50 Cheap Wedding Favours for £1 or Less

If you're on a budget you can still have fabulous favours - we've rounded up 50 beautiful and cheap wedding favours that cost £1 or less


Wedding favours are a lovely gift for guests, but when costs are mounting up, you'll definitely want to find a bargain option.

To help, we’ve rounded up a selection of fun, quirky and seriously cheap wedding favours for £1 or less to help you balance your wedding budget.

1. Matchbox Wedding Favours

matchbox wedding favour

At just £5.99 for 10, these adorable matchboxes come in at just over half of our £1 budget. They’re super cute and would fit in perfectly with a rustic themed wedding.

2. Heart Shaped Seed Wedding Favours

seed hearts

Give your guests something to really remember your day by gifting these white heart-shaped paper seeds. If they plant these in their garden, the seeds will flower, giving them a beautiful reminder of your day. Plus, they’re a total bargain at just £4.75 for 75 - now that's a cheap wedding favour deal!

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3. Magnet Letter Wedding Favours

magnetic letters

A magnet with your guest’s initials on is a really nice and thoughtful idea for a cheap wedding favour. These magnets cost just 90p each and are something useful and stylish for your friends and family to remember your day with.

4. IKEA Candle Wedding Favours

ikea candle

At just 85p per unit, IKEA’s SINNLIG candle is a very fitting budget wedding favour idea under £1. It comes in six different colours including ivory, red, purple and orange so no matter what your wedding colour scheme is, you’ll be able to find an IKEA candle that fits.

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5. Soap Wedding Favours

soap wedding favours

We’re totally in love with these mini soap wedding favours. Not only do they look amazing but they also come in four different scent options! We also adore the special message: “Thank you for joining us on our special day!”

6. Wooden Place Name Wedding Favours

wooden hearts

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your wedding, consider doubling up on your place name holders and your wedding favours. These personalised wooden hearts play as both a cheap wedding favour for guests to keep, and a place name so they know where to sit.

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7. Pencil Wedding Favours

pencil wedding favours

What better way to thank your guests for coming than these personalised pencil wedding favours. You can have each pencil engraved with your names and the wedding date making this a cheap wedding favour idea that everyone will enjoy, even the younger guests.

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8. Tea Bag Wedding Favours

Tea Bags

Couples who love drinking tea may have found their perfect budget wedding favour in these fantastic personalised tea bag favours with a tea bag inside. You can choose from traditional English Breakfast, fruit teas, earl grey tea and more.

9. Pineapple Wedding Favour Boxes

pinapple box wedding favours

Couples planning a summer wedding should definitely consider these pineapple themed wedding favour boxes. Fill them with popcorn or a cheap sweet treat to really wow your guests. Who doesn’t love an edible wedding favour? Plus, you can get 48 for less than £13 - what a bargain.

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10. Potpourri Wedding Favours

potpourri wedding favours

If you have a floral wedding theme going on, why not keep your wedding favours in line with this £1 potpourri from IKEA? Available in a range of colours and combinations it’s a true bargain and looks far more expensive than it actually is.

11. Marshmallow Wedding Favours

marshmallow tube wedding favours

Guests with a sweet tooth will adore these mini test tubes filled with marshmallows. If you think they’d prefer something different, there’s also an option to have the marshmallows swapped for red tea leaves – how cool?

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12. Heart Biscuit Wedding Favours

heart shaped cookies

These personalised biscuit wedding favours are adorable and the mini-hearts cost just £1 per piece, coming in right on budget. If you want to spend more, the scalloped circle and larger heart are just a bit more expensive at £1.50 and £1.80 respectively.

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13. Pink Chocolate Wedding Favours

pink chocolate wedding favours

Treat your guests to something sweet by purchasing these pink chocolate treats. They’re available for just £7.99 per kilo and also come in a pastel blue colour. Scatter them across the tables or use cheap mason jars to encase them for the best finished look.

14. Sock Wedding Favours

sock wedding favours

It might seem a little strange to give your wedding guests socks as wedding favours, but in all seriousness – why not? Socks are something everyone loves, they’re easily bought for under £1 and men, women and children will all enjoy receiving them! This assorted pack from Primark costs just £2.50 for five pairs and makes for a lovely cheap wedding favour idea.

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15. Horseshoe Wedding Favours

horseshoe wedding favour

Horseshoes are traditionally a sign of good luck, making them a really sweet wedding favour to give to your guests. You can buy 10 of these fabulous wedding favours for £9.99 and they come on a rustic cardboard backing so no DIY is needed.

16. Wooden Heart Wedding Favours

wooden heart wedding favours

These personalised wooden love hearts can be engraved with yours and your partner’s names and your wedding date. What cuter reminder of your wedding day is there? They’re sold for £7.50 and come in packs of 10 and will make adorable key rings if your guests wish to repurpose them.

17. Initial Tag Wedding Favours

initial tag place names

It’s really easy to keep cheap wedding favours personal and still within budget with these adorable initial gift tags. Tie them around your guests drinks or simply lay them on their plates to add a personal touch to your wedding breakfast.

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18. Heart Shaped Photo Dock Wedding Favours

heart shaped docks

These heart shaped photo docks from Primark are a pretty alternative to your traditional photo frame and cost just £1 for a pack of four. This leaves you plenty of budget left over to print pictures to go in each one.

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19. Thank You Tag Wedding Favours

These Amazon thank you tags are perfect for couples who don’t want to go overboard with their budget wedding favours. Attach one of these tags to each champagne flute or wine glass on the table for a pretty added touch.

20. Plant Seed Wedding Favours

Seed wedding favours

Nature-loving couples will love the idea of giving their guests seeds as a cheap wedding favour. We adore these beautiful wildflower seed packets from Ovo Blooms at Not on the High Street – they have a rustic feel, feature the pun ‘Sow in Love’, and cost just 95p. We’re sold!

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21. Chilli Seed Wedding Favours

Chili wedding favours

Or why not give your guests chilli seeds so they can grow their own plant to remember your wedding by - we love that these bargain seeds by Wedding in a Teacup can also be personalised with your name and your wedding date.

22. Yankee Candle Wedding Favours

Candle wedding favours

Ok, so we’ve gone over budget by 16 pence here but these Yankee Candles from Amazon are such a beautiful favour that we just couldn’t leave them out. You can purchase 18 from Amazon for £20.95 - working out at £1.16 per favour.

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23. Candy Bag Wedding Favours

paper bags

These super cute candy bags are just £5.99 for a pack of 48 from Amazon so you will have plenty of wedding favour budget left to buy retro sweets to fill them with.

24. Temporary Tattoo Wedding Favours

Tattoo wedding favours

Add a festival vibe to your big day with these fun and cheap temporary gold tattoos from Etsy. We love the idea of setting up a tattoo station at the reception so everyone can get temporarily inked.

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25. Cupcake Wedding Favours


If you’re happy to go DIY for your wedding day then baking your own cupcakes will be a great way to keep costs down. Lakeland have a huge range of cute cake cases in a range of different colours and finishes.

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26. Scottish Tablet Heart Wedding Favours

Fudge heart wedding favours

Whether you’re getting married at your dream Scottish wedding venue, you want to include your heritage at your wedding or you just love tablet, these little Scottish tablet hearts are the perfect cheap wedding favour at just 3 for £1 from PhilRao on Etsy.

27. Wooden Name Wedding Favours

£1 wedding favours

These wooden names will look perfect on a rustic style wedding table and are just £1 each when you buy 50 or more - they can also double up as placecards saving you even more money on your wedding.

28. Fudge Wedding Favours

Fudge wedding favours

Wedding guests with a sweet tooth will love these delicious little fudge cubes from Thorntons. Buy a bag for each guest and transfer them to pretty organza favour bags to make them feel extra special.

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29. Bubble Wedding Favours

bubble wedding favour

You will get so many fun wedding pictures by having bubbles as your wedding favours and they’ll be loved by the kids and the adults at your wedding! These bubbles are a great cheap wedding fabour idea, currently costing just £5.40 for a pack of twenty four.

30. Photo Frame Wedding Favours

Wedding favours for £1

Can you believe that these gorgeous silver photo frames are just £1 each from Wilko? Print out photos of you and your guest and they can also double up as visual placecards.

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31. Strawberry & Raspberry Marshmallow Wedding Favours

Marshmallow wedidng favours

These gourmet marshmallows from Etsy will really impress your guests and come in a range of flavours - the strawberry and raspberry one has to be our favourite!

32. Colour In Place Mat Wedding Favours

Placemat wedding favour

Your guests will adore these personalised place mats which are just begging to be coloured in, from Chi Chi Moi at Not On The High Street. Put a pot of pencils on each table and watch everyone’s ‘concentration faces’ as they try to stay within the lines after a wine or two. At £1 each, they’re a total bargain.

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33. Puzzle Piece Wedding Favours

puzzle pieces

These personalised puzzle pieces from Amazon are so much fun and will be a beautiful rustic addition to your wedding reception tables. And guess what? It's just £21.98 for 100 pieces - wedding favours don't come much cheaper than that, and no one would ever know!

34. Love Hearts Wedding Favours

love hearts

Image Credit - Swizzels Matlow

Love Hearts are a wedding favourite and it's easy to see why. These inexpensive sweet treats add a fun and retro twist to your special day and you can have them personalised with your new married name. Prices start at £2.50 for ten on Amazon.

35. Rustic Box Wedding Favours

Wedding favour boxes

These romantic boxes can add a rustic twist to any wedding table and will set you back just £13.99 for 100 from Amazon - leaving you plenty of budget to buy sweet treats to fill them with.

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36. Test Tube Wedding Favours

Test tube wedding favours

How cute are these tiny test tubes from The Wedding of My Dreams on Not On The High Street? They are 90p each and you can fill them with small sweets like Skittles or M&Ms or with instant hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows.

37. Sunglasses Wedding Favours

Sunglasses wedding favour

Image: Helen Cawte Photography

Colourful sunglasses will be a cute cheap wedding favour and think how fun your wedding pictures will look with all your guests sporting vibrant matching glasses. We love how the couple have added a personal touch by making hessian bags for each guest in this photo. Each pair of glasses cost just 69p from Amazon.

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38. Blackboard Letter Wedding Favours

Wine tag wedding favours

These adorable blackboard wine glass charms from Not On The High Street will mean your guests can keep track of their drink and also be left with a cute memento of your day to take home with them.

39. Paper Feather Wedding Favours

Feather wedding favours

Add some colour to your wedding reception with these vibrant feather wine charms. They can be personalised with each guest's name and are just 89p each from Not On The High Street.

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40. Rose Candle Wedding Favours

£1 wedding favour

These cheap and pretty rose candles from Etsy are just £1 each and come in a range of gorgeous colours so you can pick a shade to suit your wedding style.

41. Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favours

Chocolate Wedding Favours

Chocolate truffles make a delicious wedding favour that your guests will love to discover as they find their seat at your wedding reception. Buy boxes of truffles from Hotel Chocolat and then separate them out into favour boxes for an inexpensive wedding favour.

42. Magnet Wedding Favours

Wedding magnet favours

How cute are these wedding favour magnets from Etsy? And they start from just 73p! You can even send in your own photos so the little characters look like you - amazing!

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43. Glass Bottle Wedding Favours

Glass bottle wedding favours

These glass bottles from Etsy are just 87p each and you can fill it with something fun like a shot of your favourite gin or some flavoured vodka making them the perfect addition to your cheap wedding favour ideas list.

44. Tree Decoration Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours Under £1

Image: Pinterest

These clear baubles from Etsy come in lots of different size so you can fill them with plenty of different options, from chocolate and sweets to a photo to confetti. They're great value so you'll have change left over from your £1 to buy your filling.

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45. Wooden Dove Wedding Favours

wooden doves

These wooden doves from Etsy are actually Christmas tree decorations but they will also make adorable favours to give to your guests, especially at a winter wedding. Why not leave felt tip pens on your tables and tell your guests to decorate them? You could award a bottle of prosecco to the winning design.

46. Custom Cocktail Wedding Favours

Cocktail stirrer wedding favours

How much fun are these custom cocktail stirrers from Etsy? Perfect for adding a personal touch to your reception tables - priced at £54.53 for 100.

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47. Drink Stirrer Wedding Favours

Gold drink wedding favours

Or add a glam twist to your wedding reception drinks by including these gold drinks stirrers from Etsy. Starting from 80p each, choose from a selection of “party-inspired” words or have something custom created just for you.

48. Slate Heart Wedding Favours

Slate wedding favours

These slate hearts from Wilko are £1 each - they are intended to be candle plates but you could create bespoke place cards by using chalk paint to write each of your guests’ names.

49. Mason Jar Wedding Favours

Glass jar wedding favours

12 of these glass jars are just £4 from Wilko so you will have plenty of your wedding budget remaining to be able to create some fun wedding cocktails. Tie name tags to these and you will be able to double them up as place cards and personalised, cheap wedding favours.

50. 'Mint To Be' Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours Under £1

How about a little something to finish the meal with these cute personalised mints? With a sweet 'mint to be' message that comes in a variety of colours, there's not a single guest who won't appreciate these.

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