Couples Halloween Costumes: Spooky Ideas for You and Your Other Half

Whether you want to go understated or OTT, we’ve got lots of couples Halloween costumes for the spookiest day of the year


Here at Hitched we love Halloween. Whether you’re a newly engaged pair, newlyweds or you’ve got a few years of marriage under your belt, pull out all the stops this October and choose from one of these spooky couples Halloween costumes.


From scary make-up to Disney-inspired get-ups, we’ve got something for everyone. You’ll be the stars of the show at your Halloween party!

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Cute Couple Halloween Costumes


Image: Instagram/@everything.dee

Who said you have to be scary this Halloween?! Copy the first of our cute couples Halloween costume ideas and dress up as our favourite Monsters Inc. pair. What a blast from the past!


Image: Instagram/@lndykes296

We love these Scooby Doo and Shaggy-inspired couples Halloween costumes.

It’s super original and will have everyone laughing. The question is… who’ll get to dress up as Scooby himself?

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Image: Instagram/@faminterracialcouples

Get the whole family involved in your couples Halloween costumes and dress up as your favourite Disney Pixar clan! We love this recreation of the Incredibles. #Squadgoals or what?!


Image: Instagram/@gigihadid

Anything Gigi Hadid does, we want to do too. Take a leaf out of her book and dress up as Felicia Hardy: the ultimate feline.

Whilst you rock the black PVC, have your other half dress as their favourite fellow Marvel superhero. Zayn Malik rocked the Spiderman look last year and they looked so cute together!

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Image: Instagram/@itskarapaul

What about dressing up as Superman and Wonder Woman?! This couple look ready to save the day in their superhero get-ups.

Add some fake blood and turn yourself into zombie versions of the charatcers for endless couple Halloween costumes plus points.


Image: Instagram/@gingersnap1938

We love this idea for cute couples hallowen costumes! Channel your extra-terrestrial and recreate one of the most iconic scenes from ET!


Image: Instagram/@jennylynnhoff

Why not go super-cute with some dorky glasses and a little bobble hat as Where’s Wally would?! Adorable.

Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes


Image: Instagram/@instaa.beautiies

If you and your other half are after costumes which ooze sex-appeal, then look no further than these sexy couples Halloween costumes.

We love this Day of the Dead inspired look. If you don’t fancy going all out with the costumes like this couple have, take more time to copy their make-up looks! You’ll still wow the guests at your party.


Image: Instagram/@janezzaordonez

A nurse and a doctor is a classic couples Halloween costume idea. Spook it up a bit with some fake blood splashed across that sparkling white uniform.

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Image: Instagram/@swagfield

This couple’s spooky take on a bride and groom get-up is great! They’ve even invested in some super-scary contact lenses to make their eyes pop.


Image: Instagram/@khippie8704

You don’t have to go down the lingerie route if you’re dressing up as a corpse bride and her groom.

Dig out an old white dress and splatter it with blood for the ultimate “wedding planning is taking its toll” costume. You’ll be number one in the couples Halloween costumes stakes!


Image: Instagram/@haley_stutzman

This Halloween, dress up as one of the most iconic couples in history. Give Grease’s Danny and Sandy a spooky make-over with some fake blood and contact lenses – you’ll be the stars of the Halloween show!


Image: Instagram/@janamariaher

Bring it right up to date and dress up as Harley Quinn and the Joker this Halloween.

This might have been done a lot circa 2016, but there’s still life left in the scary pair yet!

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Image: Instagram/@12eline12

It’s time for another pirate get-up, but this time one that’s a little spookier.

We love this couple’s matching outfits and headbands! “And the best dressed award goes to…”


Image: Instagram/@vanny_heffernan

If you have a bit more cash to splash, invest in a full Little Red Riding Hood costume (there are lots out there!).

It’s all in the make-up with this look. Make sure you pick up some stick-on-wounds and fake blood to really scare your fellow party-goers!

Funny Couple Halloween Costumes


Image: Instagram/@rossalimadeira

Fast forward to the future and show your friends what you might be looking like in 60 years’ time with these couples Halloween costumes.

This couple have gone all out with their OAP-inspired make-up. This costume idea is sure to get a few laughs (and a few more Instagram likes)!


Image: Instagram/@kblongg

We love this original idea for a couples Halloween costume! One of you will be glammed up and accessorised like your favourite Snapchat filter, whilst the other one will be channelling the “I woke up like this” vibe. Instagram at the ready!


Image: Instagram/@spokoyoh

Another original idea here: dress up as a nun and a monk this Halloween!

With some fake blood and white powder you’ll be looking zombie-fied in no time.


Image: Instagram/@elyssadean

These couples Halloween costumes are sure to crack a few laughs, and are also super affordable to put together.

Dig out the shorts and vest from your old-school sports kit and grab a wig from your local fancy dress shop. Job done!

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Image: Instagram/@bevvkerr

Pay homage to the 1988 blockbuster by dressing up as Beetlejuice and his one true love Lydia. Be warned: if it’s an understated costume you’re after then this is not the one for you!

Couples Halloween Make-Up Ideas


Image: Instagram/@keelyfieldmua

You don’t need to go for a full blown costume if your make-up does all the talking.

Dress head-to-toe in black then transform your face into a skeleton. The pair of you will be unrecognisable!


Image: Instagram/@lippylovers

Keep your couples Halloween costume subtle with some Vampire Diaries fancy dress.

This couple have dressed up as Damon and Elena from the hit TV show, and we think they look great!

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Image: Instagram/@top_inlove

We’re obsessed with this sugar skull inspired couples Halloween costume.

Half of your face will be made up as normal and the other half will be transformed into a skull. The flower crown is a great touch… we love this one from Etsy.

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If these ideas for couples Halloween costumes don’t fully satisfy your Halloween obsession, why not throw a Halloween themed hen party? Or better still, plan your whole wedding around a Halloween theme!