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How to Plan a Wedding on a £5,000 Budget

Not everyone has thousands to spend on a wedding, so if you're planning a wedding with a £5,000 budget, this is how to do it

A groom holding a confetti cannon in the air as confetti cascades down over him and his bride
Unsplash / Devi Firdaus

A groom holding a confetti cannon in the air as confetti cascades down over him and his bride
Unsplash / Devi Firdaus

Wedding planning on a budget can be stressful, and a lot of that stress is tied up in the cost. Fortunately, here at Hitched we like to think of ourselves as the budget experts of weddings. So, if you’re tired of looking up “wedding packages under 5000 near me” every day, or just want to get some cost-cutting tips for your big day, then keep reading. 

Our National Weddings Survey revealed that the average wedding cost in 2024 is £20,700. This may seem like a small fortune to some couples, and we don’t think that the perfect wedding day should be dependent on how much couples are willing to spend. 

That’s why we’ve planned the perfect wedding with a 5k wedding budget - that’s right, a 5k wedding!

From the venue to the dress, our expert tips and affordable vendor recommendations can make your wedding planning experience a whole lot easier. So, without further ado, here is our 5k wedding budget breakdown...

Planning a Wedding for £5,000

Wedding budget calculator banner promoting our free wedding budget calculator tool

From the venue right through to the honeymoon, here is our guide to planning a wedding for £5,000. Remember - this is just a guide, designed to help you plan in accordance with a tight wedding budget, but feel free to allocate your budget as you see fit! Prioritise what is most important to you, as that's the secret to an incredible wedding regardless of budget.

Wedding Venue – £1,000

Spending less on your wedding venue can help save you and your partner lots of money. Some venues will even offer wedding packages for weddings under £5k, or you can just book the venue separately and source your own additional vendors. 

Look out for pub and restaurant wedding venues as they will usually be cheaper and it’s also worth asking the venue you’re interested in if they do discounted rates for off-peak wedding season. Here are a few of our favourites to get you inspired. 

Sheene Mill - Cambridgeshire

Newlywed bride and groom walking through confetti with family and friends in front of a white gazebo

For couples dreaming of a classic British wedding, Sheene Mill a quaint country inn located in the heart of Cambridgeshire that can accommodate the perfect intimate ceremony. Built around a mill which dates back to the 16th century, it boasts tons of character with its exposed beams and original architecture.

Complete with elegant interiors and open fireplaces amid lush countryside grounds, guests can enjoy reception drinks and capture photographs in the company of the resident family of swans! Prices start at £1,000, and offers plenty of options and deals to suit every couple's budget.

  • Capacity: 30 - 180 guests
  • Pricing: £1,000
  • Deals: Hitched couples can claim a 10% discount on this venue! Check their listing for more info. 

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The Lamb Inn at Sandford - Exeter

Newlywed couple slicing their wedding cake in the Lamb Inn at Sandford Exeter

If you're wondering how to have a wedding for under £5,000, an affordable venue is a great place to start. You can't beat a cosy service by the fire in a classic British pub, and The Lamb Inn at Sandford ticks all of those boxes.

Dating back to the 16th century, this quaint Tudor inn boasts picturesque countryside surroundings as well as rustic beams and low ceilings, the ideal backdrop to an intimate ceremony.

  • Capacity: 2 - 40 guests
  • Pricing: £545
  • Deals: Hitched couples can claim a 10% discount on this venue - head to their listing for more information.

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The Usher Gallery - Lincoln

Newlywed couple kissing in the Usher Gallery

For sophisticated couples who love the arts, The Usher Gallery is a stylish and modern choice. Available for hire from £960, this venue is filled with outstanding sculptures, paintings and decorative arts so couples can tie the knot surrounded by cultural and creative masterpieces.

Plus, newlyweds can choose to take their photographs in the idyllic Temple Gardens after the ceremony.

  • Capacity: 2-80 guests
  • Pricing: £960

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Wedding Catering – £1,500

Any nearlywed planning a wedding will know that the wedding catering is one of the biggest spends, but lots of venues offer a wedding package that includes catering for a set number of guests, so you can combine your catering and venue budget if you go for that.

A budget of £1,500 means you are able to cater to 50 guests at £30 a head, so you could do something simple and cost-effective, like shared afternoon tea platters. If you want a more intimate wedding breakfast, you can opt for paying £50 a head for a smaller amount of 30 guests.

You could also consider a wedding barbecue – this will be a much lower cost than a formal three course dinner.

Ceremony Fees – £500

Whether you are having five guests or 500 guests, the price of your ceremony fees will always be around £400-£500 so you should always budget for this. This pays for the cost of your registrar and marriage licence if you are having a civil ceremony.

If you are having a wedding at a religious building, it’s always worth seeing what discounts can be given for using the communal hall for the reception.

If you marry at a registry office, this can save you more money on your ceremony as you won't have to pay as much for the room hire or for the registrar to come out, which could free up more budget for your reception (or your outfit, if you prefer...)

Wedding Dress, Shoes & Accessories – £280

A bride modelling a wedding dress with two bridesmaids in lavender grey dresses, each holding a bouquet

If there’s one element of your wedding day that can be both affordable and beautiful, it’s your dress. Websites like ASOS and even H&M provide some stylish options for under £500! You could also explore some boutiques that offer a outlet discount on samples or older dresses, or even consider renting your wedding dress!

We love Little Mistress for their modern, chic selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses that start at just £70.

Whether you hit the high street for wedding shoes or a budget boutique, you’ll also likely be able to find some gorgeous shoes to go with your dress for under £40.

Top budget saving tip - pick wedding shoes that you can wear again at other events to make your money work even harder. After all, who says that wedding shoes have to be white?

When you find the perfect wedding dress, it’s then time to add accessories. You can wear jewellery you already own or ask a loved one to lend you something as your something borrowed. 

Entertainment – £225

Wedding DJs will usually set you back around £500 for an evening, which is way over budget for our £5,000 wedding – but we have a solution.

A £5k wedding budget can still accommodate entertainment, so shop around and see if you can find a DJ who will do just two hours for a smaller sum of money at the beginning of the reception - this will probably be harder to do in peak season though.

Having them there for your first dance song, and getting everyone on the dance floor at the beginning of your reception will be plenty of entertainment and once their set has finished you can switch to a iPod playlist which is totally free of cost and gives you freedom with the music choice.

We have a selection of vendors who offer music and entertainment services for less - here are just a few!

Where's My Silent Disco - Kent

A couple playing air guitar on the dancefloor at a wedding listening to music on silent disco headphones

You actually can't beat a silent disco for out-of-the-box fun at a wedding - and hiring a vendor like Where's My Silent Disco relieves you of the worry of breaking any sound restrictions. It also means if you have different music tastes, you can cater to both styles without any issue.

  • Pricing: From £50
  • Deals: A 15% discount is available for Hitched users - head to their listing for more info!

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EMC Wedding Party & Events Hire - Kent

A checkered dancefloor with a starlit canopy above it with blurred figures dancing

Based in Tunbridge Wells, EMC Wedding Party and Events Hire provides bespoke audio, video and lighting equipment for special events, including disco lighting and DJ systems. Hiring the equipment and having someone be the DJ is a great way to keep to a tight budget.

  • Pricing: From £150
  • Deals: A 3% discount is available to Hitched couples - see their listing to find out more.

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All Tomorrow's Parties Mobile Disco - Lincolnshire

A bride and groom in the middle of a party at their wedding as everyone holds up glow sticks
Unsplash / Omar Lopez

If you're looking for affordable wedding entertainment, Kevin of All Tomorrow's Parties is your guy! He's been running his business for over two decades, and prides himself on not being a typical, cheesy wedding DJ. 

He covers Lincoln and the surrounding areas and has almost any song at his disposal.

  • Pricing: From £200
  • Deals: Hitched couples can take advantage of a 10% discount, see their listing for more details.

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Bridesmaid Dresses – £90

Nude chiffon maxi dress from Warehouse

According to our National Wedding Survey, the average number of bridesmaids in the UK is three, and allocating £30 to each bridesmaid dress is a reasonable price to fit in with your £5,000 budget. Zara, H&M and Bershka dresses are super reasonable if your budget can stretch a little further.

Or, why not consider renting your bridesmaid dresses from platforms like HURR or By Rotation? We love this sophisticated nude chiffon dress from Warehouse, which is available to rent for just £26.56 for four days. 

Groomswear – £75

There are plenty of options to save money on your husband-to-be’s wedding suit. You can either splash out on some funky groom accessories to jazz up his every day suit, or hire one from somewhere like Moss. If your man really wants to have a suit to keep, look around in places like Zara and River Island for slightly cheaper suits.

Matalan, ASOS and Primark also have some great deals when it comes to men’s evening wear that will be sure to have your groom feeling sharp on the big day whilst sticking to a small budget.

Hair and Make-Up – £90

You have to be really frugal with a £5,000 budget and your wedding beauty is one area where you might end up having to cut back.

You might struggle to find a professional wedding hair and makeup artist for our allocated budget, so you could use the money to buy higher quality products and use the lead up to your wedding to practise over and over again with your bridesmaids until you have perfected the look that you want.

If you don't feel confident doing this, it might be worth cutting the budget elsewhere to invest in a professional - you'll never regret hiring a pro to style your hair and makeup on your big day, after all. 

Alternatively, you could hire a pro to give you some lessons, and travel to them to cut costs, or if you're marrying on an off-peak week day, see if your spend will go a bit further. 

But if you do have your heart set on finding a beauty artist, here are a couple of our favourite vendors that can meet your wedding goals whilst staying within budget.

Make Me Bridal - Berkshire

Smiling brunette model shuts her eyes as Make Me Bridal makeup artist applies makeup with a brush

Based in Berkshire, Make Me Bridal is a family-run makeup artist platform which helps to match nearlyweds to their perfect beauty artist. Each artist in their books has been handpicked on their skills, professionalism and portfolios, so you know you're in good hands!

Plus, the platform offers a wide variety of artists to suit different budgets. Prices at Make Me Bridal start at £80, so it's possible that their services would fit into a £5k wedding budget. 

  • Pricing: From £80

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Fai Archer Hair and Makeup - London

Asian bride getting her bridal makeup done on her wedding day

For London nearlyweds on a budget, look no further than Fai Archer.

Located in Greenwich, Fai has over 14 years of experience in the bridal hair and makeup industry. Having worked on TV Shows such as Love Island and the X Factor, she knows how to make a bride sparkle on their big day. Fai's prices start at £60, and vary depending on expectations and timing.

  • Pricing: From £60

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Lucille & Co - Oxfordshire

A smiling, laughing bride to be with curly hair showing off her wedding makeup

This award-winning team of 24 freelance makeup artists and hairstylists span the whole of the UK.

Lucille & Co offer hair and makeup services to anyone over the age of four, with prices starting from £40 and Hitched couples being offered a 30% discount, so you can grab a real bargain should you need to!

  • Pricing: From £40
  • Deals: 30% discount available to Hitched couples - head to their listing for more.

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Wedding Cake – £65

You won't be able to get a professionally made, high quality wedding cake on a tight budget, so why not opt for something a little different. You could DIY a tower of cupcakes as your wedding cake or if you want to be totally on trend then swap traditional cake for a tower of doughnuts.

You can get high street and supermarket alternatives for cheaper pricing, but they won't match the personalisation and the quality of a cake made by a pro - so if that is a priority for you, move some budget around! We asked the experts why wedding cake prices are what they are, so make sure you read their advice to better understand what goes into the cost of a wedding cake.

Wedding Photographer – £600

Talking to photographers who are close in budget to what you can afford and looking for off-peak deals and discounts can really help your wedding photography budget go further. It might be that one who is close to your budget can remove some things from their package to make it work for you - but this isn't always the case so a clear discussion is needed upfront.

It is a risk to not hire an experienced professional so if you are thinking about doing this, make sure you review their portfolio of existing work thoroughly. We would always recommend going with a pro where you can, but appreciate budget might not always allow for this. 

If you live in a student city, you could consider approaching your local university and offering a fee to a final-year student to photograph your wedding. Another way to help cut costs is to ask friends and family if they know someone who is a keen photographer by hobby, or look for someone just starting out to help build their portfolio. 

As mentioned above, it will differ from going with an experienced professional, but it depends how you want to prioritise your budget.

Here are a few of our favourite photographers who offer services within budget for a £5k wedding.

Michael Willat Photography - London

A bride being lifted onto the shoulders of her friends and family

If you want a mix of documentary and more posted photography, Michael Willatt is your guy. Having documented over 110 weddings to date, he's an expert at capturing that special moment discreetly, without interrupting the magic. Michael's services are available from £399, so he would fit nicely into a £5k wedding budget. 

  • Pricing: From £399
  • Deals: Hitched couples can receive a 5% discount - head to their listing for more details

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Sofita Photography - Hampshire

A bohemian bride and her bridesmaids in silk dresses walking through a grass field

Based in Hampshire, Softa Photography follows a simple, photojournalistic style to capture every chapter of the day. Priding herself as a people person, she likes to establish a comfortable rapport with the couple and their guests before snapping the special moments throughout their day. Her prices start at £200, and she encourages couples to reach out to her for a bespoke quote based on what they need. 

  • Pricing: From £200
  • Deals: Two deals are currently available on Sofita's listing, with up to £400 off certain packages, so if you love a deal head over to her listing!

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Brian O'Carroll - Buckinghamshire

A newlywed couple holding hands as they run out of the church into a cheering chorus of friends and family

If you want to capture the moments of pure joy on your wedding day, then consider Brian O'Carroll. His portfolio is filled with candid shots of happy guests, adoring newlyweds and laughing bridesmaids that would make anyone smile. His services start at £570, so he could be a great photographer to consider for a £5k wedding budget. 

  • Prices: From £570
  • Deals: Hitched couples can enjoy a 5% discount on his services - find out more by visiting his listing!

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Reception Decorations – £175

Getting hands on with wedding décor is a must when working on a budget. Look into ways you can create gorgeous decorations for cheap prices.

If you’re having a summer wedding, opt for DIY bunting or decorative ivy which will keep costs low on materials.

Alternatively if your wedding is in the middle of winter, go to your local supermarket and buy clear mason jars, fill them with glitter that matches your colour scheme and use fairy lights which can be bought from homeware stores to put inside.

Wedding Flowers – £200

You can combine your decoration and floral budget together to make it go further. Talk to your wedding florist about what is in season, and think about how to get strategic with your flowers - using 'filler' plants like ivy and other greenery can work out cheaper.

Can you reuse the wedding party bouquets for your wedding reception decor? Opting for seasonal flowers will also cut costs. You could skip the wedding party bouquets and buttonholes to allow for your own florals to go further - it is your wedding, after all. 

Another option is to consider is having an alternative wedding bouquet which can sometimes work out cheaper and free up more money for flowers at your reception. Here are some of our favourite florists that fit nicely in budget for a £5k wedding. 

The Fairy Florist - Hertfordshire

Couple on their wedding day smiling at each other over a table of green and orange wedding flowers

Based in Herefordshire, The Fairy Florist prides herself on sustainability, natural arrangements and creating low-waste bouquets that reflect the couple's taste and style. From bouquets to buttonholes, this florist can add a little magic to your big day. According to the information on her their listing, prices start from £65 and Hitched users can get a discount, so it's worth enquiring to see if she can cater to your budget. 

  • Pricing: From £65
  • Deals: 5% discount available for Hitched couples

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The Willow Blossom Florist - Somerset

A rustic wedding table of coloured tapered candles and greenery and earthy stems

Located in Somerset, The Willow Blossom Florist is managed by Kelly, a celebrated florist who dives into each couple's colour preferences and dream wedding ideas before presenting them with a gorgeous - and a tad wild - flower selection. Her prices start at £100, and if you aren't convinced - just take a look at her glowing reviews!

  • Pricing: From £100

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The Quirky Wedding Florist - Staffordshire

A bride and two bridesmaids in blue holding out their cream, green and blue bouquets

For nearlyweds who want something a little different, Staffordshire-based The Quirky Wedding Florist is the perfect choice.

Specialising in creating non-traditional, bohemian bouquets for alternative weddings, business-owner Leanne also creates silk florals in order to capture the beauty of your big day whilst still being sustainable. Her prices start from £100, so it's possible that Leanne could fit a 5k wedding budget. 

  • Pricing: From £100
  • Deals: This vendor has an incredible three deals available on their Hitched listing, including discounts for summer 2025!

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Honeymoon – £200

Celebrating your wedding with a holiday is something lots of couples enjoy doing but it doesn’t have to be abroad in a 5* hotel. With more and more couples trying to save money, UK mini-moons are on the rise as a short weekend break in the UK is much more cost-effective than venturing abroad

Total – £5,000

Can You Have a Wedding For Under £5,000? 

The answer is yes - you can have a wedding for under £5,000, but you will have to make some tough choices and be strict on your priorities.

And if you don’t fancy booking all the elements of your wedding separately, a simple and cost-effective way to plan your perfect wedding to a £5k budget is to book a wedding package. 

Best £5k Wedding Packages

If you're interested in the idea of a wedding package for £5,000 or under, here are some of the best £5k wedding packages that caught our eye.

The Celtic Arms - Flintshire

Beautifully decorated sage green table set for a wedding in a classic British pub

For couples planning a countryside wedding, The Celtic Arms offers a quaint and cosy pub setting, traditional menus, and a stunning view of the Northrop Golf Course. This intimate pub is perfectly situated between two idyllic churches, and even boasts a terrace for a picturesque cocktail hour.

  • Capacity: 30 - 150 guests
  • Pricing: £1,500
  • Deals: From £1,500, couples can opt for the venue's Twilight Wedding Package which includes a choice of drinks, canapes, and buffet choices for you and your guests. This price also includes the cost of the venue. 

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Bert's Rooms & Events Venue - West Yorkshire

Newlywed bride and groom walking out to a confetti shower after tying the knot at a classic pub wedding venue

Nestled within West Yorkshire, Bert's Rooms & Events Venue offers beautiful 17-century Georgian charm. Formally The Black Horse Inn, the rustic venue is just a 20 minute drive from Leeds, making it a convenient yet remote escape from busy city life. Complete with bedrooms, a bar and a picturesque outdoor area, couples can find everything they need in this quintesessentially British venue.

  • Capacity: 30-180 guests
  • Pricing: £1,000
  • Deals: Hitched couples can claim a 10% discount on this venue!

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The Wroxeter Hotel - Shopshire

Groom dipping and kissing his bride in front of a large tipi wedding venue

If you and your partner dream of getting married in sunny Shropshire, then The Wroxeter Hotel is the place for you. Perched within miles of rolling countryside, this Georgian venue offers a gorgeous setting and many quirky, creative twists to allow couples to have some fun on their special day.

Surrounded by thick trees, the wedding party will have complete privacy to celebrate the happy couple amongst the wild of the woodlands. 

  • Capacity: 50-100 guests
  • Pricing: £2,500
  • Deals: This venue runs a Hotel Winter Offer which accommodates up to 100 guests, and includes ceremony set-up, sparkling drinks, crockery and cutlery, table-setting, a two-course wedding breakfast, bubbly to toast, and even fish and chip cones for guests in the evening. 

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Still deciding on your budget? Our guide to building a wedding budget can help.