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The 13 Things All Couples Forget on Their Wedding Day

Your wedding is a busy day with lots going on - it's only natural that couples forget a few things on the big day. We've rounded up the 13 things all couples forget, so you can make sure to remember them!

Couple on their wedding day
Pexels/Studio Negarin

Couple on their wedding day
Pexels/Studio Negarin

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a wedding, so it’s only natural that you might forget some things. We’ve rounded up the things couples tend to forget on their actual wedding day, so you can make a note to delegate these jobs and guarantee that nothing gets forgotten, no matter how small a detail it is!

Make sure you study this list of things couples forget to think about on their wedding day and keep in mind who you can ask to help you - perhaps it could be one of the maid of honour’s duties to do some of it, and some other bits could go on the mother of the bride’s to-do list to help you out. After all, you’ve spent so long planning this day, you want to have as much fun as possible!

13 Things You’ll Forget on Your Wedding Day

1. Have Something to Eat

It seems pretty obvious, but once you’re caught up in the chaos of getting ready and trying to organise all those last minute details, it can be easy to forget to have some breakfast. Make sure you eat something on the morning of your wedding, as you’ll need the energy to see you through what’s to come. No one wants to be saying their vows in their hangry voice, do they?

2. Get a Ring Box

Couple holding wedding rings
Pexels/Kumar Saurabh

You’ll have chosen your wedding rings, and you’ll have decided if the best man will look after them or if you’ll have a ring bearer, but what about picking (and packing!) a ring box for the day? It’ll look lovely in your ceremony, and will create some gorgeous photo opportunities on the day too. 

3. Have Sample Stationery for Photos

Again, one to remember for the photo opportunities! Set aside a full set of your wedding stationery, including a save the date card, invitation and anything else you have included in your stationery suite. Then your photographer can take a beautiful flat lay photo of your stationery - it’ll look great on the ‘gram. 

4. Carry Cash

A lot of couples forget to think about whether they need cash on their wedding day, but you’re going to want to make sure you have some. Sure, you’re the newlyweds so everyone will be buying you drinks, but you’ll also need to buy a copy of your marriage certificate. You can do this at a later date, but it will cost you more. 

You might also want to have cash on hand to tip your suppliers, or to contribute or donate to a collection if you’re marrying in a religious venue. 

5. Save the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake

Two tiered wedding cake
Pexels/Tara Winstead

It’s a wedding tradition that you save the top tier of your wedding cake for the christening of your first child - this is a bit old fashioned now, as many couples already have children, choose not to have christenings for their children, or choose not to have children at all. It also dates back to when wedding cakes were made from dense fruitcake, which lasts forever!

If you do wish to observe this tradition, check with your cake maker about how to preserve your top tier. You may need to freeze it. You’ll also have to brief someone on the day to make sure it doesn’t get cut up and served. 

Some couples also choose to keep their top tier to cut into on their first wedding anniversary, or to share with those who couldn’t make the wedding after the big day. If you decide to keep it for whatever reason, make sure you remember to collect it!

6. Do Something With Your Flowers

Decide ahead of your wedding what you want to do with your wedding flowers. If you want to preserve your wedding flowers, don’t forget to ask someone to keep them in a safe place for you. 

You might want to leave your flowers on the grave of a loved one, or give them to someone who helped you with your wedding planning. Make sure you don’t forget to think about this beforehand, so you can factor whatever you choose to do into your day.

It’s also worth thinking about the bridesmaids bouquets - are you happy for them to keep them, or would you like them to be repurposed into the decor? And what will you do with them at the end of the night? All things to consider to make sure you get the most out of your beautiful bouquets. 

7. Round Up the Decorations

wedding decorations
Pexels/Tara Winstead

Speaking of your decor, don’t forget to consider what will happen to your centrepieces too. If they’re hired, you need to make sure someone in your wedding party is nominated to round them up at the end of the day - sometimes decor goes missing at a wedding!

If they’re not hired, do you want your guests to take stuff home if they like it? Or do you want to round it all up to sell it on? Make sure your plan is clear so nothing gets forgotten or goes missing. 

8. Collect Your Cards and Gifts

Whether you have a gift list or not, it’s likely guests will bring cards and presents to your wedding. You’ll need something like a wedding post box to keep everything together, but you’ll also need to remember to ask someone to collect all the cards and gifts and deliver them to your room once everyone has arrived, so they can stay safe for you to open when you’re feeling sober. 

it’s also worth noting that when couples open their gifts and they’re a bit tipsy, it’s easy to forget who gave them what. If you plan on opening your presents on the night of your wedding, make sure you keep note of who gave what so you can easily write out personalised thank you notes.

9. Drink Lots of Water

Everyone will want to make sure that your Champagne flute is fully topped up throughout the day, and while that’s lovely, you don’t want to get dehydrated. Make sure you remember to drink water - even if it means nominating a bridesmaid to bring you a glass of water every hour or so. On your wedding day, you can make a diva demand or two...

10. Device Chargers

It’s not likely you’ll be on your phone loads on your wedding day, but you might want to hand it over to a friend to take photos for you whilst you’re busy getting married and all that. Make sure you have a charger handy for your devices to keep them topped up - especially if you’re using one for your wedding playlist! You don’t want that to die on you...

11. Your Cake Knife

It’s very likely your wedding venue will provide you with a cake knife, but you might want to order a special, personalised cake knife for your wedding. If you do, don’t forget to pack it so you’ve got it to hand on the day. It’s one of those things you need to do the night before your wedding. 

12. Special Glasses

The same goes for drinking glasses. Your venue will definitely have these for you (unless you’re going full dry-hire), but if you have personalised champagne flutes that you want to use in your photos, don’t forget to bring them and give them to your venue coordinator so they can be set out ready for you!

13. A Gift for Your Partner

Couple kissing at a wedding
Pexels/Jonathan Borba

It’s such a cute idea to give your partner a surprise gift on the morning of your wedding. If you’re planning to do this, don’t forget to debrief whoever they’re getting ready with so they can get the gift to them. 

Worried you might be a little bit forgetful? Make sure you read our list of things couples always forget during wedding planning too - you’ll be the most organised duo ever!