The launch date for the new winter season of Love Island has reportedly been confirmed – and we won’t have to wait too long!

Sources told the Daily Mail that the production crew will be flying out to South Africa on New Year’s Day and we’ll meet the islanders for the first time when the show kicks off on the 8th January 2020.

We know a few things about this series – the first ever to be filmed over winter. Firstly, the villa is said to be in Cape Town, a city in the southwest of South Africa. Secondly, the series will only be six weeks instead of eight.

If you’ve just made a new Love Island WhatsApp group to discuss this news, we’ve got lots more exciting info to share – involving the words “love island villa” and “hen party”…

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Image: ITV

If you adore Love Island just as much as we do, then you might be left wondering where the villa is and if you can rent the Love Island villa… or even last season’s Casa Amor.

We’ve done some research to answer the most frequently asked Love Island villa questions, so if you fancy your own romantic sunshine-filled escape, or even a hen party to end all hen parties, you know where to head.

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Where is the Love Island Villa?

The Main Villa


Image: ITV

The famous Love Island villa is located on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca, in a small town called Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in the Llevant region on the east coast.

Sant Llorenç des Cardassar is a highly sought after part of Majorca for holiday makers and is situated just one hour and 15 minutes’ drive from Palma, Majorca’s capital city and home to the island’s only airport.

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Casa Amor


Image: Villa Retreats

Who remembers Casa Amor from 2018’s series? The smaller of the two villas is yet to make an appearance in this year’s season, and it’s TBC as to whether it will. If it does, it’s possible it might be used in a different way.

Casa Amor, the second most famous villa in Majorca is also in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, just a stone’s throw from the main villa.

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What’s in the Love Island Villa?

The Main Villa


Image: ITV

The Love Island villa was given a makeover especially for this year’s show, and the team behind the overhaul definitely didn’t disappoint.

The house has returned to our screens looking as chic and modern as ever. It includes a whole range of amenities including a large living room, modern bathrooms and a balcony with incredible countryside views.

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Image: ITV

The bedroom, which sleeps 12, has neon lights, brightly coloured bedding and funky décor.

As any Love Island fan will know, the large bedroom with six double beds isn’t the only place where contestants can rest their heads after a long day of sunbathing. The Love Island villa is also famously known for its ‘Hideaway’ – otherwise known as the place people go to *talk* about their feelings.

This luxurious bedroom is a romantic and private part of the house, beautifully decorated from top to bottom. Along with this private room, there is also a large living room where contestants can relax (it also doubles up as ‘the dog house’ when couples fall out and one is kicked out of the bedroom!).

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Image: ITV

As well as a stylish interior, the Love Island villa boasts an impressive outdoor area for contestants to enjoy. The garden has an enormous swimming pool and gym area along with an outdoor open-plan kitchen and a range of outdoor seating areas.

There’s also a range of shaded day beds and a huge patio and lawn area for contestants to lounge on.

The round seating area, also known as the ‘coupling-up’ area, is fully equipped with comfy cushions and a fancy fire pit to keep contestants warm and also enhance the dramatic ambiance for those all-important recouplings.

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Casa Amor


Image: Villa Retreats

Casa Amor is a luxury villa hidden in acres of rolling Majorcan countryside, behind fancy electric gates – giving guests the utmost privacy during their stay. With four bedrooms and five bathrooms, the villa can comfortably cater for parties of up to eight people.

The bedrooms and bathrooms are beautifully decorated to a very high standard. The overall feel is lavish and modern – exactly the type of residence you’d expect for the Love Island cast.

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As well as the gorgeous bedroom and bathroom amenities, Casa Amor is also home to a fully-kitted-out designer kitchen, relaxing sitting room and two roof terraces.

Speaking of roof terraces, the outdoor space and stunning setting are what really sets Casa Amor apart from other Balearic villas. The garden includes luxuries such as a 14m swimming pool, lemon and orange trees, a secluded day bed and the villa’s very own private vineyard.

Casa Amor also has access to some of the most incredible views in Majorca. The villa is surrounded by acres of picturesque greenery making the surroundings almost as attractive as the villa itself – and let’s not forget the stunning garden, complete with swimming pool and manicured shrubbery.

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Has There Been Any Changes to the Love Island Villa for Series Five?


Image: ITV

While the main Love Island villa looks pretty similar for series five, there has been a few changes and touch ups.

The living room has been brightened up with a pop of yellow, more snugs have been added and the kitchen has been totally revamped. The breakfast bar has been replaced with a new seating area, a brand new hidden area has been introduced and the gym has been expanded.


Image: ITV

If that wasn’t enough, the Jacuzzi has now been moved from the swimming pool area to The Hideaway, there’s a secret door inside The Hideaway and there’s a few new signs and lights to jazz the place up.

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Do the Villas Look the Same in Real Life as They Do on Screen?

The Main Villa


Image: ITV

The crew at ITV completely transform the villa each year into the one we see on screen, and the only part of the Love Island garden that stays the same after filming finishes is the pool.

Everything from the decking and outdoor kitchen to the pergola and sunbeds are stripped out and stored between each series.

One of the biggest changes the crew make to the villa is the structuring of the bedroom and kitchen. The wall behind the six beds in the villa’s long room is actually false and has been put there to hide the villa’s real kitchen, which both viewers and islanders never see.

The crew then build the outdoor kitchen in the garden to encourage contestants to spend more time outside rather than in the villa.

Each year, once Love Island filming ends, the villa is put back to its original state and handed back to its owner. The process of transforming the villa into what we see on screen takes around eight weeks and taking it all out and putting it back to normal takes around four.

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Casa Amor


Image: Villa Retreats

A lot less work is done to Casa Amor as the contestants spend much less time in there. Aesthetically, the villa is as you see it on screen for the rest of the year.

The only difference between on and off screen is that during filming, all the boys stayed in one bedroom whereas in real life, Casa Amor has four bedrooms which would separately sleep eight people. But as we’re all aware, watching a load of contestants in one room is much more entertaining than the two-to-a-room situation we’d all be used to on holiday!

The garden and living space is all the same as what you’ll see on your TV screens – the only thing we don’t see much of is the kitchen and other bedrooms (which are totally gorgeous, by the way).

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Can You Rent the Love Island Villas?

The Main Villa


Image: ITV

The short answer is sadly, no. The main Love Island villa is privately owned by a German millionaire and is rented by ITV for the duration of each series, including eight weeks of prep before filming and returning it back to its original state four weeks after the show ends.

While you might not be able to stay at the main villa, Casa Amor is a different story altogether…

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Casa Amor


Image: Villa Retreats

Secondary villa Casa Amor is also known as Arta East & South East – it is just a short walk away from the main villa.

A stay at Arta East & South East will cost you between £4,572 and £8,128 per week. It is described as a “luxury” four-bedroom villa which can sleep up to eight people. It has five bathrooms, a private pool and stunning views over the countryside.


Image: Villa Retreats

If that wasn’t enough, it is within easy reach of tonnes of gorgeous beaches, the interiors are absolutely beautiful, there’s a BBQ, maid service and nearby restaurants. Sounds like the perfect hen do location to us!

If a week’s holiday isn’t enough and you just happen to have a few million set aside for a rainy day, why not consider buying the villa?

Casa Amor could be yours for a whopping £2,225,019! The property is currently listed on Zoopla and considering the popularity of each and every series of Love Island, we don’t think it’ll be on the market for long!

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