Why a Stunning Sunset Wedding Could Be For You

Why a stunning sunset wedding could be for you


When couples start making plans for their big day they may be keen to host their ceremony during the warm summer months on a bright morning with plenty of time during the afternoon to eat, drink and celebrate being husband and wife.


But there are so many other options when it comes to deciding upon the date, time and location of the nuptials that they may want to think twice before rushing out and booking the venue.

While more and more people are opening up to the idea of hosting their big day during the colder months in a winter wonderland-themed event, another idea is to host the wedding during the evening.

It seems as though this could be a trend that catches on among many brides and grooms-to-be, as some celebrities have recently decided to say their vows at dusk.

Lizzie McGuire actress Hilary Duff and her partner Mike Comrie got Hitched in Santa Barbara, California, as the sun set, while Take That star Robbie Williams and his new wife Ayda Field also wed at his home in California as night approached.

Similarly, True Blood actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer walked down the aisle in Malibu at twilight with their family and friends around them.

So what is it about getting married at sunset that is so appealing and could it be the right thing for you?

As weather.com notes, dusk can be a “magical” setting for a ceremony and “exchanging outdoor vows at sunset is a great idea”. Not only will the weather be cooler if you get married during the summer, but you’ll also have a beautiful backdrop for all your wedding photography.

There are also practical reasons to get married later in the day, as it will give you more time during the morning to calm your nerves and ensure everything is perfect for the ceremony itself, whether it’s last-minute alterations to the wedding dress or making sure everyone arrives on time.

“Your invitations should have an earlier start time — roughly half an hour before you actually want the ceremony to begin. If you want things to get going at 16:30 BST, simply invite the guests for 16:00 BST and enjoy the view”, the news provider continues.

The UK is not the only place you can hold a sunset wedding, as you could make the occasion extra special by choosing to hold the event abroad.

An article posted on Boosh News explains how many resorts offer special packages for couples planning to tie the knot and if you opt for a tropical island as your location you will have the luxury of being able to host the nuptials on the beach and walk along the sand.

Saying your wedding vows later on in the day also means you could ensure your guests are well-fed with a delicious evening meal before the reception, which could well go on into the night. This may be ideal if you are holding the party at a hotel or at your own home where your friends and family can easily bed down for the night.


An evening wedding could be just the thing for you if you want a memorable ceremony with something a little different.