Alternative Wedding Cakes: 23 Awesome Ideas

If you're not keen on a traditional cake then check out these 23 amazing ideas - totally delicious and guaranteed to impress your guests


If you fancy something a bit different to a traditional wedding cake, then consider wowing your guests with an alternative treat. From brownie towers to arty ombre designs, we’ve compiled an edit of alternative wedding cakes that will delight your eyes and your taste buds.


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Colourful Single Tier

If you’re having a small guest list and don’t need to splash out on a huge cake, then consider a single tier wedding cake like this ‘to the moon and back’ design from London based suppliers Ginger & Cacao. The buttercream wedding cake coating looks just like the surface of the moon and the multi-coloured effect adds an arty feel to the cake.




A great alternative wedding cake idea is to opt for a cone shaped design as opposed to traditional tiers, like this ombre swirl tower from Sweet As. We’re obsessed with the graduated pink ombre effect and the addition of decorative butterflies. Having a tall tower like this means that there will be lots of cake to go around!


This tiered creation from Bake Rattle ‘N’ Roll is shaped like a classic cake, yet the blue ombre design is anything but traditional. The elegant wedding cake stand and the addition of yellow flowers are a pretty touch. 


This is the perfect design for a couple who want to put a colourful spin on their cake whilst still retaining some hints of tradition. This three tiered wedding cake from Ginger & Cacao is an utterly romantic choice with its ruffled heart decoration.



If you and your partner love doughnuts even more than Homer Simpson, then a tower of these much loved treats is a must for your reception. This doughnut tower from Krispy Kreme would certainly go down well with your guests – you can also choose an assortment of flavours so everyone is happy.



If you’re planning a festival wedding with lots of boho details, then this feather adorned cake from the Little Bear Cakery would be perfect. It almost looks too good to eat – well, almost!


Macaron Tower

If you’re looking for alternative wedding cakes, then how about serving your guests a tower of irresistible little macarons. This Ginger & Cacao tower is made up of indulgent macarons that are filled with yummy chocolate ganache.


Or how about this purple macaron tower from Belinda’s Kitchen? specialise in creating amazing macaron towers for weddings, which can be customised with your choice of flavour and colour. 


Cheese Cake

We love a cheese wedding cake here at Hitched. It’s the ultimate alternative wedding cake idea if you prefer savoury over sweet. The Britannia cheese cake from Paxton & Whitfield would make a fab wedding centrepiece and can serve around 75 guests – don’t forget to add lots of crackers.


Drizzle Cakes

This layered drizzle cake from Bake Rattle ‘N’ Roll looks so indulgent and tempting. If you’re big on cookies and chocolate, then swap a traditional cake for this buttercream treat which has rich chocolate ganache and a crushed cookie topping.


This festive themed cake is a great choice if you’re planning lots of Christmas wedding ideas. Another stunning creation from Bake Rattle ‘N’ Roll, this layered sponge cake is flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and layered with white chocolate. The drizzled white icing gives the cake a dreamy icicle effect. 


Marshmallow Pyramid

Choccywoccydoodah are renowned for their out of this world sweet creations, so they would certainly be a top destination for alternative wedding cakes. Their marshmallow pyramid cakes are smothered in chocolate and you can choose the flavour of the base cake (hungry yet?).


Vortex Cake

Another wedding cake alternative from Choccywoccydoodah, this time it’s their dramatic Vortex cake. Shards of chocolate are spiralled round the cake for a look that’s totally eye catching. The Vortex cake is also available in a three tier size which provides around 120 servings.


Pink Ruffle

If you’re getting married at a stunning summer wedding venue and fancy an alternative cake to suit the occasion, then the strawberry ruffle cake from Ginger & Cacao is certainly worth considering. The vanilla flavoured cake is filled with homemade jam and covered in delicious buttercream ruffles – your guests won’t be able to resist.




If you and your partner consider yourselves an edgy couple, then a gothic themed cake like this ‘Macbeth’ one would make a fitting centrepiece for your reception. Available from Choccywoccydoodah, this unusual wedding cake bears the romantic words ‘til death us do part’. 



Available in a single or double tier design, Ginger & Cacao’s ‘painters canvas’ cake is a creative choice that’s stunningly different. We also featured this cake in our edit of floral wedding cakes, as the flower topping beautifully complements the oil painting style icing. 


Chocolate Wrap

If you and your partner have a real sweet tooth for all kinds of chocolate, then this tower of chocolate wraps from Sweet As is sure to tempt you. The individual cakes are covered in chocolate ganache, wrapped in either solid milk, white or dark chocolate and topped with berries.


For a slight variation on the above, Sweet As also do this delicious chocolate wrap tower which boasts three different kinds of chocolate.


Floral Tower

Just because a cake doesn’t have traditional tiers doesn’t mean that it can’t have the impressive height. This floral masterpiece from Choccywoccydoodah is a great option if you want your cake to make a real decorative statement at your reception – it’s simply perfect for a pair of lovebirds!


Brownie Tower

If towers of doughnuts or macarons aren’t your thing then how about this brownie tower from Sweet As? Beautifully decorated with red petals and a lot of icing sugar, if you choose this tower for your reception we bet it won’t stay untouched for long.


Potter Themed

Who could forget Professor Snape’s iconic line in Harry Potter? If you and your partner are total Potter fans then this amazing wedding cake from Black Cherry Cake Company is the perfect romantic sentiment. This quirky cake company specialises in alternative wedding cakes that are anything but traditional.


Cigarello Cake

For a sophisticated treat that has the perfect mix of chocolate and fruit, consider a cigarello wedding cake like this strawberry covered one from Sweet As. The cake is made up of four tiers of chocolate sponge, with each tier surrounded by delicious white chocolate cigarellos.



Last but not least is this incredible sculpture cake from Choccywoccyoodah. If you want to really wow your guests with a theatrical style wedding cake then ‘The Pavilion’ is a spectacular way to do it. Wheel the cake out for everyone to see and then have it cut behind the scenes so no one has to see it being taken apart!


To see more amazing wedding cakes like these, take a look at our planning section for more ideas.