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Dream Job Alert: Get Paid to Be a Honeymoon Photographer in the Maldives

Find out how you could end up living in the Maldives with a friend, taking pictures of loved-up honeymooners in this opportunity of a lifetime

An areal shot of Kuramathi Island with overwarer bungalows, white sand and turquoise waters

An areal shot of Kuramathi Island with overwarer bungalows, white sand and turquoise waters

Are you a dab-hand with a camera? Do you know how to get all the best angles for Instagram? Would you like to live in the Maldives? Silly question, we know...

But in all seriousness, if all of these things speak to you, we may just have the perfect job for you. Travel company Kuoni are on the hunt for a brand new role that has everyone in the industry talking. We're not talking about a new sales person, or someone to do research, no.

We're talking about someone who will get paid to live in the Maldives. Yes, you read that right. They, will pay you, to live in the Maldives. So, while you let that sentence sink in, we'll explain what the job actually entails.

HINT: It involves multiple honeymoon destinations...

Dream Job Alert: How to Get Paid to Live in The Maldives

an overwater bungalow with a private pool and decking area looking out onto the perfect serene ocean in the maldives

Kuoni are appealing to all amateur photographers - which is basically everyone these days - to apply for their brand new role, a Honeymoon Photographer In Residence. Before we go into the perks of the job, because there's loads, we'll tell you a little bit more about the role. 

Honeymoons are an integral part of getting married, and most couples want to head to a celebrity honeymoon destination or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their first married trip away. Because of this, many newlyweds choose to honeymoon in the Maldives - and we can understand why.

Crystal blue waters, over-water accommodation, unrivalled views of the ocean, five-star facilities, unbeatable restaurants - you get the picture. But what's a holiday without some Instagram-worthy snaps? Though most people want their luxurious beach honeymoon on film, to show others but also to cherish the memories, not everyone wants to feel attached to their phone all holiday.

That's where your role comes in. Rachel O'Reilly, director of communications at Kuoni explains, "Every year couples spend thousands of pounds on a wedding photographer capturing the perfect images of their day, but when it comes to honeymoon photography, very few couples have beautiful pictures of themselves together to remember their honeymoon - which is truly their holiday of a lifetime.

“A Kuoni honeymoon is unforgettable, but now we’re offering our customers the chance to share and capture their earliest days as newlyweds. Our new Honeymoon Photographer-In-Residence will be on-island with our customers, capturing their most special moments together which they can cherish and relive forever.”

According to our National Wedding Survey, couples spend an average of £1,100 on wedding photography costs, but the honeymoon imagery is often forgotten about, so this is a great way to ensure couples get their honeymoon snapped just as well. 

The Successful Candidate

A beach restaurant with qhite love chairs and bright orange cushions

Think you're a good fit? Here's what they're looking for. Kuoni say that the ideal candidate will have a passion for romance, as well as the ability to capture and frame special moments and shots. 

The successful candidate will work across four of Kuoni's dreamy resorts, Kuramathi, Kandolhu, Baros and Velassaru. And the best bit? You won't have to do it alone. The chosen photographer will be allowed to bring a guest to join them, and be paid an additional £2,885 for three weeks of work, equating to a salary of £50,000!

As well as a generous salary equivalent and the fact you get to bring an assistant with you, there are more perks that come with the job. Kuoni will provide you with luxury accommodation across all four of its Maldives island resorts and all expenses (including all of your food and drink!) are paid for. 

How to Enter

If this sounds like a bit of you, applicants need to visit and submit their very best pictures, along with an explanation of why they should be selected as the chosen photographer. Once entries close, an expert panel of industry judges (including our very own Hitched Editor Zoe Burke) will then select a lucky winner. 

And that's not all - before you jet off to the islands, the winner will also receive personal one-to-one training with Sandra Von Reikoff, an incredibly talented wedding photographer who has photographed some of the most famous couples an celebrities including royal bride Princess Eugenie. 

And even if you're hopeless with angles and cameras, get practising because missing out on this competition would be a travesty! 

While you wait to see if you've been chosen, check out our selection of the best honeymoon hotels in the world - as you could soon be living near one...