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Commitment Rings: Our Favourite Designs for All Couples

Wanting to make a declaration of longevity, without signing up for marriage? Here’s everything you need to know about commitment rings

A couple holding hands, both wearing couples commitment rings on their wedding fingers
Unsplash / Nathan Dumalo

A couple holding hands, both wearing couples commitment rings on their wedding fingers
Unsplash / Nathan Dumalo

Are you wondering how to show commitment without a ring, or perhaps how to show your loyalty without proposing? If so, then you’re in the right place because about to discuss commitment rings. Nowadays, love and commitment are expressed in so many ways other than marriage, so it’s only natural that our physical symbols of love are also evolving.

Many would argue that there’s no greater symbol of love than buying an engagement ring, but not everyone is looking to tie the knot. As things evolve, commitment rings have increased in popularity as they provide couples with an alternative way of showing commitment without necessarily promising marriage. 

Commitment Rings: What Are They & What Do They Mean?

The concept of commitment rings can be confusing for some, and there are so many questions to ask... What is a commitment ring? What does a commitment ring mean? What finger does a commitment ring go on?

Well, below, we answer all your questions about commitment rings, as well as rounding up some of the most beautiful commitment rings on the market right now with something for everyone. So, if you’re looking to take the next step in your relationship, this guide is sure to lead you in the right direction. 

Commitment Rings for Her

1. Clear Tilted Heart Solitaire Commitment Ring - £35, Pandora

silver Pandora commitment ring with asymmetric band and heart-shaped diamond in the centre

Celebrated for their iconic charm bracelets, Pandora also makes some seriously stunning rings that are fantastic for making a commitment. Their clear tilted heart design, for example, is a real beauty. 

Hand-finished in sterling silver, the design was inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet. It features a thin polished band and a titled heart-shaped Cubic Zirconia stone - available in both clear and red.

Sizing: 48-60

Pros & Cons: This ring is super affordable but still boasts plenty of aesthetic appeal. It can also be styled with other solitaire rings to create an asymmetric pattern, so you can buy another ring later down the line.

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2. Chamomile Commitment Ring- £1,020, Taylor & Hart

twisted silver diamond commitment ring

British jewellery brand Taylor & Hart are known for their gorgeous engagement and wedding rings, but many of the designs would also make the perfect commitment ring. Take the chamomile design, for example. This twisted band features a pavé of micro diamonds and Taylor & Hart’s ultra-wearable Signature band profile, with its rounded edges and slim width.

Sizing: A-Z+6

Prose & Cons: The dainty diamonds on this ring offers maximum sparkle, while the 3/4 eternity design means it can easily be resized later down the line - perfect for passing it down to future generations. The red gem may not be to everyone's taste, but ultimately it is hidden when worn so it's easily ignored. 

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3. Yellow Gold Diamond Set Eternity Ring - £449, Ernest Jones

gold commitment ring with row of diamonds embedded

If gold is more your thing, then this 14ct yellow gold ring from Ernest Jones might be the perfect option for you. With its 14-carat gold band and 0.33-carat diamond weight, it’s a classic piece for making a modern commitment.

Sizing: I-S

Pros & Cons: Elegant and traditional, this ring features 10 diamonds for plenty of eye-catching sparkle, but it’s simple enough to be suitable for those looking for something a little more understated. Though simple in design, this is the kind of commitment ring that could be added to. One for each anniversary, perhaps? 

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4. Tie the Knot Pearl Commitment Ring - £49, Abbott Lyon

gold and pearl commitment ring with metal knot detail

Every piece of Abbott Lyon jewellery is designed in-house, right here in the UK. Affordable and lovingly crafted, their rings are as unique as the people who wear them. Take the 'Tie the Knot' pearl ring for example. Glitzy and stylish, it’s the ultimate way to show how you feel.

Sizing: L-P

Pros & Cons: It may not be the most expensive of commitment rings, but this affordable and super-stylish ring is also waterproof and comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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5. Halo Commitment Ring in Yellow Gold - £795.00, Astley Clarke

Women modelling gold halo commitment ring with matching cuff earrings

Makers of fine, luxury jewellery, Astley Clarke knows how to design for modern buyers. The brand’s signature oval motif has been transformed into an elegant yet sultry ring, in the form of the halo design. It has a circle of diamonds, set in warm 14-carat recycled yellow gold, and has been described as “luxury for your everyday”.

Sizing: J-P

Pros & Cons: With free shipping, a two-year warranty and ethically-sourced diamonds, there’s no down-side to this beautiful ring and we love the fact that there are a number of matching designs that compliment the ring!

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Men’s Commitment Rings

6. Palladium Fancy Commitment Ring - £900, Goldsmiths

palladium style ribbed silver men's commitment ring from goldsmiths

Established in 1778 right here in the UK, Goldsmiths is a British institution. So, the palladium commitment ring is an ideal choice for a commitment ring for men. Beautifully crafted, the band is unique and handsome in equal measure, featuring a striking palladium finish.

Sizing: P-Y

Pros & Cons: This 6mm ring will stand out, while complementing your everyday attire. It was also designed with “forever appeal” - the perfect way to signify your ever-lasting love. The design is on the thick side so those after a more dainty design may want to check out other styles. 

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7. White Gold Cushioned Signet Commitment Ring - £495, Beaverbrooks

white gold signet men's commitment ring with engraving at the top

Men’s commitment rings can be bought in a number of different styles. The 9ct white gold signet ring from Beaverbrooks, for example, is bang on-trend. Made from white gold, it’s cushioned for added comfort and has a contemporary engraved pattern for extra wow-factor.

Sizing: S-X

Pros & Cons: As a signet ring, this piece won’t instantly be recognised as a commitment ring, allowing you to make a quiet devotion without having to tell the world. It’s also well-priced and has plenty of visual appeal.

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8. Silver Black Treated Pavé Men's Commitment Ring - £179, H Samuel

silver men's commitment ring with black treated pave diamonds in a square in the centre

H Samuel has long been one of the UK’s leading jewellers and when you take a look at the silver diamond pavé ring, it becomes clear why. Paving the way in modern design, this ring is for lovers of bling. It features a sterling silver band and a centre of black treated diamonds.

Sizing: P-Z

Pros & Cons: Affordable and distinctive, this ring is ideal for those wanting to upgrade their style. With a 0.42cm width, it’s also much slimmer than many other men’s commitment rings.

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9. Faceted Argentium Mens Commitment Ring - £85.00, Etsy

faceted rustic looking mens commitment ring

The home of handmade creations from across the UK (and further afield), Etsy is the ultimate place to shop for unique jewellery. Enter this statement-making ring by star seller burnt ochre. The timeless, 6mm wide ring is made from recycled silver and has a modern, geometric design for added impact.

Sizing: H ½ to Z+2

Pros & Cons: The ring is affordable, made to order in the UK, and can be personalised for added intimacy. It’s also available in both men’s and women’s sizes, so it would be the perfect option for those seeking commitment rings for couples. It does have a slightly rustic look and may not be polished enough for some. 

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What is a Commitment Ring?

While historically people have given engagement rings and wedding bands as a symbol of their dedication to one another, these days some couples don’t wish to legally marry. A commitment ring is a modern piece of jewellery that one person gives to another, as a symbol of their love and devotion to their long-term, romantic relationship.

While promise rings generally come before an engagement, commitment rings highlight that a couple wants to be together forever, but have no desire to exchange traditional vows. That's not to say that you couldn't exchange commitment rings and then marry at a later date, though. 

What Does a Commitment Ring Mean and Why Do People Give Them?

Two men showcasing men's commitment rings
Unsplash / Nick Karvounis

Essentially, by giving someone a commitment ring, you are telling them that you wish to be with them indefinitely. Commitment rings are a way of devoting yourself to the person you love, without the requirement of having to walk down the aisle together. 

There might be countless reasons why a person wishes to give someone a commitment ring, but perhaps the most straightforward one is that they wish to signify their long-term commitment to the person they love.  If you and your partner want to go the distance, but have chosen not to marry, then buying a commitment ring could be the right choice for you.

The decision not to marry should be made by both parties, so always speak with your loved one before you decide to buy. a commitment ring - communication is key If you’re cohabiting with your loved one, or have children with them, and you wish to express your dedication to being a family, then a commitment ring is a perfect way to do so.

When Should I Give a Commitment Ring?

Much like planning a proposal, when you choose to give a commitment ring is up to you and isn’t something that should be rushed. After all, you’re telling the person you love that you intend to be with them forever – a declaration that shouldn’t be made lightly.

While some choose to gift commitment rings to celebrate a milestone anniversary in their relationship, say five or ten years of togetherness, others might choose to give one to celebrate the arrival of a baby or another significant event in the relationship. You could even buy one when you move in with one another, to acknowledge your shared faithfulness.

Which Finger Does a Commitment Ring Go On?

There are no formal rules around which finger a commitment ring goes on. Some like to place theirs on the ring finger of their left hand – replacing an engagement ring – while others might choose to wear theirs on their right hand, to avoid any confusion. The choice really is yours.

Who Can Wear A Commitment Ring?

A couple holding hands, one wearing a gorgeous commitment ring
Unsplash / Alvin Mahmudov

So, who can wear a commitment ring? Well, the answer is anyone. It might be that you want to buy one for your partner, but don’t wish to wear one yourself. Or you might make the decision together to both wear one – whether matching or not. There are commitment rings for couples and men’s commitment rings, as well as commitment ring for her. 

One of the most wonderful things about commitment jewellery is that it doesn't have to be exclusively for people in relationships. In fact, luxury British brand Astley Clarke often sees them gifted to friends, bridesmaids and even godparents or godchildren. Connection is a special part of being human, and celebrating those who mean a lot to us is the ultimate act of love.

What Do Commitment Rings Look Like?

Commitment rings come in all shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all budgets. In terms of products, diamond rings tend to be the most popular option, but jewellery in the form of a circle can also be used to reflect ongoing commitment. You could choose a halo diamond ring, or decide to buy diamonds loose and design your own ring. 

For example, Halo and Asteri collections from Astley Clarke feature rings, necklaces and bracelets in various circular designs. A symbol of eternity, circular jewellery is a fantastic way of expressing your dedication to forever.

Where To Buy a Commitment Ring in the UK?

Again, there are no rules about where you should buy, but online engagement ring retailers will always be a great bet for commitment rings. While some might wish to go to a bespoke jeweller to have something custom made, others might prefer to buy from a jewellery brand. Buying a commitment ring is a very personal thing, so shop around and you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

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