DIY Wedding Invitations: 10 Unusual Ways to Do it Yourself

Looking for an interesting and unique way to DIY your wedding invitations? We have 10 fabulous techniques that almost anyone can master...


If you’re a hands-on couple who want to get creative with your wedding stationery, or just want to save money on your wedding invites, you’ll love our top tips and tricks for making DIY wedding invitations.


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From making the wedding invitations yourself to smaller additions that’ll give your stationery a little DIY flair – we have a range of amazing ideas and unusual ways to make the most beautiful DIY wedding invitations.

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Watercolour DIY Wedding Invitations


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Adding watercolour to card or paper to make the background of your wedding invitations is simple and creative way to make them totally unique – and add a splash of your colour scheme into the design!

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The great thing about watercolour is it’s easy to do and there’s no right or wrong – it’s not meant to look perfect so even the most amateur DIY couples can do it.

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Hand Painted DIY Wedding Invitations


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If you’ve got an artistic flair and want to really push the boat out on your DIY wedding invitations, why not try adding some hand painted elements to the design?

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As well as detailed floral designs, there are lots of more simplistic ways to add hand painting to your invites such as minimalist trees and delicate paint splatters.

Calligraphy DIY Wedding Invitations


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If the entire design of your wedding stationery isn’t something you comfortable doing yourself, why not take up calligraphy? It’s the perfect way to add some DIY into your wedding invitations, especially if you’re going for a an elegant and sophisticated theme.

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A hand-written font can really add class to your wedding invitations and there are plenty of tutorials and kits that make learning much easier than you’d think!

Ribbon DIY Wedding Invitations


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Another adorable finishing touch you can DIY on your wedding invitations is the addition of a ribbon or bow. It’s a really clever way to incorporate your wedding colour scheme or theme in the invitation without it looking too over the top – unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course.

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The other fantastic thing about adding ribbons and bows is that almost anyone can tie one up and make it look beautiful. You can also use a range of fabrics from felt for a glamorous, chic wedding theme to string for a bohemian, rustic affair.

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Real Flower DIY Wedding Invitations


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If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more flowers into your wedding, why not consider using dried or pressed flowers in your wedding invitations. This is such a nice way to turn shop-bought or printed wedding invitations into something so authentic and personalised.


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You can even use this as a way to hint at your choice of flowers for the big day. Are you having a bouquet of gypsophilla? Maybe you want to use peony petals to let everyone know that’s your chosen wedding bloom.

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Gold Leaf DIY Wedding Invitations


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Add some glamour to your wedding stationery with gold leaf. It’s easy to buy online and will give your gorgeous wedding invitations instant excitement.

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The best thing about DIY gold wedding stationery is that there are many ways to do it. You can either use golf leaf itself or do what’s been done here which is dipping actual leaves and petals into gold paint and printing it onto wedding stationery – both look amazing!

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Envelope Liner DIY Wedding Invitations


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If DIY wedding invitations aren’t quite your thing, why not try and make your own envelope liners? It adds a personalised touch without you having to paint or draw anything and templates like these are so easy to follow.


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The best thing about having DIY envelope liners is that you have complete flexibility and choice with what theme, pattern and style you use, meaning your wedding invitations really will be one in a million.

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Stamp DIY Wedding Invitations


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One way to add a DIY aspect to your wedding invitations without having to be particularly artistic yourself is to use a personalised wedding stamp. You can make stamps easily yourself with shaped cork and ink, or purchase one with your initials or wedding date on.

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The addition of a personalised wedding stamp on the seal of the invitation not only shows you’ve been creative as a couple, but also shows your attention to detail. Your guests are bound to be impressed!

Wax Seal DIY Wedding Invitations


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Similarly to the wedding stamp, a wax seal is something you can make yourself at home, or easily purchase online. You can choose from a variety of wax colours and finishes too.


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We adore the finish this gives to wedding invitations – it looks so regal and we guarantee your wedding guests will feel very important receiving something like this in the post.

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Origami DIY Wedding Invitations


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Want wedding invitations that are totally original? If so, you’ll love the idea of creating origami from them. Origami is all about the art of folding to create something that’s more than just paper and your guests will love receiving one of these fascinating designs.

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Paper craft is also great because it makes your DIY wedding invitations interactive. It doesn’t just have to be classic origami either – look at this amazing teepee wedding invitation made with folded paper and cocktail sticks, it’s amazing.


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