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27 Cheap Wedding Rings That Look Anything but Budget

Cheap wedding rings needn’t look that way. For an affordable wedding band that you’ll adore for eternity, look no further than our chic and cheap edit.

man and woman wearing gold wedding bands
Pexels / Jonathan Borba

man and woman wearing gold wedding bands
Pexels / Jonathan Borba

Whether you’re planning on eloping or have a large celebration in the works, sticking to a wedding budget can prove seriously tricky once you’ve factored in every aspect of your day. One crucial element that’s often missed from the wedding spreadsheet is, somewhat ironically, the wedding bands. 

It may be that you’re the organised type and have factored them in already (bravo!) or perhaps you’re one of the couples who’s seen them slip through the net and are seeking wedding rings that are special, inexpensive and ready to wear, preferably ASAP. Whatever your style and wedding budget, we promise that there’s a cheap wedding ring to suit.

From skinny, stackable wedding bands to curved wishbone style wedding rings and matching wedding bands, your heart and wallet will sing when you scroll these rings. 

NB: We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

The Best Cheap Wedding Rings

1. Organic 9K Gold Band Ring – £125, Zoreh V

Slim gold ring looped onto pale pink fabric

We’ll start simple – this slim, 9 karat gold ring is the perfect wedding ring for minimalists. Easy to stack with engagement and eternity rings, it’s cool, affordable and resilient. The hardy gold will stand up to daily life (showers, work, get the picture) and the style is timeless too. 

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2. Everly Gold Band Ring – £40.80, Ana Luisa 

Two shiny gold rings with a hidden diamond on the inner band balanced on a white box

A shiny, classic wedding ring style, the Everly ring is dipped in 14 karat gold for a gleaming finish. Just be sure to look after it carefully to retain that wedding day lustre as plating is more prone to scratching and dents that solid metal jewellery. 

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3. Blue Prisma Gold Ring – £28, Aleyolé

White woman's hand wearing a gold ring with a central blue stone on her ring finger

Wear your ‘something blue’ forever by incorporating a blue gemstone into your wedding band. This 18 karat gold plated sterling silver ring features a blue zirconia stone at its centre – it’s subtle and eye-catching all at once. 

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4. Solar Studded Sterling Silver Ring – £50, Missoma

Gold ring studded with small diamonds

Inspired by the celestial patterns of the night sky, this crystal cubic zirconia embellished ring is just the thing if you gravitate towards silver jewellery. The neat band has just the right amount of spangle. 

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5. 14K Gold Marquise Band Ring – £119.98, Etsy

White woman wearing a dainty diamond ring against a terracotta fabric background

On the subject of sparkle, this vintage style cubic zirconia laced wedding band is a dazzling wedding ring option that looks far more expensive than it is. The slim style complements a larger engagement ring too. Sold. 

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6. Alex Monroe x Raven Smith Silver Hans Hidden Green Tourmaline Ring – £210, Liberty London

Black woman wearing textured silver ring on her ring finger

If you’re after a stylish, alternative wedding band, this textured sterling silver ring hits the mark. Jeweller Alex Monroe teamed up with writer and culture vulture Raven Smith to design a slick collection with hidden design touches – in this case a green tourmaline stone is concealed in the inner curve of the ring. The wide band is also unisex. 

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7. Personalised Hidden Inner Strength Ring Polished Gold – £319.95, Carolin Stone

Curved gold band with a lab grown diamond on the outer face and three red toned gems on the inner band

Granted, this may not be the cheapest ring in this edit, but it’s less costly than many traditional wedding ring options and brings a lot to the table in terms of unique features. The three ‘healing’ gemstones on the inner band can be personalised to reflect your vibe while the lab grown diamond on the outer face of the ring is asymmetrically placed for a modern finish. The curved, solid 9 karat gold band is distinctive too. 

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8. Gold Modern Double Wrap Ring – £35, Ania Haie

White woman with short brown bob resting her hand on her head wearing an interlocked gold band on her middle finger

Two interlocked gold bands make for an elegant yet cheap wedding ring choice. The 14 karat gold plated sterling silver rings slip on beautifully and are sleek enough to be stacked with more elaborate gems and jewels. 

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9. Four Elements Ring – £75, Rachel Entwistle

Overlapping gold rings with triangular engravings on a marble table

Make your love even more encompassing by saying ‘I do’ with matching Four Elements rings. Engraved with the alchemical four elements of fire, earth, wind and water, each ring is handmade in London in a recycled metal of your choice, proving that you don’t need to spend the earth to go bespoke.  

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10. Tide Ring – £135, BAR Jewellery

Curved gold band on a white background

A sustainable jewellery company founded by former Burberry and Tom Ford designer Sophie McKay, BAR jewellery is loved by the likes of Meghan Markle. The fluid, sculptural Tide Ring is the perfect example of why the brand is big in fashion circles – it’s effortless yet striking and each piece is unique. Made from recycled sterling silver with 18 karat gold plating, the wave shape accommodates an engagement ring beautifully and you can guarantee that no one else will have the exact same wedding ring. 

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11. Glossy 14 Karat Gold Ring – £219, Maria Black

Thin glossy gold band on a pale pink background

If you’re looking for a solid precious metal wedding ring that’s not a ‘cookie cutter’ shape, this delicate Maria Black style will fit the bill. So shiny that it glows, it’s the perfect everyday ring, which is apt given the vows it represents. 

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12. Halo Lab Grown Diamond Band Ring – £85, Milly Grace

Thick gold band with a central lab grown diamond on a fabric surface surrounded by gold cocktail rings and plain gold rings

Recycled silver, a conflict-free flat lab grown diamond and the fact the company plants a tree for every order mean that this ring wears a halo in more than one sense. It’s a cool, contemporary option that looks far more costly than it really is. 

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13. Cetara Pianura Ring – £79, Sif Jakobs 

Close crop of a white woman wearing a boho style wedding skirt with red nails and a curved gold ring stacked with a silver diamond studded eternity ring on her ring finger

Danish jeweller Sif Jakobs’ ring designs have a sartorial edge that’s stylish yet simple enough that it’ll never date. From interesting shapes to asymmetrical stone placing, many would make a solo statement as a solo wedding ring they’re also affordable enough to stack.  

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14. Elemental Ring in Rose Gold – £59,  Astrid & Miyu

Twisted rose gold band on a stone surface

If you have your heart set on a rose gold wedding ring, this sculptural option should pique your interest. Looking after it and keeping it clean will ensure that it retains its sheen.

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15. Estée Lalonde Flow Ring in 18 Karat  Gold Plate, £59 – Daisy London

Silver and gold twisted rings displayed in a shell on a wooden table next to a thin gold chain necklace and baby's breath flowers

Another take on a twisted wedding ring but this time with a more prominent central spiral. It was designed to remind you to ‘go with the flow’ by influencer Estée Lalonde, which is a pretty fitting principle for marriage. 

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16. Thin Band – £230, Mejuri

Mixed race woman with freckles wearing a black jumper and a thin gold band on her ring finger

Available in recycled 14 karat gold or white gold, this neat band may be dainty but it can still be engraved with up to 25 characters. Simple but meaningful is the M.O here. The narrow design also makes it the ideal partner for a large, detailed or especially opulent engagement ring.

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17. Marcelle Ring – £71, Maria Black

Close-up of spiralled gold band

Want your wedding ring to catch the light without added gems? The undulating design of this gold band does just that while also looking impeccably stylish.

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18. Moon Phases Gold Band – £95, Rachel Entwistle

Gold band stamped with different phases of the moon on a marble table

Handmade from recycled mined metals, this suits-everyone band makes for a unique celestial wedding ring. Wear matching bands for extra magic. 

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19. Ethical 9 Karat Solid Gold Thin Unisex Wedding Band – £70, Etsy

Think gold band strung on a small metal chain against white fabric

Another matching wedding ring option, this traditional band is made to order from 100% recycled gold. Production and delivery time is quick too in case you’re cutting things fine. 

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20. Gold Diamond Style Three Baguette Ring – £84, Lily & Roo

Close up of woman's hand wearing a thin gold band with jaunty baguette cut crystals

Asymmetric baguette cut crystals add delicate sparkle to this sleek 14 karat gold plated sterling silver band. The ethereal gems would look especially beautiful floating next to a diamond engagement ring.

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21. Riva Diamond Wave Ring – £140, Monica Vinader

White woman wearing a white dress and a curved silver diamond studded band on her ring finger

If you’re seeking a silver toned wedding band that curves around your engagement ring, this diamond studded vermeil ring will be the perfect fit. The 17 ethically sourced diamonds are set in particularly resilient 18 karat recycled gold plating – it’s both glamorous and hardy.

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22. Solid Yellow Gold Bubble Ring – £150, Maya Magal 

Bubble engraved thin gold band resting on white fabric

Handmade in 9 karat recycled gold in small batches to minimise waste, this bubble inspired ring is a creative take on a traditional gold band. If you love gold jewellery but crave something quirky, Maya’s your woman.

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23. Praniti Dotted Gold Ring – £30, So Just Shop

White woman wearing a cream skirt and dotted gold rings on three of her fingers

Speaking of unusual gold bands, So Just Shop’s dotted gold rings (go for either single or double) make for eclectic alternative wedding rings. The company’s founding mission was to support 250,000 women and their families to escape poverty, domestic abuse, trafficking and discrimination by providing materials, funds and training in order for them to begin their own small scale aristan businesses. As well as traditional and contemporary Indian jewellery, you can also buy homeware through the online store – take note if you’re making a wedding gift list.  

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24. Bold Stacker Ring – £180, Mejuri

Close up of woman wearing an orange jumper and a thick cut glossy gold finger on her first finger

A solid, modern 14 karat gold ring that’s highly polished but also very durable – the colour will stay true for a lifetime (again, it’s appropriate marriage material). The sharp edges are seriously chic. 

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25. Cavalier Ring – £71, PD Paola

Close up of a white woman's hand wearing a spiralled gold ring with lavender crystals curving around the band

A single spiral affordable gold ring featuring a central wave of lavender zirconia stones, this 18 karat gold plated option would make a statement at an outdoor or spring wedding – it’s a fresh spin on the conventional idea of a wedding ring. 

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26. Astley Clarke Gold Plated Vermeil Silver Celestial Astra White Sapphire Eternity Ring – £95, Liberty London

Side angle of a gold band half studded with crystals

The tiny white sapphires adorning this slim 81 karat gold vermeil band are intended to look like glittering stars as soon as this refined yet cheap wedding ring is slipped onto your finger. It’s just the right degree of dazzling and nestles in nicely next to almost any engagement ring.

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27. 9ct Gold CZ Bar Ring – £84.95, Seol + Gold

White woman crossing her hand wearing a large signet ring on her little finger, a gem encrusted bar ring and a gold ring with a cluster of gems at its centre on her ring finger

With a bar of cubic zirconias at its centre, this 9 karat gold ring may have a delicate 1mm ring but it’s cutting edge rather than cutesy. The sleek diameter means that it stacks neatly next to other rings too. 

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If you’re looking to purchase cheap wedding rings and save money, you’re going to need to make sure you look after them well. Rebekah Ann Jewellery share some top tips on taking care of budget friendly rings:

How to Clean Your Affordable Wedding Rings

Gold vermeil rings can still tarnish, it's the silver under the gold causing the reaction. Do not use a polish cloth or silver cloth to clean the ring as this actively removes the layer of gold meaning you'll have to have it re-plated a lot sooner. 

Instead use something like a silver cleaning solution and dip the ring in for no more than 10 seconds and rinse really well under running cold water. If it still looks a little tarnished again redip but only for 5-10 seconds as these are nasty chemicals that if jewellery is left in them can cause more damage. 

Once your ring is looking refreshed, fully rinse it under cold water and leave it to dry. You could  carefully blot dry, but avoid any rubbing at all costs. 

How to Keep Them Looking New

If your jewellery is more budget-friendly, remember to remove it when showering or applying lotions as this can discolour the rings, and again the rubbing motion can cause the plating to wear. 

How to Avoid Wear and Tear

Remove your rings when sleeping, working out, gardening, washing up etc. This will help protect the ring and if it's plated or gold vermeil it will help with longevity.

When buying a budget friendly ring that is gold plated or gold vermeil (and these are two different things) know that you will have to have them re-plated over time. Depending on the process used and the microns of gold on your ring you may need to have it done frequently to keep it looking new.

Other Ways to Have an Affordable Wedding Ring

Did you know that you can have a ring made using metal you or family members already own? Do you have an item of jewellery that's been left to you that you do not wear? Do you have broken chains, earring backs, odd earrings etc lying around? All of these can be used to make a ring for you as long as they are solid gold and not gold plated or gold filled. This is a great way to create a wedding ring that costs less, and has some personal meaning to you.

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