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5 Year Anniversary Gifts: 25 Wooden Gift Ideas to Inspire You

Are you looking for wooden gift ideas for your 5th wedding anniversary? From personalised keepsakes to gifts for your garden, we've rounded up the 31 best gifts to celebrate your 5 year wedding anniversary

Wooden egg cups with heart and arrow initial engravings

Are you coming up to your fifth wedding anniversary? Congratulations on being married for half a decade - it's definitely worth celebrating! To kick off the fun and to set the mood just right, we'd begin with finding the perfect five year anniversary gift for your partner. Did you know that the traditional gift for your five year wedding anniversary is something made from wood?

If inspiration doesn't come to you immediately, don't panic! Although wood may seem like a tricky theme to work with at first, we've found that there are dozens of amazing wooden anniversary gifts for your five year anniversary present out there. From cheeseboards to picture frames to games and even a watch (yes, you read that right!), you can totally make your fifth year anniversary gift your best yet!

It's time to celebrate your five years of marriage! So, scroll through the below, click through to order and get ready to receive all the brownie points from your OH!

Gifts for a Wooden Anniversary 

A wood anniversary gift comes in all shapes and sizes so if you're a little pressed for time, we've highlighted the most popular picks in our round-up that can you immediately add to your basket:

25 Gifts for a Five Year Anniversary 

1. Engraved Oak Coordinates Sign – £43, Winning Works

Engraved coordinates wooden sign

This oak sign from Winning Works can be engraved with the coordinates of your chosen location - it could be the place you first met, your wedding venue, your first home together or even your honeymoon destination. If you don't know the coordinates of your special place, simply submit its full address and they will work them out for you. 

"For your five year wedding anniversary gift, you might be looking for something unique that you have never given your partner before," says Zoe Burke, editor of Hitched. "This wooden sign will make a lovely decoration for your home and be a reminder of a destination that means a lot to you as a couple." 

Pros & Cons: The words are deeply engraved into the wood and natural oils are then applied to feed and protect the material. At first glance, you might not realise what the numbers represent which makes it a sentimental secret between the two of you.

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2. Wooden Photo Frame – £17, Hitched Shop

Wooden photo frame with a black and white couple wedding photo

This romantic wooden photo frame is a perfect gift for your fifth wedding anniversary – we love the idea of popping one of your favourite wedding pictures inside if you haven't been able to display any yet. It is available in portrait or landscape and can then be personalised with your name and wedding date. 

Pros & Cons: The edge of the photo frame is painted in grey for a contemporary finish. A picture will have to be printed by you, but we reckon you'll have tons to choose from in your wedding photo album

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3. Wooden Keepsake Box – £29.99, Warner’s End

Engraved wooden jewellery box

This wooden keepsake box from Warner’s End is the perfect wood anniversary gift for your other half. You could gift it to them empty ready to be filled with their belongings, but if you want to make this box extra special then why not fill it with cute keepsakes saved from your past five years of marriage?

The box has many customisation options, including a light or dark wood finish, squared and sleek or rounded and worn edges, and a copper or aluminium message banner. The personalised element is what sets is apart for many customers with one person saying, "When a gift is made with a special message, it takes it to an entirely different level. This box has a wonderful handmade feel, is high quality and so beautiful." 

Pros & Cons: It is the ideal size to fit neatly onto a dressing or bedside table. It has a rustic look and feel which adds to its charm. 

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4. Personalised Cheese Board – £38, Dust and Things

Engraved couples cheese board

Add some cheesiness to your five year anniversary celebration by treating your partner to a personalised cheese board from Dust and Things complete with cheese tools. The wooden surface is engraved with a beautiful handwritten style font and features an old-school style heart and arrow. 

Why not give it to them with a selection of cheeses, a nice red wine and plan a cosy date night in? There's even the option to include a chutney gift set with flavours such as red onion relish and orchard apple. 

Pros & Cons: As it is made from hevea hardwood, it is not dishwasher friendly. Hand wipe with a damp cloth after use. 

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5. Oak Wood Folding Bed Tray - £55, John Lewis

Folding wooden tray on a bed with breakfast

This oak wooden folding tray from John Lewis is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings spent snuggled up in your duvet. You can fold the legs down when it's not in use and double it up as a serving tray for snacks and drinks at a table.

Word of warning, though: if you do buy your other half this tray, they'll definitely expect you to serve them breakfast in bed on it! 

Pros & Cons: It is not heat resistant so place a mat down first before serving hot food and drinks. 

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6. Two Wooden Egg Cups – £9.99, Getting Personal

Wooden egg cups engraved with heart initials

Speaking of breakfast in bed, these personalised wooden egg cups from Getting Personal are a cracking idea if that's your plan. Simply specify you and your partner's initials and they'll appear in tiny heart and arrow etchings on the cups. You can have them sent in a luxury gift box too which will save you time on wrapping.

"This five year anniversary gift has got to be one of my favourites in our list," says Rima Barakeh, deputy editor of Hitched. "Not only do they look adorable, they're the perfect excuse to enjoy a romantic breakfast together, just the two of you." 

Pros & Cons: Getting Personal features a preview button so you can double-check your design before submitting. 

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7. ‘Our Journey’ Signpost Print – £58, No Ordinary Journey

Wooden signpost framed gift

You’ve been on a journey together, right? For five whole years? Symbolise this momentous occasion with a miniature wooden signpost of your relationship from No Ordinary Journey. Each post is personalised with a special moment in your relationship, such as when you met, moved in together and married. 

It comes fully framed ready to hang and boasts over 100 reviews giving it 4.8/5. One such review says, "I bought it as an anniversary gift for my wife and she loved it. Really well-crafted product, looks great and the personalisation options make it extra special."

Pros & Cons: Over five years, we're sure you've had a fair few big moments together - you can choose up to six arrows so you won't have to narrow them down too much! 

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8. Wooden Craft Hearts – £12, Hitched Shop

Wooden craft hearts with a Sharpie

Since you've been married five years, there's bound to be lots of things you love about your other half. How about writing some on these small wooden craft hearts and filling a jar up with them? They'll really appreciate the thoughtful touch behind this gift and it's a great way to give DIY a go for your five year anniversary gift. 

They come in packs of 50 so there are more than enough hearts to make a few mistakes along the way too. This also makes a pretty cool alternative wedding guest book too.

Pros & Cons: This gift will take a little extra time as you'll be handwriting on each heart, but it'll be worth it to see the smile on your partner's face. 

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9. Wood Watch, Cuff Links Engraved Wooden Box– £78, Country and Paws

Wooden watch and cufflinks set

Yes, you can get a watch made from wood. If your partner loves a good watch, treat them to this wooden one from Country and Paws. It’s eco-friendly, constructed from durable bamboo wood, and very high quality having been manufactured with Japanese quartz movements. 

It comes with matching personalised cufflinks and a stunning gift box making it a lovely set for your other half's next evening out. It's a cute idea for a wedding watch too.

Pros & Cons: The message on the back can be three to four lines of text so we recommend a simple phrase or statement such as 'I love you' or their name and your wedding date.  

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10. Engraved Wooden I Love You Postcard – £12, No Ordinary Gift Company

Wooden love letter postcard

If you’ve already got an anniversary gift but it doesn’t match the wooden theme, add this personalised wooden postcard from No Ordinary Gift Company, which comes engraved with a beautiful ‘I love you’ message to keep it on theme. There is so much attention to detail, from the cut-out heart postage stamp, to the hand-applied Swarovski crystals, so it's no wonder it has a 4.8/5 rating from reviewers. 

"Beautiful product, it's really special," says one customer. "It made my hubby cry!" That's just the reaction we were hoping for with a wood anniversary gift that is as special as this. 

Pros & Cons: The card comes in a paper envelope that is then sent in a hard-backed envelope for extra protection.  

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11. Wooden Bench – £149.99, Amazon

Wooden bench

Enhance your garden with a lovely wooden bench, like this one from Amazon. You can personalise it with your names and wedding date so every time you sit outside you’re reminded of your special day. If you're looking for an anniversary date, you could plan a fifth wedding anniversary picnic to have on your new bench. 

It is easy to assemble, however reviewers recommend having two people on hand to help. The design makes it comfortable and supportive to sit on. 

Pros & Cons: This present is best suited for those with a medium to large outdoor space so that you have somewhere to place the bench and enjoy it. 

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12. Natural Wood Coaster – £20, Hitched Shop

Engraved wooden coaster with a beer

We love the idea of giving your partner a personalised wooden coaster. It has a built-in bottle opener so they won't need to get up to enjoy their favourite tipple and you can choose from four different designs. It comes as a set of two - so you'll both have a place to pop your drink. 

Pros & Cons: The simple design of this coaster means it'll fit into any home interiors and the rubber coating is easily wipeable should any liquid spill. 

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13. Bottle Box – £64.95, Sophia Victoria Joy

Personalised wooden box engraved with names and a leaf design

Buy a bottle of Champagne or fancy wine and present it in this beautiful, personalised wooden wine box from Sophia Victoria Joy. It’s made from oak and is lined with silk so your bottle of bubbly will stay well and truly safe. The box can be personalised along the edge with your own special message such as how much your partner means to you, or when the bottle should be opened. 

Pros & Cons: Each oak box is completely unique - due to the natural state of the material there will be a slight difference in the wood colour and grain. 

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14. Wooden Flowers – £62, Betsy & Els

Pastel coloured wooden flowers

Everyone loves receiving flowers, so why not put a twist on it so it works for the tradition and give wooden flowers for your fifth anniversary gift? If you look closely, you'll see that each stem has been personalised with names, dates and special words that represent your journey as a couple, as well as the flower box itself being engraved with your name. 

There are several flower varieties to choose from to represent each month including snow drops, bluebells and poppies but if you need a little help choosing, our wedding flower guide explains all their meanings and names. Many reviews state that this gift is so creative, dainty and beautiful, giving it an overall glowing rating of 4.9/5. 

Pros & Cons: It is designed so that it can easily be posted through a letterbox should you not be able to give your gift to your partner in person. Unlike real blooms, these flowers will last a lifetime. 

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15. Geometric Wooden Tealight Holder – £25, Hitched Shop

Geometric wooden tealight candle holders

Show your partner how much they light up your life with these geometric wooden tealight holders from the Hitched Shop. They come in a set of four and will look gorgeous placed on a windowsill or as a table decoration - perhaps place them on your dining table as you enjoy a romantic candle-lit anniversary dinner. 

The combination of natural pine contemporary white detailing gives a bohemian yet modern look that cool couples will adore. 

Pros & Cons: No tea lights are included but you could switch it up and use them as mini flower holders or as a way to display succulents. 

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16. Personalised Wooden Collar Stiffeners – £20, Joanna Emily

Personalised happy 5th anniversary wooden collar stiffeners

If your husband is a dapper gent, treat him to this five year wedding anniversary gift for him. These personalised wooden collar stiffeners from Maria Allen Boutique can be worn every day and keep a treasured gift close to his heart. They are made from reclaimed cherry wood and each one can be etched with up to 22 characters. This also includes a heart symbol. 

"A great gift is often one that is practical as well as sentimental," explains Joanna Magill, Digital Writer at Hitched. "These collar stiffeners hide a special message that only your other half will know about - it doesn't get more romantic than that!"

Pros & Cons: As these are made from delicate wood, remember to remove them from a shirt prior to washing. 

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17. Mango Wood Heart Bowl - £21, John Lewis 

Heart shaped wooden bowl

Whatever you serve in this heart-shaped mango wood bowl from John Lewis will be made even more romantic thanks to the link to your fifth wedding anniversary. Put it pride of place on the table as your fruit bowl or bring it out as a salad server for special occasions. 

One review even said that they are using their bowl as a place to store their keys as it is the perfect size. 

Pros & Cons: This bowl is not dishwasher or microwave safe - clean with a damp cloth only. 

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18. Engraved Garden Swing – £385, The Oak and Rope Company

Engraved wooden swing

Add to your garden with this sweet, personalised wooden garden swing from The Oak and Rope Company. It’ll look super cute and if you expand your family, your children can play on it too. There are four size options available, but we recommend opting for medium and upwards for adult use. 

The oak swing is tied with a thick manila rope which gives it a traditional look, as does the engraving.  

Pros & Cons: Allow at least two weeks delivery for this hand crafted item. 

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19. Mediterranean Orchard Tree Crate – £48, The Gluttonous Gardener

Orchard tree in a wooden crate

If you have a green-fingered other half, treat them to a plant for their collection and present it beautifully in this personalised orchard tree crate from The Gluttonous Gardener. This one comes with mini Mediterranean trees – ideal if you honeymooned in the Med! As they come in a pair (one olive and one fig), we can see them looking lovely sat either side of a front door. 

You won't have to wait long for these plants to grow - "the trees were in excellent condition and started shooting within two days," says one customer. Another stated that, "these trees are an ideal way to create lasting memories as they grow over the years." 

Pros & Cons: They're both varieties that will thrive in the British climate and should be kept outside year-round. They can also be grown in the pots, so can also be grown on a balcony or in a smaller garden. 

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20. Wooden Jigsaw Keyring – £15, Create Gift Love

Wooden jigsaw keyring engraved with a personal message

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the most treasured. With these wooden jigsaw piece keyrings from Create Gift Love you’ll each have something to keep on your keys that connects you to each other. You can pick from cherry, maple, oak or walnut and whether to have both the front and the back personalised. 

Struggling to find the right words? There are several quotes to choose from such as 'You complete me' and 'I love you to pieces'. There is also the option to select your own customised message. 

Pros & Cons: All of the wood is ethically sourced and the wood oils used are environmentally friendly. Create Gift Love are also proud members of The Woodland Trust. 

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21. Wooden Pun Keyring – £12.99, Etsy

Wooden keyring with 5 years down and I still wood

We love a pun and if you and your other half do too, this keyring will surely have you smiling. It's the ideal combination of being cheeky and funny, yet still romantic, and it can be delivered the next day if you need your five year anniversary gift quickly. 

"Couples with a brilliant sense of humour, this is definitely the gift or you," says Zoe. One review stated that, "it was an excellent choice, she indeed eye rolled as expected - 10/10 and it had quick delivery too."

Pros & Cons: This item comes gift bagged ready for giving. 

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22. Wooden Map – £38, Northern Logic

Wooden map on a stand

If you and your partner love to travel, treat them to this creative wooden map from Northern Logic to mark your fifth wedding anniversary. Choose where you live, where you met or where you got married as the focal point of the map. This is a really unique piece of art that would add interest to any desk or table top. 

With over 100 reviews giving this map a 4.9/5 rating, it'll make an excellent gift for a wooden anniversary. 

Pros & Cons: All wood used is from sustainable sources and can be finished with a whitewash for a brighter appearance. 

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23. Wooden Initials – £42, Modo Creative

Wooden initials on a decorated table

These wooden initials from Modo Creative will look amazing on your mantelpiece or displayed on your bookshelf. You can even personalise them with a message on the front and back of the ampersand. They are made from recycled oak and come wrapped in tissue paper inside a sturdy box. 

One customer explained how they decorated their room with these letters, saying, "My husband loved these. I took them with me to New York for our fifth wedding anniversary celebration and displayed them in our hotel room - they looked lovely!"

Pros & Cons: These initials will make a brilliant statement but as they are on the smaller side, they won't look out of place. 

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24. Choco-holic Wooden Sign With Hanger – £10, Coulson Macleod

Chocoholic wooden sign

If your special someone is a bonafide chocolate lover, they will probably also love this personalized Choco-holic wooden sign from Not On The High Street. We're sure they'll enjoy this little reminder to indulge in a few squares at least once a day. 

"Not a huge fan of the sweet stuff? This gift comes in lots of variations, including one for coffee addicts, history buffs and shoe worshippers," explains Rima. "Tapping into your partner's hobbies (yes, eating chocolate is a hobby!) is a great way to show them that after five years, you still know exactly what they love." 

Pros & Cons: The antique-style bulldog clip gives it a vintage look and feel. 

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25. Personalised Wooden Hammer - £16.99, Getting Personal

Engraved wooden hammer

If your partner works in construction or just loves a bit of DIY, give them a hand with this personalised wooden hammer from Getting Personal. Made from durable metal and sturdy wood, it'll be in their toolbox for years to come. It's a gift we certainly think they won't have come across before and is a really unique idea. 

The handle can be customised with your initials and up to 40 characters - you can think of your own message but 'building our lives together since...' is a pretty good shout! 

Pros & Cons: You aren't often able to personalise a practical item such as this - it's the ideal combination of sentimental and sensible. 

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What is a Gift for a 5 Year Anniversary?

The traditional gift for a five year wedding anniversary is something made from wood. "Wood is said to represent strong roots and a relationship that is made to last," explains Zoe Burke, editor of Hitched. "At first, it might not seem like the easiest gift to buy, but our round-up shows you that there are tons of presents, both practical and romantic, to shop out there."

Jewellery boxes, household objects including personalised chopping boards and coasters, plus keyrings and pieces of art are just a few popular presents for your fifth year wedding anniversary gift. 

Now you've got five years of marriage down and you’re sorted for your fifth anniversary with a lovely wooden gift, why not browse our guide to wedding anniversaries to prepare for your next one?