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09 Jul 2018

Brides and Their Guests Embrace World Cup Wedding Clash in Hilarious Social Media Photos - See The Best

by helen@hitched

It’s common knowledge that July is peak wedding season. It’s also common knowledge that football is in the process of coming home.

For couples and guests who had weddings scheduled on the 7th of July - the same day as the England-Sweden quarter final - what was initially unfortunate timing turned into a game of ingenious multi-tasking.

Image: Getty

Whether it was enthusiastically or reluctantly, couples embraced the match with TVs, score updates and even huge projector screens.

But not every bride was so accommodating, hence some of the brilliant schemes that guests came up with to watch.

Here are our favourite social media snaps of exactly how couples and crafty guests kept up with the goings-on at the ceremony and on the pitch.

First up, this wedding guest proving that necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention. Shame the wedding’s colour scheme was yellow and not red. This guests has perfected keeping the couple happy and oblivious despite both match-streaming and Snapchatting! 

Image: Twitter/@andytaylor7_

This bride, who knew what her guests wanted, and planned accordingly. Two thumbs up for two goals scored! And cheers to the dedicated bridesmaid who happily kept the bride occupied while the match was on!

Image: Twitter/@acarapd

The mind boggles at how resourceful some wedding guests are: check out that phone-stand-slash-clutch and patriotic bouquet! Top marks for presentation.

Image: Twitter/@Conversation Str

Meanwhile, these men thought ahead and managed to get a screen larger than a phone to watch the match on. If the bride didn't know then, she does now they've been caught out by the photographer!

Image: Twitter/@BabbPhoto

This is the set-up of every football fans' dreams: everyone seated, drinks in hand, huge screen - this wedding reception seamlessly doubled as a football-watching party. 

Image: Twitter/@ahockney

This patriotic couple got a free pass on their wedding entertainment. Who wants to listen to a band or a DJ when they could listen to multiple middle-aged men roaring in the stands instead?

Image: Twitter/@JerrySmith0101

Clearly the couple hosting the wedding these two guests were at weren't quite so embracing. These guys were forced outside the marquee to watch the match, and forewent 4G disaster with a clever hotspotting plan.

Image: Twitter/@drbahine

Despite the Church of England's official warning not to check the match if you're in a ceremony, one church decided the score was far more important than hymns. That board has never got so much attention.

Image: Twitter/@bbcpaddy

Nothing is stopping these guests from watching history being made, especially not the fact that it’s six men to one tiny phone screen.

Image: Twitter/@jay_pxl

These two are slightly overdressed for a football game. It’s 10 minutes to the vows, but fingers crossed the bride runs late.

Image: Twitter/@AlexanderFoxEtc

Final congratulations go to this bride who graciously allowed guests to watch the footie during her reception. Sometimes you've got to grin and bear it!

Image: Twitter/@LauraWesley123

Congratulations to all the happy couples – may your marriage be as strong as many of your guests’ 4G signals!

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