Wedding Suits For Brides Who Want a Modern Look

Wedding dresses are the traditional attire for brides, but why not break the rules and rock a wedding suit like these stylish women?


When it comes to wedding suits, it’s usually the groom we think of. However, a huge trend that is up and coming this year is bridal wedding suits.


Brides are now rocking anything from a grey tailored suit, to white fitted trousers and killer wedding heels.

Here at Hitched we love the fact that this trend is emerging and we have put together some of our favourite brides who rocked wedding suits to inspire modern women who want to embrace an alternative wedding style on their big day.

Modern Couple With Style

No one can take away the style from these two. The beautiful couple really know how to rock a wedding dress and a wedding suit to perfection and this picture shows us exactly that. The wedding suit that one of the bride’s is wearing has been chosen in a cream colour that brings warmth and grace to the table. Her metallic shoes totally complement the other bride’s wedding dress sparkle and we love the finishing touch of her buttonhole flowers. The couple look like they are totally in awe of each other and we think that they are serious relationship goals.


Image Credit: Erica Camille

Pretty in Pink

If there was ever an award for the bride with the highest level of style, it would have to go to this woman. Her ivory tailored suit with pink floral patterns on the hem is seriously out of this world. Her style is one which we definitely want to steal. The high heels she is rocking, along with her gorgeous rose bouquets are insanely pretty and we can’t help but feel in awe of her wedding day look.


Image Credit: Erica Camille

First Dance Kiss

Love is definitely in the air between these two brides. The bridal suit that one of them is wearing has such a rustic wedding feel to it that we adore. The fitted trousers are a really flattering shape for her and the tan coloured cord waistcoat really stands out to us as far as bridal wedding suits go. Her new wife’s wedding dress is a simple shape and made from a thick lace which definitely ties in with the wedding suit. They look like a really gorgeous couple to us!


Image Credit: Michelle Lytle Photography

The Converse Couple

Firstly, we love this pair because they have rocked super cool Converse trainers at their wedding – how trendy! Matching shoes is a gorgeous same sex wedding idea which looks fantastic, but now it’s time to discuss the bride’s suit. She has opted for a dark grey, skinny fit suit with pinstripe lining and a shirt to match. The pastel colours on the shirt match her killer kicks and we love the feminine touch she has accessorised with – that lush pearl necklace and earrings.


Image Credit: Michelle Lytle Photography

Women in White

What a beautiful setting this summer wedding had. Lots of greenery and pretty petals are the perfect photographic accessory for the pair. We love the bridal suit that one of the women is wearing. The white jacket and trousers combo couldn’t look more stunning next to her bride and it is made even cuter by the pair of them wearing matching floral necklaces which even tie in with the bride’s bouquet. The style in this shot is unquestionable and we can only imagine how much they cherish the picture.


Image Credit: Michelle Lytle Photography

Wedding Bliss

It doesn’t take a genius to see the copious amounts of love that is between the bride and groom in these pictures. The look of affection on both of their faces says it all and they look pretty stylish whilst doing so. The bride is rocking a black trouser and velvet waistcoat combo with a pastel shirt that seriously stands out. She and her new husband are wearing matching cravats to show their unity and sync their wedding outfits. Her quirky style is so appreciated by her other half and we love the individuality of them both.


Image Credit: Emily G Photography

Matching Marriage Suits

This glowing couple chose to match their wedding outfits to each other’s and it has seriously worked for them. The neutral coloured suits with the white shirts give off a look of innocence and subtlety which comes across so stylish. We adore the yellow flower pin they both have and just by looking at this image you can see the unity between these two. The slight differ in their shirt collars shows the individuality in their styles, whilst still keeping a similar look for their beautiful wedding.


Image Credit: Erica Camille

A Proud Bride

The look of pride and love on this bride’s face walking down the aisle with her new wife is so heart-warming. Her crisp white wedding suit looks so smart and stylish next to her bride’s vintage wedding dress. Their matching white bouquets look stunning and complement both outfits. The gorgeous couple have managed to sport opposing styles which completely go together and no one can deny it. We love the way this bride has rocked her suit, and the black buttons to match her shoes give it a real edge.


Image Credit: Sasha Wedding Photography

Red Bus Loving

Orange really is the magic colour in this picture and the couple are pulling it off fabulously. We love that the groom’s braces and tie are a perfect match to the orange wedding flowers in the bride’s bouquet and the big red bus transport in the background really sets the scene too. This funky couple look amazing, especially the bride. Her ivory suit jacket has wide fit sleeves and a gold fastening button for a more vintage look. Her bright hair and vibrant look makes her totally able to do the wedding-suit-look absolute justice.


Image Credit: Weddings By Odi

The Cool-Factor

We just love how cool this bride is in her wedding suit. Accompanied by her gorgeous new wife who is wearing a beautiful wedding dress, the bride is absolutely elated in these pictures. One reason she should definitely be smiling is due to how fabulous and on-trend she looks. From her funky ear stretchers to her indie-fitted suit, her look is one that is definitely worth stealing. She has gone for a shiny navy jacket with black trousers and funky loafers to match, which all comes together to create her insanely cool look.


Venue Credit: Walton Castle

Park Bench Prettiness

These are gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple. Both of these brides look incredibly stunning in their own unique ways and their surroundings add to the images. The bride has opted for a light grey suit with a waistcoat in a darker shade and white shirt which ties in really nicely with her other half’s white wedding dress. The pink bouquet brightens up the scene and the odd white rose within the bouquet marries both outfits together. This bride’s suit style is understated and sleek and we love it.


Image Credit: Emily G Photography

Smiles All Around

The style of this bride’s wedding suit is so fabulous. We are obsessing over the combination of colour that she has chosen. Beige, black and green are a trio which we never would have considered before because on paper it shouldn’t work. But this picture clearly says otherwise. We can’t get enough of the splash of colour this bride has brought to her wedding and her new wife’s simple wedding dress and pearl look is the perfect pairing for a quirky wedding suit in our eyes.


Image Credit: Emily G Photography

The Happy Couple

This gorgeous couple have managed to pull off such a fabulously classic look with their outfits and accessories. Their styles are different, yet so in sync with each other. The wedding dress and suit are the same colour, and the bride’s lipstick is matched perfectly with her new wife’s buttonhole (which we love). The best thing about the wedding suit in this picture is the black trimming and bow-tie. It gives the outfit a traditional twist and really suits her.


Image Credit: Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography


If these gorgeous girls have inspired you to go for a two-piece wedding outfit, but you want more ideas, why not have a look atour bridal separates to give you even more inspiration?