep the coin, and it’s their job to drop it into someone else’s drink, and so on and so forth. There are no real winners, but you’ll all get a good buzz in double quick time. 

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16. Shot Roulette


You will need: Shot glasses, water and vodka 

How to play: Shot roulette is simple yet effective: you line up as many shots as you like per person, but fill half with water and half with vodka (or other clear spirit of your choice). 

Potential 5+ vodkas in a row aside, the real challenge lies in maintaining your best poker face: as you each drink your row of shots, the other members of the group have to try and tell what you just swallowed. If it’s alcohol and they get it right? Sorry, another shot for you. 

17. Mr President


You will need: A fake ear piece, if you really want to commit

How to play: Your mission, if you choose to accept it? Protect the groom at all costs. Every time the best man raises his hand to listen to his ear piece (real or imaginary, up to you), the group must shout ‘Get down, Mr President!’ and launch themselves in front of or on top of the groom to keep him safe from incoming attacks. 

Is this basically bundles for grown-ups? Yes. Is it also a hell of a lot of fun? Also yes. 

18. Arrogance 


You will need: A coin and a spare glass

How to play: As the name suggests, this stag do game is all about confidence. Pour as much of your drink as you dare into the empty glass – this is the measure of your ‘arrogance’ – and then flip and call a coin. If you guess heads or tails correctly, it moves on to the next player. 

The process is repeated until the prediction for the coin is wrong: whoever makes this error then has to chug the entire mixture that everyone else has been contributing to as the game went round (a particularly awful fate if everyone has a different drink on the go). 

19. The Man With No Name 


You will need: Your wits about you

How to play: Another simple yet effective option that everyone can get involved with: you’re not allowed to use anyone else’s name. This includes nicknames and the names of people you’re referring to who aren’t there – you have to come up with a new way to describe them. 

It sounds easy, but it’s actually incredibly tricky, especially once everyone’s finished their first pint. The penalty for failure is up to you, but let’s be honest with each other, unless the groom is teetotal it’ll probably involve booze. 

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20. Question Master


You will need: Final-year-exam levels of concentration  

How to play: If the other verbal stag do games didn’t appeal, how about this one? You assign one person the question master, and anyone who answers a question they ask must polish off their drink. 

The only way to avoid this? Answering the question with another question, at which point you inherit the title of question master and try to catch everyone else out. The more drinks you have, the harder it gets. 

21. Badge of Honour


You will need: A selection of pin badges and a sash for each stag

How to play: Drawing inspiration from boy scouts and girl guides, this is a stag do game that everyone can get involved with.

Hand out sashes at the beginning of the celebrations and lay out the duties that must be completed to earn each badge: for instance, the construction badge could be the best structure made from beer mats, or the fitness badge might be awarded to the winner of a push-up challenge. The winner is the person with the most badges at the end of the night. 

22. Pub Golf


You will need: Scorecards and pencils; golf-themed outfits optional 

How to play: Visors and Pringle jumpers at the ready! Every pub you visit on the stag night represents a hole – in each hole, the number of mouthfuls you take to finish your drink is your par. 

There’s an element of trust involved as you’re relying on each participant to keep track of their own scores, but by the end, you’ll probably know who the winners and losers are without even looking. 

7 Stag Do Games You Can Buy Ready-Made

Need a minimal effort, maximum reward approach? Here are seven of the best stag do games where all of the hard work has been done for you.

Dickhead Hoopla – £9.99, Firebox

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If you’re all about pictures you can keep and embarrass your friends with for years to come, Dickhead Hoopla – think ring toss with a stag night twist – is the one.

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Bucket of Doom – £15, Zatu

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This story-telling party game works best with a big group of players, making it ideal for a stag do crowd. It’s also a good one if you don’t drink as it requires a little more focus. 

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Bean Bag Toss – £60, Etsy

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Planning an barbecue stag do, or party in the park? This custom bean bag toss will add an extra element of fun – you could even lend it to the couple as a lawn game for the wedding, too. 

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Boys Night Out – £4.99, Urban Gifts

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Can’t be bothered to come up with your own dares? This box has done all of the hard work for you, and it’s less than a fiver. 

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Bar Games Beer Mats – £9.10, Amazon

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For pub-based stag dos, these beer mat cards are an easy win, with a selection of 30 different games included. 

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KLASK – £39.99, Amazon

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Think table football and air hockey with magnets and you’ll get an idea of how maddeningly brilliant this competitive game is. It’s an investment, but trust us, the stag night won’t be the only time you’ll want to play. 

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Trunk of Drunk – £14.99

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When learning the rules to new drinking games sounds like too much hassle, this trunk has eight of them ready to go inside. 

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